Flu Shot Cuts Risk of Pneumonia

SAN FRANCISCO (MedPage Today) -- Flu vaccination sharply reduces the risk of community-acquired pneumonia, one of the most serious complications of influenza, a researcher said here.
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Authors: Ben Fredj M, Dhouib W, Kacem M, Bennasrallah C, Mehrez O, Abroug H, Zemni I, Gardabou A, Jamel K, Chouchene S, Rouatbi N, Belguith Sriha A Abstract BACKGROUND: We aimed to describe the episodes and trends of admissions for community-acquired Respiratory Infections (RI) over a 12-year period and to assess the impact of Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) vaccine on RI admissions in children aged up to 3 years. METHODS: We conducted a twelve-year retrospective observational study on all community-acquired RI admitted to Fattouma Bourguiba Hospital in Monastir Governorate (Tunisia) from 1 January 2002...
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In conclusion, influenza vaccination in older people seems safe and effective. Further, the evidence on safety and efficacy of vaccines in this population might benefit by an extension of the follow-up period both in RCTs and in longitudinal studies, beyond the usual 6-month period, in order to be able to evaluate the impact of vaccination on long term outcomes. PMID: 32565328 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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RARITAN, NJ, June 13, 2020 – The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson &Johnson announced today results from the first randomized Phase 3 study investigating subcutaneous daratumumab[i] in the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed light chain (AL) amyloidosis, a rare and potentially fatal disease.[1],[2] The data demonstrated subcutaneous daratumumab in combination with cyclophosphamide, bortezomib, and dexamethasone (D-CyBorD) resulted in a higher hematologic complete response rate (CR), (53 percent vs. 18 percent [P
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ConclusionsThere is a strong seasonality in the incidence of postoperative pneumonia after CABG which may persist across other cardiothoracic surgeries. In addition to optimizing infection control and perioperative care, cardiac surgeons should consider preoperative vaccination against seasonal influenza,H. influenzae, andS. pneumoniae to improve outcomes among high ‐risk patients.
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Resumo Os sintomas respirat órios, principalmente o desenvolvimento de quadros de síndrome do desconforto respiratório agudo grave, dominam a discussão e as preocupações iniciais da população e dos profissionais de saúde. Entretanto, o sistema cardiovascular é bastante afetado por essas condições e, muitas vezes, é o responsável por complicações e mortalidade desses pacientes. Com o objetivo de mostrar as implicações cardiovasculares em pacientes infectados pela COVID-19 e a importância do iso...
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In conclusion, our results suggest a previously unknown mechanism whereby the canonical NF-κB cascade and a mitochondrial fission pathway interdependently regulate endothelial inflammation. Lin28 as a Target for Nerve Regeneration https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2020/05/lin28-as-a-target-for-nerve-regeneration/ Researchers here show that the gene Lin28 regulates axon regrowth. In mice, raised levels of Lin28 produce greater regeneration of nerve injuries. Past research has investigated Lin28 from the standpoint of producing a more general improvement in regenerative capacity. It improves mitoch...
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The paper here offers a good overview of recent research and development aimed at improving the effectiveness of vaccines in old people. Vaccines are only poorly effective in the old because of the age-related decline of the immune system. A great deal of effort, with only some success, has gone into trying to improve vaccine effectiveness in older populations. Even if tinkering with vaccines boosts the percentage of patients who exhibit an immune response, however, that response is always going to be more anemic than that of a younger person, given the effects of aging on the immune system. This time and funding would per...
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This study provides direct evidence for the contribution of gut microbiota to the cognitive decline during normal aging and suggests that restoring microbiota homeostasis in the elderly may improve cognitive function. On Nutraceutical Senolytics https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2020/05/on-nutraceutical-senolytics/ Nutraceuticals are compounds derived from foods, usually plants. In principle one can find useful therapies in the natural world, taking the approach of identifying interesting molecules and refining them to a greater potency than naturally occurs in order to produce a usefully large therape...
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SENS Research Foundation here explains why COVID-19, like near all infectious disease, is far worse for the old. It isn't just a matter of the decline of immune function, though that is the bulk of it. Older people have a greater burden of damage and dysfunction that makes them less resilient in many other ways. Rising mortality due to infectious disease with age is the result of both (a) a greater likelihood of severe infection due to immune aging, and (b) that the individual is less likely to survive a severe infection due to general frailty. Tens of thousands die every year in the US from seasonal influenza; that is lar...
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The objective is to start treating chronic diseases from the root and not the symptoms of the disease. As we are starting to enroll patients in "senolytics-clinical trials," it will be imperative to assess if senolysis efficiently targets the primary cause of disease or if it works best in combination with other drugs. Additional basic science research is required to address the fundamental role of senescent cells, especially in the established contexts of disease. Notes on Self-Experimentation with Sex Steroid Ablation for Regrowth of the Thymus https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2020/04/notes-on-se...
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