Fight Aging! Newsletter, February 4th 2019
In this study, we examined the benefits of early-onset, lifelong AET on predictors of health, inflammation, and cancer incidence in a naturally aging mouse model. Lifelong, voluntary wheel-running (O-AET; 26-month-old) prevented age-related declines in aerobic fitness and motor coordination vs. age-matched, sedentary controls (O-SED). AET also provided partial protection against sarcopenia, dynapenia, testicular atrophy, and overall organ pathology, hence augmenting the 'physiologic reserve' of lifelong runners. Systemic inflammation, as evidenced by a chronic elevation in 17 of 18 pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokin...
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The Goal of Symbiotic Microbes in Tissues, Generating Additional Oxygen as Required
We live in an era of biotechnology, of tremendous year by year increases in the capacity to engineer the fundamental mechanisms of life and disease. The research community and funding institutions should aim high, aim at the new and the amazing, rather than slouching forward in the service of crafting yet more marginal, incremental improvements to existing forms of therapy. Sadly, mediocrity rules when it comes to all too much of the research community. Vision is lacking, and far too few people are willing to tread the roads yet untraveled. Why is it necessary to spend so much time and effort to convince people to f...
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Skinny Coffee Club Review (UPDATED 2018) : Does it Work?
  Start the Diet Now Advertisement Skinny Coffee Club is a weight loss drink made to produce results in just one week. It’s coffee mixed with other ingredients said to be clinically formulated for weight loss. The intended benefits of this drink include decreased hunger, increased metabolism, more motivation and energy, better skin health, enhanced stamina and fitness, and anti-aging. Diet and exercise are not required, but the company strongly recommends it. Our experts have rated several diet plans and they found the most effective was the 18Shake Diet. It combines two all-natural weight loss supplements, an a...
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TWiV 416: Scattered seeds dormant
The multi-dimensional TWiV-brane brings you the entries in the haiku/limerick contest, and explain how a giant virus infects a host within another host (it has to do with predators!). You can find TWiV #416 at, or listen below. Click arrow to play Download TWiV 416 (77 MB .mp3, 126 min) Subscribe (free): iTunes, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiV! (Source: virology blog)
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pedia notes
Acupuncture Andrographis Babesia bartonella – Scott’s website, lots of detox info Biodentistry – wholesaler for Pekana Biotensor Buhner herbal protocol Chlorella – thought to provide mercury detox, many think is best. other brands are E-lyte and Sun Cholestapure – supposedly less difficult to handle than cholestyramine Comprehensive Medical Center – Kirkland, Washington clinic that acts as home office in the United States of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD (425) 823-8818. Dr. Klinghardt visits intermittently and charges $7/minute. He has two...
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And they say I’m in it for the money?
One of the most common criticisms launched at defenders of science-based medicine by believers in pseudoscience and quackery is that we are “pharma shills.” The assumption, or so it would seem, is that no one would defend science, reason, and medicine unless he were paid off by pharmaceutical, chemical, and/or agricultural companies. The further assumption… (Source: Respectful Insolence)
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Blood Pressure Debate Heats Up
A recent study has just announced that it is acceptable to have blood pressure that is 140/80, which was considered dangerous before.  The conclusion was made because there were no more deaths in this group of patients compared with patients who had 120/80 or less blood pressure.  Patients were followed for two decades.  Basically the conclusion implies that because you didn't die, it must be OK. But what about other conditions like dementia, nonfatal strokes, nonfatal heart attacks, etc?  These issues the study did not take into consideration.  Does it mean that if you are not dead, the rest does not matter? Causes o...
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