3D Wrist bones in motion!
New fast MRI and CT scanning techniques allow researchers to study live wrist bones in motion for the first time. This National Science Foundation-funded work at UC Davis could potentially help people suffering from wrist pain and disorders like osteoarthritis and carpal-tunnel syndrome.This is an NSF Multimedia Gallery item. (Source: NSF Multimedia Gallery)
Source: NSF Multimedia Gallery - May 10, 2019 Category: Science Source Type: video

Carpal Tunnel Tune-up
Up to 10 percent of the population knows the aggravation; the achy wrist, the weakened grip, the numb and tingly fingers. Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it's a leading cause of missed time on the job. But, as we learn from Dennis Douda with the Mayo Clinic News Network, the pain doesn't have to be permanent. (Source: Mayo Clinic - Medical Edge Video)
Source: Mayo Clinic - Medical Edge Video - May 3, 2013 Category: Consumer Health Advice Authors: Mayo Clinic Source Type: video