Effect of Dual Therapy with Botulinum Toxin A Injection and Electromyography-controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation on Active Function in the Spastic Paretic Hand.

Effect of Dual Therapy with Botulinum Toxin A Injection and Electromyography-controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation on Active Function in the Spastic Paretic Hand. J Nippon Med Sch. 2016;83(1):15-23 Authors: Tsuchiya M, Morita A, Hara Y Abstract BACKGROUND: Many previous studies have demonstrated that botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) injections satisfactorily reduce spasticity. Nevertheless, BTX-A, with or without an adjuvant therapy, effectively improves the direct functional movement in few patients with spastic upper extremity paralysis. Therefore the present study aimed to determine the effectiveness of task-orientated therapy on spasticity and functional movement by using electromyography-triggered functional electrical stimulation (EMG-FES) after BTX-A injections. DESIGN: Open-label, prospective clinical trial Method: The subjects were 15 patients with spastic paresis (12 male, 3 female; age range, 17-74 years; 14 due to stroke, 1 due to spinal cord injury) who received BTX-A injections. Before the study was started, all subjects had undergone task-orientated therapy sessions with EMG-FES for 4 months. Despite all patients showing a various extent of improved upper extremity function, upper extremity function reached a plateau because of upper extremity spasticity. After BTX-A injection, all patients underwent task-orientated therapy sessions with EMG-FES for 4 months. The outcomes were assessed with the modified Ashworth scale, the simple test...
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CONCLUSION: Partial bladder recovery has been evident after SC therapy in SCI models. Due to limitations in the number of studies in other neurological diseases, additional studies are necessary to confirm the detailed mechanism for bladder recovery. PMID: 33017895 [PubMed]
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Authors: Hassaballa D, Harvey RL Abstract The management of pain in persons with neurological injuries is challenging and complex. A holistic view and clinical approach are necessary when addressing pain in patients with neurological impairment because interpreting signs and symptoms and deciphering sources of pain is never a straightforward process. This problem is further magnified with the management of central pain syndromes. The best approach is to have a good understanding of the clinical characteristics commonly found in this patient population, in particular for patients with stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS)...
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I am an MS3 that has very little exposure to the practical aspect of neurology. I am very interested in what I have studied in neuro, especially stroke, imaging, CSF, spinal cord injuries. Due to the fact that I will have very little neurology experience before I apply to residency I was hoping you could tell me about your experience in neuro residency/practice if you would be so kind. What is your typical day like? What are the boring aspects? What are the most exciting aspects? What kind... Questions about neurology from a medical student
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ner As the world’s population gradually grows older, more and more adults are experiencing sensory–motor disabilities due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other diseases [...]
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AbstractObjectivesThe OVID study will demonstrate whether prophylactic-dose enoxaparin improves survival and reduces hospitalizations in symptomatic ambulatory patients aged 50 or older diagnosed with COVID-19, a novel viral disease characterized by severe systemic, pulmonary, and vessel inflammation and coagulation activation.Trial designThe OVID study is conducted as a multicentre open-label superiority randomised controlled trial.ParticipantsInclusion Criteria1. Signed patient informed consent after being fully informed about the study ’s background.2. Patients aged 50 years or older with a positive test for SARS-...
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Conclusion: The present study provides preliminary evidence that VSA-3000 is a non-invasive and convenient quantitative testing instrument with good diagnostic accuracy, and it may be useful as a screening tool for assessing impaired vibration sensation caused by central nerve injury.
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In conclusion, using a large cohort with rich health and DNA methylation data, we provide the first comparison of six major epigenetic measures of biological ageing with respect to their associations with leading causes of mortality and disease burden. DNAm GrimAge outperformed the other measures in its associations with disease data and associated clinical traits. This may suggest that predicting mortality, rather than age or homeostatic characteristics, may be more informative for common disease prediction. Thus, proteomic-based methods (as utilised by DNAm GrimAge) using large, physiologically diverse protein sets for p...
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Abstract Numerous preclinical studies demonstrate that vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) paired with motor rehabilitation improves functional recovery after neural injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury, in part by driving neural plasticity within the motor cortex. To date, these studies have been performed almost exclusively in female rats, however, the risk for neural injuries of all types is significantly higher among males than females. We therefore sought to determine whether VNS was equally effective at driving motor cortical plasticity in both sexes. Male and female rats were tr...
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CONCLUSION: microRNA-421-3p prevents inflammatory response in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury through targeting YTHDF1 to inhibit p65 mRNA translation. These findings provide novel insights into understanding the molecular pathogenesis of cerebral I/R injury. PMID: 32890792 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Researchers here report on their successful redesign of the chondroitinase ABC enzyme, capable of degrading a form of scarring that forms following nervous system injury. This scarring inhibits regrowth of nerves, and thus suppressing or removing it may be beneficial. Chondroitinase ABC achieves this goal to some degree, but is impractical to use because of its instability in the body. This redesign may have improved stability to a large enough degree to make the enzyme a practical basis for therapies that improve nerve regrowth. One of the major challenges to healing after the kind of nerve injury resulting from ...
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