Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone At Risk of Polio Importation

[Concord] Programme Manager at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Dennis Marke, says Sierra Leone risk a polio importation, and that many children could be affected if nothing was done about the risk.
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CONCLUSION: Clinicians should be vigilant of the possibility of myotoxicity induced by clonazepam, especially in specific populations such as polio patients or when clonazepam is used in combination therapies. PMID: 31690348 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSION: The group of non-Western immigrants with polio in Norway reported more health and social problems than the group of Western immigrants with polio or the native Norwegian group with polio, even though they were younger and more highly educated. Their complex psychological and social situation requires active intervention from the health system, and health professionals need extra skills to deal most effectively with their situation. PMID: 31690950 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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indy Böttcher Human enteroviruses and human parechoviruses are associated with a broad range of diseases and even severe and fatal conditions. For human cosaviruses, the etiological role is yet unknown. Little is known about the circulation of non-polio enteroviruses, human parechoviruses, and human cosaviruses in Nigeria. A total of 113 stool samples were collected from healthy individuals in Osun State between February 2016 and May 2017. RT-PCR assays targeting the 5′ non-coding region (5′ -NCR) were used to screen for human enteroviruses, human parechoviruses, and human cosaviruses. For huma...
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[ANGOP] Luanda -Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) are expected to join the first stage of the vaccination campaign against polio, to be conducted on November 15-17, the Health minister, Silvia Lutukuta, said on Monday.
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Conclusion: The patient's psychiatric symptoms were most likely caused by anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Her polymorphic psychotic symptoms first occurred after she had received a Tdap-IPV booster vaccination. Although the vaccination cannot have caused the initial antibody formation since IgG serum antibodies were detected only 3 days after administration of the vaccine, the vaccine may have exerted immunomodulatory effects. MRI, EEG, and CSF findings were non-specific; however, FDG-PET identified brain involvement consistent with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. This case shows the importance of implementing a multimod...
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Abstract Poliovirus (PV) environmental surveillance was established in Haiti in three sites each in Port-au-Prince and Gonaïves, where sewage and fecal-influenced environmental open water channel samples were collected monthly from March 2016 to February 2017. The primary objective was to monitor for the emergence of vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) and the importation and transmission of wild polioviruses (WPVs). A secondary objective was to compare two environmental sample processing methods, the gold standard two-phase separation method and a filter method (bag-mediated filtration system [BMFS]). In ad...
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Transformations aren’t just for people or pets around Halloween. Scientific images also can look different than you might expect, depending on how they’re photographed. Check out these tricky-looking images and learn more about the science behind them. Credit: Nilay Taneja, Vanderbilt University, and Dylan T. Burnette, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Do you have a hunch about what this image is? Perhaps something to do with dry leaves? It’s a human fibroblast cell undergoing cell division, or cytokinesis, into two daughter cells. Cytokinesis is essential for the growth and...
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This study explored the feasibility of a novel reporter gene assay (RGA) for pyrogen detection using RAW264.7 cells stably transfected with the NF-κB reporter gene as a pyrogenic marker. The RGA could detect different types of pyrogens, including the lipopolysaccharide of gram-negative bacteria, the lipoteichoic acid of gram-positive bacteria, and the zymosan of fungi, and a good dose-effect relationship was observed in terms of NF-κB activity. The limits of detection of the RGA to those pyrogens were 0.03 EU/ml, 0.001 μg/ml, and 1μg/ml, respectively. The method had good precision and accuracy and could b...
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[Ghanaian Times] In another historic step for humanity towards a world free of polio, an independent commission of experts Thursday certified - on World Polio Day - that the second of three types of the wild poliovirus had been eradicated globally.
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[Nation] Zambia has reported its first local case of polio since 1995 after a two-year-old boy was paralysed by a virus derived from the vaccine.
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