Exploring the therapeutic potential of Ayahuasca: acute intake increases mindfulness-related capacities

Conclusions The present findings support the claim that ayahuasca has therapeutic potential and suggest that this potential is due to an increase in mindfulness capacities.
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In today’s show, Gabe talks with Robert Kolker, author of the New York Times bestselling — and Oprah’s book club pick — book Hidden Valley Road. This non-fiction biography is the true story of a mid-century American family besieged by schizophrenia. Of their 12 children, 6 struggled with the severe mental disorder.  Join us for the incredible story of the family who became science’s greatest hope in the quest to understand schizophrenia. SUBSCRIBE &REVIEW   Guest information for ‘Robert Kolker- Large Family Schizophrenia’ Podcast Episode Robert Kolker is the...
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Increases in depressive and suicide-related symptoms among United States adolescents have been recently linked to increased use of smartphones. Understanding of the brain mechanisms that underlie the potential smartphone dependence may help develop interventions to address this important problem. In this exploratory study, we investigated the neural mechanisms underlying potential smartphone dependence in a sample of 19 adolescent volunteers who completed self-assessments of their smartphone dependence, depressive symptoms, and sleep problems. All 19 adolescents underwent diffusion MRI that allowed for assessment of white ...
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Mindfulness meditation has become a promising intervention for promoting health and well-being. Neuroimaging studies have shown its beneficial effects on brain functional activity, connectivity, and structures following months to years of practice. A series of randomized controlled trials indicated that one form of mindfulness meditation, the integrative body-mind training (IBMT) induces brain functional and structural changes in brain regions related to self-control networks such as the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) after 2–10 h of practice. However, whether IBMT could change brain metabolism in the ACC rem...
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ConclusionTransient 5-HT inhibition at adolescence may act, in females, as a protective factor for the emergence of anxiety disorders and problematic use of alcohol during adolescence.
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Conclusions. Compound 14b exhibited high affinity and excellent subtype selectivity, which was then evaluated by in vitro autoradiography and in vivo PET imaging study after labeling with carbon-11. Ligand [11C]14b, which we named [11C]MG2-1904, demonstrated high brain uptake and excellent in vitro/in vivo specific binding towards mGlu2 with high metabolic stability in the brain. As proof-of-concept, our preliminary work demonstrated a successful example of visualizing mGlu2 in vivo derived from NAMs, which represents a promising chemotype for further development and optimization aimed for clinical translation.
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Abstract There is substantial evidence linking early-life stress (ELS) to negative health outcomes in adulthood, including addiction. However, the neurocognitive and behavioral mechanisms through which ELS increases these risks remain unclear. To address this gap in knowledge, we developed a novel instrumental learning paradigm to explore the effects of ELS on the balance of habitual versus goal-directed learning. Habits efficiently reproduce repetitive behaviors but are inflexible whenreward contingencies related to those behaviors change. Persisting in performing a response after its outcome has been devalued is...
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As interim chair, Schwartz has led efforts to expand clinical services for adults and children, including specialty programs in child psychiatry, addiction and for treating high risk suicidal patients.
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In telling the story of Alba, a 16 year old struggling with depression and substance use, who wears pink, tells jokes, and above all, has hope, MTV's new docuseries 16 and Recovering, changes the image of what it means to be someone struggling with teenage addiction.
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CONCLUSIONS: Hikikomori could represent the clinical answer to a social evolution, similarly to other phenomena such as binge behaviours and use of psychoactive substances. Further studies are needed to clarify diffusion, diagnosticassessment and differential diagnosis. Key points Hikikomori is now considered a contemporary society-bound syndrome linked to modern society changes. Hikikomori might be a coping strategy to avoid relationships, social judgement and possible failures. Hikikomori might represent an extreme suffering that needs to be identified early: it is linked to severe form of modern type depression and it i...
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You may be aware that my books, Feeling Good and the Feeling Good Handbook, have sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, and are still popular, even though Feeling Good was published 40 years ago.  One reason for the books enduring popularity is groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Forrest Scogin and his colleagues at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. They reported that if you simply give people seeking treat for moderate to severe depression a copy of Feeling Good, more than 50% will improve so much within four weeks that they no longer want or need treatment. What is crucial is that these patie...
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