Inside Schizophrenia: Love, Dating, and Marriage with Schizophrenia
Can people with schizophrenia fall in love? Can they date or even get married? In today’s episode, host Rachel Star Withers (a woman who lives with schizophrenia) and co-host Gabe Howard review their own past romantic experiences. They also interview Andrew and Stephanie Downing, authors of Marriage and Schizophrenia: Eyes on the Prize. Listen to learn about their incredible journey of overcoming schizophrenia and building a healthy, rewarding, and happy marriage. Computer Generated Transcript of “Love, Dating, Marriage with Schizophrenia” Episode Editor’s Note: Please be mindful that this trans...
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The Macro View – Health, Economics, and Politics and the Big Picture. What I Am Watching Here And Abroad.
 September 17, 2020 Edition. ----- We are now that 8 weeks out from the US election so we are really getting into the period of decision and anxiety. This is rising a huge fires burn the west of the country and the COVID epidemic rages on while the US goes deeper into recession / depression and deeper into all sorts of divisions. It is a sad and very worrying time! In the UK we see the progress of Brexit being chaotic (and possibly illegal) while the Government seems to be slowly loosing control of the pandemic. In Australia the Victorian pandemic is coming very slowly under control while the political controversy on ...
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Wednesday Bible study: Dept. of WTF?
However exotic it seems to modern sensibilities, most of what we have read so far is at least explicable. God does magic tricks to demonstrate his awesome power, or affirm the privileges of the priesthood; he slaughters people who challenge the priesthood or complain about his plans; the priests offer to perform abortions when it turns out a man is not the father of his wife's unborn child; the priests keep piling on the loot through sacrifices and tithes; the laws create a form of civil order, or serve as markers for tribal identity. But the point of Numbers 19 is entirely mysterious. The idea of " uncleanness &...
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Bioethics is Having A Moment, Is Burn Out Next?
by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and reduced professional efficacy. – WHO, ICD 11 For the last six months, faculty have been under extraordinary pressure. In my own case, we were given 48 hours to transition to online finals to end one quarter and then had 10 days to move from planned in-person c...
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 Via Paul Campos, an intrepid reporter for The Economist visits Youngstown, Ohio on the traditional anthropological expedition to find the mysterious Trump Voter. I'll leave it to the Big Professor to comment specifically on this but sheesh.“He’s done a great job, he’s got everyone back to work. I’m pretty much 100% for him,” said Kyle, a 30-year-old electrician. “He shoots his mouth off but at least that shows he’s honest,” said Jason, a pipe-fitter, who said he especially liked Mr Trump’s commitment to reducing the national debt. “He’s done more for o...
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Sunday Sermonette: Review Lesson
Now seems a good time to take stock of what we have read so far. In Genesis and Exodus, the priesthood has not appeared. While there is no real systematic elucidation of the nature of society, people appear to live in small bands ruled by a hereditary patriarchy. God speaks directly to whoever he wishes, or by means of messengers. There is no designated intermediary. The origin of these stories is murky, but it appears they are derived from oral tradition that got transcribed at various times. Sometimes there are variants of the same story, or contradictory stories. (There is a priest mentioned in Genesis, Melchizedek, but...
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The Smokey View from the Northwest
Randal O'TooleThere are no clouds in the central Oregon sky today, but we are nonetheless living in dim times. With active wildfires on all sides of my home, we have some of the worst air pollution in the world.It ’s hard not to feel apocalyptic right now. In just four days, around 3 percent of western Oregon has burned, destroying hundreds of homes and other structures and forcing 80,000 people to evacuate. The good news is that it was not 500,000 people as reported in the media, but still, 80,000 is a lot, and many no longer have homes to return to.I ’ve been monitoring wildland ...
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Wanted: Program Director, Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences Branch
We’re recruiting for an accomplished scientist with interest and experience in total body responses to traumatic and other injuries, as well as sepsis, to join the Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences (PPS) Branch of the Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry (PPBC). The successful applicant will have responsibility for scientific and administrative management of a portfolio of research, career development, and training grants. Opportunities also exist for Small Business Innovation and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) grants. The PPS Branch of PPBC supports both basi...
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Sunday Sermonette: God sure likes to kill people
Numbers 16 is very long, but actually in Hebrew texts it's divided into 2 chapters. Anyway, God once again threatens to kill everyone but Moses talks him out of it, which is getting to be an old story. Actually, in this chapter it happens  twice. But God does kill a whole lot of people, first by burying an unknown number alive, then burning 250 to death for doing exactly what God had told them to do, and then God kills 14,700 in a plague. The political point of all this is to reaffirm the status of the descendants of Aaron -- the Kohanim -- as priests. Other members of the tribe of Levi performed various tasks connect...
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: Wednesday Bible study: The priests rake in more swag, and some serious psychopathy
In Numbers 15, Yahweh takes the opportunity to give the people orders for stuff they are supposed to do when they entered the promised land, which will not happen until for forty years later. Hopefully they'll remember! Specifically, in addition to the sacrifices they have already been ordered to make, they will need to throw in a lot of grain and olive oil, and sometimes wine. Well, a priest has to eat! Then something extremely ugly happens. 15 TheLord said to Moses,2 “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘After you enter the land I am giving you as a home3 and you present to theLord fo...
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Fishing Out the Fish Hook
​Outdoor recreation has exploded since we all began social distancing for COVID-19, and EDs are seeing more camping and home improvement injuries from table saws, crafting projects, and even canning (burns). Boating and motorcycle accidents also seem to be on the rise. Many fisherfolk will be on and in the water using hooks, barbs, lines, and wires. Many of these anglers will arrive with a hook in the arm, hand, or scalp, unable to remove the hook themselves. In fact, their own attempts to remove the hooks may make matters worse. Fish hook injuries may seem simple at first, but can quickly get complicated, depending on t...
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Podcast: Does Law Enforcement Need Mental Health Care?
Today’s show takes a good hard look at police culture as a whole. What type of personality is drawn to a career in law enforcement? What are officers taught in the academy? Why do they receive so little mental health care when they face so much trauma on the job? These are just a few of the areas that our guest, mental health advocate Gabriel Nathan, lays bare. Join us as we discuss the basic foundations of law enforcement and how Gabriel believes the profession needs to evolve to keep up with the times. We want to hear from you — Please fill out our listener survey by clicking the graphic above! SUBSCRIBE &a...
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Sunday Sermonette: Identity crisis
 Numbers 12 is puzzling in several ways, which the Midrash (a rabbinical commentary on the Torah) attempts to explain. The first puzzle is that Miriam and Aaron complain about Moses's " Cushite " wife. KJV has " Ethiopian " which is close enough. Cushite refers to people from the area south of Egypt, including what is today Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia. But when Moses fled after killing the Egyptian he sojourned among the Midianites, which is the identity of his wife Zipporah and her father. We don't know what direction he fled, but we do know that the Midianites are from Palestine. In one version ...
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How to Keep Yourself from Cheating
It can be tempting to cheat, I know. After over 40 years as a therapist, I’ve heard many, many reasons that people (even people who say they love their partner) give for cheating. There’s the thrill of the forbidden, the notion that what’s out there may be better than what you’ve got, the affirmation that comes from feeling attractive to someone else — especially when self-esteem is shaky, the satisfaction of someone preferring you to the partner they’ve got, and the itch to explore what could have been or could be sexually with someone else. Whatever rationalization you tell yourself, c...
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Wednesday Bible Study: Descent into the bizarre
 We've had some really weird chapters before, but Numbers 11 is in competition for the Bizzarro Award. Many of the stories and prescriptions in Leviticus and Numbers can be explained as having an essentially political motive -- to entrench the power and wealth of the priesthood, or to create and enforce social order. Much of it, obviously, is about the glorification of God and demonstration of his power. Numbers 11 is in the latter category, but God's behavior is just lunatic. There is also a somewhat puzzling story in the middle of it all that may be explicable in political terms but is difficult to interpret. From h...
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Caregiver Burnout: How to Cope
My mom passed two years ago and my dad hasn’t done well since. Recently he had a stroke. My sister, who lives 1,000 miles away, came out for mom’s funeral, and she also visited for a few days after dad’s stroke, but she has a job and a family and couldn’t stay long. Now, dad’s been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Realistically, I’m the sole caregiver. I have two teenaged children, a husband who is, so far, supportive, and a job. I’m already beginning to feel burned out after just a few months. What can I do to help myself get through this and still take care of my dad? — Fr...
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How the Pandemic Is Taking Its Toll on Our Mental Health
The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most devastating in history. Hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the lives of so many. No matter where you live, dealing with the effects of economic and physical lockdowns in a community leads to multiple mental health challenges. After months of living with the coronavirus, many people are getting tired, burned out, and more and more frustrated. In America, we face a particular challenge. Our federal government has chosen to take a backseat during the pandemic. Instead of leadin...
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Sunday Sermonette: Herb Alpert in the desert
 Numbers 10 is another of those chapters that is obviously based on two original documents. And again, it is a narrative of a fictitious past that doesn't have any obvious relevance to the time it was written, let alone the present. I don't imagine it is ever the subject of a sermon or a Bible lesson. But it's in the Bible so we have to read it. I make a couple of comments along the way.10 TheLord said to Moses:2 “Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out.3 When both are sounded, the whole community is to assemble before ...
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10 Ways to Deal with the Stress of Life During a Chronic Crisis
Is living in a constant crisis bringing you down? This spring and summer feel a bit like we’re permanently stuck in line at a theme park. Every time we round another corner, certain it’s finally our turn to have some fun (or make any progress or plans), we face another packed set of snaking queue barriers. And there’s no end in sight! Argh! Staying Positive About Your Love Life’s Future in Uncertain Times Living in a constant, chronic crisis is difficult beyond belief. How do you deal with crisis? Are you just stuck feeling burned out? The year marches on… And we’ve lost count of the d...
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How to Get Into Star Trek
This article idea was suggested by a Conscious Growth Club member. After a little reflection, I thought, why not? I’ve seen every episode of every non-animated Star Trek series, including the original 1960s classic, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and the new Picard series. I’ve seen many episodes multiple times. I’ve seen all of the movies. I’ve been to a Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. So I’m pretty well versed in Star Trek lore. I met William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk) very briefly when I was in my 20s because we had the same lawyer for a while...
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The benefits of taking more time away from work far outweigh the consequences
Around 50 percent of physicians are burned out, and many feel trapped in their job. Yet, I have heard it countless times from doctors who were able to cut back to part-time work that when they had more time away from work, they fell back in love with medicine.   Moderation in all things seems to […]Find jobs at  Careers by  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Sunday Sermonette: Wake me up when it's over
 The Old Testament is of course part of Christian scripture and it is taught -- or rather some of it is taught -- to children in Sunday school and some passages are sometimes read in church. However, Christians generally are completely unfamiliar with most of it. Christian awareness of the Torah pretty much extends to Genesis and Exodus, the broad narratives of which are familiar; and occasional, very selective passages from Leviticus and Numbers, particularly the condemnation of homosexuality, some of the more relatable ethical principles but none of the less relatable ones, and the benediction we read recently. But ...
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The Death Of Democracy
Michael Cohen ’s book, the forward of which he just released, won’t change anything; won’t shake loose a single Trump voter. For all of Trump’s “presidency,” we’ve been given every reason to believe it. Plain observation has made clear who Trump is and has always been. Lying about Russia deals? No s urprise. Slimy sexual peccadillos? Of course. He’s bragged about it. Tax evasion, mob deals, threats, hush money. It ’s his lifelong modus operandi. It’s why those of us who voted against him, voted against him. Clearly, it’s why those who voted for him did ...
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A Sinking Feeling
God finally let His feelings on Trump be known when He sank those rally-boats. Knowing Trumpists, by nature, would ignore sensible rules andbe unconcerned for fellow boaters, creating undrained swamping was easy. “Make Liberals Cry,” said a sign on one of them. Ironic. Rather than feeling concerned for the lost boats, though, let’s agree all boats matter and move on.  Speaking of BLM, responding to last week ’s column, a reader renamed them “Behave Like Monkeys.” On lake and land, one’s impression of Trumpists is confirmed. Are blind racism and curated hate for liber...
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What's At Stake
How inured we ’ve become to Trump’s atrocities. The Republican-majority Senate Intelligence Committee just released its final report on Trump/Russia, and it’s been practically ignored, especially by Republicans. It’s damning. They concluded Trump and Roger Stone lied to Robert Mueller, and that Trump’s first campaign manager “represented a grave counterintelligence threat,” and did business with “a Russian intelligence officer.”  The Republican-led investigation also concluded the White House “significantly hampered” their efforts, and coordinated ...
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Post Covid Healthcare is Becoming Like Buying from Amazon Instead of Going to the Mall or Reading an eBook Instead of a Paperback
By HANS DUVEFELT, MD Now that we are seeing patients via telemedicine or even getting reimbursed for handling their issues over the phone, our existing healthcare institutions are more and more starting to look like shopping malls.  They were once traffic magnets, so large that they created new developments far away from where people lived or worked and big and complex enough that going there became an all day affair for many people.  What this pandemic has brought us is a shift in our view of where you have to be in order to get things done. If you can earn your wage remotely and still buy things online...
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Wednesday Bible Study: The priests rake in the swag
A good part of Leviticus and numbers consists of instructions to give stuff to the priests, but Numbers 7 takes it to 11. There isn't much else to be said about this. The tally at  the end comes to 60 pounds of silver and 3 pounds of gold, I believe. That should let them live in style.7 When Moses finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed and consecrated it and all its furnishings. He also anointed and consecrated the altar and all its utensils.2 Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of families who were the tribal leaders in charge of those who were counted, made offerings.3 They brought as their...
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Scientific Method
People often talk about " the " scientific method but in fact there is no such thing. Scientists use many different methods, depending on the nature of the question, the availability of information, and the feasibility of approaches. You'll often see facile remarks such as " correlation does not imply causation, " which is in fact not necessarily true. The confidence one can have in causal inference based on purely observational data depends on many factors.The entire concept of causation is philosophically slippery, I must say at first. I won't get into a deep discussion of this because it's an entire ...
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Sunday Sermonette: What's this all about, anyway?
Numbers 6 is one of the more puzzling chapters in the Torah. It isn't clear what the point is of being a Nazirite (spelled Nazarite in the KJV) or why somebody would want to do it. Apparently there was considerable Talmudic debate about this but they never got to a consensus. By declaring oneself a Nazirite, a person assumes exactly three restrictions: don't cut the hair, don't consume any products of the plant genus Vitis (not just alcoholic wine) and don't get near a corpse. Other than that there are no affirmative responsibilities and you can do whatever else you want. This is apparently a state of special " consec...
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Medical Education Must Adapt to Support the Broadening Role of Physicians
By SYLVIE STACY, MD, MPH As a physician and writer on the topic medical careers, I’ve noticed extensive interest in nonclinical career options for physicians. These include jobs in health care administration, management consulting, pharmaceuticals, health care financing, and medical writing, to name a few. This anecdotal evidence is supported by survey data. Of over 17,000 physicians surveyed in the 2016 Survey of America’s Physicians: Practice Patterns and Perspectives, 13.5% indicated that they planned to seek a nonclinical job within the subsequent one to three years, which was an increase from less than ...
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LeviathanThe mystics have it all wrong:You were never just a waveRushing rotely in to shoreWaves may not know they ’re waterBut I recognized the arched back of your crestJust before it broke against the beachYou can say waves are transient formBut I ’m certain it’s your sea spray aloneThat burns my eyes when you crashI ’ll gather what’s left of youSwirling in the frothy onenessAnd riptide us out to the deeper seaWhere the sharks circleThe whales, the stingraysBeneath our braided vortex.Un-hold your non-form,As we wait for the LeviathanTry to snatch our woven voidLet it thrash and thrashThe vas...
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How to Extract 5-10x More Value From Your Personal Growth Investments
We’re used to thinking about “receiving value” as a passive endeavor most of the time. We expect items and services that we purchase to provide value to us. We pay the price up front, and then we feel entitled to just relax and enjoy the value we’ve purchased. It’s easy to expect that if you spend the money, your purchase should cough up its full value to you. I paid for you. Now give me what I’m owed. But only some parts of life work that way, like if you buy and enjoy a nice latte. Buying it is the hardest part of the transaction. Drinking it is easy. But have you ever made a ...
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Wednesday Bible Study: I demand that Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., and Robert Jeffers read this
This being Numbers 5. I don't really know about Judaism in this regard, but the Catholic church didn't prohibit abortion until the late 19th Century, in reaction to the feminist movement of the time; and it did not become a cause celebre for Christian evangelicals until the mid-20th Century. In case you haven't noticed, anti-abortion crusaders never actually quote the Bible, and that's because they can't. There is no condemnation of abortion anywhere in the Bible, Old Testament or New, and in fact it is condoned and even, in Numbers 5, affirmatively promoted under the specific circumstance that a woman has become pregnant ...
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Podcast: Self-Help Cliches Have a Peculiar Value
  Take the bull by the horns! Pick yourself up by your bootstraps! Are these cliches condescending for people with mental illness? Or is there a grain of truth to them? Today, Gabe and Lisa debate the pros and cons of the all too common “taking your life back” advice we all get from well-meaning people. Gabe shares his personal story of gaining back control of his life a day at a time while healing from depression. When you struggle with mental illness, how much of your behavior, thoughts and emotions do you actually have control over? Is it helpful to feel in control of your life, even when it screws you...
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Can Community Be a Medicine?
This article originally appeared on Medium here. (Source: The Health Care Blog)
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Dump the Freedom Frame
When I first began exploring income-generating strategies, I started with the very common freedom frame. I wanted to get something going financially, partly so I could have more freedom in life. This frame has some major drawbacks though, so I actually don’t recommend that you use it. It can easily get you stuck running in circles. One issue is that if you’re generating income to gain freedom, this implies that you aren’t free already. You’re putting yourself in a box of unnecessary limitations to begin with. You’re making your life harder by trying to earn income while also feeling trap...
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Wednesday Bible Study: Nice work if you can get it
In Numbers 3 we finally get around to counting the Levites. It's tedious and seems largely pointless, but serves to reaffirm the status of the Levites in society. What is most noteworthy about this is that they have a very cushy gig. I interpolate a few comments.3 This is the account of the family of Aaron and Moses at the time theLord spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai.2 The names of the sons of Aaron were Nadab the firstborn and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.3 Those were the names of Aaron ’s sons, the anointed priests, who were ordained to serve as priests.4 Nadab and Abihu, however, died before theLor...
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Creative Ways to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day
When your schedule is packed full, finding the time to exercise can feel challenging or down right impossible.  Between work, family, chores, and whatever else you need to do in a given day you might be lucky to find time to relax let alone exercise. Especially if you work in a job where you sit at a computer all day long, you may be feeling like you just can’t fit in enough activity in your day. However, there are plenty of sneaky ways to add more physical activity into your day.  Use these creative ways to burn more calories throughout your day.  Many of them only take a few extra minutes in...
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Why Suffering Matters
It is difficult not to notice the suffering that is taking place in the world. You need only wake up to be alerted of a new tragedy that has befallen humanity. In fact, suffering seems to be an unwanted element of the human existence. People die, people are hurt, people are scarred and bruised. From the moment we are born, our suffering begins. We cry out when our stomachs are empty. We even cry out when our stomachs are full. We cry out more and more as we begin exploring the sharp corners of life. Suffering is an unfortunate component of the human experience. There are moments in our lives where suffering can appear endl...
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Sunday Sermonette: Zzzzzzzzz
It is not at all apparent why the compilers of the Torah thought the arrangement of the tribes in the desert encampment was of interest to posterity. The information in Numbers 2 seems essentially pointless. It has no theological significance and it wouldn't even have any particular historical significance even if it were true. It's also completely ridiculous. Remember that the reported census consists only of military age men. We are talking here about a metropolis of more than 2 million people,plus their livestock. That is 3 1/2 times the present day population of Boston. If the people were donating the required sacrific...
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Are You Chasing Fads or Solving a Real Problem?
We are all impressionable to fads. Remember fidget spinners? Just a few years ago, these toys became a craze practically overnight. Forbes once called them "the must-have office toys for 2017", and at one point they were so popular that giant corporations like Toys R Us had to airfreight tens of thousands of them to their various locations just to barely meet consumer demand. But it didn't take long for the novelty to lose its edge. Fidget spinners once accounted for 17 percent of online toy sales, but there's no longer a place for them in the market. The target demographic that once begged to own a fidget spi...
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Weight Loss: The Exercise That Doubles Fat Burning
Exercising at this time can double the amount of fat burned. → Support PsyBlog for just $5 per month. Enables access to articles marked (M) and removes ads. → Explore PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Accept Yourself: How to feel a profound sense of warmth and self-compassion The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (Source: PsyBlog | Psychology Blog)
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Podcast: Debating ‘ Anti-Psychiatry ’ Advocacy
Conclusion, do not visit cardiologists. They will give you heart attacks. No, that’s ridiculous. It’s so mind blowing that anyone even said this, right? It’s just ugh. Obviously, people who are extremely sick and who are at risk of killing themselves get psychiatric care. No kidding. So, yeah, this is, in fact, very dangerous. Gabe: The word bullshit is not big enough. This is the literal equivalent of me saying that I looked at fifty thousand people who went to the hospital in the last year. And you were much more likely to die if you had a hospital admission. Now, I’m talking physical health now. ...
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Burn Care. What You Should do at Home
(Source: EverythingHealth)
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, July 13th 2020
In conclusion, sitting for prolonged periods of time without interruption is unfavorably associated with DBP and HDL cholesterol. Exercise Slows Inappropriate Growth of Blood Vessels in a Mouse Model of Macular Degeneration Excessive growth of blood vessels beneath the retina is a proximate cause of blindness in conditions such as macular degeneration. Researchers here provide evidence for physical activity to be influential in the pace at which this process of tissue...
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Hummingbirds And Helpful Rats: The Week ’s Best Psychology Links
Our weekly round-up of the best psychology coverage from elsewhere on the web Rats are generally Good Samaritans: they help other rats in trouble, particularly when they’re in a group. But after their companions are given drugs which make them passive, the rats seem to lose their willingness to help, reports Nell Greenfieldboyce at NPR. The findings have similarities with the bystander effect in humans, where the presence of unresponsive bystanders can make someone less likely to help. Unconscious bias training has been in the spotlight recently, after Keir Starmer promised that the Labour party will undergo such t...
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Complacency fuels the slow burn of COVID-19
In polarizing politics, it seems that  somehow the greater good often misses the very grain that comes together and makes it great — the people. After we blindfolded ourselves to a warning from China and then Italy, New York witnessed the grinding impact of COVID-19.  Merely two months later, many other states are showing unprece dented growth in cases.  Surpassing […]Find jobs at  Careers by  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Maintaining Sanity while Working at Home with Kids
I have been talking with neighbors, friends, and friends of my adult kids to see how COVID-time has impacted working parents with children. Some parents love working from home. They find they are more productive and more creative than ever. They are enjoying having so much family time. They hope and wish that they will never have to go back to 9 to 5, five days a week. “What’s not to love about working remotely?” they ask. No commute. Working in sweats. No distractions from difficult coworkers. And lots more family time. These are not the people I worry about. Some parents, like those quoted below, are fi...
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A2B Receptor Upregulation in Mice Increases Muscle Mass, Diminishes Fat Mass
Researchers here report on an interesting discovery: upregulation of a single protein, A2B receptor, adjusts metabolism in mice in the direction of more muscle mass and less fat mass. This treatment can reverse some of the normal trajectory of aging for muscle and fat mass in older animals, turning back muscle loss and fat gain. This is one of a number of similar desirable enhancements to cellular metabolism discovered over the past few decades - see the work on follistatin upregulation, for example. It is typically a long road from this sort of discovery in mice to initial tests in human subjects, particularly given the l...
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How to Help a Family Member with an Addiction
It is difficult dealing with a family member who is struggling with an addiction. It takes intentional listening, meaningful communication, avenues for change, and self-care to persevere. Here are a few helpful suggestions: Listen  Pay attention to what your loved one is saying and doing. Listen to both verbal and nonverbal cues. What are the warning signs? Those struggling with addiction will usually voice warning signs, or these can be found in their body language.  One parent I worked with said she could tell her teenage son was struggling because he was no longer himself. Signs he showed were constant restles...
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