You Don ’ t Have to be Mega-Conglomerate to Benefit from Health IT: A CareCognitics Deployment
When we hear about streamlined workflows, mobile phone services, and other benefits of a well-planned IT upgrade, it’s usually at some enormous, well-endowed, urban chain. But ambulatory health care providers can also tap IT to improve their patient experience, work loads, and revenues. Cookeville Medical Clinic, a provider with four clinics in central Tennessee, proves this. Cookeville has all the worries and pressures of rural practices: lots of Medicare and Medicaid patients, reimbursements that don’t keep up with inflation, and the looming threat of competition from high-tech companies and big insurers. In ...
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IEHP Succeeds with GIS By Showing Stakeholders What is Possible
The Geographic Information System (GIS) team at Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) successfully created internal advocates by educating their peers and showing them what is possible with GIS technology in healthcare. Not only did this accelerate the adoption of GIS technology at their organization, it also helped leaders gain valuable operational insights sooner than if the technology was left to organically gain traction. Healthcare IT Today sat down with Eric Dick and Darren Moser, GIS Informaticists at IEHP to learn more about their success at turning colleagues into advocates and how this has had a positive impact on the...
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Making the collaborative care model a mandated benefit under Medicaid would give millions more children and adolescents access to mental health treatment.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog - November 28, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Melissa Rowan, Kacie Kelly, Rachel Nuzum Source Type: blogs

The Role of RCM in Health Equity
The following is a guest article by Leigh Poland RHIA, CCS, VP of Coding Services at AGS Health. A strong business case exists for addressing the financial impacts of social determinants of health (SDoH) and new reimbursement models designed to emphasize health equity. Involving revenue cycle management (RCM) is necessary for any comprehensive SDoH/health equity strategy. This is because health disparities contribute more than $93 billion in unnecessary medical care costs and more than $42 billion annually in lost productivity. Additional economic losses are a result of premature deaths. Further, according to the W.K. ...
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Maven Clinic Announces $90 Million Series E Round of Funding Amidst Seismic Changes in Women ’ s and Family Health
Funding will Advance Maven’s End-to-End Family Care Platform, Enabling Deeper Personalization to Meet the Diverse Needs of Women and Families Everywhere Announcement Comes in Banner Year for Maven with a 5x Increase in Covered Lives; Acceleration in Growth Driven by Demand for Maven’s Global Fertility & Maternity Bundle Maven Clinic, the largest virtual clinic in women’s and family health, today announced that it has raised a $90 million Series E funding round led by General Catalyst, with participation from CVS Health Ventures, La Famiglia, and Intermountain Ventures, as well as existing investors ...
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Supreme Court will decide whether Civil Rights Act gives Medicaid beneficiaries and providers right to sue states that violate their coverage and payment rights.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog - November 19, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Timothy S. Jost Source Type: blogs

Five Lame Duck Threats to Avoid
Romina BocciaNow that the midterm elections have passed, members of Congress are back in Washington and up to no good. Congress punted on appropriations which they were supposed to finish before September 30th, by kicking the deadline into the middle of the lame duck. That continuing resolution is set to expire on December 16th, after which date the federal government would partially shut down.There ’s a huge slate of issues that could get tacked onto that “must-pass” bill that threatens taxpayers with trillions of dollars in new spending. And there’s a simple solution.Punt on appropriations bills once more and kic...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - November 17, 2022 Category: American Health Authors: Romina Boccia Source Type: blogs

Survey findings indicate that giving states the option to keep people continuously enrolled in Medicaid is smart health care policy and smart economic policy.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog - November 15, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Sara R. Collins, Lauren A. Haynes Source Type: blogs

Telehealth Visits Can Improve Revenue, But They ’ re No Cornucopia
This article focuses on revenue, because I and other writers frequently cover impacts of televisits on access and care plans. (Still, I haven’t been able to hold back from some other related observations.) What I found is that televisits don’t seem to make a big difference, either positive or negative, on the money clinicians are making. As usual, sites that are already flush with cash and well-endowed with resources can find more cost savings. How televisits improve clinical revenues Obviously, televisits saved the health care system from collapse when COVID-19 was first recognized as a major threat. But as we...
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Alternate realiity
Tom Sullivan titles this blog postMinistry of Lies,  which is somewhat doofy since Orwell ' s point is that the so-called Ministry of Truth is actually the Ministry of Lies, but the substance is entirely correct. We have entered a political reality in which the issues are not configured around competing interest groups, values, or policy analyses, but around the fundamental nature of reality. One political party constructs an entire universe out of lies, while the other struggles to convince the news media to distinguish between truth and fantasy. Sullivan quotes Greg Sargent:[T]he whole point of all the lying is to a...
Source: Stayin' Alive - November 3, 2022 Category: American Health Source Type: blogs

Featured Health IT Job: Data Scientist
We like to regularly feature a healthcare IT job that might be of interest to readers. Today, we’re featuring the Data Scientist position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. This position was posted by New York eHealth Collaborative and is in New York. Here’s a description of the position: New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) is a not-for-profit organization working in partnership with the New York State Department of Health to improve healthcare by collaboratively leading, connecting, and integrating health information exchange across the State. Founded in 2006 by healthcare leaders, NYeC wor...
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Promises Made – Promises Kept:   President Biden’s Support for “Obamacare.”
BY MIKE MAGEE As the saying goes, “History repeats!” This is especially true where politics are involved.  Consider for example the past three decades in health care. It is striking how many of the players in our nation’s health policy drama remain front and center. And that includes President Biden who recently commented on the 12th anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare):  “The ACA delivered quality, affordable health coverage to more than 30 million Americans — giving families the freedom and confidence to pursue their dreams without the fear that one accident or il...
Source: The Health Care Blog - November 2, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Ryan Bose-Roy Tags: Health Policy Affordable Care Act Biden Obamacare Source Type: blogs

About 2.3 million uninsured, impoverished adults fall into the Medicaid coverage gap — they are too poor for ACA subsidies, yet ineligible for Medicaid.        (Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog)
Source: The Commonwealth Fund: Blog - November 1, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Sara Rosenbaum Source Type: blogs

The Secret Surveillance Capitalism That Suffuses Medicare
By MICHAEL MILLENSON Imagine a government program where private contractors boost their bottom line by secretly mining participants’ personal information, such as credit reports, shopping habits and even website logins. It’s called Medicare. This is open enrollment season, when 64 million elderly and disabled Americans choose between traditional fee-for-service Medicare and private Medicare Advantage (MA) health plans. MA membership is soaring; within a few years it’s expected to encompass the majority of beneficiaries. That popularity is due in no small part to the extra benefits plans c...
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Weekly Overseas Health IT Links – 29th October, 2022.
This report presents CDC findings on telehealth use trends in 2021. It includes data from the National Health Interview Survey, a nationally representative household survey conducted throughout the year by the National Center for Health Statistics. ----- Used Telemedicine in 2021?New data shows which groups have been most likely to use a health care option popular during the pandemic.By Christopher WolfOct. 13, 2022, at 12:01 a.m.More than 1 in 3 adults used telemedicine in the past year in 2021, ac...
Source: Australian Health Information Technology - October 29, 2022 Category: Information Technology Authors: Dr David G More MB PhD Source Type: blogs