Distinct roles of GluA2-lacking AMPA receptor expression in dopamine D1 or D2 receptor neurons in animal behavior
Publication date: Available online 8 December 2018Source: NeuroscienceAuthor(s): Jiayi Shou, Angelica Tran, Natasha Snyder, Eric Bleem, Seonil KimAbstractDopaminergic signaling in the central nervous system regulates several aspects of animal behavior. In the dopaminergic circuits, there are two classes of neurons that can be differentiated by their expression of dopamine receptors, D1 or D2 receptors (D1Rs or D2Rs). Notably, Ca2+-permeable GluA2-lacking glutamate AMPA receptors (CP-AMPARs) are important for gating synaptic plasticity and gene expression in neurons, and their expression particularly in the striatum affects...
Source: Neuroscience - December 9, 2018 Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

Experiencing regret about a choice helps children learn to delay gratification
Publication date: March 2019Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Volume 179Author(s): Teresa McCormack, Eimear O'Connor, Jessica Cherry, Sarah R. Beck, Aidan FeeneyAbstractChildren (6- and 7-year-olds) decided whether to wait for a short delay to win a prize or for a longer period to win a different prize. Those who chose to take their prize after a short delay won two candies but were shown that they would have won four candies if they had waited longer. We measured whether children regretted their choice not to wait. The next day, children were faced with the same choice again. Children who regretted choosin...
Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology - December 9, 2018 Category: Child Development Source Type: research

Who are the right teachers for medical clinical students? Investigating stakeholders' opinions using modified Delphi approach.
Conclusion: The results of this study indicated the necessity of forming a teaching team, paying attention to the selection criteria, and planning requirements for assigning responsibilities to the teaching team in accordance with the objectives, programs, and requirements of medical schools, along with using strategies to attract participation and create motivation in the teaching team. PMID: 30519136 [PubMed] (Source: Adv Data)
Source: Adv Data - December 9, 2018 Category: Epidemiology Authors: Shaterjalali M, Yamani N, Changiz T Tags: Adv Med Educ Pract Source Type: research

Communicating Genome Architecture: Biovisualization of the Genome, from Data Analysis and Hypothesis Generation to Communication and Learning
Publication date: Available online 10 November 2018Source: Journal of Molecular BiologyAuthor(s): Mike N. Goodstadt, Marc A. Marti-RenomAbstractGenome discoveries at the core of biology are made by visual description and exploration of the cell, from microscopic sketches and biochemical mapping to computational analysis and spatial modeling. We outline the experimental and visualization techniques that have been developed recently which capture the three-dimensional interactions regulating how genes are expressed. We detail the challenges faced in integration of the data to portray the components and organization and their...
Source: Journal of Molecular Biology - December 9, 2018 Category: Molecular Biology Source Type: research

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Capsule Endoscopy: Where Are We Now?
Authors: Hwang Y, Park J, Lim YJ, Chun HJ Abstract Unlike wired endoscopy, capsule endoscopy requires additional time for a clinical specialist to review the operation and examine the lesions. To reduce the tedious review time and increase the accuracy of medical examinations, various approaches have been reported based on artificial intelligence for computer-aided diagnosis. Recently, deep learning-based approaches have been applied to many possible areas, showing greatly improved performance, especially for image-based recognition and classification. By reviewing recent deep learning-based approaches for clinical...
Source: Clinical Endoscopy - December 9, 2018 Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Clin Endosc Source Type: research

Sensors, Vol. 18, Pages 4342: Road Surface Classification Using a Deep Ensemble Network with Sensor Feature Selection
In this study, a deep learning network based on various sensor data is proposed for identifying the roads where the vehicle is driving. Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) unit and ensemble learning are utilized for network design and a feature selection technique is applied such that unnecessary sensor data could be excluded without a loss of performance. Real vehicle experiments were carried out for the learning and verification of the proposed deep learning structure. The classification performance was verified through four different test roads. The proposed network shows the classification accuracy of 94.6% in the test data. (Source: Sensors)
Source: Sensors - December 9, 2018 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Jongwon Park Kyushik Min Hayoung Kim Woosung Lee Gaehwan Cho Kunsoo Huh Tags: Article Source Type: research

The Need for a Machine Learning Curriculum for Radiologists
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Journal of the American College of RadiologyAuthor(s): Monica J. Wood, Neil A. Tenenholtz, J. Raymond Geis, Mark H. Michalski, Katherine P. Andriole (Source: Journal of the American College of Radiology)
Source: Journal of the American College of Radiology - December 8, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Learner’s perception, knowledge and behaviour assessment within a breast imaging eLearning course for radiographers
ConclusionThese global results show that e-learning can provide statistically relevant knowledge gains in Radiographers. This course is an important contribution to the improvement of mammography education, impacting on the development of students' and radiographers’ skills. (Source: European Journal of Radiology)
Source: European Journal of Radiology - December 8, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Struggling writers in elementary school: Capturing drivers of performance
Publication date: April 2019Source: Learning and Instruction, Volume 60Author(s): Julie E. Dockrell, Vincent Connelly, Barbara ArfèAbstractConceptualising the difficulties experienced by struggling writers in middle elementary school is of both theoretical and practical importance. To further our understanding of the problems experienced by struggling writers we aimed to identify the writing measure which best discriminated struggling writers from their peers, and the proximal and distal factors which contributed to performance. The performance of 96 students (Mean age 10; 4), 39 of whom were independently identifie...
Source: Learning and Instruction - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Catecholaminergic modulation of indices of cognitive flexibility: a pharmaco-tDCS study
ConclusionsOur results suggest a causative role for dopamine signalling and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activity in regulating indices of cognitive flexibility in humans. (Source: Brain Stimulation)
Source: Brain Stimulation - December 8, 2018 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Grouping Matters in Computational Robotic Activities
This study examines the impact of grouping by gender and group roles on robotics performance, computational thinking skills, and learning motivation towards computer programming. One hundred ninety-one students in fourth and fifth grade completed the project. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics were used to compose and program music in groups of three to four students. The robotics project was completed over the course of fourteen weeks for one hour each week. Gender-structured groups of all female, all male and mixed female and male were randomly assigned in each class. All groups in participating six classrooms were assigned on...
Source: Computers in Human Behavior - December 8, 2018 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

Integrating Evidence-Based Practice into Oral Health Clinical Practice: Students’ perspectives
ConclusionThe clinical educators are instrumental in providing guidance and support to oral health student learning of EBP. The evaluation supported integrating EBP into clinical practice but revealed some issues with implementation in this study. (Source: Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice)
Source: Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice - December 8, 2018 Category: Dentistry Source Type: research

Acute papillary muscle rupture immediately after ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction: A case report
We describe herein an unusual case of complete rupture of the posterior papillary muscle occurring immediately after the development of MI. (Source: Journal of Cardiology Cases)
Source: Journal of Cardiology Cases - December 8, 2018 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Predicting Radiation Therapy Process Reliability Using Voluntary Incident Learning System Data
ConclusionsResults suggest that RT process reliability can be predicted and visualized using data from incident learning systems. If implemented and used as a safety metric, this could help RT clinics to proactively maintain their preoccupation with patient safety. It may also help guide future work on standardization and continuous improvement of the design of the RT QA programs. (Source: Practical Radiation Oncology)
Source: Practical Radiation Oncology - December 8, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research

Passive exposure to speech sounds modifies change detection brain responses in adults
Publication date: Available online 6 December 2018Source: NeuroImageAuthor(s): L.O. Kurkela Jari, A. Hämäläinen Jarmo, H.T. Leppänen Paavo, Shu Hua, Astikainen PiiaAbstractIn early life auditory discrimination ability can be enhanced by passive sound exposure. In contrast, in adulthood passive exposure seems to be insufficient to promote discrimination ability, but this has been tested only with a single short exposure session in humans. We tested whether passive exposure to unfamiliar auditory stimuli can result in enhanced cortical discrimination ability and change detection in adult humans, and wheth...
Source: NeuroImage - December 8, 2018 Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

[Analysis by Using Roter Method of Interaction Process Analysis (RIAS) of the Ability of Pharmacy Students to Communicate after Clinical Training for Pharmacy].
Abstract Communication education is now necessary for pharmaceutical education since the role of pharmacists has expanded from "medicine-based" to "person-based". However, a standard for assessing the effectiveness of a communication education program has not been established. Hence, the aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of clinical training in pharmacy for enhancing the ability of pharmacy students to communicate. Role playing with simulated patients was performed by pharmacy students before and after clinical practice for pharmacy, and the effects of learning were analyzed ...
Source: Yakugaku Zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan - December 8, 2018 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Takekuma Y, Mori A, Kobayashi M, Yamada Y, Sato Y, Narumi K, Furugen A, Sugawara M Tags: Yakugaku Zasshi Source Type: research

Patterns of dialogic teaching in kindergarten classrooms of Finland and the United Arab Emirates
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Learning, Culture and Social InteractionAuthor(s): Heli Muhonen, Eija Pakarinen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Lydia Barza, Antje von SuchodoletzAbstractThe present study explored patterns of dialogic teaching in kindergarten classrooms across two countries with different educational systems and cultural backgrounds: Finland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In each country, transcripts of thirteen learning sessions were analyzed by identifying episodes of educational dialogue and categorizing them with regard to previously identified patterns of dialogic teaching. R...
Source: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Health literacy as knowledge construction: Learning about health by expanding objects and crossing boundaries in networked activities
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Learning, Culture and Social InteractionAuthor(s): Zoe Nikolaidou, Theres BellanderAbstractIn this paper we examine health literacy as a set of practices that unfold in networked activity systems. Focusing on the literacy practices of pregnant couples and parents of children with heart defect, we show that they participate in multiple activities with the object of constructing knowledge about the child's condition. The contexts for these activities are doctor-patient consultations and the parents' online searching and sharing. The study builds on ethnographic interv...
Source: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Toward a motor signature in autism: Studies from human-machine interaction.
DISCUSSION: Studies from human-machine interaction support the idea of a behavioral signature in children with ASD. However, several issues need to be addressed. Is this behavioral signature motoric in essence? Is it possible to ascertain that these peculiarities occur during all motor tasks (e.g. posture, voluntary movement)? Could this motor signature be considered as specific to autism, notably in comparison to DCD that also display poor motor coordination skills? We suggest that more work comparing the two conditions should be implemented, including analysis of kinematics and movement smoothness with sufficient measure...
Source: L Encephale - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Encephale Source Type: research

The Relationship of Clinical Symptoms with Social Cognition in Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
CONCLUSION: Social cognition is an important area of impairment in SLD and there is a strong relationship between clinical symptoms and impaired functionality. PMID: 30518170 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Psychiatry Investigation)
Source: Psychiatry Investigation - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Psychiatry Investig Source Type: research

Teaching about Decoloniality: The Experience of Non-Indigenous Social Work Educators.
Authors: Hendrick A, Young S Abstract This paper provides a way to theorize and practice Decoloniality in teaching and learning within higher education. Two social work academics develop a framework for teaching about decoloniality which they hope is useful for other academics from different "helping" professions who also work with First Nations peoples. Rather than a fixed and firm framework it is intended to be used to inform practice and assist students in developing their own framework for practice. The article begins by offering how the authors define decoloniality, then presents a theory for practic...
Source: American Journal of Community Psychology - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Am J Community Psychol Source Type: research

Critical Reflexivity in Indigenous and Cross-cultural Psychology: A Decolonial Approach to Curriculum?
We present a critical examination of the tensions surrounding decoloniality and critical reflexivity in an undergraduate unit on Indigenous and cross-cultural psychology at a large Australian university. We invited students in the unit to participate in a written reflexive exercise at the beginning (N = 44) and end of semester (N = 23) and analyzed these reflections qualitatively for level (four-category scheme for coding) and content (causal layered analysis) of reflection. Findings suggest that, while students' primarily demonstrate reflective engagement at levels preordinate to critical reflexivity, ...
Source: American Journal of Community Psychology - December 8, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Am J Community Psychol Source Type: research

New era of surgery promises safer and tailored treatments but will require new methods of learning, says report
(Source: BMJ News)
Source: BMJ News - December 8, 2018 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

LADA: A learning analytics dashboard for academic advising
This article presents the general design and implementation of a Learning Analytics Dashboard for Advisers (LADA), to support the decision-making process of academic advisers through comparative and predictive analysis. Moreover, this work evaluates the use of this tool to support decision-making of actual advisers in two different higher education institutions (University A, University B), compared with more traditional procedures and tools. Results indicate that LADA enables expert advisers to evaluate significantly more scenarios (Median = 2), especially for high advising difficulty cases with students that failed m...
Source: Computers in Human Behavior - December 8, 2018 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

A Deep Learning Framework for Unsupervised Affine and Deformable Image Registration
Image registration is the process of aligning two or more images. It is a well-established technique in (semi-)automatic medical image analysis that is used to transfer information between images. Commonly used image registration approaches include intensity-based methods, and feature-based methods that use handcrafted image features (Sotiras et  al., 2013; Viergever et al., 2016). Since recently, supervised and unsupervised deep learning techniques have been successfully employed for image registration (Jaderberg et al., 2015; Wu et al., 2016; Miao et al., 2016; Liao et al., 2017; Krebs et&nb...
Source: Medical Image Analysis - December 8, 2018 Category: Radiology Authors: Bob D. de Vos, Floris F. Berendsen, Max A. Viergever, Hessam Sokooti, Marius Staring, Ivana I šgum Source Type: research

Evaluating the performance of a deep learning ‐based computer‐aided diagnosis (DL‐CAD) system for detecting and characterizing lung nodules: Comparison with the performance of double reading by radiologists
BackgroundThe study was conducted to evaluate the performance of a state ‐of‐the‐art commercial deep learning‐based computer‐aided diagnosis (DL‐CAD) system for detecting and characterizing pulmonary nodules.MethodsPulmonary nodules in 346 healthy subjects (male: female  = 221:125, mean age 51 years) from a lung cancer screening program conducted from March to November 2017 were screened using a DL‐CAD system and double reading independently, and their performance in nodule detection and characterization were evaluated. An expert panel combined the results of the DL‐CAD system and doubl...
Source: Thoracic Cancer - December 8, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Li Li, Zhou Liu, Hua Huang, Meng Lin, Dehong Luo Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

Scavager: a versatile postsearch validation algorithm for shotgun proteomics based on gradient boosting
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved (Source: Proteomics)
Source: Proteomics - December 8, 2018 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Mark V. Ivanov, Lev I. Levitsky, Julia A. Bubis, Mikhail V. Gorshkov Tags: Technical Brief Source Type: research

Neurons in rat orbitofrontal cortex and medial prefrontal cortex exhibit distinct responses in reward and strategy-update in a risk-based decision-making task
AbstractThe orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) and the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) are known to participate in risk-based decision-making. However, whether neuronal activities of these two brain regions play similar or differential roles during different stages of risk-based decision-making process remains unknown. Here we conducted multi-channel in vivo recordings in the OFC and mPFC simultaneously when rats were performing a gambling task. Rats were trained to update strategy as the task was shifted in two stages. Behavioral testing suggests that rats exhibited different risk preferences and response latencies to food reward...
Source: Metabolic Brain Disease - December 8, 2018 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Radiofrequency catheter ablation for drug-refractory atrial tachyarrhythmias in a patient with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia: A case report
Publication date: Available online 6 December 2018Source: Journal of Cardiology CasesAuthor(s): Satoshi Kawada, Hiroshi Morita, Atsuyuki Watanabe, Hiroshi ItoAbstractPatients with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) frequently have atrial arrhythmias, such as atrial tachycardia (AT) and fibrillation (AF), in addition to the ventricular tachyarrhythmias. The development of AT/AF in patients with CPVT is associated with adverse outcomes, and its management is still challenging.A 43-year-old woman with CPVT underwent radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) for drug-refractory AT/AF. Pulmonary vein iso...
Source: Journal of Cardiology Cases - December 7, 2018 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Patterns of cognitive deficits in persons with spinal cord injury as compared with both age-matched and older individuals without spinal cord injury.
CONCLUSION: The current study documented differences in specific realms of cognitive functioning between a chronic SCI sample and AMHC. Implications for cognitive rehabilitation and overall quality of life are discussed. Additional research is needed utilizing a more comprehensive battery of motor-free neuropsychological tests that avoid the confound of upper limb motor limitations on cognitive performance. PMID: 30508409 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine)
Source: Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine - December 7, 2018 Category: Orthopaedics Tags: J Spinal Cord Med Source Type: research

Differentiating Alzheimer's Disease from Dementia with Lewy Bodies Using a Deep Learning Technique Based on Structural Brain Connectivity.
CONCLUSION: Our preliminary investigation revealed the adaptation of deep learning to the MR connectome and proposed its utility in the differentiation of dementia disorders at the individual subject level. PMID: 30504639 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences)
Source: Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences - December 7, 2018 Category: Radiology Tags: Magn Reson Med Sci Source Type: research

Listen: How one man changed the course of paper preservation
Stereo Chemistry visited the US Library of Congress and National Archives to learn about a self-trained chemist and the books he donated to study how paper ages (Source: Chemical and Engineering News)
Source: Chemical and Engineering News - December 7, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Cici Zhang Source Type: research

Optimizing quality care for the oral vitamin K antagonists (VKAs).
Authors: Pengo V, Denas G Abstract Vitamin K antagonists (VKAs) have been the only oral anticoagulants for decades. The management of anticoagulant therapy with VKA is challenging because of the intricate pharmacological properties of these agents. The success of VKA therapy depends on the quality of treatment that is ensured through continuing comprehensive communication and education. The educational program should address important issues of the VKA therapy such as beginning of treatment, pharmacological, dietary, and drug-drug interactions, as well as treatment temporary suspension during surgical interventions...
Source: Hematology ASH Education Program - December 7, 2018 Category: Hematology Tags: Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program Source Type: research

Adult and pediatric mechanical circulation: a guide for the hematologist.
Authors: Kreuziger LB, Massicotte MP Abstract Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) is the overarching term that encompasses the temporary and durable devices used in patients with severe heart failure. MCS disturbs the hematologic and coagulation system, leading to platelet activation, activation of the contact pathway of coagulation, and acquired von Willebrand syndrome. Ischemic stroke and major hemorrhage occur in up to 30% of patients. Hematologists are an essential part of the MCS team because they understand the delicate balance between bleeding and clotting and alteration of hemostasis with antithrombotic th...
Source: Hematology ASH Education Program - December 7, 2018 Category: Hematology Tags: Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program Source Type: research

An atmospheric refractivity inversion method based on deep learning
Publication date: Available online 6 December 2018Source: Results in PhysicsAuthor(s): Wenlong Tang, Hao Cha, Min Wei, Bin Tian, Xichuang RenAbstractAn atmospheric refractivity inversion method based on deep learning is introduced. Atmospheric duct is an anomalous phenomenon of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere that affects the use of radio equipment, obtaining real-time atmospheric duct information is of great significance for ship communication, navigation and radar detection. In order to achieve a real-time inversion system, a multilayer perceptron (MLP), a quintessential deep learning model is chosen as the inver...
Source: Results in Physics - December 7, 2018 Category: Physics Source Type: research

The engagement of brain cytochrome P450 in the metabolism of endogenous neuroactive substrates: a possible role in mental disorders.
Authors: Haduch A, Daniel WA Abstract The current state of knowledge indicates that the cerebral cytochrome P450 (CYP) plays an important role in the endogenous metabolism in the brain. Different CYP isoenzymes mediate metabolism of many endogenous substrates, such as monoaminergic neurotransmitters, neurosteroids, cholesterol, vitamins and arachidonic acid. Therefore, these enzymes may affect brain development, susceptibility to mental and neurodegenerative diseases and may contribute to their pathophysiology. In addition, they can modify the therapeutic effects of psychoactive drugs at the place of their target a...
Source: Drug Metabolism Reviews - December 7, 2018 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Drug Metab Rev Source Type: research

Positive placement experience and future rural practice intentions: findings from a repeated cross-sectional study.
Conclusion: There is a strong association between positive placement experience and future rural/remote practice intentions. Therefore, facilitation of positive placement experiences in remote and rural locations could be a key strategy in addressing rural health workforce maldistribution. PMID: 30519033 [PubMed] (Source: Rural Remote Health)
Source: Rural Remote Health - December 7, 2018 Category: Rural Health Authors: Fatima Y, Kazmi S, King S, Solomon S, Knight S Tags: J Multidiscip Healthc Source Type: research

Global optimization using Gaussian Processes to estimate biological parameters from image data
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Journal of Theoretical BiologyAuthor(s): Diana Barac, Michael D. Multerer, Dagmar IberAbstractParameter estimation is a major challenge in computational modeling of biological processes. This is especially the case in image-based modeling where the inherently quantitative output of the model is measured against image data, which is typically noisy and non-quantitative. In addition, these models can have a high computational cost, limiting the number of feasible simulations, and therefore rendering most traditional parameter estimation methods unsuitable. In this pap...
Source: Journal of Theoretical Biology - December 7, 2018 Category: Biology Source Type: research

Kinetic energy densities based on the fourth order gradient expansion: performance in different classes of materials and improvement via machine learning
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2019, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C8CP06433D, PaperPavlo Golub, Sergei Manzhos We study the performance of fourth-order gradient expansions of the kinetic energy density (KED) in semi-local kinetic energy functionals depending on the density-dependent variables. To cite this article before page numbers are assigned, use the DOI form of citation above. The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry (Source: RSC - Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. latest articles)
Source: RSC - Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. latest articles - December 7, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Pavlo Golub Source Type: research

Exploring New Approaches towards the Formability of Mixed-Ion Perovskite by DFT and Machine Learning
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2018, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C8CP06528D, PaperHeesoo Park, Raghvendra Mall, Fahhad H. Alharbi, Stefano Sanvito, Nouar Tabet, Halima Bensmail, Fedwa El-Mellouhi Recent years have witnessed a growing effort in engineering and tuning the properties of hybrid halide perovskites as light absorbers. These have led to the successful enhancement of their stability,... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry (Source: RSC - Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. latest articles)
Source: RSC - Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. latest articles - December 7, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Heesoo Park Source Type: research

Towards rapid prediction of drug-resistant cancer cell phenotypes: single cell mass spectrometry combined with machine learning
Chem. Commun., 2019, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C8CC08296K, CommunicationRenmeng Liu, Genwei Zhang, Zhibo Yang The combination of single cell mass spectrometry with machine learning enables prediction of drug-resistant cell phenotypes based on metabolomic profiles. To cite this article before page numbers are assigned, use the DOI form of citation above. The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry (Source: RSC - Chem. Commun. latest articles)
Source: RSC - Chem. Commun. latest articles - December 7, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Renmeng Liu Source Type: research

Medical Leadership: A Manifesto for Radiologists
Publication date: Available online 6 December 2018Source: Journal of the American College of RadiologyAuthor(s): Frank J. Lexa, David P. FessellAbstractLeadership is much discussed but also often misunderstood. For radiologists, leadership may seem irrelevant or, even worse, an onerous addition to their busy careers. It is important that radiologists understand the relevance and importance of good leadership for the success of departments and groups. There are many obstacles to radiologists becoming effective leaders, including personal resistance that is due to myths and misunderstandings, the time and effort (and money) ...
Source: Journal of the American College of Radiology - December 7, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

The “fullness of life”: Learner interests and educational experiences
Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Learning, Culture and Social InteractionAuthor(s): Helen HedgesAbstractIt is well-established that personal interests drive motivation and engagement in human endeavours. How might educational settings recognise and tap into these interest-fuelled motivations to promote and extend learning? Where there is a play-based curriculum in early childhood education interests-based approaches may be possible. Such approaches may be more challenging to enact within the more prescriptive curricula, assessment regimes, and accountabilities schooling commonly operates within tha...
Source: Learning, Culture and Social Interaction - December 7, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Individual differences in statistical learning predict children's reading ability in a semi-transparent orthography
This study of sixty-five Norwegian school children (M = 10.3 years) found that performance on an independent statistical learning task predicted a small, but unique amount of variance in reading ability in Norwegian, even when a number of other reading-related cognitive skills were taken into account. This suggests that children's implicit learning of statistical regularities is associated with proficiency with written language in a semi-transparent orthography such as Norwegian. (Source: Learning and Individual Differences)
Source: Learning and Individual Differences - December 7, 2018 Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Source Type: research

Urban Food Supply Chain Resilience for Crises Threatening Food Security: A Qualitative Study
ConclusionTo ensure reliable access to safe food for all people, food system organizations must strengthen their operations to safeguard against a variety of potential threats. This study’s examination of factors that contribute to resilience can help food system organizations, researchers, and government officials identify priorities for investigating vulnerabilities in diverse operations and potential strategies to improve resilience in the face of ongoing and growing threats. (Source: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Source: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - December 7, 2018 Category: Nutrition Source Type: research

Neuroprotective effect of Sanqi Tongshuan Tablets on sequelae post-stroke in rats
Publication date: Available online 6 December 2018Source: Chinese Herbal MedicinesAuthor(s): Weiting Wang, Chunhua Hao, Shaoxiang Zhang, Xianghua Zhang, Feng Guo, Shuangyong Sun, Rui Zhang, Zhuanyou Zhao, Lida TangAbstractObjective: To identify the therapeutic effect and possible mechanisms of Chinese medicine Sanqi Tongshuan Tablets (SQTS) on sequelae post-stroke in rats.Methods: The rat cerebral ischemia sequelae post-stroke models were successfully induced by blocking the middle cerebral artery with electric coagulator after the seventh week and balance beam test ≤4. The rats were then received with SQTS (0.5, 1, and...
Source: Chinese Herbal Medicines - December 7, 2018 Category: Complementary Medicine Source Type: research

A Deep Learning Approach to Vascular Structure Segmentation in Dermoscopy Colour Images.
Conclusion: Vascular structures due to small size and similarity to other local structures create enormous difficulties during the segmentation and assessment process. The use of advanced segmentation methods like deep learning, especially convolutional neural networks, has the potential to improve the accuracy of advanced local structure detection. PMID: 30515404 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Biomed Res)
Source: Biomed Res - December 7, 2018 Category: Research Authors: Jaworek-Korjakowska J Tags: Biomed Res Int Source Type: research

Deep Learning in Diagnosis of Maxillary Sinusitis Using Conventional Radiography
Conclusions The deep learning algorithm could diagnose maxillary sinusitis on Waters’ view radiograph with superior AUC and comparable sensitivity and specificity to those of radiologists. (Source: Investigative Radiology)
Source: Investigative Radiology - December 7, 2018 Category: Radiology Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Evaluation of an AI-Based Detection Software for Acute Findings in Abdominal Computed Tomography Scans: Toward an Automated Work List Prioritization of Routine CT Examinations
Conclusions The algorithm's autonomous detection of acute pathological abdominal findings demonstrated a high diagnostic performance, enabling guidance of the radiology workflow toward prioritization of abdominal CT examinations with acute conditions. (Source: Investigative Radiology)
Source: Investigative Radiology - December 7, 2018 Category: Radiology Tags: Technical Notes Source Type: research

The CNO US Healthcare Immersion Program, Part 2: Expanding the Footprint of Professional Nursing
This article introduces a transformational learning experience between US International Nurse Preceptors and a Chief Nursing Officer from Yinchuan, China. (Source: Nursing Administration Quarterly)
Source: Nursing Administration Quarterly - December 7, 2018 Category: Nursing Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research