Sir, do you think it could be allergies?
"I've got the sinus (yes, singular) again doc!" Why is the suggestion that this "sinus infection" is really just allergies almost fightin' words? My area is notoriously bad for seasonal allergies but to ask most of my patients to try allergy medicine feels like I'm selling ice cubes to an Eskimo. Mr X, I've seen you every May for the last 5 years for this same thing. You got a Zpack from the immediate care 3 weeks ago and are still no better. Have you tried Zyrtec, Claritin, Flonase, etc?... Sir, do you think it could be allergies? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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I'm starting my pgy1 year in July, and out of curiosity, I was wondering what the legalities / ethics is behind prescribing non-controlled substances to oneself. Ie. Flonase, or Claritin. Obviously not any super serious meds, and definitely not Benzos or opioids. Sorry for my ignorance; I know it's probably frowned upon, but prescribing allergy meds for myself seems very benign. I've read some posts here about self-prescribing, but they're circa 2009. I was wondering if laws / consensus has... Self-prescribing (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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So diagnosis...stop looking?
Looking for confirmation my 8 year old daughter doesn't have cf. Wondering what is going on. Has environmental allergies (as shown on skin tests 2x). Diagnosed with asthma 2 yrs ago due to wheeze ever. Last school year had bacterial pneumonia in Sept (x-ray at er) and bacterial pneumonia in May (2 night hosp stay). Possible pneumonia in mid June...treated but no x-ray. In past has seen GI for possible reflux and genetics b/c she didn't sweat. Sweating has slowly started and they think possible connective tissue disorder. Recurrent pneumonias have lead to numerous tests. She's been doing really well sinc...
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Drugs During Pregnancy
I'm sure this answer is here somewhere but what drugs are allowed and not allowed during pregnancy. I am currently on TOBI Podhaler and alternating that with cayston. I also take Pulmozyme, albuterol and hypertonic saline, as well as azithromycin (500 mg 3x/week), symbicort, flonase. Any info would be appreciated. (Source: Cystic Fibrosis Pregnancy Forum)
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