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New Limitations on Guidance Documents Expected to Have Heavy Effect on Industry
The Trump Administration recently adopted new limits on the use of “guidance documents” issued by federal agencies. Various industries use the applicable guidance documents to better understand the government’s interpretation of laws, and as such, this may have a sweeping effect on industry compliance measures. The revised policy piggybacks off of a previous memo issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that prohibited the Agency from issuing guidance documents that effectively bind the public without undergoing the notice-and-comment rulemaking process. This means that the DOJ was unable to issue guidan...
Source: Policy and Medicine - February 23, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Thomas Sullivan - Policy & Medicine Writing Staff Source Type: blogs

Problems with Republican Proposal for Paid Leave
A new federal paid leave idea has been produced, promoted, and endorsed by individuals on the right. And now Republican legislators like Marco Rubio, Joni Ernst, and Mike Lee are getting behind it.Advocates propose using Social Security as a benefit bank for paid leave – the idea is that parents could withdraw Social Security benefits today if they defer collecting benefits later. Of course, if advocates want to provide paid leave, a better idea is cutting Social Security benefits and payroll taxes so new parents don’t have to ask the government for their mone y back.Still, it ’s a clever idea and maybe t...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 22, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Vanessa Brown Calder Source Type: blogs

How Do We Assure the Children?
If polled, most parents would say it was their primary job to protect their children from harm. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “Don’t touch a hot stove.” “Don’t go off with a stranger.” These are common instructions offered from adults to young ones. Responsible parents keep a watchful eye on those in their care. Until the past decade or so, that was sufficient. In recent years, a feeling of helplessness has overcome some. Sending your child to school in the morning didn’t fit into the worry category. In the wake of the most recent school shooting at the...
Source: World of Psychology - February 22, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW Tags: Anger Bullying Children and Teens College Criminal Justice Students Trauma Violence and Aggression Gun Control Gun Safety mass shooting Parkland shooting School Shooting teen violence Terrorism Source Type: blogs

New U.S. Immigrants Are as Educated as New Canadian Immigrants
President Trump wants to cut legal immigration bymore than 40 percent, complaining that the system focuses on family reunification rather than skills. In defending the plan, Attorney General Jeff Sessionsgeneralized today ’s immigrants as largely “illiterate”, with “no skills”, and argued that America “should be like Canada” on immigration, evaluating them on their skills. Yet, recent U.S. immigrants are better educated the U.S.-born, and differ little from recent Canadian immigrants.Figure 1 provides the educational attainment distribution for U.S.-born working-age adults (25-64) ...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 22, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: David Bier Source Type: blogs

Bitcoin: More Trustworthy than Some Academic Critics
Historian Harold James of Princeton University, known for his scholarly writings on the gold exchange standard and on the euro, has turned his attention to Bitcoin in a recentProject Syndicate commentary on “The Bitcoin Threat.” His commentary labors under a surprising number of misconceptions about Bitcoin and the history of privately issued currency. If even a reputable academic historian falls prey to these misconceptions, they are likely to be widespread. Scrutinizing them may then be of wider interest.After noting some of the optimistic claims made on behalf of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technolog...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 22, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Lawrence H. White Source Type: blogs

Constitutional Defects Big Enough to Drive a (Food) Truck Through
Imagine that it ’s your first day at a new job. As you endure the tedious onboarding process, an interesting tidbit catches your attention; among the perks of your new position, you will be issued a company car and cell phone. “Sweet!” you exclaim, now more confident than ever of having made the right career move. But your enthusiasm drops precipitously as you learn that GPS devices have been installed on both the car and phone, allowing the company to continuously track your location. And your shock turns to horror when you are informed that the (mandatory) use of these items requires that you consent to...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 22, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Ilya Shapiro, Aaron Barnes Source Type: blogs

New Zealand On The Way To Digital Health
Every stakeholder needs to prepare in time for the waves of technological innovation transforming the medical sector and the pharma industry. Regulators and decision-makers with the right policies could do the most for a swift and smooth transit into the future. New Zealand’s government recognized the challenges and made important steps to facilitate the adoption of digital health. Responsible governments prepare their citizens for technological changes With the spread of social media and other disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, health sensors, robotics, 3D printing or nanotechnology, healthcar...
Source: The Medical Futurist - February 22, 2018 Category: Information Technology Authors: nora Tags: Healthcare Policy digital health digital health strategy future health policy Innovation new zealand policy-making regulations technology Source Type: blogs

Phage phrustration
Aacckk!  I've spent more than a month trying to get decentR. capsulatus phage plaques onR. capsulatus lawns.  Still no consistent success.  In one experiment I had much better plaques on cells of strain DE442 (a GTA overproducer), but that did not replicate.  I suspect that non-tiny plaques depend on exactly the right balance of the cells' physiological state, their density, the agar concentration, the culture medium, and other factors I haven't attempted to vary.Yesterday I was almost ready to do a UV-irradiation experiment to generate mutant phages that make larger plaques, starting with two lysates I...
Source: RRResearch - February 22, 2018 Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Rosie Redfield Source Type: blogs

Society ’ s Role In A Married Couple ’ s Separation
ConclusionAlthough, it is very important that as a society we need to help pull each other up, the sad fact is that no one wants to see others doing better than themselves. And spreading rumours and talking about others has become a very common thing to do! Therefore, we need to change in order to change the way society thinks. We need to bring forward better morals and values in people to help lift the society to being a respectable one! (Source: Nurse Blogger)
Source: Nurse Blogger - February 21, 2018 Category: Nursing Authors: Fabiola Panicucci Tags: Legal Services Source Type: blogs

An Executive Office Doesn ’t Become a Judicial One Simply by Changing Its Name
In sports —including the current Winter Olympics in South Korea—the concept of the “home field advantage” is pervasive. But in government, separating powers among three branches is supposed to protect individual liberties when the government pursues someone for an alleged legal infraction.Well, Raymond Lucia felt that the Securities and Exchange Commission had such an advantage when he was fined $300,000 and barred from working as an investment adviser after an SEC administrator determined that he had misled prospective clients in a quasi-judicial proceeding that the SEC investigated, prosecuted, an...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 21, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Ilya Shapiro, Matthew Larosiere Source Type: blogs

There ’s no easy way out of the opioid epidemic
Across the United States at least forty people die each day from overdosing on opioids like Vicodin, codeine, heroin, and oxycontin. Seven percent of drivers who died in car crashes last year were found to have prescription opioids in their systems — seven times more than in 1995. Considering these alarming rates of overdosing and DUIs, this is serious business. Authorities view it in their traditional way: the problem is drugs. Thus doctors should curtail prescribing, and patients should clean up and go through rehab. But the situation’s less about drugs than, frankly, rampant suicide. These drugs’ risks...
Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog - February 21, 2018 Category: General Medicine Authors: < a href="https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/post-author/jeff-kane" rel="tag" > Jeff Kane, MD < /a > Tags: Physician Pain Management Psychiatry Source Type: blogs

Multiple Courts Decide Medical Futility Disputes Against Parents in 2018
In the past month, multiple courts have adjudicated medical futility conflicts between parents and clinicians concerning the appropriateness of life-sustaining treatment for a minor patient. In every single case, the courts ruled for the clinicians, holding that life-sustaining treatment was not in the patient's best interest. INES AFIRI:  In late January 2018, the European Court of Human Rights rejected the application of parents challenging the decision of the French courts. (Afiri & Biddari v France)  The French courts had already agreed with treating clinicians that continued mechanical ventilation f...
Source: blog.bioethics.net - February 21, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Authors: Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD Tags: Health Care syndicated Source Type: blogs

Can Robots Replace the Human on the Earth?
Human are the best ever creatures evolved on this planet that has excelled in its cognitive skills and intelligence. The fear of Robotics under the guise of artificial intelligence to replace the entire humanity is gaining ground with the increased use of Cyborg technologies for variety of human functions. There is however no smoke without fire to believe it in the wake of the first ever robotics getting citizenship of Saudi Arabia. In the wake of Sophia, the first ever Hominid attending the World IT Congress at Hyderabad, India on 20th of February to deliver her speech, sharing dais with dignitaries from across the world,...
Source: Sciences Blog - February 21, 2018 Category: Science Authors: srinivas_s at omicsgroup.co.in (OMICS Publishing Group) Tags: Advanced Information Technology Engineering & Fermentation Technology Gene Technology Nuclear Energy Science Power Generation Technology Source Type: blogs

The Intractable Debate over Guns
By SAURABH JHA When Russian forces stormed the school held hostage by Chechen terrorists, over 300 people died. The Beslan school siege wasn’t the worst terrorist attack arithmetically – the fatalities were only a tenth of September 11th. What made the school siege particularly gruesome was that many who died, and died in the most gruesome manner, were children. There’s something particularly distressing about kids being massacred, which can’t be quantified mathematically. You either get that point or you don’t. And the famed Chechen rebel, Shamil Basayev, got it. Issuing a statement after the...
Source: The Health Care Blog - February 21, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: at RogueRad Tags: OP-ED Uncategorized @roguerad guns Source Type: blogs

Some Ideas to Help Prevent Mass Shootings and Gun Crimes
All people are rightly concerned over the school and venue shootings in recent times. We want to do something that will reduce or eliminate these tragedies. Similarly, many violent crimes like robbery are committed with guns. Here are a few ideas that together should help reduce these horrors.1. Require gun owners to have gun safes.When someone wants to buy a gun, a proof of ownership of a gun safe large enough to house the gun must be presented, or a new safe must be purchased at the same time. A typical handgun costs about $500, and a rifle can cost from $500 to $1500. Small, portable gun safes could be prohibited, requi...
Source: The Virtual Salt - February 21, 2018 Category: Neurology Authors: Robert Harris Source Type: blogs

New York Attorney General Schneiderman Goes After Citizens United's Donors
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman demands out-of-state charities disclose all donors for his inspection. He does not demand this of all charities, only those he decides warrant his special scrutiny. Schneiderman garnered national attention for his campaign to use the powers of his office toharass companies and organizations who do not endorse his preferred policies regarding climate change. Now, it seems he seeks to do the same to right-of-center organizations that might displease him. Our colleague Walter Olson hascataloged Schneiderman ’smany misbehaviors.He ’s currently set his sights on Citizens U...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 20, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Trevor Burrus, Reilly Stephens Source Type: blogs

Guns are killing our children. It ’s time we did something
Follow me on Twitter @drClaire We are all reeling from the news of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and 14 injured. A 19-year-old former student has confessed to the shooting. He used a semiautomatic weapon that he purchased legally a year ago. Five years ago, when a gunman opened fire with a similar weapon at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, killing first-graders and teachers, there was an uproar: we must stop this from happening, we said. We must do something. But we didn’t.  And since the shooting at Sandy Hook, there have been at least 239 school shootings, with...
Source: Harvard Health Blog - February 20, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Claire McCarthy, MD Tags: Children's Health Parenting Prevention Source Type: blogs

The Congressional Budget Deal's Effect on Health Care
In early February, Congress passed a massive bipartisan budget deal to fund the government through March 23, 2018, suspend the debt ceiling until 2019, raise budget caps by nearly $300 billion over two years, and fund various parts of the government. Naturally, passage of the budget agreement means that quite a few health care priorities made their way into the law. For example, several health care “extenders” were reauthorized, community health centers (CHCs) were funded, cuts to safety net hospitals were delayed, as were cuts to the CHRONIC Care Act and the Part B Improvement Act, while revisions to the Medi...
Source: Policy and Medicine - February 20, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Thomas Sullivan - Policy & Medicine Writing Staff Source Type: blogs

Arterys FDA Clearance for Liver AI and Lung AI Lesion Spotting Software
Arterys, a San Francisco, California firm, won FDA clearance for its Arterys Oncology AI suite. The cleared software aids in finding lesions within CT images of the lungs (Lung AI) and in both CT and MRI when assessing the liver (Liver AI). It uses artificial intelligence methods to segment lesions and nodules, and in evaluations versus certified radiologists it performed as well as them. The online software, accessible using a browser, allows a radiologist to measure and track the progress of tumors and suspected tumors. Because it doesn’t require any on-site infrastructure, it is inherently easy to setup and begin ...
Source: Medgadget - February 19, 2018 Category: Medical Devices Authors: Editors Tags: Radiology Source Type: blogs

The Case of the Brew Master's Plot - Was the Veterans Affairs Secretary's Travel Spending Scandalous, or Was He Framed in a Plot to Oust a Political Moderate?
DiscussionDr David Shulkin, a holdover appointee of President Obama who was nominated to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs by President Trump, was alleged by the VA Inspector General to have committed various ethical violations involving a trip to Europe the Secretary took with his wife.  This appeared to be just the latest in a string of travel-related scandals by top officials of the Trump administration.When this was first reported, I was inclined to see Dr Shulkin as an entitled, and conflicted  former health care executive who ran afoul of the government's strict ethical standards.  (Dr Shulkin'sofficial...
Source: Health Care Renewal - February 19, 2018 Category: Health Management Tags: Donald Trump ill-informed management mission-hostile management political ideology politics Veterans Affairs Source Type: blogs

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA)
by Lizzy Miles (@LizzyMiles_MSW)Sometimes when we encourage patients to complete a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA), the patient declines the offer based on mistaken assumptions they have about the document. We never want to push a patient into doing something they don't want to do, however, sometimes their resistance is based on a misunderstanding. In an attempt to help address mistaken beliefs and/or concerns, I created a FAQ for our patients. This also can be used for staff as talking points for the discussion.I don ’t need one, I am my own decision-maker and I always plan to be.As long as you are able to spe...
Source: Pallimed: A Hospice and Palliative Medicine Blog - February 19, 2018 Category: Palliative Care Tags: advanced directives communication conversation hcpoa lizzy miles social work Source Type: blogs

Religious Exception to Brain Death
A Canadian court will soon decide whether those with a religious objection to brain death can avoid being declared dead on neurological criteria like everyone else. Only New Jersey affords that right in the United States.   Shalom Ouanounou ... (Source: blog.bioethics.net)
Source: blog.bioethics.net - February 17, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Authors: Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD Tags: Health Care syndicated Source Type: blogs

Warehousing and Torturing Dying Patients? Conference Promises a Different Future
Final Exit Network, an organization dedicated to achieving a peaceful death, is sponsoring a hemisphere-wide conference to bring together bioethicists, doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, hospice chaplains, legal experts, and lay ind... (Source: blog.bioethics.net)
Source: blog.bioethics.net - February 17, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Authors: Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD Tags: Health Care syndicated Source Type: blogs

Air Pollution Regulation and Grandfathering
A recentNew York Timesarticle discusses an exemption for heavy-duty diesel truck emissions standards. First enacted by the Clinton administration, the standards include a provision that exempts truck engines built before 1999. Some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this provision to circumvent the regulations by installing rebuilt pre-1999 engines in new truck bodies. According to the article, the rebuilt trucks sell for at least 10 percent less than compliant new trucks and also cost less to operate.The focus of the article is the lobbying directed towards maintaining the exemption, but I want to focus on the real und...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 16, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Peter Van Doren Source Type: blogs

Another School Shooting, Another Week in America
There are no words to express the depth of frustration, agony, and heartbreak I feel when I see in the news that there has been yet another school shooting in America. 17 dead. Seventeen lives ended before they could graduate high school, find love, go to college or learn a trade, and start a family. As humans, our inclination is to turn to the perpetrator of this crime and ask, “Why?” But as Americans, we need to stop asking this question and offering empty “thoughts and prayers.” Instead, we need to start looking for solutions to this growing epidemic of mass shootings in our country, consistently...
Source: World of Psychology - February 16, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: John M. Grohol, Psy.D. Tags: Criminal Justice General Psychology Students Violence and Aggression Antisocial Personality Gun Violence mass shooting Mental Illness Nikolas Cruz Parkland reducing gun violence School Shooting Source Type: blogs

How Will The Supreme Court Rule on Partisan Gerrymandering?
Ballotpedia asked five redistricting buffs to comment on how the Supreme Court might rule on the two gerrymandering cases itis considering, Gill v. Whitford from Wisconsin and Benisek v. Lamone from Maryland. Myresponse:  One clue is timing. Rather than fast-track consideration of  Benisek v. Lamone, the Court instead set an oral argument date of March 28. That leisurely pace ensures that any decision will come late enough in the term to wreak havoc on this year ’s [election] cycle if it announces the imposition at once of a new constitutional standard. Few if any Justices wish to wreak such havoc avoidably...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 16, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Walter Olson Source Type: blogs

Aegerion Sentenced to Pay $7.2 Million to Patients
On January 30, 2018, Federal U.S. District Court Judge William Young sentenced Aegerion to pay some of the roughly $36 million fine for off-label marketing to Juxtapid patients. In November, Judge Young rejected an initial plea deal between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Novelion Therapeutics (who now owns Aegerion) because it would have restricted his ability to impose a sentence upon the company. Judge Young instead sentenced Aegerion in a deal that gave him discretion to determine how the payment would be split up. Young ordered the company to pay $7.2 million – the same amount the company had agreed to pay ...
Source: Policy and Medicine - February 16, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Thomas Sullivan - Policy & Medicine Writing Staff Source Type: blogs

Are Mass Shootings Becoming More Frequent?
Terrible mass shootings like the one at a Parkland, Florida high school are so shocking that it is easy to get the impression that mass shootings are increasingly common.  The number of deaths from mass shootings has been unusually high since 2007, because of five horrific incidents – Las Vegas (58), the Orlando nightclub (49), Virginia Tech (32), Sandy Hook (27), and the Texas First Baptist Church (26).  Statisticians would never try to fabricate a trend from su ch a small sample, even though the untrained eye may want to.Last November, however, aWall Street Journal essay byAri Schulman claimed,It isn &rsq...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 15, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Alan Reynolds Source Type: blogs

DHS Uses Hyperbole, Half-Truths, & Inaccuracies to Influence Senate Vote on Rounds-Collins Dreamer Amendment
The Senate is currently debating many competing proposals that would legalize some Dreamers, enhance border security, and reform legal immigration.  This morning, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued apress release criticizing the bipartisan Rounds-Collins proposal that has more support in the Senate than any other amendment.   This DHS press release was accompanied by aveto threat from President Trump.   Most of DHS’ talking points against Rounds-Collins are either hyperbolic, half-truths, or just inaccurate.  Below, I will respond to the three most egregious sections of the DHS press...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 15, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Alex Nowrasteh Source Type: blogs

Equifax Releases Credit Locking App That May Not Work; Try Credit Freeze
Equifax is giving software a bad name. First there was the huge database breach of the company in the Fall of 2017 (see:Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Affect Half of the U.S. Population). Not only was this a major database security mishap but the company did not endear itself to consumers in terms of the remedies proposed to correct the problem. It also brought to light the fact that some big and often anonymous companies like Equifax can be the cause of many bad days for consumers through no fault of their own. Now comes news that the company has released a faulty app that is designed to allow consumers to lock access ...
Source: Lab Soft News - February 15, 2018 Category: Laboratory Medicine Authors: Bruce Friedman Tags: Computer Security Electronic Health Record (EHR) Source Type: blogs

Marijuana Research Catch 22
George Hodgin ’s mission seemed simple: manufacture uncontaminated, chemically consistent cannabis for use in scientific research on marijuana’s medical effects, all while complying with federal regulations surrounding the production of a drug still classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as h ighly dangerous. Despite new rules the DEA promulgated eighteen months ago, with the stated goal of allowing expanded cultivation of marijuana for scientific research, George Hodgin is still in administrative limbo. Hodgin, a former Navy SEAL, approached us recently for advice after encountering numer...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 15, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Jeffrey Miron Source Type: blogs

GOP Plan Gives a Citizenship Path to Only Half of Trump ’s 1.8 Million
ConclusionIn the best case scenario, the Senate GOP plan would likely provide a pathway to citizenship to fewer than 900,000 Dreamers —less than half of the president’s promise. Moreover, only an estimated 587,657 would likely naturalize—less than a third of the 1.8 million that some senators have claimed.If Congress wants to fulfill the president ’s promise, it would need to institute a broader legalization program for Dreamers with as few risks and costs, and as little confusion, as possible. Congress would also need to provide legal certainty in some form for their parents to mitigate fear of com...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 15, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: David Bier, Stuart Anderson Source Type: blogs

What ’s the cost of being a doctor in recovery?
I am a physician in recovery and just celebrated my fifth-year anniversary on October 11, 2017. While in active addiction, my drugs of choice were benzodiazepines and opioids that I washed down with top-shelf alcohol. Near the end of my usage, I was diverting scheduled drugs in order to feed my addiction. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, I finally admitted myself for treatment. As part of the treatment process, I enrolled with our state’s physician help program (PHP). Because of my diversion, they were obligated to report me to the medical board who in turn suspended my license for six months. After that time p...
Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog - February 15, 2018 Category: General Medicine Authors: < a href="https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/post-author/luther-philaya" rel="tag" > Luther Philaya, MD < /a > Tags: Physician Psychiatry Source Type: blogs

Conference of the Physician ’ s Alliance Against Euthanasia (March 2018)
With legal euthanasia and assisted suicide now a reality in Canada, opponents turn their  attention to helping doctors and other health professionals improve their skills so as to better care for patients at risk of requesting death.  T... (Source: blog.bioethics.net)
Source: blog.bioethics.net - February 14, 2018 Category: Medical Ethics Authors: Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD Tags: Health Care syndicated Source Type: blogs

An Ounce of Rescission is Worth a Pound of Cure: The Proper Treatment for Texas Payday Lending
As a native Texan, I make an effort to stay current on the latest happenings in my home state. And even though theannouncement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that it will reconsider new federal rules that would regulate payday lending is national in scope, the nature of the affected industry means that the particular impact will inevitably vary from state to state. Accordingly, the recently publishededitorial by theSan Antonio Express-News addressing the topic calls for a state-specific response.The Editorial Board must have viewed its argument as a common sense, self-evident proposal: in order to cure the pay...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 14, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Aaron Barnes Source Type: blogs

Ideology vs. Science
Joshua Sharfstein in JAMA discusses the opioid abuse epidemic and what to do about it. This is an opinion piece that doesn't have references, but I can assure you that he is right on the facts. People with opioid addiction seldom succeed in maintaining long term recovery without what we call Medication Assisted Treatment. That means either methadone or buprenorphine, both of which are themselves opioids. As Sharfstein tell us, " Many still believe that those who take methadone or buprenorphine are'trading one addiction for another,'' in bondage,'or'taking a cop-out.'" People who are using these medications may fa...
Source: Stayin' Alive - February 14, 2018 Category: American Health Source Type: blogs

Things To Do Before Selling Your House
You have finally found the house of your dreams after a long search. It was a good buy and is located in the perfect place. You can’t wait to pack all of your things and move in to your new resident. Before you move in to your new house, you need to start clearing up the current house you were living in. You need to make sure the house is as good as new before you make a move. Here are a few things to do, before calling in potential buyers to come and see the house.AdvertiseBuyers are not going to just walk in, it’s essential you have an attractive advertisement for them to be interested in. Mention the locatio...
Source: Nurse Blogger - February 14, 2018 Category: Nursing Authors: Fabiola Panicucci Tags: Industrial Services Source Type: blogs

No, Mr. President, American Steel Protectionism Hasn ’t “Worked” in the Past
Today, President Trump hosted several members of Congress to discuss his possible plans for imposing new restrictions on steel and aluminum imports under “Section 232” of US trade law. Amidst that discussion comes this nugget, viaPolitico Pro[$] (emphasis mine):The president was equally dismissive when Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) brought up the negative consequences of former President George W. Bush ’s decision to restrict steel imports in 2002.“The effect was it raised the price of almost all steel in the United States,” leading to job losses in the auto-parts sector and among other manuf...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 13, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Scott Lincicome Source Type: blogs

In defense of FOX ’s The Resident
The public’s apparently insatiable appetite for medical drama continues unabated as yet another prime-time TV show set in a hospital has hit our screens. FOX’s The Resident has generated discussion like no other. This may simply be due to the fact it’s the first major launch in the era of widespread social media, but it seems to have enraged a vast swathe of our ranks. Has The Resident crossed a line or have we become a medical “generation snowflake”? Health care professionals don’t tend to admit that they watch medical shows. “Oh it’s too much like work!” is a common r...
Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog - February 13, 2018 Category: General Medicine Authors: < a href="https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/post-author/rohin-francis" rel="tag" > Rohin Francis, MD < /a > Tags: Physician Hospital-Based Medicine Mainstream media Source Type: blogs

Nowrasteh on a DACA Fix That's " Worse than Nothing "
In an op-ed published yesterday atThe Hill, Alex Nowrasteh wrote about why a bill working its way through the U.S. House of Representatives may be one of the most anti-immigration bills in decades. With both chambers of Congress now looking to make good on promises to provide a legal framework for the roughly 700,000 DREAMers impacted by President Trump ’s decision last year to rescind DACA, many House Republicans are pledging to support the Securing America’s Future (“SAF”) Act. Democrats may not support the SAF Act, but Nowrasteh notes that it will likely represent a line in the sand for many...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 13, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Cato Editors Source Type: blogs

Questioning the Link Between Sports-Related Concussions and CTE
This article is submitted on behalf of 26 brain injury experts in neurosurgery, neuropsychology, neurology, neuropathology and public policy at 23 universities and hospitals in the United States and Canada. The additional signatories are: Lili-Naz Hazrati, associate professor of neuropathology at the University of Toronto; clinician-scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. John Leddy, professor of clinical orthopaedics and rehabilitation sciences at the SUNY Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Barry Willer, professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the SUNY Buffalo Jacobs School of Me...
Source: The Health Care Blog - February 13, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: John Irvine Tags: Uncategorized Boston University CTE football Sports-Related Concussions Source Type: blogs

How Will Cannabis Legalization Affect Alcohol Consumption?
How will legalization of recreational marijuana affect alcohol consumption? Will drinking go down because people substitute cannabis for alcohol? Or will drinking go up because cannabis and alcohol complement each other? These questions have important implications. (Source: The RAND Blog)
Source: The RAND Blog - February 13, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: Beau Kilmer; Rosanna Smart Source Type: blogs

The FISA Follies: " War of the Memos " Edition
As I was preparing for a Demand Progress-sponsoredpanel on Congressional oversight of intelligence matters on the afternoon of February 9, Demand Progress Policy Director Daniel Schuman and I agreed that if President Trump was going to refuse to “declassify” the House Intelligence Committee Democrats rebuttal to the “Nunes Memo,” he would wait until the late Friday news cycle to do it. We didn’t have to wait long for that prediction to cometrue.  In a moment,  I’ll get to the issue of whether Trump actually has the authority under the Constitution to do what he did, but I want ...
Source: Cato-at-liberty - February 12, 2018 Category: American Health Authors: Patrick G. Eddington Source Type: blogs

What Is Revenge Porn?
Break-ups can be difficult and often quite painful. But imagine that the person you loved and trusted for the duration of your relationship decided to take revenge on you for breaking it off. What does that look like? Well, there are a variety of ways that a scorned lover might express their resentment, but in today’s era of cyber-everything, revenge porn is becoming a tool of choice for many in their quest for vengeance. Revenge porn has been defined by the government as “the sharing of private, sexual materials, either photos or videos, of another person without their consent and with the purpose of cau...
Source: World of Psychology - February 11, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Kurt Smith, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC Tags: Anger Men's Issues Sexuality Technology Trauma Violence and Aggression Women's Issues #MeToo Betrayal Breakups consent Lack Of Empathy Pornography Revenge revenge porn victimization Source Type: blogs

Sunday Sermonette: Wickedness
Perhaps you have heard ofArk Encounter, a tourist attraction in Kentucky featuring what purports to be a life-sized model of Noah's ark. The theme park was built with the help of a subsidy from the taxpayers of Kentucky by Answers in Genesis, an organization led by Australian-American Ken Ham, that insists the Bible is literally true. Funny thing: the ark was constructed by 1,000 Amish craftsmen using more than 3 million board feet of lumber and 95 tons of metal fasteners.Anyway, here's the story:9 This is the account of Noah and his family.Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walke...
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Could Marijuana Contribute to Sexual Dysfunction?
Marijuana consists of a mixture of dried plant leaves, flowers, and/or stems of the Cannabis Sativa plant. In addition, there is a resin-based version of marijuana that is called hash. Most people either smoke marijuana or vape it (warming it, but not cooking it), but it can also be ingested in oil form. The most common way to ingest marijuana is to roll it up and smoke it like you would a cigarette or cigar, or use a smoking tool like a pipe. Some users, however, consume weed by infusing foods (i.e., butter and cooking oil) or teas. What happens to your body when you ingest marijuana? THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the mos...
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Continued Judicial Resistance to the Second Amendment
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, however,acquiring arms has nothing to do with keeping and bearing them. This was the court ’s logic when it ruled in John Teixeira’s case that buying and selling guns was beyond the scope of the Second Amendment.Teixeira sought to open “Valley Guns and Ammo” in Alameda County, California (the East Bay, with Oakland as its seat). The one problem with his plan was a county zoning ord...
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Can We PROSPER and Be Free?
ANew York Times article this week tackled the“conservative social agenda” supposedly packed into the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform (PROSPER) Act that recently moved through the House education committee. The590-page bill is an effort to renew the Higher Education Act, through which massive federal aid —currentlyaround $136 billion—flows to students. The article and bill are reminders of how far we’ve strayed from a basic understanding of how a free society works.A free society is pretty easy to grasp. Individuals are allowed to freely act, includi...
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Will State Compulsion Kill the Video Star?
Carl and Angela Larsen are videographers who offer their skills to those getting married, capturing the magic of that special day for posterity. The state of Minnesota requires that  they film same-sex as well as opposite-sex weddings. The Larsens, who believe in traditional marriage, object to the state’s claimed power to compel them to produce expressive messages with which they disagree. They brought a lawsuit to vindicate their First Amendment rights.Nearly three years have passed since the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional right of gay couples to commit themselves in marriage on equal terms w...
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Lawyers Protest Mandate To File Suspicious Activity Reports
What happens when one of the most irresistible of contemporary regulatory trends – the continued chipping away of financial privacy – runs into one of the most formidable of interest groups, organized lawyerdom? The lawyers resist, andin this case the lawyers are right:  ABA President Hilarie Bass is expressing concerns that an anti-money laundering bill would undermine the attorney-client privilege and impose “burdensome and intrusive regulations” on small businesses and their lawyers.In a  letter to leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bass asks the committee to oppose the bil...
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