A tale of two Tamars: domestic violence in the Hebrew Bible - Karman Y.
Jacqueline Vayntrub argues that the date-palm root helps us see the link metaphor between two Tamar figures in Genesis 38 and 2 Samuel 13. However, it is more appropriate to see its fruit as the link metaphor, although in a negative way. Their bitter exper... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - July 11, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Jurisprudence, Laws, Legislation, Policies, Rules Source Type: news

Multimillion trade by unskilled ergonomic-stressors stricken date palm climbers in rural Sindh [conference abstract] - Mehmood K, Khalid N.
Virtual Pre-Conference Global Injury Prevention Showcase 2021 - Abstract Book - # 5C.002 Background The global date trade accounts $1.2 billion and 8 billion trade of Pakistan, providing a major source of export revenues as well as of livelihood and inc... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - June 28, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Economics of Injury and Safety, PTSD, Injury Outcomes Source Type: news

Occupational safety and health in traditional date palm works - Hayati A, Marzban A, Rahnama M.
OBJECTIVE: Date palm is mostly cultivated in Western Asia and North Africa and is the main wealth for the people of these regions. Traditional date palm crown access via manual climbing, as the main activity in date fruit production, suffers from occupatio... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - April 28, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Falls Source Type: news

Date palm thorn injury: a literature review and a case study of extensive hand haematoma - Badran S, Mohammed M, Wani I, Hammouda A, Al-Lahham S.
Date palm thorn injuries require a high level of clinical suspicion and careful management as they can lead to severe complications, such as tissue inflammation, synovitis, and extensive haematoma. Although it is associated with serious injuries, this type... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - March 20, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Economics of Injury and Safety, PTSD, Injury Outcomes Source Type: news

Eye injuries caused by date palm thorns and leaves - Almahmoud T, Elhanan M, Abu-Zidan FM.
PURPOSE: To describe the clinical presentation, management, and outcome of hospitalized patients having date palm tree eye injuries. METHODS: This is a retrospective study of consecutive patients who were admitted to Al-Ain hospital following date ... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - February 8, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Economics of Injury and Safety, PTSD, Injury Outcomes Source Type: news

Don ’t Blame China. The Next Pandemic Could Come from Anywhere
The northern side of Chatuchak Weekend Market feels a bit like Noah has hit hard times and decided to offload the entire contents of his Ark. In wooden cages, bright-plumed fighting cocks squawk and peck. Around the corner are snakes in plastic takeout containers, prices scrawled on them in sharpie. Hairless squirrel kits snooze in a pile as a meerkat and giant iguana gaze on. A pygmy monkey leaps about with a furious scowl, perhaps indignant at the 30,000 baht ($950) price tag fixed to his enclosure. Across the narrow alleyway, a lynx prowls restlessly within its cage. “He’s 250,000 baht [$7,900],” says ...
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Dates Like Jesus Ate? Scientists Revive Ancient Trees From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds
Researchers in Israel have grown date palm trees from ancient seeds found at the same site as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Those trees might soon produce fruit, re-creating the taste of antiquity.(Image credit: Guy Eisner) (Source: NPR Health and Science)
Source: NPR Health and Science - February 6, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Dan Charles Source Type: news

Wax helps plants to survive in the desert
(University of W ü rzburg) The leaves of date palms can heat up to temperatures around 50 degrees Celsius. They survive thanks to a unique wax mixture that is essential for the existence in the desert. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
Source: EurekAlert! - Biology - April 29, 2019 Category: Biology Source Type: news

Medical News Today: Are dates healthful?
Dates are sweet fruits that grow in bundles on date palms. While they are high in natural sugar, they also contain many essential nutrients. In this article, learn about the benefits of eating dates as well as whether they are suitable to eat for people avoiding sugar, such as those with diabetes. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
Source: Health News from Medical News Today - July 23, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Nutrition / Diet Source Type: news

What You Should Know About the Nipah Virus Outbreak
Ten people in the South Indian state of Kerala have died after being infected by the Nipah virus, an emerging disease thought to be spread by fruit bats and other animals. Here’s what you should know about the outbreak. What is the Nipah virus? The Nipah virus is a highly contagious and deadly virus that was first identified in 1999 when pig farmers in Malaysia and Singapore became very sick. During that outbreak, nearly 300 people were infected, and more than 100 people died. To stop the outbreak, authorities had to euthanize over one million pigs. Since then, the virus has been identified in outbreaks in Bangladesh...
Source: TIME: Health - May 22, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Alexandra Sifferlin Tags: Uncategorized healthytime public health Source Type: news

Invasive weevil threatens California's palm trees and date industry
(University of California - Riverside) ISCA Technologies, a Riverside biotech company, and University of California, Riverside (UCR) scientists will work to develop environmentally-friendly pest controls to save California's iconic palm trees and protect the date palm industry from the invasive South American palm weevil. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR), a nonprofit established in the 2014 Farm Bill with bipartisan congressional support, today awarded $150,000 to fund research to combat this emerging pest. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
Source: EurekAlert! - Biology - November 1, 2017 Category: Biology Source Type: news

dbSNP build 147 data for human, chicken, soybean and more are available
dbSNP Build 147 is accessible on the web and via FTP. This release includes data for human, chicken, tilapia, mallard, sheep, date palm and soybean. Build 147 provides over 745 million submitted variants and 250 million reference variants for 7 organisms. To see complete build statistics, visit the SNP summary page. (Source: NCBI Announcements)
Source: NCBI Announcements - April 29, 2016 Category: Databases & Libraries Source Type: news

Somatic Embryogenesis of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Through Cell Suspension Culture
Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is the oldest and most economically important plant species distributed in the hot arid regions of the world. Propagation of date palm by seeds produces heterogeneous offspring with inferior field performance and poor fruit quality. Traditionally, date palm is propagated by offshoots, but this method is inefficient for mass propagation because of limited availability of offshoots. Plant regeneration through tissue culture is able to provide technologies for the large-scale propagation of healthy true-to-type plants. The most commonly used technology approach is somatic embryogenesis which...
Source: Springer protocols feed by Plant Sciences - April 8, 2016 Category: Biology Source Type: news

NYU Abu Dhabi's genome sequencing project sheds light on origin of the date palm
(New York University) NYU Abu Dhabi researchers have developed a map of genetic changes across the genome of date palms. They have also established genetic differences between Middle Eastern and North African date palms, an important discovery that sheds light on that long elusive question. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
Source: EurekAlert! - Biology - November 9, 2015 Category: Biology Source Type: news

Sterilize tools before pruning canary island date palms to prevent lethal fungal disease
There is a pathogen that is not new to Florida, however, new reports suggest that it is infecting the wild date palm. The good news is that it can be prevented most of the time by sterilizing pruning tools prior to pruning or by using a new pruning tool. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
Source: ScienceDaily Headlines - August 31, 2015 Category: Science Source Type: news