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Important warning for allergy sufferers
I love springtime. But many of my patients dread this time of year… They come to my clinic sneezing and sniffling. They have runny noses, and watery, itchy eyes. They can’t sleep or work. You may have the same problems. You need relief fast to get back to your life. So you might be tempted to pop some OTC remedies or ask your doctor for a prescription. But you may be getting more than you bargained for with those allergy drugs. They may make you lose your mind. Let me explain… Many doctors treat allergies with a class of drugs called (ACs). You know them by names like Benadryl and Dimetapp. In a new ...
Source: Al Sears, MD Natural Remedies - October 3, 2017 Category: Complementary Medicine Authors: Cathy Card Tags: Anti-Aging Source Type: news