Terminal patient care: advantages on the applicability of anticipated will directives in the hospital context.
CONCLUSION : The respect for personal autonomy permeates the advantages when relating the conduct of treatments at the end of life with the Advance Directives of Will. Thus, disagreements involving the processes at the end of life would be supported by the patient's desire, besides implying in the reduction of the fear of professionals in facing lawsuits and in the support of the family. PMID: 29933423 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Revista gaucha de enfermagem EENFUFRGS)
Source: Revista gaucha de enfermagem EENFUFRGS - June 24, 2018 Category: Nursing Tags: Rev Gaucha Enferm Source Type: research

Perception of basic education students about drugs: a look at the light of Merleau-Ponty.
CONCLUSIONS: The students' perception of drugs intertwined with scientific knowledge and at the same time placing it at the center of the phenomenon, separating the lawful as good and illicit as bad, which points to the need for socio-educational measures among educators, students and family members, aimed at the decentralization of the drug place in the context in which the phenomenon happens so that we understand the complexity involved in the theme. PMID: 29933421 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Revista gaucha de enfermagem EENFUFRGS)
Source: Revista gaucha de enfermagem EENFUFRGS - June 24, 2018 Category: Nursing Tags: Rev Gaucha Enferm Source Type: research

Stop Discussing New Medical Specialty Boards.
Authors: Choung JT Abstract The Korean society is rapidly aging and the health care needs for aged people are increasing. In this context, some physicians claim to establish new medical specialty board (MSB) for geriatric medical experts but also MSB for primary medical care specialists, clinical pharmacologists, and public health experts. In Korea, basic concept for the specialty board system is still under debates and the legal support for the system is poor. At present, doctors with MSBs in private sectors supply 92.4% of primary medical care but the National Health Care System requires more primary care physici...
Source: Journal of Korean Medical Science - June 24, 2018 Category: Biomedical Science Tags: J Korean Med Sci Source Type: research

A new approach to the generalization of Planck ’s law of black-body radiation
In this study, Planck’s law of black-body radiation has been modified within the framework of nonextensive statistical mechanics. The average energy of radiation has been derived by introducing the nonextensive partition function in the statistical relation of internal energy. The spectral energy density and spectral radiance have also been computed. The derived expression has been compared with the earlier developed approximate schemes (i.e. asymptotic approach and factorization approach) and with the recently obtained exact result. We utilize the exact and approximate Stefan–Boltzmann laws in order to compare...
Source: Annals of Physics - June 24, 2018 Category: Physics Source Type: research

The intensity of the inflammatory response in experimental porcine bruises depends on time, anatomical location and sampling site
Publication date: Available online 23 June 2018 Source:Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine Author(s): Kristiane Barington, Kerstin Skovgaard, Nicole Lind Henriksen, Anne Sofie Boyum Johansen, Henrik Elvang Jensen The assessment of the age of bruises inflicted on livestock is an important component of veterinary forensic pathology investigations. However, the sampling site within a bruise, the anatomical location and the mass and speed of the object inflicting the blunt trauma might influence the intensity of the inflammatory reaction. In the present study, the variation of the inflammatory reaction within and along exp...
Source: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine - June 24, 2018 Category: Forensic Medicine Source Type: research

Investing: the case for recognition as an independent capacity.
Authors: Medetsky H, Sunderaraman P, Cosentino S Abstract In this article, we provide support for the need to recognize investing as an independent capacity. A comparison of the definitions and models of financial and investing capacities revealed significant differences between them. A review of the status of investing capacity assessment revealed that there are currently no investing capacity specific assessment instruments (ICSAIs). Implications for researchers and clinicians resulting from the lack of recognition of investing as an independent capacity are discussed and used as a rational for the need to develo...
Source: Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect - June 23, 2018 Category: Geriatrics Tags: J Elder Abuse Negl Source Type: research

Proteomic Analysis of Pregnant Mare Uterine Fluid
The maternal recognition of pregnancy (MRP) is the physiological process whereby the conceptus signals its presence to its maternal host. From approximately day 6 to day 16 after fertilization the equine conceptus continually migrates throughout the uterus. It contacts the endometrium during this migration but relies exclusively on the uterine fluid for nourishment and survival. It is anticipated that throughout this 10-day passage the yet unknown message triggering MRP in the mare may pass through the fluid. (Source: Journal of Equine Veterinary Science)
Source: Journal of Equine Veterinary Science - June 23, 2018 Category: Veterinary Research Authors: E.F. Lawson, Z. Gibb, M. de Ruijter-Villani, N.D. Smith, T.A. Stout, A. Clutton-Brock, J.R. Aitken, A. Swegen Source Type: research

Risk Factors for Multiple Epinephrine Doses in Food-Triggered Anaphylaxis in Children
Food-related anaphylactic reactions may require treatment with more than one dose of epinephrine. Current guidelines advise patients at risk of anaphylaxis to carry two epinephrine autoinjectors. (Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - June 23, 2018 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Angela Tsuang, Nikhil R. Menon, Natasha Bahri, Lawrence S. Geyman, Anna Nowak-W ęgrzyn Source Type: research

Benchmarking regions using a heteroskedastic grouped random parameters model with heterogeneity in mean and variance: Applications to grade crossing safety analysis
This study provides valuable guidelines to Canadian transportation authorities, revealing important underlying crash mechanisms at highway railway grade crossings in Canada. (Source: Analytic Methods in Accident Research)
Source: Analytic Methods in Accident Research - June 23, 2018 Category: Accident Prevention Source Type: research

Five actions to rescue children in Syria
Publication date: 23–29 June 2018 Source:The Lancet, Volume 391, Issue 10139 Author(s): Lawrence Raymond Stanberry (Source: The Lancet)
Source: The Lancet - June 23, 2018 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

Value of the serum thyroglobulin level for diagnosing neck compression in postmortem cases
Publication date: Available online 22 June 2018 Source:Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine Author(s): Marin Takaso, Hajime Tsuboi, Noriko Komeda, Mami Morimoto, Hiroshi Ikegaya To investigate the relationship between blood thyroglobulin (Tg) levels and neck compression, the Tg levels of right cardiac blood were measured using a chemiluminescence immunoassay in 256 autopsy cases. There were 11 cases in which neck compression was confirmed based on autopsy findings and other information, in which the mean Tg level was 3,155 ng/mL (range: 179-16,500 ng/mL). In the remaining cases, the mean Tg level was 4,160 ng/mL (...
Source: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine - June 23, 2018 Category: Forensic Medicine Source Type: research

Potentials and Challenges of the Health Data Cooperative Model
Introduction: Currently, abundances of highly relevant health data are locked up in data silos due to decentralized storage and data protection laws. The health data cooperative (HDC) model is established to make this valuable data available for societal purposes. The aim of this study is to analyse the HDC model and its potentials and challenges.Results: An HDC is a health data bank. The HDC model has as core principles a cooperative approach, citizen-centredness, not-for-profit structure, data enquiry procedure, worldwide accessibility, cloud computing data storage, open source, and transparency about governance policy. ...
Source: Public Health Genomics - June 22, 2018 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research

Counter-terrorism laws are used against doctors, report says
(Source: BMJ News)
Source: BMJ News - June 22, 2018 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

Start-up Olaplex triumphs over L ’Oréal in court case
(Source: NanoFocus)
Source: NanoFocus - June 22, 2018 Category: Nanotechnology Authors: Marc Reisch  Source Type: research

Start-up Olaplex triumphs over L ’Oréal in court case
(Source: Chemical and Engineering News)
Source: Chemical and Engineering News - June 22, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Marc Reisch  Source Type: research

A Survey of Payer Perspectives on Cannabis Use Disorder.
CONCLUSIONS: Based on these findings, payers see an unmet need for CUD treatment. Furthermore, FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for CUD will likely be reviewed quickly by payers, especially if data are provided on the likelihood of achieving abstinence and reduced resource utilization. PMID: 29927691 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Substance Use and Misuse)
Source: Substance Use and Misuse - June 22, 2018 Category: Addiction Tags: Subst Use Misuse Source Type: research

Twenty-one years of saving lives: The New Zealand Resuscitation Council.
Authors: McKenzie L, Webber J, Aickin R, Considine J, Lawson A, Mildenhall L, Nation K, Nicholson T, Nuthall G, Scott T, Stuart M PMID: 29927910 [PubMed - in process] (Source: New Zealand Medical Journal)
Source: New Zealand Medical Journal - June 22, 2018 Category: General Medicine Tags: N Z Med J Source Type: research

The impact of multimorbidity on people's lives: a cross-sectional survey.
CONCLUSIONS: These results emphasise the serious impact multimorbidity has on patients' health status compared to the general population. This research supports the development of holistic patient-centred care models designed to improve patient outcomes. PMID: 29927919 [PubMed - in process] (Source: New Zealand Medical Journal)
Source: New Zealand Medical Journal - June 22, 2018 Category: General Medicine Tags: N Z Med J Source Type: research

[ASAP] Total Synthesis and Full Structural Assignment of Namenamicin
Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b04592 (Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society)
Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society - June 22, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: K. C. Nicolaou, Ruofan Li, Zhaoyong Lu, Emmanuel N. Pitsinos, Lawrence B. Alemany Source Type: research

Detection of picramic acid and picramate in henn é products by NMR Spectroscopy.
Detection of picramic acid and picramate in henné products by NMR Spectroscopy. Nat Prod Res. 2018 Jun 22;:1-6 Authors: Nicoletti M, Frezza C, Tomassini L, Serafini M, Bianco A Abstract Painting and body art are increasing their utilisation as well as their cultural impact, since piercing and tattoos are expanding social phenomena, involving many young people. However, the utilised materials often enter the market with insufficient control and several cases of skin damages are reported. Safety of the utilised products must be ensured by adequate quality controls which must be easily made, rapid...
Source: Natural Product Research - June 22, 2018 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Nicoletti M, Frezza C, Tomassini L, Serafini M, Bianco A Tags: Nat Prod Res Source Type: research

Fatigue evaluation of long cortical bone using ultrasonic guided waves
This study aims to evaluate the long bone fatigue damage using the ultrasonic guided waves. Two-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method was employed to simulate the ultrasonic guided wave propagation in the long bone under different elastic modulus. The experiment was conducted on a 3.8 mm-thick bovine bone plate. The phase velocities of two fundamental guided modes, A1 and S1, were measured by using the axial transmission technique. (Source: Journal of Biomechanics)
Source: Journal of Biomechanics - June 22, 2018 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Liang Bai, Kailiang Xu, Dan Li, Dean Ta, Lawrence H. Le, Weiqi Wang Source Type: research

Outpatient Surgical Management of Orbital Blowout Fractures
Cranial Maxillofac Trauma Reconstruction DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1661355There is ample investigation into the optimal timing and approach to orbital blowout fracture (OBF) repair; however, less attention has been directed toward postoperative care. This is a multicenter IRB-approved retrospective review of patients with OBF presenting to our study sites between November 2008 and August 2016. Those with isolated OBF, over 18 years of age, and who had not suffered additional facial injuries or globe trauma were included. A total of 126 surgical cases of isolated OBF repair were identified that met our inclusion and exclusion cri...
Source: Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Reconstruction - June 22, 2018 Category: ENT & OMF Authors: Bregman, Jana A. Vakharia, Kalpesh T. Idowu, Oluwatobi O. Vagefi, M. Reza Grumbine, F. Lawson Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Do naloxone access laws increase outpatient naloxone prescriptions? Evidence from Medicaid
Opioid overdose in the United States is a public health crisis. More than 42,000 Americans died from opioid overdose in 2016, which is more than a 100% increase from 2010 (National Center for Health Statistics, 2017). More Americans now die every year from drug overdose than were lost during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic despite the availability of much more effective treatments (Lopez, 2017). (Source: Drug and Alcohol Dependence)
Source: Drug and Alcohol Dependence - June 22, 2018 Category: Addiction Authors: Alex K. Gertner, Marisa Elena Domino, Corey S. Davis Tags: Full length article Source Type: research

Dual functionality of {beta}-tryptase protomers as both proteases and cofactors in the active tetramer [Enzymology]
Human β-tryptase, a tetrameric trypsin-like serine protease, is an important mediator of the allergic inflammatory responses in asthma. During acute hypersensitivity reactions, mast cells degranulate, releasing active tetramer as a complex with proteoglycans. Extensive efforts have focused on developing therapeutic β-tryptase inhibitors, but its unique activation mechanism is less well-explored. Tryptase is active only after proteolytic removal of the pro-domain followed by tetramer formation via two distinct symmetry-related interfaces. We show that the cleaved I16G mutant cannot tetramerize, likely due to impai...
Source: Journal of Biological Chemistry - June 22, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Henry R. Maun, Peter S. Liu, Yvonne Franke, Charles Eigenbrot, William F. Forrest, Lawrence B. Schwartz, Robert A. Lazarus Tags: Enzymology Source Type: research

Agency and social constraint among victims of domestic minor sex trafficking: A method for measuring free will
Publication date: Available online 21 June 2018 Source:Social Science Research Author(s): Bilal Khan, Hsuan-Wei Lee, Courtney R. Thrash, Kirk Dombrowski Human agency has been a focus of philosophical and sociological concern from early debates about “free will” to recent themes in poststructuralism. Debates over the proper understanding of structure, agency, and constraint are hindered by the fact that few if any empirical measures of these concepts have been proposed. As sociologists have long recognized, the total results of the decisions of a group's members can be viewed as a distribution, and parameters c...
Source: Social Science Research - June 22, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Liver reirradiation for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and liver metastasis
Conclusions Liver reirradiation may be an effective and safe option for select patients; however, further prospective study is necessary to establish treatment guidelines and recommended dosing. (Source: Practical Radiation Oncology)
Source: Practical Radiation Oncology - June 22, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research

Harpin-inducible defense signaling components impair infection by the ascomycete Macrophomina phaseolina
Publication date: August 2018 Source:Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 129 Author(s): Bisho R. Lawaju, Kathy S. Lawrence, Gary W. Lawrence, Vincent P. Klink Soybean (Glycine max) infection by the charcoal rot (CR) ascomycete Macrophomina phaseolina is enhanced by the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) Heterodera glycines. We hypothesized that G. max genetic lines impairing infection by M. phaseolina would also limit H. glycines parasitism, leading to resistance. As a part of this M. phaseolina resistance process, the genetic line would express defense genes already proven to impair nematode parasitism. Using G. max [DT97...
Source: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry - June 22, 2018 Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research

The experience of the preventive detention due to conjugal violence: men’s speech
Conclusion: the findings indicate that it is common in marital relationships the naturalization of violence, and indicate the importance of social support in the process of reflection on this relationship. The need of articulation between the several sectors involved in the criminal prosecution of men by conjugal violence is added, in order to re-educate and re-socialize the author of the aggression. (Source: Texto e Contexto - Enfermagem)
Source: Texto e Contexto - Enfermagem - June 21, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research

The healthcare network for people with amputation: nursing action in the view of bioethics
Conclusion: the analysis in the view of bioethics allowed to conclude that not only the person with the amputation but also the nurse occupies a vulnerable position. They have shown the commitment to offer a comprehensive service. The ethical commitment, professional creativity, specialist orientation and consultation-liaison were highlighted as potentialities. The weaknesses were the lack of protocols, ineffective communication between levels of care, restricted access to information and slow referral time. (Source: Texto e Contexto - Enfermagem)
Source: Texto e Contexto - Enfermagem - June 21, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research

[Workplace Health Promotion, an Alternative for Peruvians].
Authors: Gomero-Cuadra R, Francia-Romero J Abstract Regulations regarding health at the workplace have generated expectations in the role played by sanitary authorities in Peru. Healthcare based on the treatment with biological agents may be a result of the lack of understanding of workplace health promotion (WHP). WHP is still a new concept that requires deepening; nevertheless, it is expected to give way to properly managed health and safety programs, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, reduced legal problems, and safe and healthy work environments. The World Health Organization...
Source: Revista Peruana de Medicina de Experimental y Salud Publica - June 21, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica Source Type: research

APA Urges Members to Maintain Pressure on Administration Regarding Child Detentions
In an about-face, President Donald J. Trump signed anExecutive Order yesterday halting his administration ’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents who illegally cross the U.S. southern border. But Trump’s decision to continue his “zero tolerance” policy of border crossing will still place families into prison-like detention centers, perhaps long term.It remains unclear what will happen to the more than 2,300 migrant children who have been separated from their parents since mid-May. Images of young children confined in steel cages and sleeping en masse on thin pads on concrete floo...
Source: Psychiatr News - June 21, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Altha Stewart anxiety APA letter depression Donald Trump executive order immigration migrant children posttraumatic stress disorder violence Source Type: research

Highlights From APA ’s 2018 Annual Meeting: Issue #2
Stewart to Focus on APA ’s Being a Leader on Issues of Diversity and InclusionDiscrimination and implicit bias affect the psychological and physical health of not only psychiatry ’s patients but also psychiatrists.Read More>Schatzberg Honored for Research Connecting Cortisol and Psychotic DepressionOne of psychiatry ’s leading researchers recounts the biopsychosocial work with which he has been involved in the search for more effective treatments.Read More>Most Americans Agree That Gun Violence Is Public Health Problem, Call for ActionRegardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, American...
Source: Psychiatr News - June 21, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research

Heavy Rydberg states: large amplitude vibrations
This article is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Licence.Adam Kirrander, Christian Jungen, Robert Donovan, Kenneth Lawley Extremely large vibrational amplitude ([approximate] 8700 a.u.) heavy Rydberg levels in the HHbar 1[capital Sigma]+g state, located only 25 cm-1 below the ion-pair dissociation limit, are reported. The calculations are done... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry (Source: RSC - Faraday Discuss. latest articles)
Source: RSC - Faraday Discuss. latest articles - June 21, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Adam Kirrander Source Type: research

Letter: Can Islamic Jurisprudence Justify Procurement of Transplantable Vital Organs in Brain Death?
Authors: Rady MY Abstract In their article, "An International Legal Review of the Relationship between Brain Death and Organ Transplantation," in The Journal of Clinical Ethics 29, no. 1, Aramesh, Arima, Gardiner, and Shah reported on diverse international legislative approaches for justifying procurement of transplantable vital organs in brain death. They stated, "In Islamic traditions in particular, the notion of unstable life is a way to justify organ donation from brain-dead patients that we believe has not been fully described previously in the literature." This commentary queries the exten...
Source: Journal of Clinical Ethics - June 21, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Tags: J Clin Ethics Source Type: research

A Comparison of Participants in Two Community-Based Programs: Assisted Outpatient Treatment and a Mental Health Court.
CONCLUSIONS: The findings suggest that there are differences among individuals with serious mental illness who are served by AOT and mental health court programs. AOT participants had greater engagement with mental health services, and a significant portion of AOT participants also had a prior criminal history that placed them at risk of future justice involvement. Program administrators need to recognize and address the clinical and criminogenic needs that place individuals at risk of becoming hospitalized and incarcerated. PMID: 29921190 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Psychiatric Services)
Source: Psychiatric Services - June 21, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatr Serv Source Type: research

Information for authors and editorial policies
The Journal of Vascular Surgery ® is the premier international journal of medical, endovascular, and surgical care of vascular diseases. It is dedicated to the science and art of vascular surgery and aims to improve the management of patients with vascular diseases by publishing relevant papers that report important medical advan ces, test new hypotheses, and address current controversies. To achieve this goal, the Journal will publish original clinical and laboratory studies, and reports and papers that comment on the social, economic, ethical, legal, and political factors that relate to these aims. (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - June 21, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Peter Gloviczki, Peter F. Lawrence Tags: Reader service Source Type: research

Information for readers
Communications regarding original articles and editorial management should be addressed to Peter Gloviczki, MD, and Peter F. Lawrence, MD, Editors, Journal of Vascular Surgery, 633 N. St. Clair, 22nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60611; telephone: 603-523-2222; fax: 312-334-2320; e-mail: JVASCSURG@vascularsociety.org. Information for authors appears in the January and July issues, at www.jvascsurg.org, and at jvs.editorialmanager.com. Authors should consult this document before submitting manuscripts to this Journal. (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - June 21, 2018 Category: Surgery Tags: Reader service Source Type: research

The Society for Vascular Surgery practice guidelines on follow-up after vascular surgery arterial procedures
Practice guidelines are a critical component in providing high-quality, cost-effective care. The best guidelines are based on evidence supported by relevant research from the world's literature. There are many gaps in scientific evidence, so when that occurs, disease experts must develop a consensus, using their best expertise and judgement about best practice and optimal care. (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - June 21, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Peter F. Lawrence, Peter Gloviczki Tags: Editorial Source Type: research

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus is uncommon in New Zealand Merkel Cell Carcinomas.
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. PMID: 29928756 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: The British Journal of Dermatology)
Source: The British Journal of Dermatology - June 21, 2018 Category: Dermatology Authors: Woodhouse B, Robb TJ, Hearn JI, Houseman PS, Hayward G, Miller R, Restall AP, Findlay M, Lawrence B, Print CG, Parker K, Blenkiron C Tags: Br J Dermatol Source Type: research

[Legal relevance of guidelines : Contextualization exemplified by international recommendations for treatment of inguinal hernia in adults].
DISCUSSION: From a legal point of view, the basic prerequisites for medical treatment are patient consent and intervention education. In principle, a non-guideline-compliant treatment procedure can be agreed. The patient must be informed about the treatment options that are relevant to the medical standard, the procedure must be indicated according to the medical standard and the operation must be performed in accordance with the national medical specialist standard. Thus, international guidelines cannot a priori claim to be followed unobserved and are therefore not legally comparable to the German S3 guidel...
Source: Der Chirurg - June 21, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Weyhe D, Uslar VN, Mählmeyer C, Oehlers H Tags: Chirurg Source Type: research

Authors ’ Reply: Pulmonary Flow Wave Morphology Characteristics of Pulmonary Hypertension
We thank Levy et  al.1 for their thoughtful commentary on our review of stress echocardiography of the right ventricle.2 We agree that pulmonary artery acceleration time (PAAT) is an important tool to assess right ventricular (RV) afterload, though few data are available on this approach in stress test conditions. (Source: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography)
Source: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography - June 21, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Lawrence Rudski, Luna Gargani, Roberto Naeije, Eduardo Bossone Tags: Letter to the Editor Source Type: research

The impact of intrinsic motivation on session attendance and reliable cognitive improvement in cognitive remediation in schizophrenia
This study explored the impact of task-specific intrinsic motivation on attendance and reliable cognitive improvement in a controlled trial comparing CR with a computer game (CG) playing control. (Source: Schizophrenia Research)
Source: Schizophrenia Research - June 21, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Authors: S.D. Bryce, S.J. Lee, J.L. Ponsford, R.J. Lawrence, E.J. Tan, S.L. Rossell Source Type: research

Surgical internal iliac artery preservation associated with endovascular repair of infrarenal aortoiliac aneurysms to avoid buttock claudication and distal type I endoleaks
The objective of this study was to assess outcomes of a hybrid technique for treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) associated with iliac aneurysm without distal neck by combining an AAA endovascular repair approach with open surgery for preservation of the internal iliac artery (IIA). (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - June 21, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Julien Gaudric, Philippe Tresson, Lucie Derycke, Sophie Tezenas Du Montcel, Thibault Couture, Jean-Michel Davaine, Mahine Kashi, James Lawton, Laurent Chiche, Fabien Koskas Source Type: research

Neuroscience and Brain Death Controversies: The Elephant in the Room
AbstractThe conception and the determination of brain death continue to raise scientific, legal, philosophical, and religious controversies. While both the President ’s Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research in 1981 and the President’s Council on Bioethics in 2008 committed to a biological definition of death as the basis for the whole-brain death criteria, contemporary neuroscientific findings augment the concerns about the validity of this biological definition. Neuroscientific evidentiary findings, however, have not yet permeated discussions about brai...
Source: Journal of Religion and Health - June 21, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Source Type: research

Search for new physics in events with two soft oppositely charged leptons and missing transverse momentum in proton –proton collisions at s=13TeV
Publication date: 10 July 2018 Source:Physics Letters B, Volume 782 Author(s): The CMS CollaborationA.M.SirunyanA.TumasyanW.AdamF.AmbrogiE.AsilarT.BergauerJ.BrandstetterE.BrondolinM.DragicevicJ.EröA.Escalante Del ValleM.FlechlM.FriedlR.FrühwirthV.M.GheteJ.GrossmannJ.HrubecM.JeitlerA.KönigN.KrammerI.KrätschmerD.LikoT.MadlenerI.MikulecE.PreeN.RadH.RohringerJ.SchieckR.SchöfbeckM.SpanringD.SpitzbartA.TaurokW.WaltenbergerJ.WittmannC.-E.WulzM.ZaruckiV.ChekhovskyV.MossolovJ.Suarez GonzalezE.A.De WolfD.Di CroceX.JanssenJ.LauwersM.Van De KlundertH.Van HaevermaetP.Van MechelenN.Van RemortelS.Abu ZeidF.Blekm...
Source: Physics Letters B - June 21, 2018 Category: Physics Source Type: research

Nuclear modification factor of D0 mesons in PbPb collisions at sNN=5.02TeV
Publication date: 10 July 2018 Source:Physics Letters B, Volume 782 Author(s): The CMS CollaborationA.M.SirunyanA.TumasyanW.AdamF.AmbrogiE.AsilarT.BergauerJ.BrandstetterE.BrondolinM.DragicevicJ.EröM.FlechlM.FriedlR.FrühwirthV.M.GheteJ.GrossmannJ.HrubecM.JeitlerA.KönigN.KrammerI.KrätschmerD.LikoT.MadlenerI.MikulecE.PreeD.RabadyN.RadH.RohringerJ.SchieckR.SchöfbeckM.SpanringD.SpitzbartW.WaltenbergerJ.WittmannC.-E.WulzM.ZaruckiV.ChekhovskyV.MossolovJ.Suarez GonzalezE.A.De WolfD.Di CroceX.JanssenJ.LauwersH.Van HaevermaetP.Van MechelenN.Van RemortelS.Abu ZeidF.BlekmanJ.D'HondtI.De BruynJ.De ClercqK.Dero...
Source: Physics Letters B - June 21, 2018 Category: Physics Source Type: research

Identifying preclinical vascular dementia in symptomatic small vessel disease using MRI
Publication date: Available online 20 June 2018 Source:NeuroImage: Clinical Author(s): Christian Lambert, Eva Zeestraten, Owen Williams, Philip Benjamin, Andrew J. Lawrence, Robin G. Morris, Andrew D. Mackinnon, Thomas R. Barrick, Hugh S. Markus Sporadic cerebral small vessel disease is an important cause of vascular dementia, a syndrome of cognitive impairment together with vascular brain damage. At post-mortem pure vascular dementia is rare, with evidence of co-existing Alzheimer's disease pathology in 95% of cases. This work used MRI to characterize structural abnormalities during the preclinical phase of vascular deme...
Source: NeuroImage: Clinical - June 21, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Canada ’s parliament legalises recreational marijuana
(Source: BMJ News)
Source: BMJ News - June 20, 2018 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

Intra-articular injection of the anti-inflammatory compound LMWF-5A in adults with severe osteoarthritis: a double-blind prospective randomized controlled multi-center safety and efficacy trial.
This study evaluated the safety and efficacy of LMWF-5A for the signs and symptoms of OAK. Methods: This 12-week randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial was conducted at thirteen sites across the United States. Patients with symptomatic, severe OAK (Kellgren-Lawrence grade 4 disease) who were fully ambulatory and had no other conditions interfering with the study knee were randomized to a single 4 ml intra-articular injection of LMWF-5A or saline, randomized 6:1. The primary endpoint was Outcome Measures in Rheumatology-Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OMERACT-OARSI) responder rate (%), ...
Source: Patient Safety in Surgery - June 20, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Salottolo K, Cole B, Bar-Or D Tags: Patient Saf Surg Source Type: research

New Method of Fitting Pareto –Lognormal Size-Frequency Distributions to Worldwide Cu and Zn Deposit Size Data
AbstractEarlier methods of fitting Pareto –lognormal distributions to large samples of worldwide metal deposit size data are improved by using a sliding window method for estimating upper-tail Pareto coefficients and constructing best-fitting lognormalQ–Q plots with their corresponding probability-density curves. Lower-tail Pareto distributions are fitted to some extent as well. Copper and Zn deposits of the world are taken as example in this paper. Three principal statistical laws resulting in the basic lognormal with two Pareto tails are thought to underlie the generation of Pareto –lognormals for amoun...
Source: European Journal of Applied Physiology - June 20, 2018 Category: Physiology Source Type: research