Scientists race to test vaccines for Uganda ’s Ebola outbreak
A multipronged international effort has begun to pull out all the stops to launch trials of experimental Ebola vaccines in Uganda, which declared an outbreak of the deadly disease on 20 September. According to the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) update, Uganda has had 18 confirmed and 18 suspected cases of Ebola, including 23 deaths—an unusually high case fatality rate of 64%. A trial of a vaccine candidate that’s farthest along in development could launch before the end of next month. Proven vaccines exist for Zaire ebolavirus, which has led to a dozen outbreaks in the neighboring Democratic Republic...
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Deadly Form of High Cholesterol Can Catch Black Americans by Surprise
WEDNESDAY, Sept. 14, 2022 -- Chad Gradney underwent quadruple bypass open-heart surgery at age 27, and afterward spent eight fruitless years battling extremely high cholesterol levels. Then in 2012 he found himself back in an emergency room, again... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
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Classical music to calm the mind
Pianist and composer Chad Lawson wants to change the way we listen (Source: - Drugs and Healthcare)
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The Dying Children Divide
Sizable differences in the levels of children dying persist especially between more developed and less developed regions. Credit: Franz Chávez/IPSBy Joseph ChamiePORTLAND, USA, Sep 5 2022 (IPS) The chances of a child dying before reaching age five years have dropped substantially worldwide during the recent past. However, a significant divide remains among countries as well as within regions in the chances of children dying. Over the past fifty years, the death rates of infants and children under age five have declined markedly. Since 1971 the world’s infant mortality rate declined from nearly 100 deaths per 1,000 live ...
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Oldest human or just another ape? Row erupts over 7m-year-old fossil
Remains from Chad desert provoke rancorous dispute over whether species was earliest to walk uprightIt is a dispute that has taken a long time to reach boiling point. Seven million years after an apelike creature – since nicknamed Toumaï – traversed the landscape of modern Chad, its means of mobility has triggered a dispute among fossil experts. Some claim this was the oldest member of the human lineage. Others that it was just an old ape.The row, kindled by a paper inNature, last week led scientists to denounce opponents while others accused rivals of building theories on “less than five minutes’ observation” ....
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Human ancestors were walking upright 7 million years ago, ancient limb bone suggests
An ancient leg bone found near the famed skull of a human ancestor is providing new evidence that our lineage may have been walking upright 7 million years ago. A partial thighbone and two lower arm bones from Chad’s Djurab Desert suggest a species known as Sahelanthropus tchadensis ambled along on two legs, as well as spending some time in the trees, according to a new study. If the creature did walk upright, it’s a “huge” discovery, says Dan Lieberman, a Harvard University paleoanthropologist who was not involved with the new analysis. It would mean upright walking was one of the first traits to ...
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Our oldest known ancestor could probably walk, say researchers
Academics ‘pretty confident’ extinct hominid species could walk as well as climb trees 7m years agoThe oldest known ancestor of humankind walked on two legs but could still climb trees like an ape, a study of some 7m-year-old bones suggests.Researchers analysed the fossil remains ofSahelanthropus tchadensis, unearthed 21 years ago in the deserts of Chad, central Africa. At the time,the discovery was said to have had “the impact of a small nuclear bomb” as it pushed back the ancestral line of hominids – the line leading toHomo sapiens– by a million years, closer to the split with chimpanzees.Continue reading... ...
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2022 NFL Preseason Week 2 rookie grades: Steelers' Kenny Pickett impresses
Chad Reuter checks in with grades for one rookie from each contest played in Week 2 of the 2022 NFL preseason. What stood out from Steelers QB Kenny Pickett's performance against the Jaguars? #preseason #nflpreseason #steelers #jaguars #kennypickett #rookie #chadreuter (Source: Reuters: Health)
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NASA Satellites Paint Grim Picture For The Future of Antarctica ’ s Ice Shelves
For the entire 64 years NASA has been around, agency administrators have been forced to answer the dreaded what’s-the-point? question. What’s the point, legislators and taxpayers ask, of spending so much money in space when there are so many problems on Earth? NASA has always had a ready answer, pointing to the generations of Earth-observing satellites it has launched, which have kept a space-based eye on weather, climate, land erosion, and more. What the agency has never promised was that we’d like what the satellites tell us. This week, as NASA reports, the findings from space on the condition of the E...
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FREE CONTACT HOUR: JHSON Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds
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Behind this locked door is the white abalone's best chance of avoiding extinction
Behind a black door and a sign that reads "Authorized Personnel Only" is a project that aims to bring the white abalone back from the brink of extinction.(Image credit: Chad Campbell) (Source: NPR Health and Science)
Source: NPR Health and Science - July 29, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Chad Campbell Source Type: news

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee is the next victim of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger
Samantha Bee's political comedy series joins fellow TBS originals Chad and The Last O.G. in the WB/Discovery graveyard #originals #tbs #comedyseries #samanthabee #graveyard (Source: Reuters: Health)
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An Integrated Regional Response for the Sahel Crisis
Benoit Thierry, is Sahel Office Director of International Fund for Agriculture Development, DakarBy Benoit ThierryDAKAR, Senegal, Jul 25 2022 (IPS) The current Ukraine-Russia conflict is dominating the global media to the point of overshadowing longer protracted crisis that no longer make headlines, but are still rife. Such is the case with the on-going Sahel crisis, one of the world’s most neglected ones, where acute poverty, the dramatic effects of climate change and rising armed conflicts have become the norm for more than a decade. A situation further exacerbated by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Benoit Thierry...
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John WickWick director Chad Stahelski. So how does John Wick: Chapter 4 look?movies come out with a reliable amount of frequency and impressively realized violence, and the first look at the... #chadstahelski #johnwick #gooooooooooooooo #keanureeves #johnwickwick #sandiegocomiccon #returningmovies #chapter4 (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Chad Bradford To Lead Theatre At UCA (Movers & Shakers)
recently served as associate artistic director and founding company member at Shake on the Lake Theatre Company of New York. (Source: Arkansas Business - Health Care)
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