Big Cholesterol Lie Won ’ t Die
I’ve been warning my patients and readers like you about Big Pharma’s cholesterol scam for more than two decades. But my message continues to get lost in the unrelenting Big Lie presented by so-called experts in the FDA, AHA, and USDA. Now, a new study confirms — once again — that there is no link whatsoever between what’s known as “bad” cholesterol and death as a result of heart disease in individuals over 60 years of age.1 In fact, the study found that 92% of people with high cholesterol actually lived longer. You see, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” cholesterol. You need both to stay heal...
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Three supplements to take for ‘normal healthy cholesterol', according to a pharmacist
Alongside a healthy lifestyle, supplements such as red krill oil could help keep cholesterol levels in check. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Another hangover cure? Krill oil supplements can cure dreaded next-day nausea and thirst 
Heading out for a few drinks? Consider taking a shot of krill oil. Korean scientists found people who had a shot of the antioxidant rich oil reported less severe hangover symptoms. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Acasti's krill oil-derived drug fails late-stage study, shares tumble
Acasti Pharma Inc said on Monday its krill oil-derived drug had failed to beat placebo by a large margin in reducing a type of fat found in blood that increases the risk of heart diseases, sending its shares spiraling down nearly 67%. (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Medical News Today: Is krill oil better than fish oil for omega-3?
Krill oil and fish oil are popular dietary supplements containing omega-3. Krill oil comes from a small crustacean while fish oil comes from oily fish, such as salmon. Both are shown to increase blood levels of omega-3 and have benefits for health. Learn more about the differences between krill oil and fish oil here. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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Zoo cure heals humans
One of the highlights of my trip to Tanzania in 2012 was visiting the Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area. They have the largest lions on the planet. I got very close as part of my invitation by the director of park services. Along with elephants, lions, gazelles and zebras, I got to see wildebeest, the almost-extinct black rhino and giraffes. I was lucky enough to photograph this giraffe on my trip to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. I am always awed when I see these magnificent creatures in their native environment. They thrive the same way they did thousands of years ago. But when these animals...
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Worse than liquor for your liver
Most people think liver disease only happens to alcoholics. But the truth is that being overweight or obese actually puts you at a much higher risk for liver damage than alcohol. In fact, alcohol contributes to only 6% of liver damage. But obesity contributes to 52% of liver disease. And if you’re obese, you’re 400% more likely to develop liver damage than a normal-weight individual.1 That’s why about 30% of people in America have some form of chronic fatty liver disease. It’s called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD causes painful swelling and scarring of the liver.  And I blame mod...
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Ancient remedy crushes “breakthrough” depression drug
Two breakthrough treatments for depression have been making headlines over the last few weeks. One is ketamine — an illegal party drug called “Special K.” There is a legal use for it — as a heavy-duty anesthetic for horses! Although it seems to work for some severely depressed people, the doctors prescribing it have no idea how or why it works, or what the long-term effects will be for the patients who take it. What we do know is that chronic use of ketamine has been linked to cognitive impairment and bladder inflammation. Taking too high a dose causes hallucinations and temporary paralysis. A ketamine addiction c...
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How Fast Is Your Dog Aging?
All of us who love dogs are acutely aware that the lifespans of our canine companions are short - much too short. And while the years we spend with a beloved pet seem to fly by, dogs don't just suddenly die when they reach a certain age. They grow older in stages just as we do, but at a tremendously accelerated rate compared to humans. Your four-legged friend may still look and act like a puppy much of the time, but there are age related changes taking place inside him despite his youthful good looks and high energy level. The lifespan of a dog depends primarily on his size, breed (or breed mix), and health status. As a g...
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Are Heart Attack Risk Calculators Wrong?
The Truth About Heart Disease Since the 1950s the medical industry has been peddling the myth that high cholesterol causes heart attacks. But here’s the truth. As Americans’ cholesterol levels have gone down, heart disease has not. It remains the number one cause of death in the United States. I use a better warning system for heart attacks. I measure my patients’ telomeres. What are telomeres? You know by now that telomeres are the little countdown clocks at the end of your chromosomes. They prevent DNA strands from unraveling. When you are young your telomeres are long. But every time a cell divides the telomeres...
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Better than Aspirin for Your Heart
If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, the chances are you’ve been told to take low-dose aspirin every day as a preventative measure against heart attack and stroke. It’s most commonly prescribed for patients with congestive heart failure. This is the inability of your heart to pump as much blood as your body needs. And this is a big worry to me, because there is very little evidence that aspirin helps. In fact, regular use of aspirin — even baby aspirin — can do you more harm than good. Common Aspirin Beliefs The idea is that aspirin thins the blood, making it easier to pump.  It is also s...
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Does Your Feline Companion Suffer From 'Twitchy Cat' Syndrome?
Felines are unique creatures. Your cat's physiology is distinctive, as are her nutritional requirements. Even the way her body is constructed -- her incredible physical flexibility -- is distinct from most other creatures. Another thing that is very unusual about cats is their tendency to develop a weird disorder called feline hyperesthesia. This is a medical term for what is more commonly referred to as "twitchy cat syndrome." Other technical names for the condition include neuritis and atypical neurodermatitis. Symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia Hyperesthesia is a condition in which the skin on a cat's back ripples from...
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Dr. Sears Saves Hospital Patient?
Since I started practicing “telemedicine” at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine — the response has been just incredible. Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s health status. You can now have private consultations with me or my clinical team from the comfort of your own home — through a live video stream. Tele-patients use tele-health service to receive advice or treatment from another location. I’m delighted for all my new patients that have already registered to become “tele-patients” from acros...
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A Nutty Approach To Beating Cancer
Are you getting enough omega 3 essential fatty acids? Probably not … but you should be. Most people don’t know that omega 3s are necessary for almost every part of your body to function properly – Including your heart, lungs, nerves, joints, eyes and brain. And as I’ve told my patients for years, omega 3s are also effective at keeping cancer away. That’s not something you’ll ever hear from your doctor. But while your body desperately needs these essential omega 3 fatty acids, it can’t produce them by itself. That’s why it’s critical to add omega 3s to your diet. But not all...
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Supplements That Save Lives And Bucks
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the high cost of medical care these days. The fact is that as costs continue to skyrocket, more and more Americans are driven into bankruptcy, because they cannot pay their medical bills. Too often, they even lose their homes. You may have even lost a neighbor to this disturbing trend. It may have even happened to you – although, I certainly hope not. That’s one reason I have always dedicated myself to keeping my patients out of hospitals – which often see patients as cash cows, instead of human beings. And a cornerstone of this philosophy has been based upon pr...
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