Keep The Flu Away In A Time Of “ Twindemics ”
Flu season is here, and the CDC has shifted into overdrive…pushing you to get your flu vaccine as soon as possible. Once again, they’re insisting it’s more important than ever because of Covid. Flu shots have an unquestioned reputation. The message from the medical establishment is that you need to ignore any vaccines’ potential adverse effects. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist… In a moment, I’ll show you ways to bolster your native immunity so you can enjoy optimal health year-round. But first, for my new readers, let me tell you why I’ll never get a flu shot. Unlike some of my colleagues i...
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Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus shows promise for treating inflammatory bowel disease and other
(Elsevier) A defective intestinal tight junction barrier, sometimes known as " leaky gut, " plays an important role in exacerbating and prolonging intestinal inflammation. New research reported in The American Journal of Pathology, published by Elsevier, shows that the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. acidophilus) strain known as LA1 can generate a rapid and sustained enhancement of this defective intestinal barrier and effectively treat intestinal inflammation by preserving and restoring the intestinal barrier. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Vitamins for Depression
In trying to cope with the debilitating symptoms of depression, people often turn to vitamins, supplements, herbs, or home remedies first. And it’s no wonder — such efforts to alleviate symptoms are often far less expensive and easier to obtain. For some, it may be a part of their rationalization that their depression “isn’t all that bad,” if it can be treated with vitamins and supplements. Many people find relief in taking vitamins and supplements for depression. It is also one of the most well-researched topics, so we know what the science has to say about the efficacy of such treatments. Bu...
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Efficacy of Stevioside sweetener on pH of plaque among young adults
Conclusion: Stevia leaf extract and commercially available Stevia product did not significantly affectplaque pH values, implying that two solutions are non ‑fermentable and do not support bacterialsurvival. (Source: Dental Technology Blog)
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Medical News Today: Is Lactobacillus acidophilus good for health?
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a common probiotic that is available as a dietary supplement and is an ingredient in yogurts and other fermented foods. Research suggests that consuming this probiotic can support digestion and prevent or treat a number of conditions. Learn more here. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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Medical News Today: Which yogurts contain Lactobacillus acidophilus?
Some yogurt manufacturers add Lactobacillus acidophilus, a healthful probiotic, to their products. In this article, we look at the yogurt brands that contain L. acidophilus and consider its potential health benefits. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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10 Foods Filled With Probiotics
The following story is excerpted from TIME’s special edition, 100 Most Healing Foods, which is available in stores, at the Meredith Shop and at Amazon. One of the most crucial parts of our body when it comes to health is our microbiome—the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut. Scientists are learning that the bacterial communities we live with are linked to everything from body weight to asthma to acne. Having the right balance of bugs may keep us well in the long term. Some bacteria in the gut are good for our health, while other strains raise our risk for disease. We shape our microbiome makeup thr...
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Ribosomes found to induce somatic cell pluripotency
(Kumamoto University) In 2012, a Japanese research group discovered that human skin cells acquire pluripotency when introduced to lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus). Now, the same group of researchers have found that the cause of somatic cell conversion into pluripotent stem cells is the ribosome, a protein synthesizing cellular organelle. (Source: EurekAlert! - Cancer)
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The Pit In Your Stomach is Actually Your Second Brain
The world is so much bigger and more interesting than we can see with our naked eyes. If we could, we could watch cells grow, morph, and split again over and over again on the backs of our own wrists--or the billions of foreign cells living in and among our own, forming what scientists are beginning to call our "second brain." As researchers turn their microscopes to these hidden environments, they have discovered something remarkable: There's an entire ecosystem of bacteria and a vast neural network operating in our guts. This ecosystem is our second brain, and comprises some 100 million neurons, more than the spinal cor...
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Probiotics 'aid memory in people with Alzheimer's disease'
Conclusion This randomised controlled trial looked at whether probiotic supplements help improve cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease over 12 weeks. It also investigated the effect of probiotics on biomarkers for inflammation and metabolism in the body. It found treatment with probiotic supplements resulted in a small improvement in cognitive function compared with the control group. But everyone remained severely cognitively impaired, and it's not clear if the change in score was clinically important in terms of function. Although these are interesting findings, there are a few things to bear in mind...
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lactobacillus acidophilus
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The Natural Way To Cure Stomach Problems
SPECIAL FROM Your belly is full of bacteria. That’s not an insult. That’s a fact. Helpful bacteria live in our guts, warding off disease and keeping our system in balance. But from time to time, the bacteria get out of whack in the form of everything from diarhhea and bloating, to constipation, dry skin, and excessive gas. What researchers are now learning is that probiotics, substances made of so-called “good” bacteria, can help get your gut and your body, back on track. What are Probiotics Literally defined “friendly bacteria”, probiotics offer health benefits when you ingest them i...
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lactobacillus acidophilus
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Lactic Bacteria: Information on Digestive Health
Lactic bacteria, to include Acidophilus, that exists from the upper part of the small intestine to the lower part of the small intestine and Bifidobacterium, that exists from the lower part of the small intestine to the large intestine, have the specific property of transforming sugars almost exclusively into lactic acid and acetic acid that decrease the pH of the intestines and produce substances that suppress harmful bacteria. They are abundant in nature and are essential for human and animal survival. They are usually present in the skin, the digestive system and in the vaginal mucosa where they fulfill a number of func...
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