TWiV 578: Prometheus project
Vincent speaks with members of Prometheus, a team of academic and industrial scientists assembled to develop antibody-based therapeutics against infections caused by tick-borne Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and rodent-borne hantaviruses, for which no approved vaccines or specific drugs are available. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 578 (55 MB .mp3, 91 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become […] (Source: virology blog)
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TWiV 565: Karolinska Virology
From the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Vincent speaks with Niklas Björkström, Ali Mirazimi, and Matti Sällberg about their work on the impact of chronic hepatitis C virus infection on NK cells, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus vaccines, and immunotherapy to block entry of hepatitis B and D viruses. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 565 (52 MB .mp3, […] (Source: virology blog)
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Doctors as Data Entry Clerks for the Government Health Surveillance System
As a practicing physician I have long been frustrated with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system the federal government required health care practitioners to adopt by 2014 or face economic sanctions. This manifestation of central planning compelled many doctors to scrap electronic record systems already in place because the planners determined they were not used “meaningfully.” They were forced to buy a government-approved electronic health system and conform their decision-making and practice techniques to algorithms the central planners deem “meaningful.”  Other professions and businesses make use of techno...
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Answer to Case 506
Answer: Hard tick, Hyalommasp.As many of you noted, this is one of the " Old World " ticks found in many parts of North Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.Here are a few important facts about this tick :They are one of the most medically important ticks in the Old World. Important species includeHyalomma marginatum(MediterraneanHyalomma), H. trucantum, H. asiaticum, H. excavatum, H. aegyptium, H. scupense andH. rufipes. They are vectors for several important disease agents, including Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, several Rickettsia spp., Anaplasma phagoc...
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Tropical Travel Trouble 010 Fever, Arthralgia and Rash
LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog aka Tropical Travel Trouble 010 Peer Reviewer: Dr Jennifer Ho, ID physician QLD, Australia You are an ED doc working in Perth over schoolies week. An 18 yo man comes into ED complaining of fever, rash a “cracking headache” and body aches. He has just hopped off the plane from Bali where he spent the last 2 weeks partying, boozing and running amok. He got bitten by “loads” of mosquitoes because he forgot to take insect repellent. On examination he looks miserable,...
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Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and Travel
Reports of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) related to travel are rare. The following chronology is abstracted from Gideon and the Gideon e-book series. [1] 1985 – South Africa ex. Democratic Republic of Congo (fatal). 1986 – South Africa ex. Tanzania (nonfatal) 1997 – An English traveler died of probable CCHF contracted in Zimbabwe. 2001 – A German tourist acquired Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in Bulgaria. 2004 – A case of imported Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (nonfatal) was reported in a traveler returning to France from Senegal. Infection in a second French...
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Citizen's Council for Health Freedom: "The Truth about Electronic Health Records"
The Citizen's Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission "to protect health care choices and patient privacy" ( president, Twila Brase, wrote this piece about Electronic Health Records in the CCHF newsletter of June 18, 2014, observing some "inconvenient truths" and highlighting one of the most asinine statements I've ever seen about computers made by (of course) a venture capital official who happened to play a significant role in formulating the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. "Obamacare":
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Just say no?
Here's a thought: what if they gave an Exchange and nobody came?That's the premise behind a group calling itself the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, which has rolled out a campaign to dissuade folks from buying plans on the public Exchanges. CCHF offers four rationales: 1.No private insurance – Obamacare is “Medicaid for the middle class” – or as CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin calls exchange coverage: “a second Medicaid program.”2.No privacy – Data enters federal database accessible by IRS.3.Limited choice – Coverage is “narrow network” policies.4.High-cost premiums – Income redistribution to...
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Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in South Africa
The following background data are abstracted from Gideon and the Gideon e-book series. [1,2] Time and Place: The first indigenous case of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in South Africa was reported in 1981 – fatal infection acquired in Transvaal. - At the time of the report, 7% of persons in the area were found to be seropositive. - Highest incidence is reported in the Karoo, the Western Free State, the Northern Cape and North West Province. - Most patients are farmers, farm laborers, hunters or abattoir workers. - 101 cases were reported during 1981 to 1992; 81 during 1993 to 2010. - 16 ...
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