Question about autonomic hyperreflexia
Let's say theres a patient who is quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury 30 years ago, coming in for a cystoscopy. Would you do the case under a MAC with minimal sedation, or are you worried about autonomic hyperreflexia? My question is how long after a spinal cord injury is a patient at risk for autonomic hyperreflexia? I was told by someone that after 10+ years, the risk goes away. But I tried to do some research online, and I couldn't find anything about that. Anyone here know the... Question about autonomic hyperreflexia (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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uncertain diagnosis/ investigation for marathon runner
hiya, in my last exam there was a question that came up which I have been unable to find the answer for. It was something along these lines: 35yo marathon runner presents with severe RUQ pain. Urinalysis shows protein + blood +++ glucose -ve. What test would most likely confirm the diagnosis? Renal biopsy AXR Cystoscopy DMSA Renal US any ideas/ answers would be greatly appreciated! thanks (Source: New Media Medicine)
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