Vitamin D Estimation With Giardia Lamblia Infections
Condition:   Giardia Lamblia Infection Intervention:   Sponsor:   Sohag University Recruiting (Source:
Source: - March 3, 2021 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Treatment of Giardia Lamblia Infections in Children
Condition:   GIARDIASIS Interventions:   Drug: Metronidazole;   Drug: Tinidazole Sponsor:   Helsinki University Central Hospital Not yet recruiting - verified October 2016 (Source:
Source: - October 19, 2016 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Diagnosis of Neglected Tropical Diseases Among Patients With Persistent Digestive Disorders
Conditions:   Soil-transmitted Helminthiasis;   Schistosomiasis;   Strongyloidiasis;   Shigellosis;   Intestinal Salmonellosis;   Campylobacteriosis;   Aeromonas Spp. Infections;   Giardiasis;   Amoebiasis;   Dientamoebiasis;   Cryptosporidium Spp. InfectionsInterventions:   Procedure: Stool culturing for pathogenic bacteria;   Procedure: Kato-Katz technique;   Procedure: Baermann technique;   Device: Mini-FLOTAC;   Device: Crypto/Giardia Duo Strip;   Procedure: Formalin-ether concentration technique;   Device: CCA RDT;   Procedure: Koga agar plate culture;   Procedure: Kinyoun...
Source: - March 21, 2014 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Parasitic Infections of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Conditions:   Amebiasis;   Cryptosporidiosis;   Giardiasis;   Parasitic Disease;   Parasitic Intestinal Disease;   Gastrointestinal Helminth InfectionsIntervention:   Sponsor:   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)Recruiting - verified August 2014 (Source:
Source: - November 3, 1999 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials