A Hand Up, Not a Hand-Out
BY KIM BELLARD As many of you did, I followed the recent debt ceiling saga closely, and am relieved that we now have a compromise, of sorts.  The House Republicans demanded a lot of things, most of which they did not get, but one area where they did prevail was in toughening work requirements for food (SNAP) and income (TANF).  They somehow believe that there are uncounted numbers of “able-bodied” people sitting around on their couches collecting government benefits, a myth that goes back to Ronald Reagan’s welfare queen stereotype, and have long advocated work requirements as the remedy.  Ironic...
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Aspirion Announces Acquisition of FIRM Revenue Cycle Management Services, Inc.
Aspirion, a leading technology-enabled healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) provider for complex claims and revenue integrity, announced today that it has acquired FIRM Revenue Cycle Management Services, Inc. (FIRM RCM), a trusted partner to hospital systems in the recovery of denied, unpaid, and underpaid medical insurance claims. As part of the announcement, the FIRM RCM team will continue to be led by Nancy Momcilovic. Simultaneously, Joseph Cook, Principal, will retire from active management following the completion of the acquisition. The acquisition closed on May 18, 2023. “We are thrilled to welcome FIR...
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Healthcare Innovation Funding – Regulations and Disrupting Traditional Models
We are at an exciting time in the world of healthcare! With technology becoming more accessible and more and more digital natives entering the work force, there’s an abundance of innovation. We have so many more people that are coming up with creative digital solutions to the challenges that we are currently facing. However, while there are plenty of great ideas and startups, there’s just simply not enough money to fund all of them. So how do you make sure that you’re the one getting the funding you need and not another startup? Oftentimes, the answer lies within making yourself stand out, and a great wa...
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The world is flat
This article also mentions the chemtrails  absurdity.Climate change denial and chemtrails go back a long way, basically since right wing politics in the U.S. and Europe went batshit crazy. They obviously didn ' t like the Affordable Care Act, but the reasons they said they didn ' t like it were hallucinatory.Remember Sarah Palin and " death panels "?The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama ' s ' death panel ' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ' level of productivity in society. 'That was a total ...
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The Goal of RPM is Management, Not Monitoring
The following is a guest article by Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO at Rimidi Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a key capability in healthcare, particularly as we have seen multiple factors align in recent years: advances in medical device technology, decreased cost of cellular connectivity, new reimbursement models, and consumer demand that accelerated during the pandemic. RPM offers the ability to follow the patient from the clinic to the home and to provide a more complete picture of their health by collecting daily metrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, etc. But the healthcare in...
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The House debt ceiling bill includes Medicaid work requirements, which have been shown to have little impact on employment rates.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
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What Can We Learn from the Envision Bankruptcy?
This study ignited a firestorm of press criticism and was followed by an aggressive lobbying and PR campaign funded by United and other large commercial payers  aimed at restricting balance billing by firms like Envision.  This campaign culminated in the Dec 2020 Congressional passage of the No Surprises Act, which effectively ended balance billing and subjected thousands of Envision’s out-of-network bills to an arbitration process. NSA went into effect in January 2022.   Ironically, days prior to its Chapter 11 filing, Envision won a $91 million judgment from an arbitration panel against United fo...
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To reverse the maternal health crisis in the U.S., Medicaid managed care must be central to any comprehensive maternal health redesign.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
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Asking Bard And ChatGPT To Find The Best Medical Care, I Got Truth And Truthiness
BY MICHAEL MILLENSON If you ask ChatGPT how many procedures a certain surgeon does or a specific hospital’s infection rate, the OpenAI and Microsoft chatbot inevitably replies with some version of, “I don’t do that.” But depending upon how you ask, Google’s Bard provides a very different response, even recommending a “consultation” with particular clinicians. Bard told me how many knee replacement surgeries were performed by major Chicago hospitals in 2021, their infection rates and the national average. It even told me which Chicago surgeon does the most knee surgeries and his infection rate. When I...
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From Debt Ceiling Crisis to Debt Crisis
Romina BocciaThe U.S. government teeters on the brink of defaulting on its payment obligations over the next few weeks as the debt limit threatens to bind in early June. There ’s been extensivecoverage about the potential for catastrophic impacts on the economy if Congress and the President do not raise the debt ceiling. What ’s missing from the debate is serious consideration of the potentially catastrophic longer‐​term scenario the United States could face if spending and debt continue growing unabated.Current debt limit discussions are indicative of the myopia that characterizes the federal budget process. A  d...
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To be clear, we are not talking about people who have committed serious felonies. That is another discussion. But the large majority of people who are involved with the criminal justice system are charged with fairly minor offenses -- what may be labeled disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, shoplifting or other petty theft, maybe getting in a fight or vandalizing property of someone they ' re mad at. As we have seen, a lot of these people have diagnosable mental and/or substance use disorder, limited education and job skills.  As we have also seen, if they are convicted (or more realisti...
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Extremism, Medicaid, Florida's'Don't Say Gay' Law: RAND Weekly Recap
This weekly recap focuses on addressing domestic extremism, managing reductions in Medicaid enrollment, the effects of Florida ' s“Don ' t Say Gay” law, and more. (Source: The RAND Blog)
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A proposed rule would recognize Dreamers as legally present in the U.S., allowing them access to marketplace coverage and, in some cases, Medicaid and CHIP.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
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Digitally Enabled Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services
Tara Sklar (University of Arizona), Kathryn Huber (University of Colorado), Digitally Enabled Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services, in DIAGNOSING IN THE HOME, I. Glenn Cohen, et al., eds., Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2023): The ability to clinically diagnose and treat... (Source: HealthLawProf Blog)
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Lock'em up, part three
This study happens to have been done in New York City but the population is presumably typical.EducationMaleFemale< HS46.2%63.2%HS or GED26.7%18.1%Any college or technical27.1%18.7%Employed at arrest44%18.6%Homeless/shelter past 12 months25.7%35.7%Health Issues past 12 monthsDepression19.4%26.5%Anxiety Disorder8.2%13.8%Visited ER26.3%41.7%Admitted to Hospital11.6%26.6%*Freudenberg, et al.Comparison of Health and Social Characteristics of People Leaving New York City Jails by Age, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity: Implications for Public HealthInterventions. Public Health Reports 2007. 122(6)Okay, so you ' re likely to have li...
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