14: Coincidental appendectomy in the surgical management of women with endometriosis and pelvic pain
The purpose of this study is to describe the rate of appendiceal endometriosis (AppE) in women having coincidental appendectomy at time of gynecologic surgery for pelvic pain, stage I-II endometriosis, or stage III-IV endometriosis. Coincidental appendectomy as standard of care in surgery for endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain has not been widely adopted largely due to uncertainty as to the prevalence of appendiceal pathology and procedure safety. (Source: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Source: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology - February 28, 2020 Category: OBGYN Authors: W.T. Ross, A. Chu, L. Li, P. Keller, A. Kunselman, G.J. Harkins, T. Deimling, A.S. Benton Tags: Oral Presentation Source Type: research

47: Pelvic congestion syndrome: A laparoscopic approach
The goal of this video is to demonstrate a laparoscopic approach for the management of chronic pelvic pain secondary to pelvic congestion syndrome presented by large tortuous ovarian vessels. (Source: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Source: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology - February 28, 2020 Category: OBGYN Authors: C. Barake, N.S. Moawad Tags: Video Cafe Source Type: research

Differential gene expression changes in the dorsal root versus trigeminal ganglia following peripheral nerve injury in rats
ConclusionsOur findings suggest that spinal and trigeminal neuropathies due to trauma are differentially regulated. Subtle but important differences between the two ganglia may affect NP development. (Source: European Journal of Pain)
Source: European Journal of Pain - February 28, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: O.A. Korczeniewska, G. Katzmann Rider, S. Gajra, V. Narra, V. Ramavajla, YJ. Chang, YX. Tao, P. Soteropoulos, S. Husain, J. Khan, E. Eliav, R. Benoliel Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

Pain thresholds and intensities of CRPS type I and neuropathic pain in respect to sex
AbstractBackground and aimsHealthy women have generally been found to have increased experimental pain perception and chronic pain has a higher prevalence in female as compared to male patients. However, no study has investigated whether pain intensity and pain perception thresholds are distinct or similar between sexes within various chronic pain entities. We investigated whether average pain intensities and pain thresholds assessed using quantitative sensory testing (QST) differed between women and men suffering from three distinct chronic pain conditions: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS type I), peripheral nerve in...
Source: European Journal of Pain - February 28, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: CH Meyer ‐Frießem, N Attal, R Baron, D Bouhassira, NB Finnerup, R Freynhagen, J Gierthmühlen, M Haanpää, P Hansson, TS Jensen, H Kemp, D Kennedy, A‐S Leffler, ASC Rice, M Segerdahl, J Serra, S Sindrup, R Solà, T Tölle, S Schuh Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

Small Fibre Pathology in Chronic Whiplash ‐Associated Disorder: A Cross‐Sectional Study
ConclusionsFindings suggest small fibre structural and functional deficits in chronic WAD, implicating potential involvement of small fibre pathology. (Source: European Journal of Pain)
Source: European Journal of Pain - February 28, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: SF Farrell, M Sterling, H Irving ‐Rodgers, AB Schmid Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

miR-384-5p ameliorates neuropathic pain by targeting SCN3A in a rat model of chronic constriction injury.
Conclusion: miR-384-5p is a negative regulator in the development of neuropathic pain by regulating SCN3A, indicating that miR-384-5p might be a promising therapeutic target in the treatment of neuropathic pain.Abbreviations: CCI: Chronic constriction injury; ZEB1: Zinc finger E box binding protein-1; MAPK6: Mitogen-activated protein kinase 6; COX-2: cyclooxygenase-2. PMID: 32098588 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Neurological Research)
Source: Neurological Research - February 28, 2020 Category: Neurology Tags: Neurol Res Source Type: research

Hypothetical roadmap towards endometriosis: prenatal endocrine-disrupting chemical pollutant exposure, anogenital distance, gut-genital microbiota and subclinical infections
AbstractBACKGROUNDEndometriosis is a gynaecological hormone-dependent disorder that is defined by histological lesions generated by the growth of endometrial-like tissue out of the uterus cavity, most commonly engrafted within the peritoneal cavity, although these lesions can also be located in distant organs. Endometriosis affects ~10% of women of reproductive age, frequently producing severe and, sometimes, incapacitating symptoms, including chronic pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia, among others. Furthermore, endometriosis causes infertility in ~30% of affected women. Despite intense research on the mechanisms i...
Source: Human Reproduction Update - February 28, 2020 Category: OBGYN Source Type: research

Cost-Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Denervation for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: The MINT Randomized Clinical Trials
To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of radiofrequency denervation when added to a standardized exercise program for patients with chronic low back pain. (Source: Value in Health)
Source: Value in Health - February 28, 2020 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: Esther T. Maas, Johan N.S. Juch, Raymond W.J.G. Ostelo, J. George Groeneweg, Jan-Willem Kallewaard, Bart W. Koes, Arianne P. Verhagen, Johanna M. van Dongen, Maurits W. van Tulder, Frank J.P.M. Huygen Source Type: research

Case report and review of the potential role of the Type A piriformis muscle in dynamic sciatic nerve entrapment variant of piriformis syndrome
AbstractPiriformis syndrome (PS) is an underdiagnosed but common cause of chronic buttock pain and sciatica. Anatomical variants of the piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve have not been thought to be significant in the pathophysiology of PS however, recent description of the piriformis musculotendinous junction has identified a common variant that we believe frequently results in dynamic sciatic nerve entrapment at the infra-piriformis fossa. We performed ultrasound guided low-dose Botulinum Toxin-A (BTX-A) injection to the lower piriformis muscle belly in an elite Australian Rules football player with PS and Type A pirifo...
Source: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy - February 28, 2020 Category: Anatomy Source Type: research

Skindex-29 Scores Indicate Poor Quality of Life in Early Stage Mycosis Fungoides
Mycosis Fungoides (MF) is an indolent extranodal T-cell lymphoma that presents with a variable combination of waxing and waning cutaneous symptoms (scaly rash, pruritus, burning, and sometimes pain).[1] The chronic nature of the skin symptoms and the burden of carrying a diagnosis of malignancy have significant impact on the quality of life of MF patients. Health-related quality of life (HRQoL), quantified via several available questionnaires, generally is poor in patients with MF [2 –5] though we lack an in depth understanding of the specific factors that influence it, especially in subgroups of MF patients with ear...
Source: Journal of Dermatological Science - February 28, 2020 Category: Dermatology Authors: Doaa Shalabi, Saritha Kartan, Megan O ’Donnell, Romsin Zaya, Tingting Zhan, Wenyin Shi, Onder Alpdogan, Pierluigi Porcu, Neda Nikbakht Source Type: research

Interventions for treating oral lichen planus: corticosteroid therapies.
CONCLUSIONS: Corticosteroids have been first line for the treatment of OLP. This review found that these drugs, delivered topically as adhesive gels or similar preparations, may be more effective than placebo for reducing the pain of symptomatic OLP; however, with the small number of studies and participants, our confidence in the reliability of this finding is low. The results for clinical response were inconclusive, and we are uncertain about adverse effects. Very low-certainty evidence suggests that calcineurin inhibitors, specifically tacrolimus, may be more effective at resolving pain than corticosteroids, although th...
Source: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - February 28, 2020 Category: General Medicine Authors: Lodi G, Manfredi M, Mercadante V, Murphy R, Carrozzo M Tags: Cochrane Database Syst Rev Source Type: research

Effect of crocin on morphine tolerance and serum BDNF levels in a rat model of neuropathic pain.
CONCLUSION: These findings indicate that crocin may have a therapeutic effect to maintain morphine analgesic efficacy and also to prevent the development of morphine tolerance in neuropathic pain, but probably not through BDNF. PMID: 32112363 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Pharmacological Reports)
Source: Pharmacological Reports - February 28, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Safakhah HA, Damghanian F, Bandegi AR, Miladi-Gorji H Tags: Pharmacol Rep Source Type: research

Participation of CXCL1 in the glial cells during neuropathic pain.
Abstract Neuropathic pain is a chronic pain characterized by injury to the central or peripheral nervous system and that most often causes disability in individuals. Among the mechanisms involved in central sensitization during neuropathic pain are cytokines and chemokines released by spinal glial cells; however, these mechanisms are not well elucidated. Thus, the present study aimed to investigate the involvement of Chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 1 (CXCL1) and glial cells in this process. Male Wistar rats weighing 220-240 g were used and underwent a neuropathic pain model induced by chronic constriction injury ...
Source: European Journal of Pharmacology - February 28, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Moraes TR, Elisei LS, Malta IH, Galdino G Tags: Eur J Pharmacol Source Type: research

Diverting colostomy is an effective and reversible option for severe hemorrhagic radiation proctopathy.
Abstract BACKGROUND: Severe chronic radiation proctopathy (CRP) is difficult to treat. AIM: To evaluate the efficacy of colostomy and stoma reversal for CRP. METHODS: To assess the efficacy of colostomy in CRP, patients with severe hemorrhagic CRP who underwent colostomy or conservative treatment were enrolled. Patients with tumor recurrence, rectal-vaginal fistula or other types of rectal fistulas, or who were lost to follow-up were excluded. Rectal bleeding, hemoglobin (Hb), endoscopic features, endo-ultrasound, rectal manometry, and magnetic resonance imaging findings were recorded. Quality of life be...
Source: World Journal of Gastroenterology : WJG - February 28, 2020 Category: Gastroenterology Authors: Yuan ZX, Qin QY, Zhu MM, Zhong QH, Fichera A, Wang H, Wang HM, Huang XY, Cao WT, Zhao YB, Wang L, Ma TH Tags: World J Gastroenterol Source Type: research

Pharmacological management of adverse events during treatment of chronic viral hepatitis in three Ivorian university hospitals 
CONCLUSION: Correction of the adverse events was made either using causal treatment or using symptomatic drugs. However, some drugs, in particular hematopoietic factors, have been less used due to their costs.
. PMID: 32101521 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Source: International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics - February 27, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther Source Type: research

[Clinical and pathophysiological description of nummular headaches: a case series].
CONCLUSIONS: Nummular headache is a disorder with well-defined characteristics and is considered an entity in its own right. Our data indicate that its origin lies in the epicranial structures. The conjunction of pain, sensory dysfunction and trophic disorders suggests a local form of a complex regional syndrome. PMID: 32100277 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Revista de Neurologia)
Source: Revista de Neurologia - February 27, 2020 Category: Neurology Authors: Clar-de-Alba B, Barriga FJ, Rodríguez-Caravaca G Tags: Rev Neurol Source Type: research

Pharmacological characterization of a novel, potent, selective, and orally active fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor, PKM ‐833 [(R)‐N‐(pyridazin‐3‐yl)‐4‐(7‐(trifluoromethyl)chroman‐4‐yl)piperazine‐1‐carboxamide] in rats: Potential for the treatment of inflammatory pain
AbstractRecently, we identified a novel fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) inhibitor, PKM ‐833 [(R) ‐N‐(pyridazin‐3‐yl)‐4‐(7‐(trifluoromethyl)chroman‐4‐yl)piperazine‐1‐carboxamide]. The aim of the present study is to characterize the pharmacological profile of PKM‐833 in vitro and in vivo. PKM‐833 showed potent inhibitory activities against human and rat FAAH with IC50 values of 8.8 and 10  nmol/L, respectively, 200‐fold more selectivity against other 137 molecular targets, and irreversible mode of action. In pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, PKM‐833 showed excellent brain pen...
Source: Pharmacology Research and Perspectives - February 27, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Toshiya Endo, Takashi Takeuchi, Shunsuke Maehara Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Source Type: research

Hospice Utilization Among Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities.
CONCLUSION: Only a small proportion of residents in LTCFs received hospice care. Further investigation of standardized assessment of terminal status is needed as accuracy of end-stage diagnosis continues to be challenging and criteria for hospice eligibility are narrow. Special attention should be paid to improve access to hospice care among residents with dementia or other progressive chronic diseases with severe and complex clinical needs. PMID: 32093589 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Palliative Care)
Source: Journal of Palliative Care - February 27, 2020 Category: Palliative Care Tags: J Palliat Care Source Type: research

A Recipe for Disaster: Gabapentin and Opioid Use in an Older Adult
Chronic pain is common among older adults, as is the use of medications to treat these symptoms. Aging physiology, in combination with a higher likelihood of medication use and declining renal function, makes older adults more susceptible to adverse drug effects. As such, monitoring for side effects and changes in renal function is important to avoid drug toxicity, especially during acute illness when medication errors and acute changes in renal function are more likely to occur among older adults. (Source: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association)
Source: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association - February 27, 2020 Category: Health Management Authors: Patricia Guzman Rojas, Patricia Guzman Rojas, Karin Johnson, Belinda Setters Source Type: research

The Carrot Battle: An Acupuncture Wonder
Chronic pain is among the most common reasons for seeking medical attention. In the United States, 1 in 5 adults had chronic pain in 2016 and it is estimated to cost over $500 billion annually in direct medical costs and disability. It is a prevalent problem among residents in the nursing home. Non-pharmacologic therapies are the most preferred treatment for chronic pain as pharmacological therapies, such as opioids, have proven to be less effective and associated with numerous side effects among older adults. (Source: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association)
Source: Journal of the American Medical Directors Association - February 27, 2020 Category: Health Management Authors: Shyam Kolangara, Shyam Kolangara, Jade Kim, Xiangrong Shao Source Type: research

Cross-network coupling of neural oscillations in the dynamic pain connectome reflects chronic neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis
Publication date: Available online 26 February 2020Source: NeuroImage: ClinicalAuthor(s): J.A. Kim, R.B. Bosma, K.S. Hemington, A. Rogachov, N.R. Osborne, J.C. Cheng, J. Oh, B.T. Dunkley, K.D. Davis (Source: NeuroImage: Clinical)
Source: NeuroImage: Clinical - February 27, 2020 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Injection Techniques for Common Chronic Pain Conditions of the Foot: A Comprehensive Review
AbstractPurpose of ReviewThis is a comprehensive literature review of the available evidence and techniques of foot injections for chronic pain conditions. It briefly describes common foot chronic pain syndromes and then reviews available injection techniques for each of these syndromes, weighing the available evidence and comparing the available approaches.Recent FindingsFoot and ankle pain affects 20% of the population over 50 and significantly impairs mobility and ability to participate in activities of daily living (ADLs), as well as increases fall risk. It is commonly treated with costly surgery, at times with questio...
Source: Pain and Therapy - February 27, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

Biologics for chronic rhinosinusitis.
CONCLUSIONS: In adults with severe chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps, using regular topical nasal steroids, dupilumab improves disease-specific HRQL compared to placebo, and reduces the extent of the disease as measured on a CT scan. It probably also improves symptoms and generic HRQL and there is no evidence of an increased risk of serious adverse events. It may reduce the need for further surgery. There may be little or no difference in the risk of nasopharyngitis. In similar patients, mepolizumab may improve both disease-specific and generic HRQL. It is uncertain whether it reduces the need for...
Source: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - February 27, 2020 Category: General Medicine Authors: Chong LY, Piromchai P, Sharp S, Snidvongs K, Philpott C, Hopkins C, Burton MJ Tags: Cochrane Database Syst Rev Source Type: research

Identifying ‘non-progressors’ among patients with arthralgia
Nature Reviews Rheumatology, Published online: 27 February 2020; doi:10.1038/s41584-020-0400-xPatients with clinically suspect arthralgia have articular symptoms such as pain and stiffness of the small joints without clinical signs of arthritis. Some of these patients progress and develop ‘true’ disease, but how can we differentiate evolving chronic disease from disease that will resolve? (Source: Nature Reviews Rheumatology)
Source: Nature Reviews Rheumatology - February 27, 2020 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Axel J Hueber Gerhard Kr önke Source Type: research

Commentary: How Should We Build The Wall? The Importance of Sternal Closure
Median sternotomy remains the most common cardiac surgical incision used to access the heart and great vessels. Although sternotomy allows safe and effective exposure of mediastinal structures, complications including chronic pain, sternal instability and non-union, surgical site infection and mediastinitis cause significant morbidity and mortality.1 In addition, sternal complications add to procedural costs and overall hospital length of stay. The importance of the sternotomy closure to a successful cardiac operation cannot be overstated. (Source: Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery)
Source: Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery - February 27, 2020 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Authors: Kevin Landolfo, Osama Haddad Tags: ADULT – Commentary Source Type: research

Manual therapy and its role in occupational health: reducing absenteeism and presenteeism by treating chronic pain with spinal manipulation and mobilization in the workplace
Publication date: Available online 25 February 2020Source: European Journal of Integrative MedicineAuthor(s): By Miguel Rodrigues dos Santos, Carla Mendes (Source: European Journal of Integrative Medicine)
Source: European Journal of Integrative Medicine - February 26, 2020 Category: Complementary Medicine Source Type: research

Activating Sirt1 by resveratrol suppresses Nav1.7 expression in DRG through miR-182 and alleviates neuropathic pain in rats.
Authors: Jia Q, Dong W, Zhang L, Yang X Abstract Neuropathic pain is clinically unsatisfactorily treated because of unclear mechanisms. The present study aims to explore the concrete mechanisms underlying the alleviation of resveratrol-activated silent information regulator 1 (Sirt1) to chronic constriction injury (CCI)-induced neuropathic pain. CCI surgery was conducted to the unilateral sciatic nerve of male Sprague-Dawley rats to induce neuropathic pain experimentally. Resveratrol with or without miR-182 antagomir were administered to CCI rats via intrathecal catheter. Behavioral tests including paw withdrawal t...
Source: Channels - February 26, 2020 Category: Molecular Biology Tags: Channels (Austin) Source Type: research

Ketamine induces rapid and sustained antidepressant-like effects in chronic pain induced depression: Role of MAPK signaling pathway
Publication date: Available online 25 February 2020Source: Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological PsychiatryAuthor(s): Muris Humo, Beyza Ayazgök, Léa J. Becker, Elisabeth Waltisperger, Tomi Rantamäki, Ipek Yalcin (Source: Progress in Neuro Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry)
Source: Progress in Neuro Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry - February 26, 2020 Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research

Patterns of heroin use following index prescription opioid exposure.
CONCLUSIONS: This study further supports the role that prescription opioids play in the transition to heroin use. It suggests that oxycodone is the most common prescription opioid used prior to heroin initiation. Additionally, it reports descriptive information as to how and where prescription opioids are obtained. PMID: 32091617 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Opioid Management)
Source: Journal of Opioid Management - February 26, 2020 Category: Addiction Tags: J Opioid Manag Source Type: research

Clinical efficacy of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials
AbstractTo compare the effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection versus placebo (saline injection) on pain and joint function in lateral epicondylitis in randomized placebo-controlled trials. Randomized controlled trials that evaluated pain (visual analog scale [VAS] and patient-rated tennis elbow evaluation [PRTEE]) and/or functional improvement (PRTEE; disability of the arm, shoulder, and hand [DASH]; and Roles –Maudsley score [RMS]) in patients diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis and compared PRP with placebo injections were considered. The MEDLINE, EMBASE, Web of Science, and Scopus databases were searched...
Source: Clinical Rheumatology - February 26, 2020 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 1493: Nutritional Factors, Physical Health and Immigrant Status Are Associated with Anxiety Disorders among Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Findings from Baseline Data of The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)
ler-Thomson The main purpose of this study was to compare the lifetime prevalence of anxiety disorders among foreign-born and Canadian-born adults in middle and later life. Using baseline data of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (2010–2015), multivariable binary logistic regression was conducted to investigate anxiety diagnosis and immigrant status, while controlling for socio-economic, health-related, and nutrition covariates. Of 26,991 participants (49.3% men, 82.5% Canadian born, 58.5% aged 45–65 years), the overall prevalence of self-reported physician diagnosis of anxiety disord...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - February 26, 2020 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Karen M. Davison Shen (Lamson) Lin Hongmei Tong Karen M. Kobayashi Jose G. Mora-Almanza Esme Fuller-Thomson Tags: Article Source Type: research

Scrambler therapy: A ray of hope for refractory chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
Deepti Ahuja, Sachidanand Jee Bharati, Nishkarsh Gupta, Vinod Kumar, Sushma BhatnagarIndian Journal of Cancer 2020 57(1):93-97 Scrambler therapy (ST) is a novel noninvasive modality for treatment of chronic neuropathic and cancer pain using 5 artificial neurons. The principle with Scrambler Therapy is that synthetic “non-pain” information is transmitted by C fiber surface receptors. Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy can markedly deteriorate patient's quality of life and can also negatively affect compliance with the anticancer treatment. Chronic neuropathic pain presents a therapeutic challenge if...
Source: Indian Journal of Cancer - February 26, 2020 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Deepti Ahuja Sachidanand Jee Bharati Nishkarsh Gupta Vinod Kumar Sushma Bhatnagar Source Type: research

Cholecystocolonic fistula presenting with intestinal obstruction
We report the case of an 83-year-old woman presenting to the emergency department complaining of abdominal pain. The patient ’s previous medical history was significant for severe coronary artery disease, and acute cholecystitis treated conservatively due to cardiac comorbidity 5-years ago. (Source: Digestive and Liver Disease)
Source: Digestive and Liver Disease - February 26, 2020 Category: Gastroenterology Authors: Enrico Pinotti, Mauro Montuori, Michele Ciocca Vasino Tags: Image of the month Source Type: research

Morphine-3-glucuronide causes antinociceptive cross-tolerance to morphine and increases spinal substance P expression.
This study shows that chronic intrathecal M3G sensitises animals to mechanical stimulation and elevates substance P levels in the nociceptive laminae of the spinal cord. Chronic M3G also induces antinociceptive cross-tolerance to morphine. Thus, chronic M3G exposure might contribute to morphine-induced tolerance and opioid-induced hyperalgesia. PMID: 32112778 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: European Journal of Pharmacology)
Source: European Journal of Pharmacology - February 26, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Blomqvist KJ, Viisanen H, Ahlström FHG, Jokinen V, Sidorova YA, Suleymanova I, Rauhala PV, Kalso EA, Lilius TO Tags: Eur J Pharmacol Source Type: research

Treatment of chronic persistent spinal pain with diclofenac mesotherapy in patients with spondylarthrosis.
Authors: Ferrara PE, Ferriero G, Salini S, Foti C, Maccauro G, Mammucari M, Ronconi G PMID: 32090535 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents)
Source: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents - February 25, 2020 Category: Biomedical Science Tags: J Biol Regul Homeost Agents Source Type: research

Chronic persistent surgical pain is strongly associated with COMT alleles in patients undergoing cardiac surgery with median sternotomy
ConclusionThe dominant effect of mutant COMT alleles connecting with low enzyme activity resulted in CPSP, warrants COMT genetic analysis prior to surgery was useful to predict the occurrence of CPSP. (Source: General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery)
Source: General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery - February 25, 2020 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research

lncRNA MALAT1 contributes to neuropathic pain development through regulating miR-129-5p/HMGB1 axis in a rat model of chronic constriction injury
. (Source: International Journal of Neuroscience)
Source: International Journal of Neuroscience - February 25, 2020 Category: Neuroscience Authors: Xiaojing Ma Hong Wang Tieying Song Wenli Wang Zaiwang Zhang Source Type: research

Injection Techniques for Common Chronic Pain Conditions of the Hand: A Comprehensive Review
ConclusionsChronic hand pain is a prevalent and serious condition and can cause significant morbidity and disability and interferes with independence and activities of daily living. Conservative treatment remains the first line of treatment; however, when first-line treatments fail, steroid injections can usually provide benefit. In some cases, HA or Botox may also be beneficial. US-guidance is increasing in hand injection and almost ubiquitously provides safer, more effective injections. Hand surgery remains the alternative for refractory pain. (Source: Pain and Therapy)
Source: Pain and Therapy - February 25, 2020 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

Treatment With 2-Pentadecyl-2-Oxazoline Restores Mild Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Sensorial and Neuropsychiatric Dysfunctions
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) represents an important public health problem and is followed by neuroinflammation and neurological dysfunctions. It has been suggested that brain trauma is often associated to deep behavioral alterations and chronic pain-like syndrome. Despite inducing minimal brain damage, mild TBI (mTBI) leads to persistent behavioral changes, including anxiety, depression, social interaction impairment, and aggressiveness. The clinical management of these symptoms is still unsatisfactory and new pharmacological treatments are needed, especially for the aggressiveness and depression. In a mouse model of mTBI...
Source: Frontiers in Pharmacology - February 25, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Combined With Patient-Controlled Intravenous Morphine Analgesia on Analgesic Use and Post-Thoracotomy Pain. A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Sham-Controlled, Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial
ConclusionIn lung cancer patients undergoing thoracotomy, three to five tDCS sessions significantly reduced cumulative postoperative morphine use, maximum VAS pain scores with cough, and pain interference with cough on postoperative day 5, but there was no obvious long-term benefit from tDCS. (Source: Frontiers in Pharmacology)
Source: Frontiers in Pharmacology - February 25, 2020 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

What is the outcome of the open IPOM versus sublay technique in the treatment of larger incisional hernias?: A propensity score-matched comparison of 9091 patients from the Herniamed Registry
AbstractIntroductionIn an Expert Consensus guided by systematic review, the panel agreed that for open elective incisional hernia repair, sublay mesh location is preferred, but open intraperitoneal onlay mesh (IPOM) may be useful in certain settings. This analysis of data from the Herniamed Registry aimed to compare the outcomes of open IPOM and sublay technique.MethodsPropensity score matching of 9091 patients with elective incisional hernia repair and with defect width  ≥ 4 cm was performed. The following matching variables were selected: age, gender, risk factors, ASA score, preoperative pain, defe...
Source: Hernia - February 25, 2020 Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research

Re-recurrence and pain 12 years after laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) or Lichtenstein ’s repair for a recurrent inguinal hernia: a multi-centre single-blinded randomised clinical trial
ConclusionLong-term re-recurrence rate and incidence of chronic pain was surprisingly high respectless of surgical approach and neither TAPP nor Lichtenstein ’s procedure was superior to improve surgical results. (Source: Hernia)
Source: Hernia - February 25, 2020 Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research

Laparoscopic intraperitoneal onlay mesh (IPOM) repair using n -butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (Liquiband Fix8 ™) for mesh fixation: learning experience and short-medium term results
ConclusionThis retrospective study shows that mesh fixation in laparoscopic IPOM using cyanoacrylate glue with the Liquiband Fix8 ™ device is feasible, safe, easy to learn, and is associated with a low risk of seroma, hernia recurrence and chronic pain with short-medium term follow-up. (Source: Hernia)
Source: Hernia - February 25, 2020 Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 1465: Palliative Care Symptoms, Outcomes, and Interventions for Chronic Advanced Patients in Spanish Nursing Homes with and without Dementia
Conclusions: Differences in symptom perception, diagnostic tests, and pharmacological procedures were found between patients with and without dementia. Specific diagnostic tools need to be developed for patients with dementia. (Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - February 25, 2020 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Puente-Fern ández Campos-Calder ón -Burgos Hueso-Montoro Rold án-López Montoya-Ju árez Tags: Article Source Type: research

Does hysterectomy result in better quality of life than myomectomy?
Uterine fibroids affect up to 80% of reproductive-aged women. Although many women are asymptomatic, fibroids can cause pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, anemia, urinary frequency, infertility, and adverse pregnancy outcomes that can impair quality of life. Fifty percent of women with symptomatic fibroids report a detrimental impact on their mental and physical health (1). Fibroids appear to have a greater impact on quality of life than other chronic conditions, including asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (2). (Source: Fertility and Sterility)
Source: Fertility and Sterility - February 25, 2020 Category: Reproduction Medicine Authors: Natalia Llarena, Tommaso Falcone Tags: Reflections Source Type: research

Persian manual therapy method for chronic low-back pain with lumbar radiculopathy; a randomized controlled trial
This study investigated safety and efficacy of a Persian manual therapy method (Fateh technique) for management of chronic low-back pain (LBP) and radiculopathy. (Source: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies)
Source: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies - February 25, 2020 Category: Physiotherapy Authors: Mohamad Sanei, Farzin Roozafzai, Shobeir Rostami Abousaidi, Mahmood Hamze, Amir-Masoud Negarestani, Roshanak Mokaberinejad Source Type: research

Manual handling of patients: role of kinesiophobia and catastrophising on health workers with chronic low back pain. A cross-sectional observational study.
CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, kinesiophobia and catastrophising are present in health workers with chronic LBP involved in patients' manual handling and are linked to disability. Further investigations in this field are recommended to investigate a role for cognitive-behavioral strategies aimed at managing kinesiophobia and catastrophising to increase working abilities. CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: The assessment of catastrophising and kinesiophobia is crucial in health workers engaged with patients' manual handling and suffering from chronic LBP. PMID: 32096615 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Europ...
Source: European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - February 25, 2020 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Lecca LI, Fabbri D, Portoghese I, Pilia I, Meloni F, Marcias G, Galletta M, Mucci N, Campagna M, Monticone M Tags: Eur J Phys Rehabil Med Source Type: research

A man in his fifties with abdominal pain, itching and weight loss.
We present the case of a 52-year-old male who was admitted with obstructive jaundice and weight loss. He presented with a mass lesion in the porta hepatis mimicking hilar cholangiocarcinoma. The patient underwent extended right hepatectomy with hepaticojejunostomy. Severe liver failure developed postoperatively, and the patient underwent liver transplantation. The resected specimen showed infiltration of IgG4 positive plasma cells in the liver hilum, and immunohistochemical staining demonstrated a ratio of IgG4/IgG-positive plasma cells of more than 40 %. Postoperative serological testing showed elevated levels o...
Source: Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening - February 25, 2020 Category: General Medicine Authors: Bjørlykke KH, Eftang LL, Grzyb K, Line PD, Lassen K, Jahnsen J Tags: Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen Source Type: research

Treatment of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis With Autologous Fat Grafting
Despite the self-limiting nature of lateral epicondylitis (LE) the disease has a prolonged course in some patients. Currently there is no optimal treatment of choice for these patients. We treated 6 elbows in 5 patients with LE with free fat grafting. All patients had symptomatic LE (symptom duration>2 y) and magnetic resonance imaging scan consistent with LE, and no finding of osteoarthrosis of the elbow joint, ligament injury, or other condition causing palpable lateral elbow pain. The fat graft was harvested from the abdomen, centrifuged or decanted and 10 mL was injected in and around the lateral epico...
Source: Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery - February 24, 2020 Category: Orthopaedics Tags: Research Articles Source Type: research

Bioinformatics analysis of gene and microRNA targets for fibromyalgia.
CONCLUSIONS: We found DEGs and DEMs in FM patients through bioinformatics analysis, which may be involved in the occurrence and development of FM and serve as potential targets for diagnosis and treatment. PMID: 32083545 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology)
Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - February 24, 2020 Category: Rheumatology Tags: Clin Exp Rheumatol Source Type: research