Navigating Life With Primary Mitochondrial Myopathies: The Importance of the Patient Voice and Implications for Clinical Practice
J Prim Care Community Health. 2023 Jan-Dec;14:21501319231193875. doi: 10.1177/21501319231193875.ABSTRACTPrimary mitochondrial myopathies (PMM) are rare disorders with diverse and progressive symptom presentations that cause a substantial, detrimental impact on the quality of life of patients and their caregivers. The burden of symptoms is compounded by their visibility and their unpredictable, progressive nature, leading to a sense of social stigmatization, limited autonomy, social isolation, and grief. There is also a lack of awareness and expertise in the medical community, which presents huge obstacles to diagnosis and ...
Source: Primary Care - August 30, 2023 Category: Primary Care Authors: Margaret Moore Philip Yeske Sumit Parikh Source Type: research

Healthcare use and clinical investigations before a diagnosis of ovarian cancer: a register-based study in Denmark
CONCLUSIONS: Increased healthcare use was seen relatively closely to the time of diagnosis for women with OC. This indicates a narrow window of opportunity for a timelier diagnosis. Still, the use of specialised assessment increased at six to eight months before the diagnosis. When women present unspecific symptoms, awareness of potential ovarian malignancies and safety-netting by the general practitioner may be pivotal.TRIAL REGISTRATION: Not relevant.PMID:37644395 | PMC:PMC10466681 | DOI:10.1186/s12875-023-02132-3 (Source: Primary Care)
Source: Primary Care - August 29, 2023 Category: Primary Care Authors: Isabella Gringer Rousing Peter Vedsted Peter Hjertholm Per Kallestrup Marie-Louise Ladegaard Baun Line Flytkjaer Virgilsen Source Type: research

Primary care services in the English NHS: are they a thorn in the side of integrated care systems? A qualitative analysis
CONCLUSIONS: Integrated care systems are national policy. Their alignment with primary care services, long considered to be the cornerstone of the NHS, is more crucial than ever. The two localities we evaluated as integration developed both described different challenges and facilitators between primary care and integrated care systems. Differences between the two localities allow us to explore where progress has been made and why.PMID:37644403 | PMC:PMC10466856 | DOI:10.1186/s12875-023-02124-3 (Source: Primary Care)
Source: Primary Care - August 29, 2023 Category: Primary Care Authors: Claire Mitchell James Higgerson Abigail Tazzyman Will Whittaker Source Type: research

Link between the referring physician and breast and cervical cancers screening: a cross-sectional study in France
CONCLUSIONS: Lower rates of gynaecological screening among women without an RP compared to those with an RP may partly reflect a specific behaviour pattern in women less adherent to the health care system. However, this result also shows the importance of the RP, who assumes the key role of relaying public health information in a more personalised and adapted way.PMID:37644404 | PMC:PMC10464303 | DOI:10.1186/s12875-023-02122-5 (Source: Primary Care)
Source: Primary Care - August 29, 2023 Category: Primary Care Authors: Lisa Ouanhnon Marie-Eve Rouge Bugat Vladimir Druel Pascale Grosclaude Cyrille Delpierre Source Type: research

Is there ever a single best answer (SBA): assessment driving certainty in the uncertain world of GP?
Educ Prim Care. 2023 Aug 29:1-4. doi: 10.1080/14739879.2023.2243447. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTUncertainty is inherent in all areas of medical practice, not least in primary care, which is defined by its acceptance of uncertainty and complexity. Single best answer (SBA) questions are a ubiquitous assessment tool in undergraduate medical assessments; however clinical practice, particularly in primary care, challenges the supposition that a single best answer exists for all clinical encounters and dilemmas. In this article, we seek to highlight several aspects of the relationship between this assessment format and clinic...
Source: Primary Care - August 29, 2023 Category: Primary Care Authors: Nick P Gardner Gerard J Gormley Grainne P Kearney Source Type: research