Regenerative Medicine Venturing at the University-Industry Boundary: Implications for Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and Industry.
Authors: Bock AJ, Johnson D Abstract Regenerative medicine research at university laboratories has outpaced commercial activity. Legal, regulatory, funding, technological, and operational uncertainty have slowed market entry of regenerative medicine treatments. As a result, commercial development has often been led by entrepreneurial ventures rather than large biopharma firms. Translating regenerative medicine across the university-industry boundary links academic scientists, technology transfer organizations, funders, and entrepreneurs. Conflicting motivations among the participants may significantly hinder these ...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - September 23, 2018 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Oxidation and emissivity of Invar 36 alloy in air plasma at high temperatures
Publication date: 25 January 2019Source: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 772Author(s): L. Barka, M. Balat-Pichelin, J.-L. Sans, E. BêcheAbstractTo mitigate debris in orbit and to avoid dramatic collisions on Earth after atmospheric re-entry at the end of a spacecraft's life, spacecraft missions have to take into account the influence of the environment (air plasma, high temperature and low pressure) on spacecraft survivability. Therefore, oxidation in air plasma conditions was studied on Invar 36 alloy, which is frequently used for large satellite components, in order to obtain oxidation kinetic laws at high ...
Source: Journal of Alloys and Compounds - September 22, 2018 Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

Mumps outbreak in Copperbelt province, Zambia: Epidemiological characteristics
This study was to verify the existence and extent of mumps outbreak in Copperbelt province; to describe the epidemiological characteristics of the outbreak; to identify risk factors associated with the illness; to confirm the etiology of the outbreak through appropriate laboratory testing; to inform disease control strategy and advocate for mumps, measles and rubella vaccine in Zambia, which has not yet been implemented.Study designA case report. Clinical records of cases suspected of mumps in the district were reviewed. Cases covered the first 36 weeks of 2015 (January to September, 2015). Charts were generated to capture...
Source: Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health - September 22, 2018 Category: Epidemiology Source Type: research

Sequential Decision-Making with Group Identity
Publication date: Available online 22 September 2018Source: Journal of Economic PsychologyAuthor(s): Jessica Van Parys, Elliott AshAbstractIn sequential decision-making experiments, participants often conform to the decisions of others rather than reveal private information – resulting in less information produced and potentially lower payoffs for the group. This paper asks whether experimentally induced group identity affects players’ decisions to conform, even when payoffs are only a function of individual actions. As motivation for the experiment, we show that U.S. Supreme Court Justices in preliminary heari...
Source: Journal of Economic Psychology - September 22, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Radiographic evaluation and pain symptomatology of the knee in severely obese individuals – controlled transversal study
Publication date: Available online 21 September 2018Source: Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia (English Edition)Author(s): Glaucus Cajaty Martins, Luiz Felippe Martins Filho, Andre Heringer Raposo, Raphael Barbosa Gamallo, Zarthur Menegazzi, Antônio Vítor de AbreuAbstractObjectiveTo evaluate the prevalence of pain and radiographic degenerative arthritis in a group of severe obese patients (body mass index [BMI] > 35).Methods41 patients with an indication of bariatric surgery were studied. The group of severely obese patients was subdivided into two subgroups: those with BMI  50 (n =&nb...
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia - September 22, 2018 Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research

Preventing Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression in the Hospitalized Patient With Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
CONCLUSIONS: Nursing interventions are essential to improving outcome and reduce cost in the management of postsurgical OIRD in OSA patients. PMID: 30236566 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing)
Source: Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing - September 22, 2018 Category: Nursing Authors: Jungquist CR, Card E, Charchaflieh J, Gali B, Yilmaz M Tags: J Perianesth Nurs Source Type: research

Workplace Wellness Programs: Educating Patients and Families About Discrimination Via Disclosure of Genetic Information.
This article stresses the importance of nurses being aware of these laws and pushing for policy revision to protect sensitive genetic information. PMID: 30239514 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing)
Source: Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing - September 22, 2018 Category: Nursing Authors: Steck MB Tags: Clin J Oncol Nurs Source Type: research

Hope for the future
Publication date: 22 September 2018Source: New Scientist, Volume 239, Issue 3196Author(s): Graham LawtonOur exclusive survey reveals just how clued-up the UK public is when it comes to science and tech. Graham Lawton explores the results (Source: New Scientist)
Source: New Scientist - September 22, 2018 Category: Science Source Type: research

Only one in five would like to be immortal
Publication date: 22 September 2018Source: New Scientist, Volume 239, Issue 3196Author(s): Graham Lawton (Source: New Scientist)
Source: New Scientist - September 22, 2018 Category: Science Source Type: research

Object: Earth
Publication date: 22 September 2018Source: New Scientist, Volume 239, Issue 3196Author(s): Graham Lawton (Source: New Scientist)
Source: New Scientist - September 22, 2018 Category: Science Source Type: research

The ball is now in our court.
Authors: Banning AP, Serruys PW PMID: 30234494 [PubMed - in process] (Source: EuroIntervention)
Source: EuroIntervention - September 22, 2018 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Tags: EuroIntervention Source Type: research

Medicolegal Review of Methotrexate Administration to Viable Intrauterine Pregnancies.
Conclusion: Physicians who, with all good intentions, prescribe methotrexate to women with a viable pregnancy, presumed to be ectopic, could find them-selves liable for an adverse fetal outcome. For the benefit of patients, their unborn offspring, and the liability exposure of the physician, it is important to be very cautious when prescribing methotrexate. PMID: 30230299 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Journal of Reproductive Medicine)
Source: Journal of Reproductive Medicine - September 22, 2018 Category: Reproduction Medicine Tags: J Reprod Med Source Type: research

Role of Proopiomelanocortin in Preventing Miscarriage.
Authors: Ozbilgin K, Kahraman B, Atay C, Vatansever S, Uluer ET, Özçakır T Abstract Objective: To compare the distribution of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) in decidua and placenta samples from missed abortion and voluntary termination cases in order to research the effects in the etiology of missed abortion. Study Design: Decidual materials were collected from patients who were diagnosed with missed abortion (n=19) and legal voluntary termination cases (n=15) under 10 gestational weeks. Materials were divided into 2 groups for examination. For all samples, POMC primary antibody was performed by immuno...
Source: Journal of Reproductive Medicine - September 22, 2018 Category: Reproduction Medicine Tags: J Reprod Med Source Type: research

Evaluation of Nutritional and Mineral-Heavy Metal Contents of Horse Mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) in the Middle Black Sea in terms of Human Health.
This study suggests that horse mackerel is beneficial seafood for human health and nutrition. PMID: 30244434 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Biological Trace Element Research)
Source: Biological Trace Element Research - September 22, 2018 Category: Biology Authors: Durmuş M Tags: Biol Trace Elem Res Source Type: research

Molecular investigation of Lawsonia intracellularis in diarrheic and healthy captive ostriches ( Struthio camelus ) in Iran
AbstractLawsonia intracellularis is the causative agent of proliferative enteropathy (PE) in pigs, a disease of economic importance worldwide. The present study aimed to investigate the occurrence ofL. intracellularis in ostriches using a sensitive and specific nested polymerase chain reaction (nested PCR). A total number of 112 fecal samples (64 healthy, 48 diarrheic) were collected from 11 ostrich farms located in four provinces in Iran (Semnan, Tehran, Gilan, Yazd). The results showed the presence ofL. intracellularis in three diarrheic and four apparently healthy birds. The frequency of positive results was the same in...
Source: Comparative Clinical Pathology - September 22, 2018 Category: Pathology Source Type: research

Characterization of Salmonella enterica serovars recovered from meat products legally and illegally imported into the EU reveals the presence of multiresistant and AmpC-producing isolates
ConclusionThe results of this study demonstrate that meat products imported from third countries, both legally and illegally, can harbor multiresistantSalmonella enterica. Consequently, these imports could constitute a source for the dissemination of antimicrobial resistant isolates, including those resistant to third-generation cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones. (Source: Gut Pathogens)
Source: Gut Pathogens - September 22, 2018 Category: Microbiology Source Type: research

Presentations to the emergency department with non-medical use of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs: profiling and relation to sales data
AbstractBackgroundNon-medical use of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs is common; however, there is limited information available on the extent of harm related to this in Europe, as well as the relationship between misuse and availability.AimTo describe presentations to the emergency department in Europe related to the recreational use of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs and compare regional differences in these presentations with legal drug sales of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs within each country.MethodsEmergency department presentations with recreational misuse of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs were obtained from the Euro-DEN dataset ...
Source: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology - September 22, 2018 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Planning considerations for persons with access and functional needs in a disaster-Part 1: Overview and legal.
Authors: Mace SE, Doyle CJ, Askew K, Bradin S, Baker M, Joseph MM, Sorrentino A Abstract Although disasters can affect anyone in a given community or region, those with access and functional needs have the highest rates of morbidity and mortality during an emergency or disaster. There are many unique and complex issues that should be considered when planning and caring for these individuals in a disaster situation. Who are these individuals, what specific issues should be addressed when considering these members of the population, and what recommendations can be made to address their unique needs? How can we includ...
Source: American Journal of Disaster Medicine - September 21, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Am J Disaster Med Source Type: research

DePhine – The Deimos and Phobos Interior Explorer
Publication date: 15 October 2018Source: Advances in Space Research, Volume 62, Issue 8Author(s): Jürgen Oberst, Kai Wickhusen, Konrad Willner, Klaus Gwinner, Sofya Spiridonova, Ralph Kahle, Andrew Coates, Alain Herique, Dirk Plettemeier, Marina Díaz-Michelena, Alexander Zakharov, Yoshifumi Futaana, Martin Pätzold, Pascal Rosenblatt, David J. Lawrence, Valery Lainey, Alison Gibbings, Ingo GerthAbstractDePhine – Deimos and Phobos Interior Explorer – is a mission proposed in the context of ESA’s Cosmic Vision program, for launch in 2030. The mission will explore the origin and the evolution...
Source: Advances in Space Research - September 21, 2018 Category: Science Source Type: research

National Policy for Comprehensive Health Care for Adolescents Deprived of Liberty: an analysis of its implementation
Resumo A efetiva ção do direito à saúde de adolescentes e jovens privados de liberdade no Brasil é tarefa complexa que nos coloca frente às iniquidades em saúde e às intervenções sobre seus determinantes sociais. Sendo assim, o presente estudo buscou contribuir com a discussão sobre o direito à saúde de ssa população, a partir da análise da implementação da Política de Atenção Integral à Saúde de Adolescentes em Conflito com a Lei (PNAISARI). Trata-se de um estudo ...
Source: Ciencia e Saude Coletiva - September 21, 2018 Category: Occupational Health Source Type: research

Heteronomy in adolescent health: an integrative literature review
Resumo Os direitos dos adolescentes no âmbito da saúde não se restringem à compreensão de suas demandas, mas ao respeito de si como sujeito autônomo e protagonista do seu cuidado. Entretanto, em face dos direitos dos adolescentes no cotidiano da assistência à saúde sob a ótica da autonomia, a heteronomia, sujeição do indivíd uo à vontade de terceiros, apresenta-se em situação precária. Foram buscados artigos nas bases de dados Scopus, PubMed e BVS utilizando o cruzamento com os descritores: “ sa ú...
Source: Ciencia e Saude Coletiva - September 21, 2018 Category: Occupational Health Source Type: research

Microsoft and Amazon back laws to limit FRT
Publication date: August 2018Source: Biometric Technology Today, Volume 2018, Issue 8Author(s): Microsoft and Amazon are leading calls for governments to create new rules to govern facial recognition technology (FRT), as debate over its use by police forces worldwide continues to rage. (Source: Biometric Technology Today)
Source: Biometric Technology Today - September 21, 2018 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

Association Rule Analysis for Validating Interrelationships of Combined Medication of Compound Kushen Injection in Treating Colon Carcinoma: A Hospital Information System-Based Real-World Study.
Conclusions: It is a common practice for CKI to be integrated with both modern medicines and TCMs when treating CC in China. The associations of medication combinations of CKI in treating CC manifest certain laws for both TCMs and modern medicines. The RWS for validating interrelationships of combined medication may provide evidence for rational use of CKI. Further explorations are needed to verify and expand the conclusions. PMID: 30228827 [PubMed] (Source: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine)
Source: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine - September 21, 2018 Category: Complementary Medicine Tags: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med Source Type: research

[ASAP] Optical Control of Nanoparticle Catalysis Influenced by Photoswitch Positioning in Hybrid Peptide Capping Ligands
ACS Applied Materials& InterfacesDOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b10582 (Source: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces)
Source: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces - September 21, 2018 Category: Materials Science Authors: Randy L. Lawrence, Zak E. Hughes, Vincent J. Cendan, Yang Liu, Chang-Keun Lim, Paras N. Prasad, Mark T. Swihart, Tiffany R. Walsh, Marc R. Knecht Source Type: research

The association of vision loss and dimensions of depression over 12 years in older adults: findings from the Three City Study
Vision impairment (VI) is common in older adults, with an estimated prevalence of 25% in those aged over 70 (Stevens et al., 2013); and VI substantially contributes to burden of disease in Europe (Mathers& Loncar, 2006). An association between VI and depression in the elderly population is well established (Carriere et al., 2013; Court, McLean, Guthrie, Mercer,& Smith, 2014; Hong et al., 2015), with prevalence of comorbid depression in older adults with VI estimated to be around 30% (Hayman et al., 2007; Hong et al., 2015). (Source: Journal of Affective Disorders)
Source: Journal of Affective Disorders - September 21, 2018 Category: Neurology Authors: S Cosh, I Carriere, V Nael, C Tzourio, C Delcourt, C Helmer, the Sense-Cog Consortium ¥ Tags: Research paper Source Type: research

Intussusception Mimicking Acute Appendicitis in an Adult
A 20-year-old man presented to the Emergency Department (ED) with 3  days of constant abdominal pain that waxed and waned in intensity. He was seen in the ED 2 days prior, at which time his appendix was not well visualized on computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis with i.v. contrast only. Symptoms included anorexia, loose stool, subjective fevers, and cramp-like periumbilical and right lower quadrant pain. The patient denied blood in his stool or vomiting. Vital signs were normal. Physical examination demonstrated tenderness in the right lower abdomen and periumbilical region. (Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine)
Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine - September 21, 2018 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Alexander F. Barbuto, Lawrence N. Masullo Tags: Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

miR-203 inhibits ovarian tumor metastasis by targeting BIRC5 and attenuating the TGF β pathway
We previously reported that miR-203 functions as a tumor suppressor in ovarian cancer cells by directly targeting transcription factor Snai2 and inhibiting epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), whereas B... (Source: Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research)
Source: Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research - September 21, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Baojin Wang, Xia Li, Guannan Zhao, Huan Yan, Peixin Dong, Hidemichi Watari, Michelle Sims, Wei Li, Lawrence M Pfeffer, Yuqi Guo and Junming Yue Tags: Research Source Type: research

In Case You Missed It: Evolution of the U.S. Overdose Crisis
RAND's Bryce Pardo discusses China's role in the production and supply of synthetic opioids and outlines some actions lawmakers can take to reduce this problem beyond traditional drug policy tools. (Source: RAND Research Health and Health Care)
Source: RAND Research Health and Health Care - September 21, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: RAND Corporation Source Type: research

Estimation of day of death using micro-segmental hair analysis based on drug use history: a case of lidocaine use as a marker
AbstractDuring investigations of unnatural death, the time of death is generally estimated using anatomical examinations. However, it can be difficult to accurately determine the day of death, because postmortem changes in the body tissues can be greatly affected by the circumstances of the location of the corpse. We recently developed a method to estimate the day of drug ingestion, using micro-segmental hair analysis based on internal temporal markers (ITMs). In this method, ITMs are ingested at a specific time interval before hair collection to mark timescales within individual hair strands. A single hair strand is segme...
Source: International Journal of Legal Medicine - September 21, 2018 Category: Medical Law Source Type: research

Antibody Responses to Schistosoma mansoni Schistosomula Antigens
Parasite Immunology,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-. (Source: Parasite Immunology)
Source: Parasite Immunology - September 21, 2018 Category: Parasitology Authors: Moses Egesa , Lawrence Lubyayi , Frances M. Jones , Angela van Diepen , Iain W. Chalmers , Edridah M. Tukahebwa , Bernard S. Bagaya , Cornelis H. Hokke , Karl F. Hoffmann , David W. Dunne , Alison M. Elliott , Maria Yazdanbakhsh , Source Type: research

S. mansoni Schistosomula Antigens Induce Th1/Proinflammatory Cytokine Responses
Parasite Immunology,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-. (Source: Parasite Immunology)
Source: Parasite Immunology - September 21, 2018 Category: Parasitology Authors: Moses Egesa , Lawrence Lubyayi , Edridah M. Tukahebwa , Bernard S. Bagaya , Iain W. Chalmers , Shona Wilson , Cornelis H. Hokke , Karl F. Hoffmann , David W. Dunne , Maria Yazdanbakhsh , Lucja A. Labuda , Stephen Cose Source Type: research

IL ‐4 dysregulates microRNAs involved in inflammation, angiogenesis and apoptosis in epidermal keratinocytes
Microbiology and Immunology,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-. (Source: Microbiology and Immunology)
Source: Microbiology and Immunology - September 21, 2018 Category: Microbiology Authors: Lei Bao , Cecilia Chau , Jeremy Bao , Maria M. Tsoukas , Lawrence S. Chan Source Type: research

Has the Legalisation of Medical and Recreational Cannabis Use in the USA Affected the Prevalence of Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorders?
AbstractPurpose of ReviewSince California legalised medical use of cannabis in 1996, 29 other US states have done so. Eight US states have legalised the retail sale of cannabis to adults over the age of 21  years since 2012. Critics of these policy changes have suggested that they will increase the prevalence of cannabis use and cannabis use disorders. This paper (1) briefly describes the types of regulatory regimes for medical and recreational cannabis use in the USA, (2) describes possible effects of these policies on cannabis use and (3) assesses the impacts to date of the legalisation of medical and recreational c...
Source: Current Addiction Reports - September 21, 2018 Category: Addiction Source Type: research

Characterization and application of nanocolloidal Mn(IV) in a chemiluminescence system for estimating the total phenolic content in pomegranate juices using a nanodroplet microfluidics platform
Publication date: 20 December 2018Source: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 277Author(s): Baqia Al Mughairy, Haider A.J. Al-Lawati, FakhrEldin O. SulimanAbstractAn extensive investigation has been carried out to test the nanocolloidal manganese (IV) chemiluminescence (CL) system and to utilize it for the determination of total phenolic content (TPC) in fruit juices. Initially, a detailed characterization of the produced nanocolloidal Mn(IV) was conducted including oxidation state, elemental analysis, size, shape and morphology. The electrochemical studies confirmed the oxidation state of Mn(IV), and the elemental a...
Source: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical - September 20, 2018 Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

Is Concierge Medicine Right for Your Practice?
It is no surprise to practicing physicians that the healthcare landscape is becoming more and more unpredictable. Because of the volatility surrounding today’s healthcare environment, such as increasing overhead costs and decreasing reimbursement rates, many physicians are asking themselves whether there is a different, more lucrative way to practice medicine. Concierge medicine may just be... [Read More] (Source: The Rheumatologist)
Source: The Rheumatologist - September 20, 2018 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Steven M. Harris, Esq. Tags: Legal Practice Management boutique medicine concierge medicine retainer medicine Source Type: research

Cognitive Impairment in Non–Dialysis-Dependent CKD and the Transition to Dialysis: Findings From the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC) Study
ConclusionsPredialysis cognitive impairment is associated with a lower likelihood of PD as a first dialysis modality and of venous catheter avoidance at dialysis therapy initiation. Future studies may consider addressing cognitive function when testing strategies to improve patient transitions to dialysis therapy. (Source: American Journal of Kidney Diseases)
Source: American Journal of Kidney Diseases - September 20, 2018 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

Genetic Testing in Clinical Settings
Publication date: October 2018Source: American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Volume 72, Issue 4Author(s): Nora Franceschini, Amber Frick, Jeffrey B. KoppGenetic testing is used for screening, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases consistent with a genetic cause and to guide drug therapy to improve drug efficacy and avoid adverse effects (pharmacogenomics). This In Practice review aims to inform about DNA-related genetic test availability, interpretation, and recommended clinical actions based on results using evidence from clinical guidelines, when available. We discuss challenges that limit the widespread use of genetic info...
Source: American Journal of Kidney Diseases - September 20, 2018 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

Estimation of running endurance by means of empirical models: A preliminary study
ConclusionThe high relationship between the logarithms of Dlim and tlim suggested that power laws can be applied to subjects not-specialized in endurance. However, further studies with different protocols are necessary to determine if the power-law model is more accurate and useful than the logarithmic model in subjects who are not specialized in endurance.RésuméObjectifLes relations entre la distance (Dlim), la vitesse (S) et le temps d’épuisement (tlim) peuvent être décrites par différents modèles empiriques: lois de puissance (Dlim = ktlimg et S = ...
Source: Science and Sports - September 20, 2018 Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research

Refusal of Vaccination: A Test to Balance Societal and Individual Interests.
Authors: Arora KS, Morris J, Jacobs AJ Abstract While all states in the United States require certain vaccinations for school attendance, all but three allow for religious exemptions to receiving such vaccinations, and 18 allow for exemptions on the basis of other deeply held personal beliefs. The rights of parents to raise children as they see fit may conflict with the duty of the government and society to protect the welfare of children. In the U.S., these conflicts have not been settled in a uniform and consistent manner. We apply a test that provides a concrete and formal rubric to evaluate such conflicts. For ...
Source: Journal of Clinical Ethics - September 20, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Tags: J Clin Ethics Source Type: research

Deathbed Confession: When a Dying Patient Confesses to Murder: Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Implications.
Authors: Tincknell L, O'Callaghan A, Manning J, Malpas P Abstract During an initial palliative care assessment, a dying man discloses that he had killed several people whilst a young man. The junior doctor, to whom he revealed his story, consulted with senior palliative care colleagues. It was agreed that legal advice would be sought on the issue of breaching the man's confidentiality. Two legal opinions conflicted with each other. A decision was made by the clinical team not to inform the police. In this article the junior doctor, the palliative medicine specialist, a medical ethicist, and a lawyer consider the ca...
Source: Journal of Clinical Ethics - September 20, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Tags: J Clin Ethics Source Type: research

Residual effects of cannabis use on attentional bias towards fearful faces
Publication date: Available online 19 September 2018Source: NeuropsychologiaAuthor(s): Robert D. Torrence, Don C. Rojas, Lucy J. TroupAbstractCannabis use has increased since legalization in various states within the United States of America. Although much of the research on the neurological and psychological effects of cannabis has been on non-human animals, the current research suggests that it can have anxiolytic effects and also decrease some cognitive functioning (e.g. memory, emotional processing, etc.). Individuals with high anxiety have been suggested to have increased attentional bias towards threat-related stimul...
Source: Neuropsychologia - September 20, 2018 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

How occupational status influences the processing of faces: an EEG study
This study examines the influence of social hierarchy on the neural electrophysiological responses to faces. In contrast with earlier EEG studies that typically manipulate social rank through competitive situations, we implemented hierarchy through occupational status and thus contrasted faces associated with high- vs. low-status (e.g. lawyer vs. waiter). Since social hierarchies are largely intertwined with gender, both female and male faces were used as stimuli, and both female and male participants were tested. The procedure consisted in presenting a status label before the face it was associated with. The analyses focu...
Source: Neuropsychologia - September 20, 2018 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

TF-4 The Emergency Medicine Curriculum Assessment Tool
Publication date: October 2018Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 72, Issue 4, SupplementAuthor(s): C.C. Lawson, A. Misra (Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine)
Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine - September 20, 2018 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Application of the Canadian Computed Tomography Head Rule to Patients With Minimal Head Injury
ConclusionRisk of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with minimal head injury was very low, and even in patients found to have an intracranial hemorrhage, none had any serious adverse outcome (eg, death, intubation, prolonged hospitalization, surgical procedure). The Canadian CT Head Rule was 100% sensitive in this small cohort of patients with minimal head injury. Among our study cohort, which specifically included only patients who had CT scanning, applying the Canadian CT Head Rule may have reduced the need for CT, potentially saving costs and resources. However, because many patients with minimal head injury who prese...
Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine - September 20, 2018 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Stability Analysis of Agricultural Off-Road Vehicles.
Authors: Ayers P, Conger J, Comer R, Troutt P Abstract Vehicle rollovers cause many agricultural work-related fatalities each year. Tractors, off-road utility vehicles (ORUVs), zero turn radius (ZTR) mowers, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can all become involved in fatal rollovers. The rollover tendency of these vehicles was evaluated using static lateral and longitudinal stability angles. Center of gravity locations were measured with the lift axle method, and lateral and longitudinal stability angles were calculated for four ATVs, five ORUVs, four ZTR mowers, and four lawn tractors. Stability angles were calcula...
Source: Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health - September 20, 2018 Category: Occupational Health Tags: J Agric Saf Health Source Type: research

John R. (Jack) Hoover, April 22, 1929 to May 22, 2018
John R. “Jack” Hoover was a remarkable man who was in charge of the marketing team for medical products at W. L. Gore beginning in 1975. Over the years, he developed close personal and professional relationships with many of the leading vascular surgeons in the United States and around the world. By lea ding W. L. Gore to support—without asking anything in return —the clinical and research activities of vascular surgeons, he managed to transform the relationship between vascular surgery and industry into one of close partnership. (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - September 20, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Donald Lass, Peter Gloviczki, Peter F. Lawrence Tags: In memoriam Source Type: research

Journal of Vascular Surgery – October 2018 Audiovisual Summary
The paper of the month, “Preoperative risk score for the prediction of mortality after repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms,” is by Garland and co-authors from the University of Washington.1 They studied 303 patients over a 10-year period with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and identified four vari ables (see Fig 1) from 145 collected, including age>76, creatinine>2, pH   (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - September 20, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Peter F. Lawrence Tags: Journal of Vascular Surgery – October 2018 Audiovisual Summary Source Type: research

Information for authors
Complete information for authors and editorial policies are available in the January and July issues, at our Web site, or at our Editorial Manager Web site at An abbreviated checklist for manuscript submission follows. Manuscripts that are accepted for publication become the property of the Journal of Vascular Surgery ®, which is copyrighted by the Society for Vascular Surgery®. They may not be published or reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the author(s) and the Journal. (Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery)
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - September 20, 2018 Category: Surgery Authors: Peter Gloviczki, Peter F. Lawrence Source Type: research

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Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery - September 20, 2018 Category: Surgery Source Type: research

Ensuring a return on your professional investment: The importance of a contract (part 1)
No abstract available (Source: The Nurse Practitioner)
Source: The Nurse Practitioner - September 20, 2018 Category: Nursing Tags: Department: Legal File Source Type: research