Mitigation of risks of COVID-19 in occupational settings with a focus on ethnic minority groups
Public Health England (PHE) -This consensus statement, produced in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, provides guidance on how to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 in the workplace, particularly for ethnic minority groups.Guidance (Source: Health Management Specialist Library)
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English sweat
In the current BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall", Thomas Cromwell loses his wife and two daughters to a mysterious and very sudden illness.  All we see is that they all go to bed as usual, and then cannot be woken in the morning.  There is a suggestion that there were symptoms, but we don't see them.  The disease is described as "English sweating sickness", either in the programme or in something I read about it (bad note taking, can't remember my source).What was it?   A search of PubMed for English sweating sickness brings up this very new article proposing that th...
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Beyond breaking point?
This report is based on a survey of over 2000 nursing staff and argues that patient care in the UK is being put at risk by staff cuts and excessive workloads, leading to unprecedented nurse stress and ill health. It also raises concerns about the working culture which is operating in the care system in the UK, both in hospitals and community care. It calls on employers to take urgent action to protect staff welfare and patient care as well as for the Health and Safety Executive to take enforcement action where employers are failing to meet the legal requirement to assess and manage the risk of work related stress. ...
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