Can social media data lead to earlier detection of drug-related adverse events? - Duh MS, Cremieux P, Audenrode MV, Vekeman F, Karner P, Zhang H, Greenberg P.
PURPOSE: To compare the patient characteristics and the inter-temporal reporting patterns of adverse events (AEs) for atorvastatin (Lipitor( ®) ) and sibutramine (Meridia(®) ) in social media ( versus the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Statins are 'safe, effective and should be used more widely'
Conclusion This study reviews evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and observational studies to better evaluate the effects and safety of statin therapy. It provides valuable data on the size of the benefits compared with the risks, informing a topic that has had much media coverage in recent times. The researchers highlight that the benefits of statin therapy for people at risk of cardiovascular disease events far outweigh any possible side effects. But it is still for a doctor and their patient to come to a conclusion about what the best treatment for them may be. If you have been prescribed a statin, it...
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Atorvastatin Improves Arterial Stiffness in SLE (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Potential to reduce subclinical atherosclerosis (Source: MedPage Today Cardiovascular)
Source: MedPage Today Cardiovascular - August 18, 2016 Category: Cardiology Source Type: news

Make the Diagnosis: Dizziness Dilemma
(MedPage Today) -- Case Findings: A 42-year-old African American male presents with a report of dizziness and lightheadedness 3 days ago when he was standing up to go to the rest room. He denies any syncopal episodes. He has medically managed hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and cardiomyopathy, and a last ejection fraction of 35% with defibrillator placement 4 months ago. His AICD did not fire during the dizziness episode. His last cardiac catheterization prior to AICD implantation revealed normal coronaries. The patient has been compliant with metoprolol 25 mg twice daily, lisinopril 10 mg daily, atorvastatin 40 mg dai...
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Buying into generic drugs
It is amazing how something so small can cost so much. Whether it is a short-term treatment, or multiple drugs you take indefinitely, prescription drugs have the potential to drain your savings. However, there are many cheaper generic versions of more expensive brand-name drugs. In fact, almost 80% of prescriptions are for generic drugs, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and on average they cost about 80% to 85% less than brand names. Odds are there is generic version to treat your condition, too, whether it is chronic pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, or depression. But is t...
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Navigating Your Medications: Five Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist Or Doctor
Mrs. T, age 79, suffers from diabetes and hypertension, among other conditions. Like about one in three older Americans, she takes more than five medications on a regular basis--in her case, nine. On a recent phone call with Nurse Alicia Schwartz, Mrs. T mentioned taking a medication that her nurse knew was no longer among those prescribed for her. "I wasn't feeling well, and this helped me before," Mrs. T. said. Alicia explained that the doctor had replaced the discontinued medicine with another prescription that addresses a similar condition, and the two together can cause dizziness and a severe drop in blood pressure....
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Meet The Woman Who Launched A New Field Of Scientific Study
As a female chemical engineer, Frances Arnold was already a rarity. After all, only about 16 percent of chemical engineers are women. But now that she has become the first woman ever to win the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize — it was awarded in Helsinki, Finland, on May 24 — Arnold is truly one of a kind. And she knows that in addition to a big cash award (1 million euros, or about $1.3 million), the prize brings an opportunity to spotlight the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers and to be a role model for other women. "I hope that my getting this prize will highlight...
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CardioBrief: Rosuvastatin Goes Generic, Major Role Expected
(MedPage Today) -- Finally there's a challenger to the long reign of atorvastatin, experts say (Source: MedPage Today Public Health)
Source: MedPage Today Public Health - May 2, 2016 Category: American Health Source Type: news

Make the Diagnosis: Dizziness Dilemma
(MedPage Today) -- Case Findings: The patient is a 42-year-old African American man who presents with a complaint of dizziness lightheadedness which occurred when he was standing up to go to the rest room 3 days ago. He denies any previous syncopal episodes. He has medically managed hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cardiomyopathy with last ejection fraction of 35% with defibrillator placement 4 months previous. His ICD did not fire during the episode. His last cardiac catheterization prior to ICD implantation revealed normal coronaries. Patient has been compliant with metoprolol 25 mg twice daily, lisinopril 10 mg daily...
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Your New Toolkit for Patient-Centric Change
Repeating the same action and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. That is the simple rationale for why we need new design tactics to deliver on the promise of patient centricity; reaching for the same tired approaches won’t deliver different outcomes. While it can be hard to find inspiration, we hope to tackle that with the eyeforpharma Philadelphia awards. In addition to simply recognizing good work, we want to encourage the spread of good ideas that could benefit us all. Check out these three strategies deployed by the ‘Most Valuable Patient Initiative or Service’ finalists. Work within the e...
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New drug 'effective' for those with intolerable statin side effects
Conclusion The main results of this study relate to the lipid-lowering effects of two alternative non-statin medications. However, it highlights the muscle-related adverse effects that can occur with statins. The study is carefully designed and has many strengths, including: a washout period between drugs to remove any residual effects double-blind design throughout so people didn't know what they were taking sufficient duration for each phase of the study (10 and 24 weeks) to allow effects to develop a good sample size – the researchers calculated beforehand how many people would need to be recruite...
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Statin intolerance is real, researchers find. Another (more costly) drug may get around the problem.
Statins like Lipitor and its generics have revolutionized cardiovascular care for nearly two decades as an effective, inexpensive way to reduce LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Not everyone can take them, though; a significant number of people complain of muscle pain, weakness and cramping so severe that they discontinue the therapy […] (Source: Washington Post: To Your Health)
Source: Washington Post: To Your Health - April 3, 2016 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Lenny Bernstein Tags: prescription drugs health newsletter Source Type: news

Some People Really Can't Take Statins For High Cholesterol, Scientists Prove
You can't write a story about the lifesaving benefits of the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins without getting comments like this one, from reader Bill Hayman, on my story yesterday: I cannot take Crestor or Zetia or any form of statin drug! I can barely walk with any statin drug. My legs become painful and so weak, they feel like rubber. Several years ago, I used Lipitor and had four pancreatic attacks until I stopped the Lipitor. Or this, from reader James Leedy: People should be warned of side effects. Doctors should listen to patients . I have taken statins for several years. I had extreme muscle pains all t...
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Statin intolerance objectively identified in patients
(Cleveland Clinic) In the first major trial of its kind, Cleveland Clinic researchers used a blinded rechallenge with atorvastatin or placebo to objectively confirm the presence of muscle-related symptoms in patients with a history of intolerance to multiple statins and found that evolocumab (a PCSK9 inhibitor) was a more effective option to lower cholesterol than ezetimibe in these patients. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health - April 3, 2016 Category: Global & Universal Source Type: news

Drug company victim of pre-April Fool's Day hoax
One of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies was the victim of a hoax in the form of a phony press release. Pfizer Inc., the maker of drug products including Lipitor and Viagra, said a false press release related to drug pricing and linking to a fake Web site was anonymously issued Thursday. The fake release "announced" Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) would "cease routine price increases" and cut some drug prices to improve access. The fake Web site is no longer operational. The New York City-based… (Source: Health Care:Biotechnology headlines)
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