Morning Distort
By MARTIN A. SAMUELS A 35 year old woman complains of weakness of the right side of her face and pain behind the right ear.  She lives in an urban environment and denies any recent illnesses.  She is not vaccinated against COVID-19 but is COVID negative.  What do you think, I was asked at our Morning Report?  Well, I said, it sounds like a straightforward Bell palsy.  The pain around the ear suggests swelling of the VIIth cranial nerve in the facial canal and the stylomastoid foramen, a very common historical point, I opined; so much so that its absence would make me doubt the diagnosis and m...
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My Children are Vaccine-Damaged; are Yours?
Conclusion A growing number of today’s children suffer from vaccine damage. Most individuals do not make the connection between health problems and vaccines. When asked about the cause of autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, diabetes, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, and other common childhood diseases and illness, the majority of health care providers advise patients that the causes are unknown. Doctors, including most integrative physicians, fail to make the connection to vaccines. It takes one moment to permanently damage the health of an adult or child, but takes a lifetime to t...
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Doctors, He Felt, Were No Longer Helping People
It was never his intention that the name would stick.  A decade ago, when he first began working in the restaurant, some of his fellow employees knew that he was formerly a practicing physician and started to call him "Doc".  Although many of his coworkers had since moved on, taking the knowledge of his previous profession with them, his moniker persisted. Doc liked the simplicity and tedium of his bartending job.  He spent the majority of his nights doing what he liked most, interacting with fellow human beings.  He remembered a time when medicine offered such enticing rewards.  When he could sit ...
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NYC Mayor is Calling a Meeting to Force Vaccinate Under 5′s With Two Dangerous Vaccines
Conclusion Surely, unless the mayor of New York City is a qualified doctor or scientist, he should not be recommending the force-vaccination of children as young as six months, no matter how good his intentions are, especially since the two vaccinations he is recommending are possibly completely incompatible with one another and could possibly lead to multiple child deaths in New York City and across America. This is absolutely unforgivable, and in my opinion, he should be severely reprimanded for his actions. I suggest that the public of America join forces and either attend this meeting in person to voice an opinion or s...
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Malpractice defense: Chiropractic adjustment allegedly caused Bell’s Palsy
I’m the former chairman of the board of Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) and I always find their malpractice defense cases to be fascinating. Illustrated Verdict by APS APS’ Demonstrative Evidence Group shares case examples from our archives to show how a visual strategy can support the defense effort. We hope that it is of value in your practice as you develop your defense strategies on behalf of health care providers. Please feel free to forward it to colleagues or clients.About Us APS is a leading provider of demonstrative evidence for the defense of medical malpractice claims. Our team of me...
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Bell's palsy
(Source: Notes from Dr. RW)
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