How green is your food? Eco-labels can change the way we eat, study shows
While food labels are nothing new, a different type that calculates the environmental cost has had a surprising effect on consumersIt ’s lunchtime at a workplace cafeteria in Birmingham, and employees returning to work after months away during the coronavirus pandemic are noticing something has changed. Next to the sandwiches and hot and cold dishes is a small globe symbol, coloured green, orange or red with a letter in the cent re from A to E. “Meet our new eco-labels”, a sign reads.Researchers at Oxford University have analysed the ingredients in every food item on the menu and given the dishes an environmental imp...
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Research suggests a diet rich in dairy fat may lower the risk of heart disease
Study ’s lead author says evidence shows ‘type of dietary fat, or the source of dietary fat, is actually more important than the amount’Get our free news app;get our morning email briefingA higher consumption of dairy fat may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to new research that suggests choosing full-fat dairy options is no worse for heart health.The study, from an international team of experts, challenges the view that full-fat dairy products, such as cheese, yoghurt and milk, should be avoided because of their high saturated fat content.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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‘Exhausted and demoralised staff are walking away from healthcare’
UNISON’s virtual health conference opened this morning with a succession of motions aimed at ensuring members’ health and wellbeing as the UK moves forward from the pandemic. Ros Norman (pictured above), chair of the health service group executive (HSGE) said: “The consequences of the virus for health care staff was devastating. Everyone of the health care workers who died have left families bereaved, teams in tears and branches who will never ever forget the toll that this virus has taken.” UNISON senior vice president Andrea Egan talked of the “unprecedented challenges” on members’ working lives cau...
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Scrap mandatory vaccine deadline or risk decimating the care sector, says UNISON
The care sector faces catastrophic staff shortages unless unvaccinated workers get their Covid shot by midnight (Thursday) or the government listens to reason and abandons its draconian ‘no jab, no job’ policy, warns UNISON. Care workers must have their first vaccination today (Thursday) to beat the government’s deadline of 11 November to be double-jabbed or be banned from entering care homes in England. UNISON believes mandatory vaccination should be scrapped or thousands of people may lose out on the support they need. The care sector is already in the grip of a severe staffing crisis and UNISON is r...
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A new post-pandemic deal is needed for public services
The government must recognise the dedication and commitment of workers who got us through the pandemic with a new deal for public services and its staff, says UNISON today (Monday). Speaking at the TUC earlier today, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said: “Covid has had a profound effect on public service staff. Their sacrifice, the loss of life, the strain on physical and mental health and the economic repercussions will be felt for generations. “The Westminster government needs to be reminded of this and told in no uncertain terms to listen to the voices of the workers who carried us all through this cri...
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UNISON calls for proper investment for public services after COVID
“Working people have been through the wringer over the past 18 months”, began UNISON vice president Andrea Egan, as she addressed delegates at the annual TUC congress. “Our public services – and union members – have kept the country afloat. So now is the time to invest in them properly – and to reject the failed policies of the past. Austerity has never worked before and it certainly won’t work now.” Speaking to the government’s plans to squeeze post-COVID 19 spending and freeze public sector pay, Ms Egan (pictured) said: “The spending constraints will not help the economy bounce back”. Instead, she ...
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Ministers must bring back  safety measures in schools, say unions 
The government should re-introduce safety measures in schools, including bubbles, social distancing and face coverings, in light of warnings of the “exponential growth” of coronavirus amongst children when the new academic year begins, say education unions UNISON, GMB and Unite. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) committee has cautioned that it’s “highly likely” there will be a high prevalence of the virus for pupils and staff when term starts in England, causing more disruption in learning. After 18 months of unsettled education, it’s vital every effort is made to minimise transmissio...
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Exploitation of care workers must end, says UNISON
care wCommenting on the Labour Party’s call today (Thursday) to make Parliamentary time available to consider a bill that would ensure care workers are paid at least the minimum wage, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said: “It’s a national scandal that care workers continue to receive less than the minimum wage. Frontline workers are being exploited and ministers must make time to deal with this immediately. “Ending the unscrupulous practices that blight the care sector cannot come soon enough. This includes not only action on low pay, but the use of zero-hours contracts and inadequate sick pay. “L...
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Unions write to home secretary demanding police staff pay freeze is overturned
Unions representing police staff, including control room operatives, 999 calls handlers and forensic specialists, have written to the home secretary Priti Patel today (Wednesday) asking her to urgently reconsider the decision to impose a pay freeze on the majority of police staff this year. In July, the Police Staff Council decided police staff earning over £24,000 a year would have their pay frozen for 2021/22, with those earning below that figure receiving an increase of just £250 a year. In their letter, the unions – UNISON, GMB and Unite – highlight that police staff are the only group of emergency respon...
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Blog: Is this the kind of community you want to live in?
Every day, our lives are made better, safer and happier by the places and services run by our local councils, and by the workers who keep them going. Without everything our councils give us, our lives would be very different. The political decision, made in Westminster, to starve our services of cash for the last decade, has put everything at risk. If something isn’t done urgently, the outcome will be catastrophic. UNISON has produced a new film – watch as our local services crumble to dust in front of your eyes … We will find ourselves walking at night in darkness, because there’s no money to keep street li...
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Sandwell leisure staff strike again over ‘fire and rehire’ tactics
Swimming instructors, lifeguards, receptionists and other staff at the Sandwell Leisure Trust in the West Midlands took to the picket line at the Portway Lifestyle Centre this morning as they took further industrial action over changes to their contracts. The one-day strike is the third this year by employees of the trust, in response to new agreements affecting the pay of around 280. Support has come from three Labour councillors, who visited the picket line today, as well as other trade unionists. The employer’s use of ‘fire and rehire’ tactics has been condemned by UNISON, as they force workers to accept un...
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Blog: Plight of desperate Afghans highlights UK ’s cruel refugee plans
We are witnessing deeply upsetting scenes from Afghanistan. People are fleeing safety through desperate means. Human rights activists, feminists, trade unionists, journalists – now waiting for a terrifying knock on their door. After the UK’s involvement in Afghanistan over the last two decades, we cannot fail them now. But this needs a concerted effort, because the Westminster government is already pushing plans through Parliament to make claiming asylum almost impossible. The Nationality and Borders Bill – introduced this summer – seeks to punish the most desperate refugees. Those who make ‘irregular’ journeys...
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UNISON Cymru/Wales opens consultation on NHS pay
UNISON’s consultation on the 3% pay rise for NHS staff in Cymru/Wales opens tomorrow, Wednesday 11 August. Eligible members will be sent a secure link to vote – and everyone is urged to have their say. Health is the main area that is devolved in Wales, so there has been frustration that the pay rise has been imposed by Westminster with no negotiating table to turn to. UNISON Cymru/Wales believes that the pay rise is not only ‘short of the mark’, but further stretches the gap between the highest and lowest paid. Those who earn the most are getting over £3,000 out of the award – those on the lowest pay point are n...
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Red Meat Tied to Higher Risk for Ischemic Heart Disease
FRIDAY, Aug. 6, 2021 -- Higher intake of both unprocessed red meat and processed meat is associated with ischemic heart disease (IHD), according to a review published online July 20 in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Keren Papier,... (Source: - Pharma News)
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UK government includes workplaces in abuse advice
UNISON’s argument that home and work cannot be neatly separated in terms of domestic abuse has been recognised in draft statutory guidance in support of the Domestic Abuse Act. The government is now recommending that, as best practice, employers should develop policies that set out their approach to domestic abuse, which could include signposting, roles and responsibilities in their organisations, and training. It has stated that, “this support offer may include access to paid leave, which can be helpful to victims in certain situations”. The Home Office has launched a consultation on the draft guidance, whose key ob...
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