Machine learning applications in imaging analysis for patients with pituitary tumors: a review of the current literature and future directions
ConclusionThrough our concise evaluation and comparison of the studies using the concepts presented, we highlight future directions so that potential ML applications using different imaging modalities can be developed to benefit the clinical care of pituitary tumor patients. (Source: Pituitary)
Source: Pituitary - January 6, 2020 Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research

Sustainable interprofessional learning on clinical placements: the value of observing others at work.
Authors: Kent F, Glass S, Courtney J, Thorpe J, Nisbet G Abstract Clinical placements have the potential to offer meaningful interprofessional learning opportunities for pre-registration students. Informal, as opposed to structured interprofessional learning opportunities, may offer a sustainable solution to the challenges of scheduling formal interprofessional programs in the workplace. To investigate this concept, students on clinical placement from a range of professions were invited to observe another profession undertake a patient consultation, after which they completed a standardized reflective tool. A groun...
Source: Journal of Interprofessional Care - January 5, 2020 Category: Health Management Tags: J Interprof Care Source Type: research

Why do biomedical researchers learn to program? An exploratory investigation.
Conclusions: Librarians designing programming workshops should remember that most researchers are hoping to apply their new skills to a specific research task such as data cleaning, data analysis, and statistics and that language preferences can vary based on research community as well as personal preferences. Understanding the programming goals of researchers will make it easier for librarians to partner effectively and offer services that are critically needed in the biomedical community. PMID: 31897049 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA)
Source: Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA - January 5, 2020 Category: Databases & Libraries Tags: J Med Libr Assoc Source Type: research

The Effect of Combined Aerobic Exercise and Calorie Restriction on Mood, Cognition, and Motor Behavior in Overweight and Obese Women.
Authors: Žlibinaitė L, Solianik R, Vizbaraitė D, Mickevičienė D, Skurvydas A Abstract BACKGROUND: The benefits of weight loss programs on mood, cognitive, and motor behavior are largely limited to those of calorie restriction or exercise alone. Our aim was to investigate the effect of combined calorie restriction and aerobic exercise intervention on mood, brain activity, and cognitive and motor behavior in overweight and obese women. METHODS: Participants aged 36-56 years were randomized to either a control or an experimental group (aerobic exercise + 12.5% energy intake reduction) for a 6-month period. Ch...
Source: Journal of Physical Activity and Health - January 5, 2020 Category: Sports Medicine Tags: J Phys Act Health Source Type: research

Performance comparison of bubble point pressure from oil PVT data: Several neurocomputing techniques compared
AbstractPressure –Volume–Temperature (PVT) characterization of a crude oil involves establishing its bubble point pressure, which is the pressure at which the first gas bubble forms on a fluid sample while reducing pressure at a stabilized temperature. Although accurate measurement can be made experimentally, su ch experiments are expensive and time-consuming. Consequently, applying reliable artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning methods to provide an accurate mathematical prediction of an oil’s bubble point pressure from more easily measured characteristics can provide valuable cost and time savin...
Source: European Journal of Applied Physiology - January 5, 2020 Category: Physiology Source Type: research

Precise cancer detection via the combination of functionalized SERS surfaces and convolutional neural network with independent inputs
Publication date: Available online 3 January 2020Source: Sensors and Actuators B: ChemicalAuthor(s): M. Erzina, A. Trelin, O. Guselnikova, B. Dvorankova, K. Strnadova, A. Perminova, P. Ulbrich, D. Mares, V. Jerabek, R. Elashnikov, V. Svorcik, O. LyutakovAbstractCombining the advanced approaches of surface functionalization and chemistry, plasmonics, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), and machine learning, we propose the advanced route for express and precise recognition of normal and cancer cells. Our interdisciplinary approach uses plasmonic coupling between the specific nanoparticles and underlying periodical pl...
Source: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical - January 5, 2020 Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

Adult exposure to insecticides causes persistent behavioral and neurochemical alterations in zebrafish
Publication date: Available online 3 January 2020Source: Neurotoxicology and TeratologyAuthor(s): Andrew B. Hawkey, Lilah Glazer, Cassandra Dean, Corinne N. Wells, Kathryn-Ann Odamah, Theodore A. Slotkin, Frederic J. Seidler, Edward D. LevinAbstractFarmers are often chronically exposed to insecticides, which may present health risks including increased risk of neurobehavioral impairment during adulthood and across aging. Experimental animal studies complement epidemiological studies to help determine the cause-and-effect relationship between chronic adult insecticide exposure and behavioral dysfunction. With the zebrafish ...
Source: Neurotoxicology and Teratology - January 5, 2020 Category: Toxicology Source Type: research

Single-channel SEMG using wavelet deep belief networks for upper limb motion recognition
Publication date: March 2020Source: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Volume 76Author(s): Junkai Shao, Yafeng Niu, Chengqi Xue, Qun Wu, Xiaozhou Zhou, Yi Xie, Xiaoli ZhaoAbstractSurface electromyography (SEMG) has been widely used in different fields such as human machine interaction and motion recognition. A hybrid classification model based on singular value decomposition (SVD) and wavelet deep belief networks (WDBN) is firstly proposed in this paper, which allows the machine to recognize the single-joint motions of upper limb by using one channel. In this experiment, the three-joint SEMG signals of upper l...
Source: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics - January 5, 2020 Category: Occupational Health Source Type: research

Status of glycosylated hemoglobin and prediction of glycemic control among patients with insulin-treated type 2 diabetes in North China: a multicenter observational study.
CONCLUSIONS: More than half of T2DM patients in North China had poor glycemic control and were at a higher risk of developing diabetic complications. The EN and machine learning algorithms are alternative choices, in addition to the traditional logistic model, for building predictive models of blood glucose control in patients with T2DM. PMID: 31923100 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Chinese Medical Journal)
Source: Chinese Medical Journal - January 5, 2020 Category: General Medicine Authors: Wang J, Wang MY, Wang H, Liu HW, Lu R, Duan TQ, Li CP, Cui Z, Liu YY, Lyu YJ, Ma J Tags: Chin Med J (Engl) Source Type: research

Functional Neurogenesis Over the Years.
Abstract There has been interest in the function of adult neurogenesis since its discovery, by Joseph Altman, nearly 60 years ago. While controversy curtailed follow up studies, in the 1990s a second wave of research validated many of Altman's original claims and revealed that factors such as stress and environmental stimulation altered the production of new neurons in the hippocampus. However, only with the advent of tools for manipulating neurogenesis did it become possible to perform causal tests of the function of newborn neurons. Here, we identify approximately 100 studies in which adult neurogenesis was mani...
Source: Behavioural Brain Research - January 5, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Snyder JS, Drew MR Tags: Behav Brain Res Source Type: research

A qualitative analysis of the experiences, training, and support needs of school mental health workers regarding student trauma
ConclusionsThe findings suggest a need for further research regarding the development and ongoing implementation of multi ‐tiered trauma‐informed support, training practices and protocols for school staff and school mental health workers. (Source: Australian Psychologist)
Source: Australian Psychologist - January 5, 2020 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Emily Berger, Sarah Samuel Tags: Original Research Source Type: research

Use of Electronic Learning Modules Can Improve Medical Trainee Knowledge Regarding Anaphylaxis Diagnosis and Treatment
Anaphylaxis is an acute, life-threatening, systemic hypersensitivity reaction that is frequently underdiagnosed, underreported, and undertreated by medical professionals1. A recent study by Lindor et al. has shown that medical errors in the setting of anaphylaxis can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. Although the prevalence of anaphylaxis-related hospitalizations has significantly increased over the past 20 years2,3, there remains limited graduate medical education (GME) curriculum dedicated to allergy/immunology (A/I) topics, including anaphylaxis4,5. (Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - January 5, 2020 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Erin Rasmussen, Amanda Grippen Goddard, Diana Bayer Tags: Letters Source Type: research

Sensors, Vol. 20, Pages 302: Robust Sparse Bayesian Learning-Based Off-Grid DOA Estimation Method for Vehicle Localization
angyu Ren With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles have been receiving more and more attention because they own many advantages compared with traditional vehicles. A robust and accurate vehicle localization system is critical to the safety and the efficiency of autonomous vehicles. The global positioning system (GPS) has been widely applied to the vehicle localization systems. However, the accuracy and the reliability of GPS have suffered in some scenarios. In this paper, we present a robust and accurate vehicle localization system consisting of a bistatic passive radar, in which ...
Source: Sensors - January 5, 2020 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Yun Ling Huotao Gao Sang Zhou Lijuan Yang Fangyu Ren Tags: Article Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 365: Personality Traits or Genetic Determinants —which Strongly Influences E-cigarette Users?
IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 365: Personality Traits or Genetic Determinants—which Strongly Influences E-cigarette Users? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010365 Authors: Grzywacz Suchanecka Chmielowiec Chmielowiec Szumilas Masiak Balwicki Michałowska-Sawczyn Trybek Presently, a growing popularity of electronic cigarettes may be observed. Used as a means of obtaining nicotine they allow to substitute traditional cigarettes. The origins of substance use disorders are conditioned by dopaminergic signaling which influences motivational pr...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - January 5, 2020 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Grzywacz Suchanecka Chmielowiec Chmielowiec Szumilas Masiak Balwicki Micha łowska-Sawczyn Trybek Tags: Article Source Type: research

Porthole and Stormcloud: Tools for Visualisation of Spatiotemporal M/EEG Statistics
AbstractElectro- and magneto-encephalography are functional neuroimaging modalities characterised by their ability to quantify dynamic spatiotemporal activity within the brain. However, the visualisation techniques used to illustrate these effects are currently limited to single- or multi-channel time series plots, topographic scalp maps and orthographic cross-sections of the spatiotemporal data structure. Whilst these methods each have their own strength and weaknesses, they are only able to show a subset of the data and are suboptimal at articulating one or both of the space-time components.Here, we proposePorthole andSt...
Source: Neuroinformatics - January 5, 2020 Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

MicroRNA-181a regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress in offspring of mice following prenatal microcystin-LR exposure.
This study was aimed to investigate how maternal MCLR exposure during pregnancy alters behavioral responses in offspring mice and the possible molecular mechanism involved in this procedure. Three doses of MCLR solutions (0, 3 or 15 μg/kg body weight) were administered subcutaneously to pregnant C57bl/6 from gestation day (GD) 6-19. Our results showed that MCLR prenatal exposure led to the impairment of learning and memory function in offspring on postnatal days (PND) 35, accompanied by endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and neuronal apoptosis in hippocampal CA1 regions of mice. Sixteen miRNAs in hippocampus of pups on...
Source: Chemosphere - January 4, 2020 Category: Chemistry Authors: Liu J, Huang Y, Cai F, Dang Y, Liu C, Wang J Tags: Chemosphere Source Type: research

Teacher self-efficacy, instructional quality, and student motivational beliefs: An analysis using multilevel structural equation modeling
Publication date: April 2020Source: Learning and Instruction, Volume 66Author(s): Irena Burić, Lisa E. KimAbstractTeacher self-efficacy (TSE) is one of the most salient motivational characteristics that is assumed to affect teachers’ instructional quality and student motivational beliefs. However, discussions of these associations have primarily been often primarily conceptual and/or based on empirical research that has suffered from methodological shortcomings. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine the relationships between TSE, instructional quality (i.e., classroom management, cognitive activation, and ...
Source: Learning and Instruction - January 4, 2020 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Becoming flexible: Increase in parent psychological flexibility uniquely predicts better well-being following participation in a pediatric interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program
ConclusionsInterventions that help parents of youth with chronic pain learn to accept uncomfortable emotions and engage in valued action may help support better parent mental health. (Source: Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science)
Source: Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science - January 4, 2020 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Identifying Sub-Phenotypes of Acute Kidney Injury using Structured and Unstructured Electronic Health Record Data with Memory Networks
This study used a memory network-based deep learning approach to discover AKI sub-phenotypes using structured and unstructured electronic health record (EHR) data of patients before AKI diagnosis. We leveraged a real world critical care EHR corpus including 37,486 ICU stays. Our approach identified three distinct sub-phenotypes: sub-phenotype I is with an average age of 63.03±17.25years, and is characterized by mild loss of kidney excretory function (Serum Creatinine (SCr) 1.55±0.34 mg/dL, estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Test (eGFR) 107.65±54.98 mL/min/1.73m2). These patients are more likely to de...
Source: Journal of Biomedical Informatics - January 4, 2020 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

Feasibility of Linear-Shaped Gastroduodenostomy during the Performance of Totally Robotic Distal Gastrectomy.
This study compared the feasibility of LSGD in patients undergoing TRDG and TLDG. Materials and Methods All c: onsecutive patients who underwent LSGD after distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer between January 2009 and December 2017 were analyzed retrospectively. Propensity score matching (PSM) analysis was performed to reduce the selection bias between TRDG and TLDG. Short-term outcomes, functional outcomes, learning curve, and risk factors for postoperative complications were analyzed. Results: This analysis included 414 patients, of whom 275 underwent laparoscopy and 139 underwent robotic surgery. PSM analysis s...
Source: Journal of Gastric Cancer - January 4, 2020 Category: Gastroenterology Tags: J Gastric Cancer Source Type: research

Theoretical prediction on thermal and mechanical properties of high entropy (Zr0.2Hf0.2Ti0.2Nb0.2Ta0.2)C by deep learning potential
Publication date: Available online 3 January 2020Source: Journal of Materials Science & TechnologyAuthor(s): Fu-Zhi Dai, Bo Wen, Yinjie Sun, Huimin Xiang, Yanchun ZhouAbstractHigh entropy materials (HEMs, e.g. high entropy alloys, high entropy ceramics) have gained increasing interests due to the possibility that they can provide challenge properties unattainable by traditional materials. Though a large number of HEMs have emerged, there is still in lack of theoretical predictions and simulations on HEMs, which is probably caused by the chemical complexity of HEMs. In this work, we demonstrate that the machine learning...
Source: Journal of Materials Science and Technology - January 4, 2020 Category: Materials Science Source Type: research

Machine Learning Approach to Detect Cardiac Arrhythmias in ECG Signals: A Survey
This study could be beneficial for researchers to analyze the existing state-of-art techniques used in detection of arrhythmia conditions. (Source: IRBM)
Source: IRBM - January 4, 2020 Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research

Deterministic Policy Gradient Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Model-Free Optimal Control
Publication date: Available online 3 January 2020Source: NeurocomputingAuthor(s): Yongwei Zhang, Bo Zhao, Derong LiuAbstractIn this paper, a deterministic policy gradient adaptive dynamic programming (DPGADP) algorithm is proposed for solving model-free optimal control problems of discrete-time nonlinear systems. By using the measured data, the developed algorithm improves the control performance with the policy gradient method. The convergence of DPGADP algorithm is demonstrated by showing that the constructed Q-function sequence is monotonically non-increasing and converges to the optimal Q-function. An actor-critic neur...
Source: Neurocomputing - January 4, 2020 Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

New Intraclass Helitrons Classification Using DNA-Image Sequences and Machine Learning Approaches
Publication date: Available online 3 January 2020Source: IRBMAuthor(s): R. Touati, I. Messaoudi, A.E. Oueslati, Z. Lachiri, M. KharratAbstractHelitrons, eukaryotic transposable elements (TEs) transposed by rolling-circle mechanism, have been found in various species with highly variable copy numbers and sometimes with a large portion of their genomes. The impact of helitrons sequences in the genome is to frequently capture host genes during their transposition. Since their discovery, 18 years ago, by computational analysis of whole genome sequences of Arabidopsis thaliana plant and Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) nemat...
Source: IRBM - January 4, 2020 Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research

Learning from multiple informants: Children’s response to epistemic bases for consensus judgments
Publication date: April 2020Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Volume 192Author(s): Sunae Kim, Elizabeth S. SpelkeAbstractConsensus has both social and epistemic value. Children conform to consensus judgments in ways that suggest they are sensitive to the social value of consensus. Here we report two experiments providing evidence that 4-year-old children also are sensitive to the epistemic value of consensus. When multiple informants gave the same judgment concerning the hidden contents of a container, based on the observation of one of their members, children’s own judgments tended to align with the ...
Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology - January 4, 2020 Category: Child Development Source Type: research

Microstructural disruption of the right inferior fronto-occipital and inferior longitudinal fasciculus contributes to WMH-related cognitive impairment.
CONCLUSIONS: Changes in the properties of DTI may be the potential mechanism of WMH-related MCI, especially the right IFOF and the right ILF, which may become imaging markers for predicting WMH-related cognitive dysfunction. PMID: 31901155 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics)
Source: CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics - January 4, 2020 Category: Neuroscience Authors: Chen HF, Huang LL, Li HY, Qian Y, Yang D, Qing Z, Luo CM, Li MC, Zhang B, Xu Y Tags: CNS Neurosci Ther Source Type: research

Implementation of a medication education training program for student pharmacists employed within an academic medical center.
CONCLUSION: The REWARDS Method is an effective training program that successfully incorporated employed student pharmacists into medication education efforts. Our study demonstrated high rates of students successfully completing training and an increase in the rate of patient education completion. PMID: 31901084 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy : AJHP)
Source: American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy : AJHP - January 4, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Dunkley KA, Evelyn D, Timmons V, Feller TT Tags: Am J Health Syst Pharm Source Type: research

A comparison of individual and collective decision making for standard gamble and time trade-off
AbstractQuality-Adjusted Life-Years (QALYs) are typically derived from individual preferences over health episodes. This paper reports the first experimental investigation into the effects of collective decision making on health valuations, using both time trade-off (TTO) and standard gamble (SG) tasks. We investigated collective decision making in dyads, by means of a mixed-subjects design where we control for learning effects. Our data suggest that collective decision making has little effect on decision quality, as no effects were observed on decision consistency and monotonicity for both methods. Furthermore, QALY weig...
Source: The European Journal of Health Economics - January 4, 2020 Category: Health Management Source Type: research

Neuroprotective Effect of Fructus broussonetiae on APP/PS1 Mice via Upregulation of AKT/ β-Catenin Signaling
ConclusionsFB exerted neuroprotective effects on hippocampal cells of APP/PS1 mice, as well as improved cell viability in anin vitro model of AD. The protective actions of FB occurred via the upregulation of AKT/ β-catenin signaling. (Source: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine)
Source: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine - January 4, 2020 Category: Internal Medicine Source Type: research

Psychological safety, the hidden curriculum, and ambiguity in medicine
AbstractPsychological safety is a feeling that individuals are comfortable expressing and being themselves, as well as comfortable sharing concerns and mistakes without fear of embarrassment, shame, ridicule, or retribution. It has long been recognized as part of successful patient safety and quality improvement processes. However, in the realm of medical education, psychological safety is a relatively unknown concept to many educators and learners alike. Learners, whether students or postgraduate trainees, are in a phase of cognitive apprenticeship whereby they learn not only skills and knowledge from teachers as part of ...
Source: Clinical Rheumatology - January 4, 2020 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

Are early visual behavior impairments involved in the onset of autism spectrum disorders? Insights for early diagnosis and intervention
Conclusion: According to the literature, difficulties in these three areas have been often reported in children with ASD, and the visual-perception deficit could have cascading effects on learning processes and on social development. Despite this evidence of atypical VB in ASD, their investigation is not yet included into diagnostic processes, and they are not yet considered a specific treatment target.What is Known:•Atypical social use of visual behavior is one the first symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders•Individuals with autism spectrum disorders often show unusual visual exploration of the sur...
Source: European Journal of Pediatrics - January 4, 2020 Category: Pediatrics Source Type: research

Substance use initiation and the prediction of subsequent academic achievement
We examined grade point average (GPA) at the time alcohol and cannabis use often starts (7th - 9th grade) and subsequently during 11th and 12th grade in a 170 physically healthy adolescents in a longitudinal study. Covariance analysis examined predictive features from 36 metrics of middle school academic performance and initiation of alcohol and cannabis use. Using a machine learning approach, GPA from 7th, 8th, and 9th grade strongly predicted 11th and 12th grade GPA, followed in predictive power by alcohol use age of onset. A machine learning approach determined 16 (from 336) baseline neuroimaging features that reflected...
Source: Brain Imaging and Behavior - January 4, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Modeling motor task activation from resting-state fMRI using machine learning in individual subjects
In this study, a general linear model-based machine learning (GLM-ML) approach was tested to predict individual motor task activation based on rs-fMRI data. Its accuracy was then compared to a conventional independent component analysis (ICA) approach. 47 healthy subjects were scanned using resting state, active and passive motor task fMRI experiments using a clinically applicable low-resolution fMRI protocol. The model was trained to associate rs-fMRI network maps with that of hand movement task fMRI, then used to predict task activation maps for unseen subjects solely based on their rs-fMRI data. Our results showed that ...
Source: Brain Imaging and Behavior - January 4, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Prevalence and Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders Using Different Deep Learning Techniques: A  Meta-Analysis
This study confers the discipline, frameworks, and methodologies used by different deep learning techniques to diagnose different human neurological disorders. Here, one hundred and thirty-six different articles related to neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders diagnosed using different deep learning techniques are studied. The morbidity and mortality rate of major neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders has also bee n delineated. The performance and publication trend of different deep learning techniques employed in the investigation of these diseases has been examined and analyzed. Different performance metrics ...
Source: Journal of Medical Systems - January 4, 2020 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

Medical data set classification using a new feature selection algorithm combined with twin-bounded support vector machine
AbstractEarly diagnosis and treatment are the most important strategies to prevent deaths from several diseases. In this regard, data mining and machine learning techniques have been useful tools to help minimize errors and to provide useful information for diagnosis. Our paper aims to present a new feature selection algorithm. In order to validate our study, we used eight benchmark data sets which are commonly used among researchers who developed machine learning methods for medical data classification. The experiment has shown that the performance of our proposed new feature selection method combined with twin-bounded su...
Source: Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing - January 4, 2020 Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research

Sensors, Vol. 20, Pages 291: Global Optimal Structured Embedding Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
zhan Zhou A rich line of works focus on designing elegant loss functions under the deep metric learning (DML) paradigm to learn a discriminative embedding space for remote sensing image retrieval (RSIR). Essentially, such embedding space could efficiently distinguish deep feature descriptors. So far, most existing losses used in RSIR are based on triplets, which have disadvantages of local optimization, slow convergence and insufficient use of similarity structure in a mini-batch. In this paper, we present a novel DML method named as global optimal structured loss to deal with the limitation of triplet loss. To be spec...
Source: Sensors - January 4, 2020 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Pingping Liu Guixia Gou Xue Shan Dan Tao Qiuzhan Zhou Tags: Article Source Type: research

Career Ladder: Dionne Hern ández-Lugo
An openness to learning new things took this chemist from pharma to NASA (Source: Chemical and Engineering News)
Source: Chemical and Engineering News - January 3, 2020 Category: Chemistry Authors: Tien Nguyen, special to C&EN Source Type: research

Fast-developing machine learning support complex system research in environmental chemistry
New J. Chem., 2020, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C9NJ05717J, PerspectiveQiannan Duan, Jianchao Lee Machine learning will radically accelerate analysis of complex material networks in environmental chemistry. To cite this article before page numbers are assigned, use the DOI form of citation above. The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry (Source: RSC - New J. Chem. latest articles)
Source: RSC - New J. Chem. latest articles - January 3, 2020 Category: Chemistry Authors: Qiannan Duan Source Type: research

[Food guides: a strategy to reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods and prevent obesityGu ías alimentarias: estrategia para reducir el consumo de alimentos ultraprocesados y prevenir la obesidad].
[Food guides: a strategy to reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods and prevent obesityGuías alimentarias: estrategia para reducir el consumo de alimentos ultraprocesados y prevenir la obesidad]. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2019;43:e59 Authors: Bortolini GA, Moura ALP, de Lima AMC, Moreira HOM, Medeiros O, Diefenthaler ICM, de Oliveira ML Abstract Obesity is a serious public health problem whose increase has been associated with the growing consumption of ultra-processed foods in several world regions, including Latin America. Food guides are official guidelines used to promote healthy eati...
Source: Pan American Journal of Public Health - January 3, 2020 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Rev Panam Salud Publica Source Type: research

[Factors associated with completion of isoniazid preventive therapy in children in Quito, Ecuador (2014-2016 and 2018)Fatores associados à adesão à terapia preventiva com isoniazida em crianças de Quito, Equador (2014-2016 e 2018)].
Conclusions: The majority of children under 5 years of age who initiated IPT completed at least 80% of the prescribed doses, with varying associations and knowledge on the part of their caregivers. In this context, there is a need for further operations research in order to learn more about adherence and about the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health professionals and those affected by tuberculosis, and their environment. PMID: 31892926 [PubMed] (Source: Pan American Journal of Public Health)
Source: Pan American Journal of Public Health - January 3, 2020 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Rev Panam Salud Publica Source Type: research

Relationship Between Cognitive Dysfunction and Systemic Metabolic Disorders in Elderly: Dementia Might be a Systematic Disease.
Authors: Komuro Y, Oyama K, Hu L, Sakatani K Abstract Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) plays an important role in dementia in elderly people, and refers to the contribution of vascular pathology to the entire spectrum of cognitive disorders, ranging from mild cognitive impairment to severe dementia, as well as the pathological spectrum, from 'pure' Alzheimer disease through degrees of vascular comorbidity to 'pure' vascular dementia. In the present study, we investigated the relationship between cognitive dysfunction and systemic metabolic disorders, by employing deep learning (DL). We studied 202 patients (73.4...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Reducing False Alarm Rates in Neonatal Intensive Care: A New Machine Learning Approach.
CONCLUSION: Despite a (as yet) low amount of data for training, the four MLAs achieved an excellent specificity and a promising sensitivity. Presently, the current sensitivity is insufficient since, in the NICU, it is crucial that no real alarms are missed. This will most likely be improved by including more subjects and data in the training of the MLAs, which makes pursuing this approach worthwhile. PMID: 31893422 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Multimodal Learning in Health Sciences and Medicine: Merging Technologies to Enhance Student Learning and Communication.
Authors: Moro C, Smith J, Stromberga Z Abstract Advances in consumer-level educational technologies show great promise for enhancing the learning experiences of students in health and medicine. There are particular benefits to using a combination of various devices and technologies when teaching challenging concepts. These include augmented reality-enabled devices enriched with accompanying 3D printed models, or virtual reality sessions coupled with online quizzes or revision activities. Tablet applications can also be integrated while students engage concurrently in desktop-based online learning. This mi...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Using Photogrammetry to Create a Realistic 3D Anatomy Learning Aid with Unity Game Engine.
Authors: Wesencraft KM, Clancy JA Abstract Learning and processing complex 3D structures can be challenging for students, particularly if relying on 2D images or if there is limited access to the study material. This applies to many fields including anatomy, where students report difficulty visualising complex structures such as the nervous system. We aimed to address this by creating a realistic model of part of the nervous system-the sympathetic nervous system which is known for the 'fight or flight' response. Photogrammetry was chosen to create a 3D digital model of a dissection of the sympathetic nervous system...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Innovative Education and Engagement Tools for Rheumatology and Immunology Public Engagement with Augmented Reality.
Authors: Kosa T, Bennett L, Livingstone D, Goodyear C, Loranger B Abstract Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects around 1% of the population, which places a heavy burden on society and has severe consequences for the individuals affected. The early diagnosis and implementation of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs significantly increase the chance of achieving long-term sustained remission. Therefore, raising awareness of RA amongst the general public is important in order to decrease the time of diagnosis of the disease. Augmented reality (AR) can be tremendously valuable in a teaching and learning context, as the...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

The Use of Social Media in Anatomical and Health Professional Education: A Systematic Review.
Authors: Pollock W, Rea PM Abstract Social media is used by many students at universities, with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube being the most popular. Initially these social networking sites were mainly used for recreational purposes, but they have been increasingly used in an educational setting. Educators in the anatomical sciences and health professions have utilised many forms of technology to supplement and enhance a student's learning. However, the true effectiveness of using social media in anatomical and health professions education has not been fully explored. It has been hypothesised that soc...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - January 3, 2020 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Developing a curriculum model of English teaching for master’s degree nursing education in a Chinese medicine university
ConclusionsThe study exerted a positive effect on the ESP teaching and learning and provided new ideas for the ESP curriculum integration of Master’s Science in Nursing in China. (Source: International Journal of Nursing Sciences)
Source: International Journal of Nursing Sciences - January 3, 2020 Category: Nursing Source Type: research

A Multimodality Approach to Learning: Educating Nursing Students in Palliative Care
Palliative care education at the undergraduate and graduate level is necessary to improve the competency and confidence of nurses and ultimately improve the care of patients with a chronic illness. Unfortunately, the curriculum in nursing education programs lacks palliative care content, resulting in a lack of preparation and confidence among nursing students. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of educating nursing students utilizing an interactive, multimodality palliative care class that focuses on palliative and end-of-life care. The Palliative Care Quiz for Nurses and Frommelt Attitude Toward Care of th...
Source: Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing - January 3, 2020 Category: Nursing Tags: Feature Articles Source Type: research

Accelerated coronary mri using 3d spirit-raki with sparsity regularization.
In this study, we sought to extend this approach to arbitrary sampling patterns, using coil self-consistency. This technique, called SPIRiT-RAKI, utilizes scan-specific convolutional neural networks to nonlinearly enforce coil self-consistency. Additionally, regularization terms can also be incorporated. SPIRiT-RAKI was used to accelerate right coronary MRI. Reconstructions were compared to SPIRiT for different undersampling patterns and acceleration rates. Results show SPIRiT-RAKI reduces residual aliasing and blurring artifacts compared to SPIRiT. PMID: 31893013 [PubMed] (Source: Proceedings - International Symposium...
Source: Proceedings - International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging - January 3, 2020 Category: Radiology Tags: Proc IEEE Int Symp Biomed Imaging Source Type: research