In “Riding” Abortion, Is Greg Abbott Driving Texas Toward Divestiture?
By MIKE MAGEE Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been on a tear lately, and his central theme appears to be “revanchism.” Faced with declining demographics, he is retaliating against enemies and newcomers alike, aligning himself with slippery politicians and vigilantes. As they say in Texas, “He’s on a first-name basis with the bottom of the deck”, and the game he’s playing appears to be “South Africa – 1950.” The formal establishment of apartheid in South Africa occurred in 1948, though racial injustice had been baked in centuries earlier. Violence and intimidation, embedded in legislation su...
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State-Based Marketplaces 2.0 – Part 1: The Coming Expansion in Access, Affordability, and Value
CONCLUSION: LOCAL SOLUTIONS ADVANCING MEANINGFUL REFORM The ACA gives states the flexibility to implement SBMs and encourage private sector participation. The federal government is responsible for establishing coverage standards, financing subsidies, and operating the platform. But it faces some challenges when it comes to innovating. By contrast, states can be nimble. They can tailor program offerings to meet market demands and dynamics. Factors influencing program design could also include the state’s urban/rural mix, the size of its employer base, the payer mix, social determinants of health, demo...
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Case Western Reserve University School of Law: Law-Medicine Center Presented Vincent P. Daniele Speaking On The Role of Managed Care in Today ’s Healthcare System
on September 28th, 2021 - Watch Presentation Here This lecture will discussed the impact of Medicaid... (Source: HealthLawProf Blog)
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The Vaccine Brawl – A Legal Battle in Process
By MIKE MAGEE The power to mandate vaccines was litigated and resolved over a century ago. Justice John Marshall Harlin, a favorite of current Chief Justice Roberts, penned the 7 to 2 majority opinion in 1905’s Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Its impact was epic. In 1905, Massachusetts was one of 11 states that required compulsory vaccinations. The Rev. Henning Jacobson, a Lutheran minister, challenged the city of Cambridge, MA, which had passed a local law requiring citizens to undergo smallpox vaccination or pay a $5 fine. Jacobson and his son claimed they had previously had bad reactions to the vaccine and refused to...
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