Reject CPTPP, Stay out of New Cold War
By Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis ChowdhuryKUALA LUMPUR and SYDNEY, Jul 19 2022 (IPS) Joining or ratifying dubious trade deals is supposed to offer miraculous solutions to recent lacklustre economic progress. Such naïve advocacy is misleading at best, and downright irresponsible, even reckless, at worst. TPP ‘pivot to Asia’ US President Barack Obama’s ‘pivot to Asia’ after his 2012 re-election sought to check China’s sustained economic growth and technological progress. Its economic centrepiece was the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Jomo Kwame SundaramBut the US International Trade Commission (ITC) doubted th...
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As professors struggle to recruit postdocs, calls for structural change in academia intensify
Some content has been removed for formatting reasons. Please view the original article for the best reading experience. Dmitry Kovalchuk/iStock When Jennifer Mason posted an ad for a postdoc position in early March, she was eager to have someone on board by April or May to tackle recently funded projects. Instead, it took 2 months to receive a single application. Since then, only two more have come in. “Money is just sitting there that isn’t being used … and there’s these projects that aren’t moving anywhere as a result,” says Mason, an assistant professor in genetics at Clemson U...
Source: ScienceNOW - June 13, 2022 Category: Science Source Type: news

Prolonged Oxytocin Exposure for Labor Induction Linked to Bleeding Risk
(MedPage Today) -- Prolonged exposure to oxytocin during birth was associated with an increased risk for obstetric hemorrhage, according to a retrospective cohort study. Among over 2,200 patients who received intrapartum oxytocin for labor induction... (Source: MedPage Today OB/GYN)
Source: MedPage Today OB/GYN - May 12, 2022 Category: OBGYN Source Type: news

International Women ’s Day, 2022Collective Solutions to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Climate Action
Adolescent girls attend a support group discussion on women’s health. Sexual and reproductive health rights, are human rights, the independent UN expert on the right to health reminded Member States in the General Assembly, saying that it was essential to restore services in the field, that have been eroded during the COVID-19 pandemic. October 2021. Credit: UNICEF/Tapash PaulBy Ayomide Oluseye and Gabriela FernandoKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Mar 2 2022 (IPS) The devastating effects of climate change continue to disproportionately affect women and girls in the poorest regions, who have contributed the least to global warming...
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2021 reflections: In an amazing year of achievements, nothing topped the return to campus
As we approach the end of December, it ’s a natural time to look back at the year that was. In 2021, UCLA welcomed students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors back to our home in Westwood, though of course it wasn’t exactly the way things had been.Different from pre-pandemic times: Masks remain present. Better (much better): UCLA officially opened the Black Bruin Resource Center.Even with all the changes, UCLA persisted as a force for public good, guided by our mission of teaching, research and service. In the past year,  professors continued helping us better understand our world with their research, students kept ...
Source: UCLA Newsroom: Health Sciences - December 17, 2021 Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

Social Distance, Science and Fantasy
By Jan LundiusSTOCKHOLM / ROME, Dec 3 2021 (IPS) In these times of COVID isolation, social distance get on the nerves of several of us and the effects may be long-lasting, even endemic. Many schoolchildren have interacted and still meet with their teachers through computer networks, while the same phenomenon applies to their contact with others. Technical devices are with an ever-increasing scope becoming an integral part of all communication, teaching, and entertainment, in short – of social interaction. When it comes to education, given all the poor and even harmful educators we are forced to encounter during our lifet...
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Pregnant women in England will be inducted when they are just ONE week overdue
Babies are due at about 40 weeks, and currently women are offered induction on the NHS if they do not go into labour naturally by 42 weeks. But this is being decreased to 41 weeks. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - November 4, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Pregnant unvaccinated woman lost her baby after she went into premature labor due to COVID-19
On September 7, while in a medically induced coma at St Luke's Boise Medical Center, Kimberly Rangel, of Meridien, Idaho, went into premature labor and her baby boy did not survive. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - September 28, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

A Climate Solution Lies Deep Under the Ocean —But Accessing It Could Have Huge Environmental Costs
Scattered three miles deep along the floor of the central Pacific are trillions of black, misshapen nuggets that may just be the solution to an impending energy crisis. Similar in size and appearance to partially burned charcoal briquettes, the nuggets are called polymetallic nodules, and are an amalgamation of nickel, cobalt, manganese and other rare earth metals, formed through a complex biochemical process in which shark teeth and fish bones are encased by minerals accreted out of ocean waters over millions of years. Marine biologists say they are part of one of the least-understood environments on earth, holding, if no...
Source: TIME: Science - September 7, 2021 Category: Science Authors: Aryn Baker Tags: Uncategorized climate change Environment feature healthscienceclimate Magazine Source Type: news

CDC Urges Pregnant Women to Get a COVID-19 Vaccination, Emphasizing the Shots ’ Safety and the Threat of the Delta Variant
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged all pregnant women Wednesday to get the COVID-19 vaccine as hospitals in hot spots around the U.S. see disturbing numbers of unvaccinated mothers-to-be seriously ill with the virus. Expectant women run a higher risk of severe illness and pregnancy complications from the coronavirus, including perhaps miscarriages and stillbirths. But their vaccination rates are low, with only about 23% having received at least one dose, according to CDC data. “The vaccines are safe and effective, and it has never been more urgent to increase vaccinations as we face the highly trans...
Source: TIME: Health - August 11, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: AP / Lindsey Tanner and Mike Stobbe Tags: Uncategorized COVID-19 Source Type: news

How to Sustainably Finance Universal Health Care
By Mary Suma Cardosa, Chan Chee Khoon, Chee Heng Leng and Jomo Kwame SundaramPENANG and KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 2021 (IPS) To achieve universal health coverage, a country needs a healthcare system that provides equitable access to high quality health care requiring sustainable financing over the long term. Publicly provided healthcare should be on the basis of need, a citizen’s entitlement for all regardless of means. Mary Suma CardosaHealth inequalities growing But recent decades have seen health care trending towards a two-tier system – a perceived higher quality private sector, and lower quality public services. One t...
Source: IPS Inter Press Service - Health - August 10, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Mary Suma Cardosa - Chan Chee Khoon - Chee Heng Leng - Jomo Tags: Aid Economy & Trade Global Headlines Health Human Rights Inequity Sustainability TerraViva United Nations Source Type: news

It ’s Time To Reopen Primary Schools in India
Schools in India are not just a source of education but also provide access to health, hygiene, immunisation, and nutritional safety nets. | Picture courtesy: FlickrBy External SourceJul 22 2021 (IPS) “The government should open schools, even if it’s for an hour, to facilitate some student-teacher interaction. Most teachers feel that students should be encouraged to come to school. Neither parents, students, nor teachers are worried about transmission as little has changed in the community habits such as social gatherings, shared resources, intermingling of children, and drinking, among others. Only schools have closed...
Source: IPS Inter Press Service - Health - July 22, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: External Source Tags: Asia-Pacific Education Headlines Health Source Type: news

NIDCR's Summer 2021 E-Newsletter
Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. NIDCR's Summer 2021 E-Newsletter In this issue: NIDCR News Funding Opportunities & Related Notices NIH/HHS News Subscribe to NICDR News Science Advances   Grantee News   NIDCR News NIDCR to Release Report on Oral Health in America As a 20-year follow-up to the seminal Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General, NIDCR will release Oral Health in America: Advances and Challenges in the fall of 2021. The report will illuminate new directions in the prevention an...
Source: NIDCR Science News - July 1, 2021 Category: Dentistry Source Type: news

Featured review: Low-dose misoprostol given by mouth for induction of labour
First author of this new Cochrane Review,' Low ‐dose oral misoprostol for induction of labour ' , Robert Kerr explains, “Our review found that Misoprostol given orally outperforms the ‘gold-standard’ drug which is much more expensive, and used in preference in many countries. This review has the potential to impact millions of women and babies who have inductions of labour through its comparison of oral misopro stol with other commonly used induction techniques. " Labour inductions are common around the world. Induction rates vary worldwide, but for example in the UK, 1 in 3 women will have labour induced. Inducti...
Source: Cochrane News and Events - June 28, 2021 Category: Information Technology Authors: Lydia Parsonson Source Type: news