Complex and Diverse Drivers of Parasite Loads in a Cosmopolitan Insect.
We examined several potential determinants of pinworm infection in wild Australian cockroaches (Periplaneta australasiae) from multiple biological scales: (1) habitat; (2) season; (3) cockroach body size, developmental stage, and sex; and (4) interactions between 2 pinworm species (Leidynema appendiculata and Thelastoma sp.). Over 1 yr, we collected 239 cockroaches from 2 separate rooms in an Illinois greenhouse. We used generalized linear mixed-effects models (GLMMs) to evaluate simultaneously the influence of these factors on pinworm abundance, and nearly all had significant effects. Overall, the abundance of L. appendic...
Source: The Journal of Parasitology - July 31, 2019 Category: Parasitology Authors: Meagher S, Winters KL, McCravy KW, Zwolak R Tags: J Parasitol Source Type: research

Enterobius vermicularis (Pinworm) Infection
New England Journal of Medicine,Volume 381, Issue 1, July 2019. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine)
Source: New England Journal of Medicine - July 2, 2019 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Wook-Ho Kang Sang-Chul Jee Source Type: research

Enterobius vermicularis infection: prevalence and risk factors among preschool children in kindergarten in the capital area, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm) is one of the most common human parasitic helminths, and children are the most susceptible group. Some behavioral and environmental factors may facilitate pinworm infection. In t... (Source: BMC Infectious Diseases)
Source: BMC Infectious Diseases - June 18, 2019 Category: Infectious Diseases Authors: Chia-Kwung Fan, Ting-Wu Chuang, Ying-Chieh Huang, Ai-Wen Yin, Chia-Mei Chou, Yu-Ting Hsu, Ramson Kios, Shao-Lun Hsu, Ying-Ting Wang, Mai-Szu Wu, Jia-Wei Lin, Kennar Briand and Chia-Ying Tu Tags: Research article Source Type: research

Unusual Etiology for Transaminitis
We report the case of a 37-year-old man who presented to the gastroenterology clinic with abdominal pain and was found to have elevated transaminases. Workup for acute/chronic liver disease was unrevealing. He underwent endoscopic evaluation showing a live pinworm in the colon. He was treated with albendazole with improvement in GI symptoms and resolution of his transaminitis. There are scarce reports in the literature describing pathognomonic, clinical, imaging, and laboratory findings for pinworm infection. Here, we attempt to review the literature for hepatic involvement with an enterobius infection and discuss the find...
Source: Digestive Diseases - June 14, 2019 Category: Gastroenterology Source Type: research

The relationship between genome size, morphological parameters and diet breadth in insect species
Publication date: Available online 31 May 2019Source: Biocatalysis and Agricultural BiotechnologyAuthor(s): R. Gandhi Gracy, B.R. Basavaarya, B. Kariyanna, C.G. Arunkumara, S.K. Jalali, T. Venkatesan, Chandish R. Ballal, M. MohanAbstractGenome size estimation is the first step involved in the complete genome sequencing project. Knowledge on genome size is also useful in research work related to genetics, molecular biology, and systematics. Though there are many methods of genome estimation, the Propidium Iodide (PI) based flow cytometry is simple and gives an accurate estimation. In the present investigation, the diploid g...
Source: Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology - May 31, 2019 Category: Biotechnology Source Type: research

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Pinworm Infection.
CONCLUSION: In nearly all cases, antihelminthic treatment along with attention to hygienic measures can successfully eradicate pinworm infection and prevent recurrence and autoinfection. The involvement of all persons living in the patient's house- hold, including sexual partners, is a prerequisite to the lasting success of treatment. PMID: 31064642 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Deutsches Arzteblatt International)
Source: Deutsches Arzteblatt International - May 10, 2019 Category: General Medicine Tags: Dtsch Arztebl Int Source Type: research

Findings in Appendectomies with Enterobius vermicularis Infection: Pinworm Is Not A Cause of Appendicitis
Conclusion: While E. vermicularis infection appears to be an incidental finding in appendectomies rather than being a cause of appendicitis, it probably stimulates LH which may mimic acute appendicitis clinically. PMID: 30938128 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Turkish Society for Parasitology)
Source: Turkish Society for Parasitology - March 27, 2019 Category: Parasitology Authors: Pehlivanoğlu B, Aydın Türk B, İşler S, Özdaş S, Abeş M Tags: Turkiye Parazitol Derg Source Type: research

Detection of Enterobius vermicularis in greater Berlin, 2007 –2017: seasonality and increased frequency of detection
AbstractThe pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis) causes mostly mild infections characterised by nocturnal anal pruritus, mainly in children. Still, the infection is stigmatising and sleep disturbances may lead to lack of concentration. For Germany, no epidemiological data are available. Laboratory data of all patients for whom detection ofE. vermicularis by cellulose tape test had been requested between 2007 and November 2017 were analysed retrospectively.E. vermicularis was detected in 971/5578 (17.4%) samples collected from 3991 patients. The detection rate increased significantly within the period of investigation. It was ...
Source: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - February 2, 2019 Category: Microbiology Source Type: research

A pinworm's tale: The evolutionary history of Lemuricola (Protenterobius) nycticebi
Publication date: Available online 2 December 2018Source: International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and WildlifeAuthor(s): Liesbeth Frias, Hideo Hasegawa, Danica J. Stark, Milena Salgado Lynn, Senthilvel KSS. Nathan, Tock H. Chua, Benoit Goossens, Munehiro Okamoto, Andrew J.J. MacIntoshAbstractLemuricola (Protenterobius) nycticebi is the only pinworm species known to infect strepsirrhine primates outside Africa, and the only pinworm species yet described in slow lorises. Here, we provided a detailed morphological comparison of female and male worms, and a first description of fourth-stage larvae collected from free...
Source: International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife - December 2, 2018 Category: Parasitology Source Type: research

Dentostomella translucida (Gerbil Pinworm) Infection in Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones Unguiculatus) Schulz and Krepkorgorskaja, 1932.
Abstract The popularity of Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) as pets as well as experimental animals is continuously increasing. Mongolian gerbils are the main natural hosts of the nematode Dentostomella translucida, also referred to as pinworm, threadworm, or seatworm. D. translucida (Oxyuridae) was recently detected in the necropsy of a gerbil housed at the experimental animal production center of Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Mongolian gerbils are the main natural hosts of D. translucida, also referred to as pinworm. During necropsy in this animal, 26 parasites were c...
Source: Turkish Society for Parasitology - December 1, 2018 Category: Parasitology Authors: Ayan A, Pekağırbaş M, Aypak S, Karagenç T Tags: Turkiye Parazitol Derg Source Type: research

Morphological and genetic characterization of Syphabulea tjanschani () (Nematoda: Oxyuridae), with phylogenetic position of Syphabulea in Oxyuridae.
Abstract Pinworms are important parasitic nematodes in animals and humans, and many species are of medical and veterinary importance. The genus Syphabulea is a poorly known group of pinworms. The systematic position of Syphabulea in Oxyuridae remains unclear. Moreover, there is still a paucity of detailed information on some morphological aspects of the type species S. tjanschani (Ablasov, 1962). In the present study, the detailed morphology of S. tjanschani was studied using light microscopy and, for the first time, scanning electron microscopy. The results revealed three traits useful for the characteriz...
Source: Infection, Genetics and Evolution - November 17, 2018 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Li Y, Chen HX, Yang XL, Li L Tags: Infect Genet Evol Source Type: research

Effective eradication of pinworms (Syphacia obvelata and Aspiculuris tetraptera) with Polygonum cognatum Meissn.
This study can be an important step in the discovery of new anthelmintic agents. PMID: 30237049 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Experimental Parasitology)
Source: Experimental Parasitology - September 17, 2018 Category: Parasitology Authors: Gürağaç Dereli FT, Ilhan M, Kozan E, Akkol EK Tags: Exp Parasitol Source Type: research

Sweet syndrome in association with enterobiasis
The Journal of Dermatology, EarlyView. (Source: The Journal of Dermatology)
Source: The Journal of Dermatology - September 6, 2018 Category: Dermatology Authors: Mathias Sulk , Jan Ehrchen Source Type: research

Sympatric Parasites Have Similar Host-Associated, but Asynchronous, Patterns of Diversification.
Abstract Parasitism is a common symbiotic interaction across diverse natural systems. Using a comparative evolutionary approach, we investigated the contributions of both host phylogeny and abiotic factors toward diversification of phylogenetically independent endoparasites that inhabit essentially the same physical space. We tested for host-parasite and parasite-parasite phylogenetic concordance in western North American chipmunks (Rodentia: Sciuridae) and two distantly related species of pinworms (Nematoda: Oxyurida). Deep structure in molecular phylogenies revealed signals of host-associated divergence ...
Source: The American Naturalist - August 21, 2018 Category: Biology Authors: Bell KC, Demboski JR, Cook JA Tags: Am Nat Source Type: research

A preliminary epidemiological study of pinworm infection in Thaklong Municipal Early Childhood Development Center and Rangsit Babies ’ Home, Pathum Thani, Thailand
We investigated the prevalence and risk factors for Enterobius vermicularis in children at the Thaklong Municipal Early Childhood Development Center (TMECDC), and the Rangsit Babies ’ Home (RBH) in Pathum Thani, T... (Source: BMC Research Notes)
Source: BMC Research Notes - August 20, 2018 Category: Research Authors: Aree Taylor, Prasert Saichua, Pochong Rhongbutsri, Rattana Tiengtip, Sirima Kitvatanachai and Walter R. J. Taylor Tags: Research note Source Type: research