Prescriptions for Ritalin and other ADHD drugs double in a decade
Specialists fear cuts to mental health services have led to children being inappropriately prescribed drugsNearly a million prescriptions for Ritalin and related drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were dispensed last year – more than double the number of a decade ago.The figures have prompted a damning indictment of the system from experts who claim that the running down of mental health services has led to children being misdiagnosed and inappropriately prescribed drugs. Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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Get ahead in Silicon Valley: take nootropic brain drugs
Some in Silicon Valley claim that a combination of supplements, over-the-counter medications and other chemicals taken together can improve cognitive functionUpgrade your mind with a brain stimulatorUpgrade your diet with meals in a beakerJesper Noehr, 30, reels off the ingredients in the chemical cocktail he’s been taking every day before work for the past six months. It’s a mixture of exotic dietary supplements and research chemicals that he says gives him an edge in his job without ill effects: better memory, more clarity and focus and enhanced problem-solving abilities. “I can keep a lot of things on my mind at o...
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Depigmentation Cases Prompt New Label Warning for ADHD Patch
After dozens of reports of skin depigmentation or hypopigmentation associated with use of the methylphenidate transdermal system marketed as Daytrana, FDA officials are requiring that a new warning be added to the medication's package label. (Source: AAFP News)
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FDA: Daytrana patch may cause permanent skin depigmentation
Use of the Daytrana patch (methylphenidate transdermal system) for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may result in chemical leukoderma, Food and Drug Administration officials warned in a statement.... (Source: Skin and Allergy News)
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Daytrana ADHD Patch May Cause Permanent Skin Color ChangesDaytrana ADHD Patch May Cause Permanent Skin Color Changes
The methylphenidate patch Daytrana for ADHD may cause permanent skin color loss, the FDA warns. News Alerts (Source: Medscape Psychiatry Headlines)
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