Indiana University Hospital Fires Eight Who Refuse Flu Shots
In an ominous development for the autonomy of healthcare workers, Indiana University Goshen hospital has fired eight staff members who refused to get the influenza vaccine, saying that doing so put patients with potentially compromised immune systems at risk. There was no indication in the statement issued by the hospital that it would require patient visitors who might come in contact with those with compromised immune systems to get the vaccine before visiting their friends and family in the hospital. (Source: Inside Surgery)
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Absorbable Sutures
Although the use of surgical staples and clips has become more common in the last thirty years, the competent surgeon needs to have a thorough understanding of surgical sutures. Perhaps the key characteristic of a suture is whether it is an absorbable or nonabsorbable material. Absorbable sutures have a varying time period before they are absorbed by the body. The classic absorbable suture was a gut suture. A list of suture types is as follows: Surgical gut (plain) – made from the serosa of beef intestine or submucosa of sheep intestine Surgical gut (chromic) – made by soaking plain gut suture in the salts of...
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