Kacey Musgraves Drops ‘Deeper Well’ Candle from Boy Smells, ‘I Wanted to Create a Multi-Sensorial Experience’
Kacey Musgraves is saying goodbye to people who are real good at wasting her time, and hello to a brand new Boy Smells candle. Named after her hotly anticipated new album “Deeper Well,” set to drop in on March 15, the new scent has top notes of saffron, eucalyptus and raspberry and is promising a…#kaceymusgraves #boysmells #musgraves #boyssmells #newyorkcity #deeperwell #lelabo #diptyque #literiesbelowdeck #barbiedreamhouse (Source: Reuters: Health)
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The National Scorches Through Singalongs, Gives Life to New Album in Madison Square Garden Stop: Concert Review
The National’s headlining show at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday felt like the culmination of a 20-plus-year grassroots campaign of devotees growing the base one person at a time. After all, nothing about the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Ohio quintet is radio-friendly: Frontman Matt Berninger…#newyorks #madisonsquaregarden #brooklyn #ohio #mattberninger #brycedessner #knottyguitar #bryandevendorf #berninger #eucalyptus (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How Indigenous people shaped Australia ’s curious geography of plants
On shady, densely wooded riverbanks in eastern Australia, the black bean tree is easily missed. It can reach 12 stories tall, but Castanospermum australe mostly blends in with its rainforest peers. Each November, however, it catches the eye as sprays of large red and orange blossoms adorn its dark, glossy leaves. Six months later, cylindrical pods longer than a banana encase three to five large seeds. The seed pods are buoyant, so those that end up in the water can drift away, allowing the seeds to germinate far from the parent tree. But each seed weighs about as much as a mouse—too heavy to be carried of...
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Going to sleep while smelling lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary could boost your memory later in life, study finds
Volunteers were exposed to pleasant scents such as lavender, rose, orange, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint and rosemary at night and found that their memory was improved in testing (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Australia's Eucalyptus Adds Ozempic To Weight-Loss Drug Lineup After Initial Resistance
In a significant shift in strategy, Australia’s leading weight loss drug-selling start-up, Eucalyptus, has started offering Ozempic, a medication traditionally used for Type 2 diabetes treatment in the country, reports the Australian Financial Review. This comes after the company’s recent…#eucalyptus #ozempic #jennycraig #juniperandpilot #saxenda #tga #timdoyle #guardian (Source: Reuters: Health)
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The Least Toxic Ways to Protect Yourself from Ticks
When it comes to keeping away creatures that creep and crawl, the U.S. doesn’t mess around. More than 198 million Americans used insect repellent last year, a figure that is expected to top 200 million this year. Much of that is to ward off ticks, which are technically arachnids and carry more than a dozen diseases. But the repellents themselves can present concerns of their own with their pungent smells, occasional irritation, and labels full of mystifying chemicals most people have never heard of. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] With 2023 turning into one of the worst tick seasons in recent memory, pl...
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Warehouse boom transformed Inland Empire. Are jobs worth the environmental degradation?
For decades, Bosch Dairy in Ontario, where three generations raised cattle, was a bucolic outpost with fields of cows and rows of eucalyptus to cut the driving wind that came down the Cajon Pass. A few years ago, Bud Bosch noticed semitrailers occasionally rumbling along the two-lane rural road by…#boschdairy #ontario #cajonpass #budbosch #longbeach #inlandempire #colton #norco #gavinnewsom #sanbernardino (Source: Reuters: Health)
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The National Tease New Album With Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers & Sufjan Stevens
The National are teasing their next project, and it’s shaping up to be a high-profile one. On Friday (Jan. 13), the group uploaded a video of lead singer Matt Berninger in a sepia-toned clip sitting at a piano bench and reading a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a sparse, piano instrumental…#taylorswift #yourmind #eucalyptus #swiftbridgers #phoebebridgers #brycedessner #bryandevendorf #aarondessner #maryshelleys #alcotticemachines (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Flammable invasive grasses are increasing risk of devastating wildfires
.news-article__hero--featured .parallax__element{ object-position: 25% 70%; -o-object-position: 25% 70%; } For decades, eastern Oregon’s scablands—rocky patches of open terrain—were a refuge for people fighting wildfires in the surrounding forests. The thin soil and sparse vegetation offered little fuel for the flames, creating an oasis from which firefighters could operate and a barrier that could help halt a fire’s spread. That all changed in 2015. After lightning sparked a fire near a steep-walled canyon, the blaze unexpectedly raced across scablands so quickly that firefighters struggled to catch up. ...
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Numerical study on effect of ambient humidity variation on self-heating and spontaneous ignition of the eucalyptus bark pile - Fu S, Chen H, Watt SD, Sidhu HS, Luangwilai T, Shu Y.
The self-heating and spontaneous ignition process pose a fire risk for industrial biomass piles during storage. Most studies, from theoretical to numerical, pay more attention on the effect of pile size on self-heating and self-ignition, which in essence i... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Initial growth of fires in eucalypt litter, from ignition to steady-state rate of spread: laboratory studies - Gould JS, Sullivan AL, Gould JS, Sullivan AL.
As part of an investigation of wildfire growth and acceleration, the initial growth of incipient fires burning in uniform dry eucalypt forest (Eucalyptus rossii, E. macrorhyncha) litter fuel of 1.2 kg m −2 was studied in a combustion wind tunnel with a fu... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Title: eucalyptusCategory: MedicationsCreated: 3/18/2022 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/18/2022 12:00:00 AM (Source: MedicineNet Medications General)
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‘I’m really just high on life and beauty’: the woman who can see 100 million colours
As a kid, Concetta Antico was always ‘a bit out of the box’, but it took decades for her to discover just how differently she was seeing the worldRead more in theMeet the superhumansseriesIt would be easy to look at the vivid array of colour contained in the paintings of artist Concetta Antico and assume she is using artistic licence. The trunks of her eucalyptus trees are hued with violet and mauve; the yellow crest on her cockatoo has hints of green and blue; the hypercolour of a garden landscape looks almost psychedelic.“It’s not just an affectation and it’s not artistic licence,” says Antico. “I’m actua...
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Telehealth platform Eucalyptus plans UK entry with latest $42M funding
It is also looking to fill in more leadership roles as it goes international. (Source: mobihealthnews)
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Antiplaque and antigingivitis efficacy of medicated and non-medicated sugar-free chewing gum as adjuncts to toothbrushing: systematic review and network meta-analysis
ConclusionSFCG containing GT+Xyl showed better antiplaque effect over negative controls. However, cautious interpretation is required due to the low number of direct comparisons arms. These shortcomings underscore the need for RCTs with mostly head-to-head comparison that provide more conclusive evidence.Clinical relevanceThere is no robust evidence for the clinical indications of sugar-free chewing gums as adjunct to toothbrushing for the control of biofilm or the treatment of gingivitis. (Source: Dental Technology Blog)
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