Fight Aging! Newsletter, December 12th 2022
In conclusion, selective removal of senescent dermal fibroblasts can improve the skin aging phenotype, indicating that BPTES may be an effective novel therapeutic agent for skin aging. Non-Dividing Neurons Do In Fact Become Senescent, Impairing Brain Function Cellular senescence is generally thought of as a characteristic of replicating cells; it is an end state reached when telomeres, reduced in length with each cell division, become too short. This is followed by programmed cell death...
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A Long Discussion of the Role of Senescent Cells in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Senescent cells are constantly created and destroyed throughout life, largely as a result of the replicative senescence that marks the end of life for a somatic cell, the Hayflick limit on cell division. With age, the pace of creation and destruction is disrupted, perhaps largely because the immune system ages to the point at which it falters in all of its tasks, clearance of senescent cells included. Senescent cells accumulate, and while never making up more than a small fraction of all somatic cells in any given tissue, the pro-growth, pro-inflammatory signaling generated by senescent cells is highly disruptive to organ ...
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Ring Removal Techniques and Challenges
​Unfortunately, rings sometimes need to be removed emergently. Other times, ring removal is more prudent than emergent, such as when further swelling may occur (i.e., after distal radius fracture), preoperatively, prior to MRI, and postmortem. Allergic reactions, anasarca, digital trauma, age-related changes, late pregnancy, and excessive weight gain are common causes of acute and chronic changes in finger circumference.Metal rings also need to be removed emergently when placed on the penis and scrotum for sexual purposes and become entrapped. Cutting is generally the first line of management for removal.Scores of anecdo...
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Hyperpolarized Gas MRI for Pulmonary Disease Assessment: Interview with Richard Hullihen, CEO of Polarean Imaging
Polarean Imaging, a company based in North Carolina, is pursuing regulatory approval for clinical use of its hyperpolarized gas MRI. The technology is intended to assist in diagnosing respiratory conditions, something that would be particularly useful during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, Polarean produces equipment to generate hyperpolarized 129Xenon (HPX) or helium gas. In practice, the patient inhales some of the hyperpolarized gas, and then undergoes a 10-20 second MRI scan. Data published to date about the technology suggests that HPX MRI can enhance the MRI signal by 100,000-fold. Such an enha...
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Autoimmune lung disease: Early recognition and treatment helps
A man who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) five years ago sees his rheumatologist for a follow-up visit. Fortunately, his arthritis is well controlled through medication. He can walk and do all his daily activities without pain. But over the past six months, he’s been feeling short of breath when climbing stairs. He has an annoying dry cough, too. COVID-19? That’s ruled out quickly. But a CT scan of his chest reveals early fibrosis (scarring) of the lungs, most likely related to rheumatoid arthritis. “I can finally walk normally, and now I can’t breathe when I walk!” says the frustrated patient, whose...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, April 6th 2020
This study delves into the mechanisms by which a short period of fasting can accelerate wound healing. Fasting triggers many of the same cellular stress responses, such as upregulated autophagy, as occur during the practice of calorie restriction. It isn't exactly the same, however, so it is always worth asking whether any specific biochemistry observed in either case does in fact occur in both situations. In particular, the period of refeeding following fasting appears to have beneficial effects that are distinct from those that occur while food is restricted. Multiple forms of therapeutic fasting have been repor...
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Age-Slowing Interventions in the Context of Lung Aging
Researchers here consider a very conservative set of interventions known to modestly slow the progression of aging in laboratory species, largely by altering metabolism to upregulate beneficial cellular stress responses. The researchers look through the lens of lung aging, specifically, reviewing the evidence for these therapies to slow the deterioration in lung function and onset of lung disease in older individuals, or to be the basis for treating established lung disease. To date, the most reliable, best-researched way to extend life span is through the practice of calorie restriction (CR), which involves reduc...
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Dermatomyositis with and without anti Mi2 autoantibodies
Pinal-Hernandez I, Mecoli CA, Casal-Dominguez Mvar gaJsHost = (( " https: " == document.location.protocol) ? " https://ssl. " : " http://www. " ); document.write(unescape( " %3Cscript src= ' " + gaJsHost + " ' type= ' text/javascript ' %3E%3C/script%3E " )); .  More prominent muscle involvement with dermatomyositis with anti Mi2 autoantibodies. Neurology; 2019; 93e1768-1777(John Hopkins)58 patients with antiMi2 positive DM143 patient with anti Mi2 negative DM162 patients with antisynthetase syndrome170 patients with immune mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM).Features of patients with a...
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Data Annotators: The Unsung Heroes Of Artificial Intelligence Development
How do you create a smart algorithm? Where and how do you get the data for it? What do you need for a pattern recognizing program to work well and what are the challenges? Nowadays, everyone seems to be building artificial intelligence-based software, also in healthcare, but no one talks about one of the most important aspects of the work: data annotation and the people who are undertaking this time-consuming, rather monotonous task without the flare that usually encircles A.I. Without their dedicated work, it is impossible to develop algorithms, so we thought it is time to sing an ode to the superheroes of algorithm devel...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, October 8th 2018
This article, unfortunately paywalled, is interesting to note as a mark of the now increasingly energetic expansion of commercial efforts in longevity science. David Sinclair has been building a private equity company to work in many areas relevant to this present generation of commercial longevity science; while I'm not sold on his primary research interests as the basis for meaningful treatments for aging, he is diversifying considerably here, including into senolytics, the clearance of senescent cells demonstrated to produce rejuvenation in animal studies. This sort of approach to business mixes aspects of investing and...
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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients Exhibit Greater Levels of Senescence in Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) appears to be significantly driven by the presence of senescent cells in the lungs. Other forms of fibrosis in other organs have been similarly linked to senescent cells. Increased cellular senescence is a feature of aging, and indeed is one of the root causes of aging. These cells secrete a potent mix of signals that induce inflammation, damage tissue structures, and change the behavior of nearby cells for the worse. In this context the results presented here are intriguing; the authors of this open access paper find that IPF patients have more senescent bone marrow stem cells. ...
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Approach to Interstitial Lung Disease: DAMS Unplugged
Presenting a short teaching video with pulmonologist and Radiologist discussing different aspects of ILD Famous Radiology Blog TeleRad Providers at Mail us at (Source: Sumer's Radiology Site)
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Patterns of interstitial lung disease in the elderly
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What the hospitalist needs to know about interstitial lung disease
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Orbiting ORBITA
By ANISH KOKA, MD I’m sitting amidst a number of cardiologists to go over the most recent trials presented at the interventional cardiology conference in Denver.  The cardiology fellow presenting goes quickly through the hors de oeuvres until finally getting to the main course – ORBITA. ORBITA sought to test the very foundations interventional cardiology was built on – the simple idea that opening a stenosed coronary artery was good for patients.  The trial was a double blind randomized control trial of patients with tightly stenosed arteries who either had a stent placed or had a sham procedure.  Before the resul...
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