Demystifying Medicine - Sickle Cell Anemia: Treatable and/or Curable?
Demystifying Medicine Lecture Series Although the fundamental molecular pathophysiology of sickle cell anemia was elucidated in studies of this genetic disease starting more than 70 years ago, it is only in about the last two decades that this knowledge has led to specific therapies. Indeed in the last decade serious attention has turned to the possibility of a genetic cure of this condition. Have we finally cured sickle cell anemia? Not quite, but we may be on the cusp. Really. In a dozen clinical trials planned or underway, some at the NIH Clinical Center, researchers are applying gene therapy to cure this well-studied g...
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Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Richard W. Childs Flag Promotion Ceremony
The United States Public Health Service Flag Promotion ceremony for Rear Admiral (RADM) Richard W. Childs, promoted to RADM Upper Half O-8 in January 2020, is being webcast live on 3/27/2020 from Masur Auditorium. Richard Childs, MD serves as the Clinical Director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He was commissioned in the USPHS Commissioned Corps as a Lieutenant in 1995 when joined the NCI as an Oncology Fellow. Following fellowship training, he was appointed a tenure-track investigator in the Hematology Branch of the NHLBI where he continues to conduct r...
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Translational traps: sex and aging in stroke research stroke research
NIH Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series Dr. McCullough ’ s research interests primarily focus on: 1) understanding sex differences in ischemic cell death 2) age related inflammation and 3) social factors in stroke recovery. Basic molecular and animal studies in males and females have direct translational relevance, as treatments have revealed the efficacy in one sex has paradoxically shown a detrimental effect in the other sex. This is now increasingly recognized in clinical stroke populations. Another important area of Dr. McCullough ’ s research is understanding the genetic and hormonal differences in inflamma...
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Sisters Bone Marrow Transplant
Imagine what it would be like to give birth to healthy twin baby girls, only to find out that both of them were born with a potentially fatal disease. That happened to the family you're about to meet. Both girls needed a bone marrow transplant to hopefully cure a serious blood disorder. Vivien Williams has their story of survival. (Source: Mayo Clinic - Medical Edge Video)
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