Woman's test to save mom's life reveals she also has cancer
"You have cancer." Those three words change a person's life forever. Kristin Draper, a 59-year-old flight attendant from Annapolis, Maryland, got the news everyone dreads in early 2021. After a routine check-up found a low platelet count, she was sent for a bone marrow biopsy. This confirmed that…#kristindraper #annapolis #maryland #danielledraper #danielle #clevelandclinic #hodgkinlymphomas #abvd #adriamycin #scan (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How COVID-19 Changes the Immune System
If the COVID-19 pandemic has done one thing, it’s made us all more familiar with some of the important players in the immune system. Antibodies, B cells, and T cells are among the best known parts of the body’s response to a virus like SARS-CoV-2, but they don’t act alone. In a paper published on August 18 in the journal Cell, scientists report that innate immune cells—a critical part of the immune system activated to battle COVID-19—remain altered for at least a year after infection. The finding suggests that these cells may play a role in some of the lingering symptoms associated with Lon...
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What are Presentations of Neuroblastoma?
Discussion Abdominal pain is a very common problem with abdominal masses being somewhat less common. If one considers how frequently patients have abdominal pain due to constipation and that it often presents with a fecal mass, both of these are commonplace. Abdominal and pelvic organs are sometimes mistaken for masses also. As the abdominal and pelvic cavities are large, tumors often need to be quite large before they cause functional problems and/or can be palpated on physical examination. A review of abdominal masses can be found here. A review of recurrent abdominal pain can be found here. A review of acute abdominal p...
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How a Dedicated Bone Marrow Biopsy Clinic Eased Wait Times
(MedPage Today) -- SAN DIEGO -- A VA health center successfully streamlined the path to bone marrow biopsy by shifting the procedures away from interventional radiology (IR) to a new dedicated bone marrow biopsy clinic. The change took almost... (Source: MedPage Today Hematology/Oncology)
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Bone Marrow Biopsy Value Limited in Follicular Lymphoma Response Assessment
(MedPage Today) -- Bone marrow biopsy (BMB) provided little information for response assessment in clinical trials of follicular lymphoma (FL) and should be eliminated from clinical trial requirements and diagnostic guidelines, authors of a large... (Source: MedPage Today Hematology/Oncology)
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Severe lead poisoning caused by ayurvedic medicine - Scherbaum CR, Frank T, Su árez V.
We report the case of a young patient who presented to our emergency department with reduced general condition, anemia, and crampy abdominal pain. A previous inpatient workup including abdominal imaging and bone marrow aspiration had not yielde... (Source: SafetyLit)
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What Are Some Mast Cell Disorders?
Discussion Mast cells (MCs) were first discovered by Paul Ehrlich in 1878. Previously in 1869, Nettleship and Tay described a toddler with chronic urticaria and a brown skin lesion which is believed to be the first reported case of mastocytosis. Urticaria pigmentosa was a term first used by Sangster in 1878, and in 1936 the term mastocytosis was used. “Mast cells first evolved 500 million years ago in Ascidians (sea squirts), providing host innate immunity against bacteria and parasites….MCs gained additional functions regulating inflammation, wound healing, coagulation, adaptive immunity and acute allergic res...
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Gene Differences Could Have Black Patients Undergoing Unnecessary Biopsies
WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 -- A gene variant may be driving high rates of unnecessary bone marrow biopsies in Black Americans, researchers say. The variant is responsible for lower white blood cell levels in some healthy Black people, the... (Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews)
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MarrowQuant: A new digital-pathology tool
(Ecole Polytechnique F é d é rale de Lausanne) EPFL scientists have developed a digital pathology tool for quantifying bone marrow compartments in standard histological sections. Named 'MarrowQuant', the software makes it possible to examine bone marrow biopsies as well as to re-examine historical collections of bone-marrow samples and even old clinical trials. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
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General radiologists mostly work as multispecialists
General radiologists in the U.S. mostly work as multispecialists with specific...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Is radiology prepared for a post-COVID-19 imaging surge? Radiologists are performing more bone marrow biopsies Radiologist salaries crash through $400k barrier Why the sizzling radiologist job market will stay hot Use of emergency chest imaging on the rise (Source: AuntMinnie.com Headlines)
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Radiologists are performing more bone marrow biopsies
Although internal medicine specialists have long been the primary providers...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: SIR issues statement on endovascular procedures for trauma Interventional tPA shows promise for frostbite SIR highlights use of percutaneous ablation for RCC SIR aims for more awareness of interventional radiology Smoking limits utility of interventional therapy for AVMs (Source: AuntMinnie.com Headlines)
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Optimal Treatment for Early-Stage Follicular Lymphoma Still Not Established
The international retrospective study included 365 patients with newly diagnosed early-stage follicular lymphoma rigorously staged with PET-CT and bone marrow biopsy. (Source: CancerNetwork)
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Why the Women Most Likely to Die of Breast Cancer Have Gotten the Least Attention
How can you have a moonshot trying to cure cancer and not mention people dying of cancer?I believed the narrative that is pushed on women, that if you check your breasts and if you catch it early, you’re fine.ide class="right-rail__container right-rail__container--ad"> Lianne Kraemer had been living with metastatic breast cancer for more than a year when I met her in December 2017 at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio. Throughout the week, more than 7,000 doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical-company representatives would descend on the city for the country’s most important breast-c...
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Bone Marrow Biopsy
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‘ This Is How I Save My Life ’ Excerpt From Amy B. Scher
Amy B. Scher’s “This Is How I Save My Life” is the true story of a fiery young woman diagnosed with late-stage, chronic Lyme disease whose journey takes her from near-death in California to a trip around the world in search of her ultimate salvation. This excerpt coincides with the book’s release in paperback from Gallery Books, an imprint CBS sister company Simon & Schuster. I am twenty-eight years old when I arrive in magnificent India. I am here with my parents, an updated vaccine record, and a visa, searching for something I cannot find at home: a cure. In a tiny hospital on the outskirts of Delhi, a female...
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