Belize's lobster, conch, and fish populations rebuild in no-take zones
(Wildlife Conservation Society) A new report from the Wildlife Conservation Society shows that no-take zones in Belize can not only help economically valuable species such as lobster, conch, and fish recover from overfishing, but may also help re-colonize nearby reef areas. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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The Last Coral Reefs
There’s only one way to lower a $20,000 custom-made camera from a swaying fishing boat into the open sea: very carefully. And that’s exactly how Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero’s colleagues handled the SVII camera as they nudged it overboard, into the bathtub-warm waters off the coast of Belize. Once submerged, the beach-ball-size camera snapped a photograph of the protected Glover’s Reef every three seconds. Later, computers would analyze the pictures, providing a close-up look at one of the most valuable marine ecosystems in the Caribbean. And we have to see it today, because coral reefs may not be here tomorrow. It’s ...
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Climatic controls on hurricane patterns: A 1200-y near-annual record from Lighthouse Reef, Belize - Denommee KC, Bentley SJ, Droxler AW.
Tropical cyclones (TCs) are powerful agents of destruction, and understanding climatic controls on TC patterns is of great importance. Over timescales of seasons to several decades, relationships among TC track, frequency, intensity and basin-scale climate... (Source: SafetyLit: All (Unduplicated))
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Beyond Mendel
(National Science Foundation) On a cloudless day in Dangriga, a coastal city in southern Belize, a group of students are hard at work. One wall of their sun-strewn lab is lined with the usual gear of modern genetics: thermocycler, gel electrophoresis system, micropipets, test tubes. Swathed in purple gloves, they measure samples, mix gels and fill pipets with the utmost concentration. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Global ALSO Belize (Lyrad Riley MD)
Presentation for 2013 Global Health Workshop. This describes a military-civilian cooperative event which put on a Global ALSO course in Belize in May 2013. (Source: Family Medicine Digital Resources Library (FMDRL) Recently Uploaded)
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Involve Launch Telemedicine Solution For Belize Children's Hospital
Involve has announced a pioneering partnership with an intensive care paediatric Children's Hospital in Belize, Central America. The initiative will provide 24/7 digital healthcare centre telemedicine solutions to the Belize Children's Hospital linking Doctors and Nursing staff in Belize with senior clinical staff in the UK and internationally. The technology will also enhance training support, field learning and access to specialist medical resources which would not normally be available to a developing country like Belize... (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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Road Crew In Belize Destroys Ancient Pyramid
Only a small core of the 2,300-year-old Mayan structure remains after earth-moving equipment destroyed the rest, archaeologists say.» E-Mail This     » Add to (Source: NPR Health and Science)
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