Diltiazem-associated Photodistributed Hyperpigmentation.
Authors: Siegel JD, Ko CJ Abstract Diltiazem is a calcium-channel blocker commonly used for the treatment of hypertension. Common adverse effects include dizziness, headache, and edema. Fewer than 20 cases of diltiazem-associated photodistributed hyperpigmentation have been reported in the literature. Here, we present the case of a 71-year-old woman with new-onset facial hyperpigmentation 6 months after initiating treatment with diltiazem. PMID: 32226335 [PubMed - in process] (Source: The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine)
Source: The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine - April 2, 2020 Category: Universities & Medical Training Tags: Yale J Biol Med Source Type: research

Advances in phytochemical and modern pharmacological research of Rhizoma Corydalis.
Conclusions: RC is reported to be effective in treating a variety of diseases. Current pharmacological studies on RC mainly focus on the nervous, circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems, as well as drug withdrawal. Although experimental data support the beneficial effects of this drug, its physiological activity remains a concern. Nonetheless, this review provides a foundation for future research. PMID: 32223481 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Pharmaceutical Biology)
Source: Pharmaceutical Biology - April 2, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Pharm Biol Source Type: research

Dexmedetomidine in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocols for Postoperative Pain
AbstractPurpose of ReviewEffective acute pain management has evolved considerably in recent years and is a primary area of focus in attempts to defend against the opioid epidemic. Persistent postsurgical pain (PPP) has an incidence of up to 30 –50% and has negative outcome of quality of life and negative burden on individuals, family, and society. The 2016 American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) guidelines states that enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) forms an integral part of Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) and is now recomm ended to use a multimodal opioid-sparing approach for management of postoperative...
Source: Current Pain and Headache Reports - April 2, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Radiographic Findings of Dysplastic Cerebellar Gangliocytoma (Lhermitte-Duclos Disease) in a Woman with Cowden Syndrome: A Case Study and Literature Review
This report will also include a comprehensive literature review of Cowden syndrome and Lhermitte-Duclos disease, with greater emphasis on the radiologic characteristics of Lhermitte-Duclos disease. (Source: Journal of Radiology Case Reports)
Source: Journal of Radiology Case Reports - April 1, 2020 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Toxoplasmosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in an Allogenic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipient
A 34-year-old man with chronic myelogenous leukemia status post allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) on tacrolimus for graft-vs-host disease prophylaxis, presented with a 1-week history of fevers and severe headaches. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated numerous small focal lesions in the left basal ganglia and left temporal lobe with a ring pattern, as well  as a large lesion in the left occipital lobe with mild leptomeningeal enhancement (Figure 1). Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis revealed lymphocytic pleocytosis, and Toxoplasma gondii was detected by polymerase chai...
Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings - April 1, 2020 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Cristina Corsini, Zerelda Esquer Garrigos, Kirk M. Welker, Matthew J. Thoendel Tags: Medical image Source Type: research

Characterization of Acute Prescription Migraine Medication Use
To characterize self-reported use of acute prescription medication for migraine in a sample representing the US population. (Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings)
Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings - April 1, 2020 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Susan Hutchinson, Richard B. Lipton, Jessica Ailani, Michael L. Reed, Kristina M. Fanning, Aubrey Manack Adams, Dawn C. Buse Tags: Original article Source Type: research

Topiramate: A novel protective agent against ischemia reperfusion-induced oxidative injury after testicular torsion/detorsion
Testicular torsion is a common urologic emergency and one of the causes of genital injury in males. Hence, early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to prevent testicular damage and infertility. It has been proved that topiramate (TPM) a medication used to treat epilepsy and prevent migraines has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects. Therefore, this study was designed to determine the influence of TPM on ischemia/reperfusion injury following testicular torsion/detorsion (T/D). Thirty-six male Wistar rats were divided into three groups (n  = 12 for each group) including sham operated, T/D + vehicle, T/D ...
Source: The American Journal of Emergency Medicine - April 1, 2020 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Abbas Jafari, Hojat Ghasemnejad-Berenji, Mohadeseh Nemati, Morteza Ghasemnejad-Berenji Source Type: research

Migrainous facial palsy (MFP): the introduction of a new concept of neurovascular conflict and its preliminary clinical evidence
ConclusionWe concluded that neurogenic inflammation of the facial nerve trunk caused by its proximity to the dilated posterior auricular/stylomastoid/occipital and superficial temporal arteries during a migraine attack leads to a temporary lower motor neuron type of paresis of the muscles supplied by the facial nerve.SignificanceThis pathophysiological understanding of the disease mechanism could open new avenues as to the treatment of this condition. This proposition indicates in clearer light than before, a possible mechanism to explain the higher incidence and risk of facial palsy in migraineurs. (Source: Neurological Sciences)
Source: Neurological Sciences - April 1, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Frequent Headaches: Evaluation and Management.
Abstract Most frequent headaches are typically migraine or tension-type headaches and are often exacerbated by medication overuse. Repeated headaches can induce central sensitization and transformation to chronic headaches that are intractable, are difficult to treat, and cause significant morbidity and costs. A complete history is essential to identify the most likely headache type, indications of serious secondary headaches, and significant comorbidities. A headache diary can document headache frequency, symptoms, initiating and exacerbating conditions, and treatment response over time. Neurologic assessment and...
Source: American Family Physician - April 1, 2020 Category: Primary Care Authors: Walling A Tags: Am Fam Physician Source Type: research

Thrombotic Microangiopathy in Interferon ‐beta‐Treated Multiple Sclerosis Patient
A 43 ‐year‐old man who was treated with interferon‐beta for multiple sclerosis was presented with hypertension, headache, nausea/vomiting, blurred vision, and renal dysfunction. The treatment with drugs and dialysis relieved the symptoms. Despite plasmapheresis is known to cause improvement in rena l function, no such improvement was seen in patient. AbstractA 43 ‐year‐old man who was treated with interferon‐beta for multiple sclerosis was presented with hypertension, headache, nausea/vomiting, blurred vision, and renal dysfunction. The treatment with drugs and dialysis relieved the symptoms. Despite plasmapher...
Source: Clinical Case Reports - March 31, 2020 Category: General Medicine Authors: Masoud Mohammad Malekzadeh, Reza Alizadeh, Ziba Aghsaeifard, Mohammad Ali Sahraian Tags: CASE REPORT Source Type: research

Population pharmacokinetic and exposure ‐response analysis of eptinezumab in the treatment of episodic and chronic migraine
AbstractEptinezumab is a humanized mAb that targets calcitonin gene ‐related peptide and is under regulatory review for the prevention of episodic and chronic migraine (EM, CM). It is important to determine whether exposures achieved with intravenous (IV) administration of eptinezumab achieve desired pharmacologic effects. Population pharmacokinetics, including do se‐ and exposure‐response analyses, were performed using patient‐level data from the eptinezumab clinical trial program with IV doses ranging from 10 to 1000 mg in pharmacokinetic analyses or 10 to 300 mg in phase 2/3 clinical studies in patient...
Source: Pharmacology Research and Perspectives - March 31, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Brian Baker, Barbara Schaeffler, Martin Beliveau, Igor Rubets, Susan Pederson, MyMy Trinh, Jeff Smith, John Latham Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

A Pilot Study Evaluating the Prevalence of Cervical Spine Dysfunction Among Students of Dentistry at the Medical University
Conclusion: The relatively high prevalence of symptoms of the cervical spine dysfunction, chronic pain, stress, and neck disability among young people may indicate that numerous spinal disorders identified in dentists result not only from their profession, in which spine is significantly overloaded, but also individual predispositions including biopsychosocial profile and the changing lifestyle habits of young people. (Source: Frontiers in Neurology)
Source: Frontiers in Neurology - March 31, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Role of susceptibility-weighted imaging in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension
ConclusionWe concluded that SWI can detect CMBs in patients with IIH especially in   patients with higher GRS for headache. (Source: Japanese Journal of Radiology)
Source: Japanese Journal of Radiology - March 31, 2020 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Proptosis, Orbital Pain, and Long-Standing Monocular Vision Loss Resolved by Surgical Resection of Intraosseous Spheno-Orbital Meningioma: A Case Report and Literature Review
Conclusion Surgical decompression of the optic canal and orbital contents for tumor related sphenoid wing hyperostosis should be strongly considered, despite an extended duration of visual change and loss. This case report shows that vision can be significantly restored even after symptoms have been present for greater than 6 months. [...] Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New YorkArticle in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  open access Full text (Source: Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports)
Source: Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports - March 31, 2020 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Parish, Jonathan M. Shields, Michael Jones, Mackenzie Wait, Scott D. Deshmukh, Vinay R. Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

CGRP Antagonists: Side Effects and Potential Parkinson's Disease Development.
PMID: 32219862 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Headache)
Source: Headache - March 30, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Alexoudi A, Deftereos S Tags: Headache Source Type: research

Primary intracranial intraventricular leiomyoma: a literature review
We present the case of a 40-year-old woman with a primary intraventricular leiomyoma. She consulted us for headache, dizziness, and black spots in her vision. Magnetic resonance images (MRI) disclosed a mass rooted in the posterior septum pellucidum. The tumor was totally excised by the senior author with no residual seen on intraoperative MRI. Pathological examination showed it to be a benign spindle-cell neoplasm. On the 6th month control MRI, there was no recurrence. We also reviewed articles relevant to primary intracranial leiomyomas. (Source: Neurosurgical Review)
Source: Neurosurgical Review - March 30, 2020 Category: Neurosurgery Source Type: research

Phase dependent hypothalamic activation following trigeminal input in cluster headache
ConclusionThe posterior hypothalamus might thus be hyperexcitable in cluster headache patients outside the bout while excitability to external nociceptive stimuli decreases during in bout periods, probably due to frequent hypothalamic activation and possible neurotransmitter exhaustion during cluster attacks. (Source: The Journal of Headache and Pain)
Source: The Journal of Headache and Pain - March 30, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 2316: Physical and Psychological Discomfort Experienced by Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Donors
This study investigates the types and degrees of physical and psychological discomfort experienced by hematopoietic stem cell donors before, during, and after the donation process in order to provide helpful information for developing education programs that can help donors to cope with their discomforts. One hundred and thirty-one individuals who donated hematopoietic stem cells from 2017 to 2019 were asked to self-report the types and degrees of physical and psychological discomfort they felt in the process, and the results were analyzed using SPSS. All participants donated peripheral blood stem cells; the most commonly ...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - March 30, 2020 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Miok Kim Tai-Gyu Kim Su-Hee Beom Tags: Article Source Type: research

A Phytochemical and Ethnopharmacological Recapitulation on Hamelia patens
Drug Res (Stuttg) DOI: 10.1055/a-1131-7856The world health organization reports that 80% of the population living within the developing countries depends basically on traditional medicine for his or her primary health care. Quite half the entire world's population still depends entirely on plants for medicines, and plants provides the active ingredients to the most traditional medical products. Hamelia patens that belong to the family Rubiaceae, is mainly found in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is used in folk medicine against a wide range of diseases such as athlete’s foot, skin problems, insect sting, psychiat...
Source: Drug Research - March 30, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Noor, Gazala Ahmad, Md.Afroz Ahsan, Farogh Mahmood, Tarique Arif, Muhammad Khushtar, Mohammad Tags: Review Source Type: research

Factors Influencing Pain Dimensions in Patients with Chronic Tension-Type Headache: An Exploratory Survey
Chronic tension type headache (CTTH) is one of the common cause of hospital visits among adolescents and adults. Chronic tension type headache produces pain, sleep disturbances, and disability among patients leading to a poor quality of life. Knowledge pattern of headache and various associated factors will aid appropriate management. (Source: Pain Management Nursing)
Source: Pain Management Nursing - March 30, 2020 Category: Nursing Authors: Lakshmanan Gopichandran, Kanniammal C, Valli G, Jaideep M, Achal Srivastava, P. Vanamail, Manju Dhandapani Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Vestibular Schwannoma: What We Know and Where We are Heading
AbstractVestibular schwannoma (VS) is a Schwann cell-derived tumour arising from the vestibulocochlear nerve. Although benign, it represents a threat to intracranial structures due to mass effect and carries a small risk of malignant transformation. VS therefore represents an important healthcare burden. We review the literature regarding pathogenesis, risk factors, and diagnosis of VS. The current and future potential management strategies are also discussed. A narrative review of all relevant papers known to the authors was conducted. The majority of VS remain clinically stable and do not require interventional procedure...
Source: Head and Neck Pathology - March 30, 2020 Category: Pathology Source Type: research

A randomized, double-blind study comparing the efficacy and safety of trazodone once-a-day and venlafaxine extended-release for the treatment of patients with major depressive disorder
This study confirmed that both venlafaxine XR and trazodone OAD may represent a valid treatment option for patients with MDD. (Source: International Clinical Psychopharmacology)
Source: International Clinical Psychopharmacology - March 28, 2020 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Evaluation of cariprazine in the treatment of bipolar I and II depression: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial
This double-blind placebo-controlled, fixed/flexible-dose phase 2 trial assessed the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of cariprazine vs. placebo for depressive episodes associated with bipolar I or II disorder. Primary endpoint was change in Montgomery–Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) total scores (baseline to week 8), and secondary endpoint was mean Clinical Global Impressions-Improvement score (week 8). Patients were randomized (N = 233) 1:1:1 to placebo, ‘low-dose’ 0.25–0.5 mg/day or ‘high-dose’ 1.5–3.0 mg/day cariprazine. Adverse events...
Source: International Clinical Psychopharmacology - March 28, 2020 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Postdural puncture headache leads to clinical worsening of pre-existing chronic headache
Publication date: Available online 26 March 2020Source: Journal of Clinical NeuroscienceAuthor(s): Srdjan Ljubisavljevic, Jasna Zidverc Trajkovic (Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience)
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience - March 28, 2020 Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

An Evidence-Based Review of Fremanezumab for the Treatment of Migraine
AbstractMigraine headache is a common, chronic, debilitating disease with a complex etiology. Current therapy for migraine headache comprises either treatments targeting acute migraine pain or prophylactic therapy aimed at increasing the length of time between migraine episodes. Recent evidence suggests that calcium gene-related peptide (CGRP) is a critical component in the pathogenesis of migraines. Fremanezumab, a monoclonal antibody against CGRP, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after multiple studies showed that it was well-tolerated, safe, and effective in the treatment of migraines. Fur...
Source: Pain and Therapy - March 28, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

De Novo Renal Artery Stenosis Developed in Initially Normal Renal Arteries during the Long-Term Follow-Up of Patients with Moyamoya Disease
Moyamoya disease is a cerebrovascular disease of unknown origin causing progressive stenosis of the intracranial arteries in the circle of Willis.1,2 Stenoocclusive lesions and the subsequent hemodynamic compromise result in the formation of dilated, fragile collateral vessels at the base of the brain, which are termed moyamoya vessels. The presentation of patients with these lesions varies from asymptomatic to symptoms of headache, epilepsy, and ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. Patients with moyamoya disease sometimes have concomitant extracranial arterial stenosis3; of all the extracranial arteries reported, the most com...
Source: Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases - March 28, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Shoko Hara, Kazuhide Shimizu, Tadashi Nariai, Mitsuhiro Kishino, Toshifumi Kudo, Tomoyuki Umemoto, Motoki Inaji, Taketoshi Maehara Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis Associated With Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma: A Case Report
Conclusion: Our findings suggested that NMDAR encephalitis might be associated with clear cell renal carcinoma. When patients present with unexplained seizures, neuropsychiatric disorder, or other brain symptoms, clinicians should be careful with paraneoplastic neurological disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment of primary tumors might show improvement. (Source: Frontiers in Oncology)
Source: Frontiers in Oncology - March 27, 2020 Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research

QuickStats: Percentage* of Adults Who Had a Severe Headache or Migraine in the Past 3 Months, by Sex and Age Group - National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2018 †,§.
QuickStats: Percentage* of Adults Who Had a Severe Headache or Migraine in the Past 3 Months, by Sex and Age Group - National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2018†,§. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2020 Mar 27;69(12):359 Authors: PMID: 32214082 [PubMed - in process] (Source: MMWR Morb Mortal Wkl...)
Source: MMWR Morb Mortal Wkl... - March 27, 2020 Category: Epidemiology Tags: MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep Source Type: research

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Pain, Headache, and Comorbid Depression: INS ‐NANS Expert Consensus Panel Review and Recommendation
ConclusionsAfter extensive literature review, the panel provided recommendations and treatment guidelines for TMS in managing neuropathic pain and headaches. In addition, the panel also recommended more outcome and cost ‐effectiveness studies to assess the feasibility of the long‐term clinical implementation of the treatment. (Source: Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface)
Source: Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface - March 26, 2020 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Albert Leung, Prasad Shirvalkar, Robert Chen, Joshua Kuluva, Michael Vaninetti, Richard Bermudes, Lawrence Poree, Eric Wassermann, Brian Kopell, Robert Levy, and the Expert Consensus Panel Tags: Review Article Source Type: research

Manual acupuncture versus sham acupuncture and usual care for prophylaxis of episodic migraine without aura: multicentre, randomised clinical trial
(Source: BMJ)
Source: BMJ - March 26, 2020 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

Temporal instability of salience network activity in migraine with aura
This study aims to investigate whether intranetwork dynamic functional connectivity and causal interactions of the salience network is altered in the interictal term of migraine. Thirty-two healthy controls, 37 migraineurs without aura, and 20 migraineurs with aura were recruited. Participants underwent a T1-weighted scan and resting-state fMRI protocol inside a 1.5T MR scanner. We obtained average spatial maps of resting-state networks using group independent component analysis, which yielded subject-specific time series through a dual regression approach. Salience network regions of interest (bilateral insulae and prefro...
Source: Pain - March 26, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Tags: Research Paper Source Type: research

Clinically-derived Vagus Nerve Stimulation Enhances Cerebrospinal Fluid Penetrance
Vagus nerve stimulation is an FDA-approved neuromodulatory treatment used in the clinic today for epilepsy, depression, and cluster headaches. Moreover, evidence in the literature has led to a growing list of possible clinical indications, with several small clinical trials applying VNS to treat conditions ranging from neurodegenerative diseases to arthritis, anxiety disorders, and obesity. Despite the growing list of therapeutic applications, the fundamental mechanisms by which VNS achieves its beneficial effects are poorly understood. (Source: BRAIN STIMULATION: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation)
Source: BRAIN STIMULATION: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation - March 26, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Kevin P. Cheng, Sarah K. Brodnick, Stephan L. Blanz, Weifeng Zeng, Jack Kegel, Jane A. Pisaniello, Jared P. Ness, Erika Ross, Evan N. Nicolai, Megan L. Settell, James K. Trevathan, Samuel O. Poore, Aaron J. Suminski, Justin C. Williams, Kip A. Ludwig Source Type: research

FDA Approval Summary: Ado-trastuzumab emtansine for the adjuvant treatment of HER2-positive early breast cancer.
This article summarizes the FDA review and the data supporting the approval of ado-trastuzumab emtansine as a component of treatment for patients with HER2-positive EBC with residual disease. PMID: 32217612 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical Cancer Research)
Source: Clinical Cancer Research - March 26, 2020 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Wedam S, Fashoyin-Aje L, Gao X, Bloomquist E, Tang S, Sridhara R, Goldberg KB, King-Kallimanis BL, Theoret MR, Ibrahim A, Amiri-Kordestani L, Pazdur R, Beaver JA Tags: Clin Cancer Res Source Type: research

Our experience regarding patients with headache, vomiting, and urinary retention following endothermal ablation of the greater saphenous vein under spinal anesthesia: Gender type, age interval, and procedural risk factors are important.
il; H PMID: 32216537 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Vascular)
Source: Vascular - March 26, 2020 Category: Surgery Authors: Bitargil M, El Kılıç H Tags: Vascular Source Type: research

Postcraniectomy pain: comparison between 2 incisions for the retrosigmoid approach. Prospective randomized study.
CONCLUSIONS: We found a higher rate of post-craniectomy headache in patients who underwent a "modified Dandy" incision. These are preliminary data of an undergoing study and we hope to obtain more representative information in the future. We recommend interdisciplinary follow up for the integral treatment of PCH. PMID: 32224029 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Neurocirugia)
Source: Neurocirugia - March 26, 2020 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Lorefice E, Marcó Del Pont F, Giovannini SJM, Cavanagh S, Goicochea MT, Cervio A Tags: Neurocirugia (Astur) Source Type: research

Sex, race, ADHD, and prior concussions as predictors of concussion recovery in adolescents.
Conclusions: Further research is needed to examine the role of sex, race, ADHD, and concussion history on concussion outcomes. PMID: 32200661 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Brain Injury)
Source: Brain Injury - March 25, 2020 Category: Neurology Tags: Brain Inj Source Type: research

Imaging the Premonitory Phase of Migraine
Migraine is a common and disabling brain disorder with a broad and heterogeneous phenotype, involving both pain and painless symptoms. Over recent years, more clinical and research attention has been focused toward the premonitory phase of the migraine attack, which can start up to days before the onset of head pain. This early phase can involve symptomatology, such as cognitive and mood change, yawning, thirst and urinary frequency and sensory sensitivities, such as photophobia and phonophobia. In some patients, these symptoms can warn of an impending headache and therefore offer novel neurobiological insights and therape...
Source: Frontiers in Neurology - March 25, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Isolated pineal gland metastasis of acute lymphocytic leukemia: case report.
Abstract Metastasis in the pineal region is a rare condition. To best of our knowledge, there is no case report of isolated pineal metastasis secondary to acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). The aim of this study is to show the pineal gland involvement of ALL in a case for the first time in the literature. A 25-year-old male patient diagnosed with ALL 2 years ago presented with headache and visual impairment. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a well-defined solid lesion which was revealed intensive enhancement after contrast. On diffusion-weighted images, the lesion showed significant diffusion r...
Source: Cancer Biology and Therapy - March 25, 2020 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Taydas O, Yesilyurt M, Ogul Y, Ogul H Tags: Cancer Biol Ther Source Type: research

A systematic review of morbidities suggestive of the multiple sclerosis prodrome.
Authors: Yusuf FLA, Ng BC, Wijnands JMA, Kingwell E, Marrie RA, Tremlett H Abstract Introduction: The identification of a prodromal phase in multiple sclerosis (MS) could have major implications for earlier recognition and management of MS. The authors conducted a systematic review assessing studies of morbidities before, or at, MS onset or diagnosis.Areas covered: Two independent reviewers searched Medline, Embase, Psycinfo and CINAHL from inception to February 8th, 2019. To be eligible, studies had to be published in English and report the relative occurrence of at least one morbidity or symptom before, or at, MS on...
Source: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics - March 24, 2020 Category: Neurology Tags: Expert Rev Neurother Source Type: research

Young Girl With Headache
Publication date: April 2020Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 75, Issue 4Author(s): Gareth D. Marshall, Jeffrey T. Neal (Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine)
Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine - March 24, 2020 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Irritability and its relationships with psychological symptoms in adolescents with migraine: a case-control study
AbstractObjectiveThe aim of this study was to investigate self- and parent-reported irritability in adolescents with migraine and to evaluate the relationship between self- and parent-reported irritability and psychological symptoms in adolescents with migraine.MethodsThe sample of this single-center cross-sectional case-control study consisted of 71 adolescents with migraine (who were followed in a pediatric neurology clinic) and their parents. The control group consisted of 41 age- and sex-matched healthy adolescents and their parents.ResultsIt was observed that there were significant differences in both self- (p 
Source: Neurological Sciences - March 24, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Pseudo-Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: A Retrospective Study and Case Report
Pseudo-benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (pseudo-BPPV) is a specific type of vestibular migraine disguised as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is characterized by recurrent different types of positional and atypical positional vertigo with migraine features. It is easy to be misdiagnosed with BPPV at the first visit, which means that the ideal therapeutic effects are not achieved. Twenty-five cases of pseudo-BPPV with frequent changing positional vertigo were retrospected and the following key features help to identify the disease: recurrent positional and atypical positional vertigo, migrainous accompanying ...
Source: Frontiers in Neurology - March 24, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Clinical and MRI Features of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome With Atypical Regions: A Descriptive Study With a Large Sample Size
Conclusion: The common symptoms of PRES with atypical regions include headaches, altered mental status, seizures, visual disturbances, nausea or vomiting, and focal neurological deficits. The frequent predisposing factors include hypertension, renal diseases, immunosuppressant drugs and chemotherapy/chemoradiotherapy. MRI features are mainly characterized by vasogenic edema in central zones always accompanied by typical regions. Most cases can be reversed in 2–3 weeks when promptly recognized and properly treated. (Source: Frontiers in Neurology)
Source: Frontiers in Neurology - March 24, 2020 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

A cluster headache attack with ipsilateral temporomandibular joint pain: a case report.
PMID: 32204743 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences)
Source: The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences - March 24, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Chan TLH, Kim DD, Becker WJ Tags: Can J Neurol Sci Source Type: research

Is serum TWEAK a useful biomarker of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus?
Abstract The aim of this study was to determine the role of the tumor necrosis factor like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) as a serum biomarker of neuropsychiatric involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus (NPSLE). Levels of TWEAK levels were measured in sera of 92 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), including 28 patients with neuropsychiatric lupus, and in 59 healthy controls using ELISA. All SLE patients underwent rheumatological, neurological and psychiatric assessment. We found no significant differences in TWEAK levels, between SLE patients and the healthy controls (p=0.2411). Similarly, no ...
Source: Physiological Research - March 23, 2020 Category: Physiology Authors: Balajkova V, Olejarova M, Moravcova R, Kozelek P, Posmurova M, Hulejova H, Senolt L Tags: Physiol Res Source Type: research

Behavioral Therapy Preferences in People With Migraine.
We report descriptive statistics and quantitative analyses. RESULTS: There were 401 participants. Median age was 34 [IQR: 29, 41] years. More than two thirds of participants (70.3%, 282/401) were women. Median number of headache days/ month was 5 [IQR: 2.83, 8.5]. Some (12.5%, 50/401) used evidence-based behavioral therapy for migraine. The participants reported that they were "somewhat likely" to pursue in-person or smartphone behavioral therapy and behavioral therapy covered by insurance but were neutral about pursuing the telephone-based behavioral therapy. Participants were "not very likely" to...
Source: Headache - March 23, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Minen MT, Jalloh A, Begasse de Dhaem O, Seng EK Tags: Headache Source Type: research

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Pulsed Radiofrequency for the Treatment of Refractory Chronic SUNCT and SUNA: A Prospective Case Series.
CONCLUSIONS: In our small series of patients with refractory chronic SUNCT/SUNA, SPG-PRF was a safe and effective treatment modality. The potential reproducible positive effect of subsequent treatments may prevent or delay the use of more invasive and costly interventions for at least a proportion of these patients. PMID: 32202666 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Headache)
Source: Headache - March 23, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Ornello R, Palmisani S, Murphy M, Sacco S, Al-Kaisy A, Lambru G Tags: Headache Source Type: research

Stroke-Like Migraine Attacks After Radiation Therapy (SMART) Syndrome: A Rare, Reversible Complication of Radiation Therapy.
PMID: 32202326 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Headache)
Source: Headache - March 23, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Makar GS, Siegal T, Syrow L Tags: Headache Source Type: research

[The B árány Classification of vestibular disorders, its clinical implementation and future prospects].
[The Bárány Classification of vestibular disorders, its clinical implementation and future prospects]. HNO. 2020 Mar 19;: Authors: Bisdorff A Abstract Vestibular diseases often have no or only nonspecific biomarkers. It is therefore necessary to define these disorders using operational criteria based on patterns of symptoms, i.e., the presence of inclusion and exclusion criteria, similar to the situation with headaches or psychiatric diseases. Ten years ago, the Bárány Society embarked upon development of the International Classification of Vestibular Disorders (ICVD). This ...
Source: HNO - March 22, 2020 Category: ENT & OMF Tags: HNO Source Type: research

Migraine Headache and Risk of Dementia in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Neurocognitive Study.
CONCLUSION: Despite evidence of brain abnormalities in migraineurs, there was no association between migraine and incident dementia in this prospective cohort. PMID: 32200562 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Headache)
Source: Headache - March 22, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: George KM, Folsom AR, Sharrett AR, Mosley TH, Gottesman RF, Hamedani AG, Lutsey PL Tags: Headache Source Type: research