Best Post of July 2016 -- The signature feature of sparsely granulated growth hormone pituitary adenoma: the fibrous body
The next in our " Best of the Month " series is from July 19, 2016:The patient is a middle-aged female with subtle signs of acromegaly.Arrows point to the pale balls in this pituitary adenoma which correspond tofibrous bodies on CAM 5.2 immunohistochemistryThe signature feature of sparsely granulated GH adenomas is the finding of widespread, ball-like, cytoplasmic ‘fibrous bodies’ on CAM5.2 in>70% of cells.CAM 5.2 immunohistochemistry (Source: neuropathology blog)
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Crooke cells in a touch preparation of a corticotroph pituitary adenoma
(Source: neuropathology blog)
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College of American Pathologists Neuropathology Committee meets this weekend
I am privileged to join the other members of theNeuropathology Committee of theCollege of American Pathologists at our biannual meeting this weekend inChicago. Members and staff are pictured:Back row, left to right: Amyn Rojiani, myself, Eyas Hattab (Chair), Joe Ma, Bill Hickey, Matt Schneiderjan.Front row, left to right: Cordell Jones (staff), Annabel Dizon (staff), Areli Cuevas-Ocampo (junior member), Andrea Weins (Source: neuropathology blog)
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My all-time favorite post ever: Whither the Illusory Cowdry B Inclusion?
I have put up a grand total of 619 blog posts since this site got started back onOctober 31, 2007. I was recently asked which was my favorite. No question, my all-time favorite is about the illusory Cowdry B body. This post has even made it into the references for theWikipedia page on Cowdry bodies. By the way, the reward of a 10 dollar bill which I posted six years ago to the person who sends me a picture of this structure still stands! I have no fear of being parted from my Jefferson as, in my opinion, the Cowdry B body is the Sasquatch of neuropathology. Here ' s the post from November 13, 2008:In a recent pos...
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Scleral invasion by uveal melanoma
Circled cells represent superficial invasion of sclera (I don ' t think those cells are in a vessel) (Source: neuropathology blog)
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