SEED: the six excesses (Liu Yin) evaluation and diagnosis scale

Conclusions: A CM-based six excesses (Liu Yin) evaluation and diagnosis (SEED) scale was developed for the evaluation and diagnosis of infectious diseases based only on signs and symptoms.
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This study is the first report on a non-blue laccase, exhibiting Mn(II)-oxidase activity. Thus, it offers a novel finding of the Mn(II) oxidation processes that can be a valuable way of Mn(II)-mineralization in various metal-polluted environments. PMID: 32443277 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In conclusion, our results suggest a previously unknown mechanism whereby the canonical NF-κB cascade and a mitochondrial fission pathway interdependently regulate endothelial inflammation. Lin28 as a Target for Nerve Regeneration Researchers here show that the gene Lin28 regulates axon regrowth. In mice, raised levels of Lin28 produce greater regeneration of nerve injuries. Past research has investigated Lin28 from the standpoint of producing a more general improvement in regenerative capacity. It improves mitoch...
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This study was performed to assess the effects of nonthermal processing on bactericidal activity against Escherichia coli in human milk. Milk samples obtained from the Regional Human Milk Bank in Warsaw at Holy Family Hospital were processed by HoP, irradiated with ultraviolet-C (UV-C) for 5, 10, and 15 minutes (6720 J/L each minute), subjected to 2 variations of high-pressure processing (HPP): 450 MPa for 15 minutes and 200 MPa for 10 minutes + 400 MPa for 10 min, with a 10-minutes break. The samples were then evaluated by a bactericidal assay (raw untreated human milk was used as a control). The bacterici...
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Conclusion: The present meta-analysis showed that urinary NGAL had a high diagnostic value in detection of UTI in children and adolescents with an optimum cut-off point in the range of 30-39.9 ng/ml. PMID: 32440667 [PubMed]
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ConclusionsWe recommend consistent reporting of bacteriuria definitions, the benefits of monitoring bacteriuria over time, and use of short-term antimicrobial therapy; bacteriuria should not be treated with long-term therapy.
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Metabolic engineering frequently needs genomic integration of many heterologous genes for biosynthetic pathway assembly. Despite great progresses in genome editing for the model microorganism Escherichia coli, th...
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AbstractIn an effort to develop potent anti-influenza drugs that inhibit the activity of influenza virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (IAV RdRp), a database of nucleoside triphosphates with ~800 molecules were docked with the homology model of IAV RdRp from A/PR/8/34/H1N1 strain. Out of top 12 molecules that bind with higher affinities to the catalytic site of IAV RdRp above and below the PB1 priming loop, only seven molecules decreased the transcriptional activity of the viral RNA polymerase with an IC50 in the range of 0.09 –3.58 µM. Molecular docking combining with experimental study indicated that th...
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The objective of the present study was to elucidate the effect ofB. subtilis spores as adjuvants in chickens administered inactivated avian influenza virus H9N2. Herein, the adjuvanticity ofB. subtilis spores in chickens was demonstrated by enhancement of H9N2 virus-specific IgG responses.B. subtilis spores enhanced the proportion of B cells and the innate cell population in splenocytes from chickens administered both inactivated H9N2 andB. subtilis spores (Spore  + H9N2). Furthermore, the H9N2 and spore administration induced significantly increased expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1β and...
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In this study, we analysed the cysteine protease ATG4B ofTrichinella spiralis (TsATG4B) isolated from the soluble proteins ofTrichinella spiralis (T. spiralis) adult worms to ascertain its biochemical properties and functions during invasion into the intestine of the host. The 43  kDa recombinant cysteine protease ATG4B protein (rTsATG4B) consists of a conserved peptidase_C54 domain and was expressed inEscherichia coli. Gelatine zymography showed that rTsATG4B could hydrolyse gelatine and that the hydrolytic activity was prevented by the cysteine protease inhibitor E-64 (pH 5.2). Immunofluorescence assays showed that ...
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In this study, DHM significantly attenuated LPS-induced alteration in diamine oxidase, malondialdehyde, reduced glutathione, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase levels in chicken plasma and ileum. Histology evaluation showed that the structure of blood vessels in ileum was seriously fragmented and presence of necrotic tissue in the lumen in the LPS group. Scanning electron microscopic observation revealed that the surface of the villi was rough and uneven, the structure was chaotic, and the normal finger shape was lost in the LPS group. In contrast, 0.05% and 0.1% DHM treatment partially alleviated the abnormal...
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