Could Your Cat Give You the Plague?
Human cases are rare in the United States, but in some Western areas cats that hunt rodents can become infected — and even pass on the disease to their owners. (Source: NYT Health)
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Oregon Man Struck by Bubonic Plague Likely Got It From Pet Cat
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 14, 2024 -- An Oregonian who was diagnosed with the bubonic plague -- the disease that killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages -- probably got it from an infected pet cat, health officials said. The patient and all close... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
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Oregon officials report bubonic plague in local resident. They say there's little risk to community
Public health officials in Oregon have reported a case of bubonic plague in a local resident (Source: ABC News: Health)
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Oregon Confirmed a Human Case of the Bubonic Plague. It Was Likely Caused By a Cat
A case of the bubonic plague has hit Oregon, and the likely cause was a cat. Health officials in Deschutes County announced last week that a resident, who has not been identified, had been diagnosed with the plague, in the state’s first human case in eight years. The individual was likely infected by their cat, the department says. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] “All close contacts of the resident and their pet have been contacted and provided medication to prevent illness,” said Dr. Richard Fawcett, the Deschutes County Health Services Officer.   The disease is often sp...
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Women with Black African ancestry ‘at greater risk when plague hit London’
Experts studying remains of victims buried in 14th century say bubonic plague was not an indiscriminate killerWhen the Black Death hit London in autumn 1348, it caused a wave of devastation, with more than half the city ’s population thought to have been killed. But a study has now found women with Black African ancestry could have had a greater risk of death than others.Research has previously demonstrated that, far from being a homogeneous white society,medieval England – and its capital – had considerable diversity. As well as residents hailing from the far reaches of Europe, documentary and archaeological evidenc...
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Ancient Britons built Stonehenge – then vanished. Is science closing in on their killers? | Jonathan Kennedy
New clues from an ancient plague are pushing us to rethink where Britons were ‘really’ from – and the answer is complicatedTwo weeks ago, Pooja Swali from the Crick Institute announced the discovery ofYersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes plague, in the dental pulp of three people who died about 4,000 years ago –two in Somerset and the other in Cumbria. This finding is astonishing in its own right because it pushes back the earliest evidence of plague in England by several millennia. But the discovery may also help to solve one of our greatest prehistoric mysteries: why did the people who introduced farming to...
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Rat Infestations Are a Global Problem. Is Birth Control the Solution?
Not every politician is willing to admit they owe their election to rats. But Laura Mikulski, city councilwoman for Ferndale, Michigan isn’t shy about attributing her political career—literally—to skeevy, long-tailed rodents. Mikulski, who educated herself in all things rat control, is the co-founder of the Ferndale Rat Patrol. She created a citizens’ movement to accurately assess the local scope of its burgeoning rat problem, embrace less environmentally harmful methods of pest control, and even host a month-long census, called Traptoberfest, in which participants win gold-painted spring trap trop...
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Indigenous groups in the Amazon evolved resistance to deadly Chagas
Humans have evolved to have some remarkable superpowers. People can thrive at high altitudes, dive for long periods underwater, and even tolerate a glass of lactose-rich milk well into adulthood. Now, a new study of Indigenous peoples from the Amazon rainforest reveals one more such adaptation: a genetic resistance to the endemic parasite responsible for deadly Chagas disease. The study’s findings could help scientists develop desperately needed new therapies for the disease, which infects roughly 6 million people in Latin America and is a leading cause of death in the region. “This paper is very important,” sa...
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Genetic traits of Black Death survivors linked to autoimmune diseases today
Scientists find people with ERAP2 variant survived 14th-century plague at much higher ratesScientists have identified genetic traits that determined who survived the Black Death more than 700 years ago, but which are today associated with an increased susceptibility to some autoimmune diseases.The study of centuries-old DNA from victims and survivors of the bubonic plague that occurred in the 14th century found that people with what the scientists describe as a “good” variant of a particular gene, known as ERAP2, survived at much higher rates.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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How the ‘Black Death’ Left Its Genetic Mark on Future Generations
Scientists have discovered several genetic variants that protect Europeans from the bubonic plague — but also increase the risk of immune disorders. (Source: NYT Health)
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International Team of Scientists Use Genetic Testing to Solve Centuries-Old Mystery of Black Death ’s Origin
DNA analysis of early plague victims pinpoints Black Death’s start on Silk Road trading communities in mountain region of what is now modern-day Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia Microbiologists and clinical laboratory scientists will likely find it fascinating that an international team of scientists may have solved one of history’s greatest mysteries—the origin of the bubonic […] The post International Team of Scientists Use Genetic Testing to Solve Centuries-Old Mystery of Black Death’s Origin appeared first on Dark Daily. (Source: Dark Daily)
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Bubonic Plague Case; Woman Carries Dead Fetus for Weeks; COVID Racing Upward
(MedPage Today) -- Note that some links may require registration or subscription. The Ningxia Hui region of China reported one human infection of bubonic plague. (Reuters) A Texas woman said she was forced to carry a dead fetus for 2 weeks when... (Source: MedPage Today Infectious Disease)
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Black death mystery SOLVED: Bubonic plague outbreak began in Kyrgyzstan in 1338
A team of researchers analysed ancient DNA (aDNA) taken from the teeth of skeletons discovered in cemeteries near Lake Issyk Kul in the Tian Shan region of Kyrgyzstan. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Black Death: A Clue to Where the Plague Originated
By fishing shards of bacterial DNA from the teeth of bodies in a cemetery, researchers found the starting point for the plague that devastated Eurasia, they say. (Source: NYT Health)
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Mystery of Black Death ’s origins solved, say researchers
International team link spike in deaths at cemeteries in Kyrgyzstan in 1300s to start of plague pandemicResearchers believe they have solved the nearly 700-year-old mystery of the origins of the Black Death, the deadliest pandemicin recorded history, which swept through Europe, Asia and north Africa in the mid-14th century.At least tens of millions of people died when bubonic plague tore across the continents, probably by spreading along trade routes. Despite intense efforts to uncover the source of the outbreak, the lack of firm evidence has left the question open.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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