Healthcare IT Departments Need to Plan for Explosive IoMT Growth
The expected explosion in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) represents both an opportunity and a challenge for healthcare IT departments. Connected medical devices hold the promise of improved workflows and data gathering which can lead to improve patient outcomes. However, more connected devices also means more cybersecurity risk and maintenance efforts. It is important to start IoMT planning now so that you don’t have a large technical debt to pay in the future. Healthcare IT Today sat down with Sameer Khanna, Chief Architect and Security Strategist at NETSCOUT to discuss IoMT and what concrete steps healthcare IT ...
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Career Conversations: Q & A with Evolutionary Biologist William Ratcliff
Dr. William Ratcliff. Credit: Courtesy of Dr. William Ratcliff. “Being a researcher is special because there aren’t many jobs that allow you to spend the majority of your time thinking about the things you find the most interesting in the whole world,” says William Ratcliff, Ph.D., an associate professor of biological sciences and the director of the interdisciplinary graduate program in quantitative biosciences at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta. We talked with Dr. Ratcliff about his career path, research on yeast, and advice to budding scientists. Q: How did you first become intereste...
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Featured Health IT Job: Support Technician – C.N.A.
We like to regularly feature a healthcare IT job that might be of interest to readers. Today, we’re featuring the Support Technician – C.N.A. position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. This position was posted by Arrowleaf and is in Vienna, IL. Here’s a description of the position: About Us When you join the Arrowleaf team, you are committing to a meaningful career where your work will make a difference for your neighbors throughout Southern Illinois and strengthen our region as a whole. You’ll have a chance to build well-being not just for the people you work with, but for yourself a...
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President Biden ’s Anti‐​Growth Agenda
David BoazE. J. Dionne writes in the Washington Post that President Biden will focus his State of the Union speech on “how to make the economy grow for everyone.” That’s a good topic. Unfortunately, Dionne ’s column illustrates that Biden’s policies will not do that.Dionne mentions “policies that see robust government investments, worker rights and a green tech economy as the path to a new American century. ” And he recommends further initiatives such as “paid leave, universal pre‑K and child care, health coverage expansions, a beefed ‐​up child tax credit, and steps to make housin...
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Say “ no ” to APNO and say “ yes ” to breastfeeding medicine
It is common to get some nipple discomfort at the start of breastfeeding. Babies and moms are learning how to do this new skill, and sometimes they just don’t get it right, and nipple damage can occur. If caught and adjusted early, this can clear up quickly, but in the meantime, women can have cracks, Read more… Say “no” to APNO and say “yes” to breastfeeding medicine originally appeared in (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Healthcare Devices Combined with Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring from OMRON Healthcare
VitalSight is a new tool for remote patient monitoring (RPM) from OMRON, a company that offers a wide range of health devices for blood pressure, respiratory problems, and more. RPM is the order of the day for health care. Monitoring, together with providing data-based guidelines for patient behavior, is a crucial component of telehealth and a key building block of value-based care, where an improvement in the patient’s condition is more important than the number of clinical visits. Payers have been covering devices like the ones offered by OMRON for decades. VitalSight can be reimbursed under similar codes. Brandon ...
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Neural Chip Detects, Suppresses Neurological Symptoms
Researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have designed an advanced neural chip that can detect and suppress symptoms from a variety of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s and epilepsy. The closed-loop neuromodulation system, which the researchers have called NeuralTree, includes soft implantable electrodes, a processor for machine learning, and a 256 channel sensing array. The device is also energy efficient, helping to extend battery life. The technology can spot the signs of upcoming tremors or seizures, for example, and initiate neurostimulation to reduce or avoid the symptoms...
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Tiny Patch for Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging
Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a wearable ultrasound system for cardiac imaging. The postage stamp-sized patch can be worn on the skin of the chest and uses AI and ultrasound waves to perform advanced imaging of the heart. The technology can even be worn to perform cardiac ultrasound imaging during exercise. Each patch can be worn for up to 24 hours, and provides information on how much blood the heart is pumping, a key metric in detecting and appraising a variety of cardiac issues. The researchers hope that the technology may lead to more accessible and widespread cardiac monitoring. ...
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Unlocking the Future of Health —and Care—with AI
The following is a guest article by Jonathan Jesneck, Co-Founder and CTO at Firefly Lab. Unlocking the future of healthcare with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic amongst tech and medical professionals alike. Leaps and bounds have been made since the term was first applied in medicine in the mid-1950s, but it wasn’t until the late 2000s that developments using AI in a variety of healthcare fields started to happen.  Now, AI is effective across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The benefits are already being felt by many: 92% of healthcare institutes and professionals say they performed better as a ...
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Review a Year. Preview a Year. | Debriefing & Predictions | TAPP 132
Episode 132 is the annualdebriefing episode, which features areview of the last year and alook ahead to the coming year. And yes, I make my traditionalpsychic predictions for the new year, as well as reviewlast year ' s predictions.0:00:00 | Introduction0:00:46 | The A&P Professor is Back!0:04:02 | Looking Back at 20220:14:46 | More Looking Back at 20220:26:30 | What About Those Sponsor Messages?0:30:31 | Last Year ' s Predictions: How Did We Do?0:38:57 | Looking Ahead to 20231:05:01 | Staying Connected ★ If you cannot see or activate the audio player, go
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Can Behavioral Health Be Objective and Data-Driven?
Before microscopes, doctors diagnosed as best they could using external symptoms. Now we test for the presence of specific bacteria, viruses, or lesions. Dr. Thomas Young, chief medical officer and founder of Proem Behavioral Health, is convinced that psychiatry and behavioral health are also entering an age where objective data collected from the body will drive diagnoses and treatment. Figure 1 shows some statistics about disorders tracked by Proem. Figure 1: Measures used by Proem Behavioral Health and their uses Two advances have come together over the past few years to enable better diagnoses and treatments: one in da...
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What Scientists and Historians Understand: Without Truth, Progress Is An Impossibility
BY MIKE MAGEE “This too will pass, honey!” That’s what my mother used to say when any of my eleven brothers and sisters or I seemed to be overwhelmed by whatever. And largely, now, three quarters of a century since my birth, she was mostly right. Whether in personal lives or the life of our nation, over a span of time, the slope has been slight, but upward. But there are weeks, like this past one, where we are forced to witness the beating death of an innocent 29 year old black man at the hands of police in the very city where Martin Luther King was slaughtered 55 years ago, when it would be easy to lose hope. ...
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How can a diagnosis of Alzheimer ’ s disease help patients and their families?
This article is sponsored by the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning, an independently owned and operated full-service medical education company that has been developing certified health care education for nearly twenty years. With a special thanks to NAMI Chicago, the accompanying CME activity designed for clinicians in primary care is supported by educational grants from Lilly Read more… How can a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease help patients and their families? originally appeared in (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Generative AI in Healthcare – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 107
For the 107th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we are diving deep into generative AI (You may know it better as ChatGPT) in Healthcare! First, we share how we think generative AI will impact the world of healthcare. Then, we speculate on the different use cases we can see generative AI playing a part in. Next, we discuss how people’s trust in healthcare may or may not change based on generative AI. Lastly, we debate if generative AI should be used in healthcare marketing. Here’s a preview of the questions and topics we discuss in this episode: What do you think the impact of generative AI will be on healt...
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Pearl Health Raises $75M Series B Led by a16z to Accelerate Growth and Innovation in Value-Based Care
Pearl Health (Pearl), a leading technology company focused on physician enablement and risk bearing in value-based care, today announced that it has raised $75 million in its oversubscribed Series B funding round, led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)‘s Growth Fund and Viking Global Investors, with participation by AlleyCorp, SV Angel‘s Growth Fund, and other leading investors. The round is comprised of $55 million in equity capital and an anticipated $20 million in a line of credit, and brings Pearl’s total funding to date to more than $100M. “We are grateful to have the support of such esteemed...
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