Technical Difficulties
My old ' puter was pretty much shitting the bed so I had to replace it. This required transferring its contents to the new machine, which ended up taking pretty much all day -- well, 3 1/2 hours plus commuting time with a tech support guy --  and then the rest of the afternoon restoring my logins, downloading cloud applications, and figuring out the new OS and whatnot. That got me thinking about the hassles connected with all the technology that ' s supposed to save us time and effort and amplify our powers. Somebody -- one of those radical environmentalist types like Murray Bookchin or E.F. Schumacher -- oh wait...
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Krugman Misses the Mark on CBDCs —Again
Norbert Michel andNicholas AnthonyThis AprilForbes column describes why central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a  fundamental issue related to Americans’ freedom and much bigger than just politics. It argues that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, famous forbeing wrong aboutthe Internet, was wrong for claiming presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was merely playing politics with CBDCs.Nonetheless, Krugman hasdoubled down. AsCrowdfund Insider explains, now he ’s taken toTwitter to re ‐​promote his original opinion pieceand to liken DeSantis ’s warnings about CBDCs to former presidential candidate Rick Santo...
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Healthcare Cybersecurity Is Difficult to Maintain, How a Security Operations Center Can Help
Conclusion Healthcare has topped the list of most breached industries for the past 12 years — a dubious distinction. While hospitals and health systems are taking cybersecurity more seriously, the type of breaches and their severity continue to increase, as evidenced by the large rise in hacking incidents. An in-house or outsourced security operations center can help level the playing field for hospitals through a total environment approach designed to detect and remediate threats before they cause hospital systems to crash and patient care to be impacted. (Source: EMR and HIPAA)
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ChatGPT Misses the Mark in Healthcare – What It Needs to Succeed
The following is a guest article by Michael Blum, MD, Cardiologist, Co-founder and CEO at BeeKeeperAI and Former Chief Medical Information Officer at UCSF Medical Center The advent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT3 (GPT3) Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot sparked an unprecedented societal appreciation for the power of AI. While AI has been broadly deployed across industries for a decade, it remained mostly hidden from the typical user. The release of GPT3 in late 2022 changed all of that.  Suddenly, a user with minimal computer literacy and no programming or data science training whatsoever could ask an AI-based applicati...
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Another myocardial wall is sacrificed at the altar of the STEMI/NonSTEMI mass delusion (and Opiate pain relief).
I received the following text message with these 3 EKGs (providers text me ECGs all day every day; most are false positives; many are subtle true positives):" Hi Steve, here are 3 EKGs for you (my colleague ' s case).  A 67 yo f developed chest pain this morning. "EKG #1Followed 15 minutes by this #2 EKG:Then the patient received aspirin andDilaudid (hydromorphone, same effect as morphine) and the pain went away and there was this 3rd ECG:Smith comment: hydromorphone will make any pain go away (or improve) without any improvement in the underlying pathology.  Do NOT give it unless you are committed to t...
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Health Equity In The AI And Digital Health Era: Promise or Peril?
This report estimated that poor health reduces global GDP by 15% each year.  On the flip side, equalizing healthcare access and quality has healthful effects on the economy at large. Digital technology could narrow the health equity gap by simplifying complex medical processes and removing travel barriers to healthcare access. Figures indicate that underrepresented and/or disadvantaged (poor, rural, minority, women, LGBTQ, etc) groups have significantly less access to all the cutting-edge solutions digital health offers. Thus the gap is not only not closing, but it’s rather further widening right now. W...
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Chest pain and shock: Is there a right ventricular OMI on this ECG? And should he undergo trancutaneous pacing?
ConclusionAmong inferior STEMI, the presence of any ST depression in lead I does not help to diagnose RVMI. ST elevation ≥0.5 mm in lead V1 is specific for RVMI, and moderately sensitive only if concomitant STD ≥ 0.5 mm in V2 is not present. Although STE in V1 is quite specific, overall the diagnostic characteristics of the standard 12‑lead ECG are inadequate to definitively diagnose, or exclude, RVMI, a s defined angiographically.____________________________Kosuge M, Ishikawa T, Morita S, Ebina T, Hibi K, Maejima N, Umemura S, Kimura K.Posterior wall involvement attenuates predictive value of ST-segment elev...
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The New Rules of Healthcare Platforms: APIs Enable the Platforming of Healthcare
Conclusion The API economy is growing and changing rapidly, with new business models, tools, and strategies being developed to meet the needs of patients, healthcare organizations, and developers. As APIs become more ubiquitous across industries, they are reshaping the way businesses grow and innovate. It’s time for healthcare to join the thriving API economy. Vince Kuraitis, JD, MBA, is a health care consultant and primary author of the e-CareManagement blog, where this post first appeared. (Source: The Health Care Blog)
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The Goal of RPM is Management, Not Monitoring
The following is a guest article by Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO at Rimidi Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a key capability in healthcare, particularly as we have seen multiple factors align in recent years: advances in medical device technology, decreased cost of cellular connectivity, new reimbursement models, and consumer demand that accelerated during the pandemic. RPM offers the ability to follow the patient from the clinic to the home and to provide a more complete picture of their health by collecting daily metrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, etc. But the healthcare in...
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AI is Bright, But Can Also Be Dark
BY KIM BELLARD If you’ve been following artificial intelligence (AI) lately – and you should be – then you may have started thinking about how it’s going to change the world. In terms of its potential impact on society, it’s been compared to the introduction of the Internet, the invention of the printing press, even the first use of the wheel. Maybe you’ve played with it, maybe you know enough to worry about what it might mean for your job, but one thing you shouldn’t ignore: like any technology, it can be used for both good and bad.   If you thought cyberattacks/cybercrimes were bad when done by human...
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A man in his early 40s with chest pain a " normal ECG " by computer algorithm. Should we avoid interrupting a physician to interpret his ECG?
This study looked at less than 1000 cases, which is not nearly enough (see below for analysis) and they used cardiologists as the gold standard (a very poor gold standard), NOT presence or absence of Occlusion MI (which we have done in all of our ECG studies, and must be ascertained by 1) TIMI 0/2 flow on angiogram or 2) culprit + TIMI 3 flow and very high troponin. So this study is worthless and must be ignored. I have here 38 cases of " Computer Normal " ECGs which were critically abnormal and the vast majority are missed acute coronary occlusions (Missed Acute OMI) and most were recognized ...
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Asking Bard And ChatGPT To Find The Best Medical Care, I Got Truth And Truthiness
BY MICHAEL MILLENSON If you ask ChatGPT how many procedures a certain surgeon does or a specific hospital’s infection rate, the OpenAI and Microsoft chatbot inevitably replies with some version of, “I don’t do that.” But depending upon how you ask, Google’s Bard provides a very different response, even recommending a “consultation” with particular clinicians. Bard told me how many knee replacement surgeries were performed by major Chicago hospitals in 2021, their infection rates and the national average. It even told me which Chicago surgeon does the most knee surgeries and his infection rate. When I...
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SCOTUS Sidesteps Section 230
Will DuffieldGonzalez v. Google, a  much ‐​watched Supreme Court case about whether Section 230 protects algorithmic curation,ended with a  whimper on Thursday. In a three page per curiamopinion, the Court avoided addressing Section 230 at all. Instead, the court decidedGonzalezviaTwitter v. Taamneh, a  related case about platforms’ underlying liability for hosting terrorist speech under the Anti‐​Terrorism Act (ATA).In a  clear, unanimousdecision authored by Justice Thomas the court held that Twitter did not “aid and abet” ISIS under the ATA by failing to prevent the terror group from using its platform...
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Healthcare Data: The Disruption Opportunity + Why This Time Is Different
This article first appeared on their Medium channel (Source: The Health Care Blog)
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How to Stay Positive: 19 Smart Habits
“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.” Bo Bennett “To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all.” Peter McWilliams “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin One of the very first things I started to work on consciously with my own personal development was to improve my outlook on life. It was over 15 years ago that I started to delve into this topic and to step by step – and while sometimes tumbling backwards – build a more optimistic outlook. An attitude that...
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