The use of a national identification system to prevent misuse of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs in Japan - Kinoshita S, Kishimoto T.
apan has one of the highest prescribing rates of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs (ie, zopiclone, eszopiclone, and zolpidem) among high-income countries. The Japanese Government has been criticised for its failure to address the rampant duplicate prescribing... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Fracture Risk in Older Adults Initiating Suvorexant vs. Z-drugs Fracture Risk in Older Adults Initiating Suvorexant vs. Z-drugs
This study found that new users of suvorexant demonstrated a comparable risk of hip fracture or all-cause fracture as compared to new users of the Z-drug hypnotics eszopiclone, zolpidem, or zopiclone.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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Prescription medications for insomnia are associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviors in two nationally representative samples - Tubbs AS, Fernandez FX, Ghani SB, Karp JF, Patel SI, Parthasarathy S, Grandner MA.
STUDY OBJECTIVES. Z-drugs (eszopiclone, zolpidem, and zaleplon) are commonly used for insomnia, but are also associated with suicide risk. However, it is unclear if this association is unique to Z-drugs. Therefore, the present study estimated the associati... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Comunicado de la FDA sobre la seguridad de los medicamentos: FDA advierte sobre el riesgo de menor nivel de alerta mental la ma ñana posterior al uso del medicamento Lunesta contra el insomnio (eszopiclona) y recomienda disminuir la dosis
[16 de mayo del 2014] La Administraci ón de Alimentos y Medicamentos de Estados Unidos (FDA por su sigla en inglés) advierte que el medicamento contra el insomnio Lunesta (eszopiclona) puede causar un menor nivel de alerta mental la mañana posterior al uso y afectar actividades que requieren atención, entre ellas, conducir. (Source: FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - What's New)
Source: FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - What's New - January 19, 2021 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: FDA Source Type: news

Fight Viruses With … Sleep?
With the 24-hour news cycles spinning out of control these days, you may find yourself feeling way more stressed than usual. And that additional anxiety can lead to a lot of sleepless nights… If there’s one thing these trying times will teach us, it’s that we need to take control of our own health. We can’t rely on the government, or Big Pharma or anyone else to do it for us. After all, self-reliance in hard times is the core of the American spirit. Which means it’s up to each of us to protect and bolster our own immune system. And one of the best – and easiest – ways to do this is by g...
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Are Sleeping Pills Safe? Here ’s What Research Says
According to the latest numbers, roughly 9 million Americans — 4% of U.S. adults — use prescription sleep aids, or medications that can help with insomnia and other sleep issues. And now, some of the most popular prescription sleep drugs must carry stronger safety warnings. In April, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated black-box warnings — which the agency uses to “call attention to serious or life-threatening risks” — on three sedative-hypnotic sleep aids: eszopiclone (often sold under the brand name Lunesta), zaleplon (Sonata) and zolpidem (Ambien). Hypnotic drugs, which ar...
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Prescription sleeping pills must now carry prominent sleepwalking warnings
The US Food and Drug Administration has upgraded the level of warning needed for the drugs Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta after 66 people harmed themselves or died after taking them. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - May 3, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

FDA: Here Are The New Warnings About Sleeping Pills Like Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata
" These incidents can occur after the first dose of these sleep medicines or after a longer period of treatment, and can occur in patients without any history of these behaviors and even at the lowest recommended doses, " according to FDA Acting Commissioner Ned Sharpless, M.D. (Source: Healthcare News)
Source: Healthcare News - May 2, 2019 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor Source Type: news

FDA Puts Tough Warning Label on Ambien, Lunesta, Other Sleep Aids
WEDNESDAY, May 1, 2019 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is requiring a new boxed warning on sleep medications such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata due to dangers from daytime drowsiness the day after their use. The move was spurred by 66... (Source: - Pharma News)
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Strong new warning about sleeping pill risks
Some prescription sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta will now come with a prominent warning slapped on the box (Source: Health News:
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FDA Warns Some Prescription Sleeping Pills Could Lead To Dangerous Behavior
BOSTON (CBS/CNN) – Millions of Americans use sleeping pills to help them get a good night’s rest. Now the FDA is issuing its strongest warnings about several popular prescription sleep aids, including Lunesta, Sonata, and Ambien, due to concerns about potentially serious side effects. The agency found 66 cases of patients taking the drugs and engaging in activities that resulted in serious injury or death. In rare cases, these drugs can cause people perform activities while not fully awake, like sleepwalking, sleep driving, raiding the refrigerator, wandering outside, and even handling a firearm. “These i...
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FDA Puts Tough Warning Label on Ambien, Lunesta, Other Sleep Aids
Title: FDA Puts Tough Warning Label on Ambien, Lunesta, Other Sleep AidsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 4/30/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 5/1/2019 12:00:00 AM (Source: MedicineNet Sleep General)
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Ambien, Lunesta, Other Sleep Aids Get New Warning
The FDA is also requiring the addition of a "contraindication" -- advice to not use these medicines for patients who have “complex sleep behaviors,” such as sleepwalking, sleep driving and other activities, after taking them. (Source: WebMD Health)
Source: WebMD Health - April 30, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

FDA Puts Tough Warning Label on Ambien, Lunesta, Other Sleep Aids
TUESDAY, April 30, 2019 -- Many Americans use prescription sleep meds such as Ambien, Lunesta and Sonata to get good shut-eye. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday slapped a tough new warning label on this class of drugs, due to... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
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Benzos, Opioids and Z-Drugs: Deadly Combos
With all the news media accounts and reports from governmental health organizations about the opioid epidemic, including the 70,237 drug overdose deaths in 2017, a newly emerging threat is gaining attention: use and misuse of benzodiazepines, opioid drugs and Z-drugs. Specifically, combining these three drugs can create a deadly combination that snuffs out lives. Benzodiazepine Overdose Deaths on the Rise Benzodiazepines, a class of sedative narcotic drugs including Xanax and Valium used to treat anxiety, insomnia and other disorders and classified as Schedule IV under the Controlled Substances Act by the Drug Enforcement ...
Source: Psych Central - January 23, 2019 Category: Psychiatry Authors: Suzanne Kane Tags: Addictions Substance Abuse Suicide Source Type: news