IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 489: Survival Analysis of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis (CWP) Patients in a State-Owned Mine in the East of China from 1963 to 2014

To investigate the mortality probability, life expectancy of coal workers ’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), and related factors of life expectancy, a total of 495 patients with CWP were diagnosed and reported from 1963 to 2014 in a state-owned mine in the east of China. The life table method, log rank method, and Cox regression model were used for survival analysis. 95 out of 495 CWP died during this period. The mortality rate was 19.19%. The average life span was 12.1 (0.0–33.2) years and average death age was 57.4 (33.0–83.0) years. The life table indicated that overall mortality probability increased with the age of CWP patients. Life expectancy of CWP patients was p rolonged to 4.3, 1.4, 1.2, and 1.4 years without death caused by pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, lung cancer, and pulmonary heart disease respectively. The survival curve of CWP patients without pulmonary tuberculosis was higher (average 37.9 years) than patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (average 3 4.1 years). There was significant difference observed (χ2 = 6.196, p< 0.05). Three risk factors that include initial dust exposure year, age of onset, and first diagnostic stage were put into the Cox regression model for evaluation. The data indicated that prevention and treatment of CWP complication is important to improve patients ’ survival rates.
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This study provides strong evidence that following a healthy lifestyle can substantially extend the years a person lives disease-free." Commentary on Recent Evidence for Cognitive Decline to Precede Amyloid Aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2020/01/commentary-on-recent-evidence-for-cognitive-decline-to-precede-amyloid-aggregation-in-alzheimers-disease/ I can't say that I think the data presented in the research noted here merits quite the degree of the attention that it has been given in the popular science press. It is interesting, but not compelling if its role...
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In this study, we hypothesized that moderately and chronically reducing ACh could attenuate the deleterious effects of aging on NMJs and skeletal muscles. To test this hypothesis, we analyzed NMJs and muscle fibers from heterozygous transgenic mice with reduced expression of the vesicular ACh transporter (VAChT), VKDHet mice, which present with approximately 30% less synaptic ACh compared to control mice. Because ACh is constitutively decreased in VKDHet, we first analyzed developing NMJs and muscle fibers. We found no obvious morphological or molecular differences between NMJs and muscle fibers of VKDHet and contro...
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Conclusion: Our results showed that persons with OS are subject to an important risk of complications. Therefore, long-term surveillance of these patients is necessary in order to control silica hazards.
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Conclusion: The prevalence of COPD in Sri Lankan adults is similar to global and regional prevalences.
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This study recruited 2,961 subjects after excluding those with 1) obstructive lung disease, as defined by history and pulmonary function test; 2) history of asthma, lung cancer, tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, stroke or any pulmonary structural deformities, and 3) medications influencing blood pressure, plasma glucose, lipid profile and pulmonary function test. Restrictive spirometry pattern was diagnosed as an FVC
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Conclusions: Our study provides data of COPD prevalence in a representative sample of 4 Argentinean cities. It can be estimated more than 2.3 millon Argentines have COPD.
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Conclusions Dyspnoea, ascertained by a single question with binary response, predicts heart and lung disease mortality. Individuals reporting dyspnoea were twofold to ninefold more likely to die of diseases that involve the heart and/or lungs relative to the non-dyspnoeic individuals. Therefore, in those with chronic dyspnoea, workup to look for the five common dyspnoeic diseases resulting in increased mortality (COPD, asthma, heart disease, tuberculosis and lung cancer), all treatable, should reduce mortality and improve the public health.
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Conclusions Patterns of disease are changing rapidly in LMICs. Pollution-related chronic diseases are becoming more common. This shift presents a particular problem for children, who are proportionately more heavily exposed than are adults to environmental pollutants and for whom these exposures are especially dangerous. Better quantification of environmental exposures and stepped-up efforts to understand how to prevent exposures that cause disease are needed in LMICs and around the globe. To confront the global problem of disease caused by pollution, improved programs of public health monitoring and environmental protecti...
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Conclusions The adverse health effects of SHS exposure result in a large economic burden in China. Tobacco control policies that reduce SHS exposure could have an impact on reducing healthcare costs in China.
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BOSTON (CBS) – Any patient knows medical tests can be cumbersome and painful. Researchers are now working on a less invasive approach that can be as simple as breathing. Pat Patwardhan went through a battery of tests in which he was poked and prodded to determine a diagnosis of heart failure. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic then asked him to participate in a study to see if they could also diagnose his condition through a breathing apparatus. “I just blow in a balloon,” said Patwardhan. “They can analyze and then come back with answers.” The machine he tested was part of a new generation o...
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