Atoll Nation of Tuvalu Adopts ‘Cubes’ to Step Up Nutritious Food Production
Tuvalu’s farmers have watched their crops destroyed by extreme tropical weather. They are now using Funafala 'food cubes' to have greater control over their harvests. By Catherine WilsonCANBERRA, Australia , Oct 13 2021 (IPS) Tuvalu, a small atoll island nation in the Central Pacific Ocean, is one of few countries in the world to have so far evaded the pandemic. But, while it has achieved a milestone with no recorded cases of COVID-19, its population of about 11,931 continues to battle food uncertainties and poor nutrition. These challenges, present long before the pandemic emerged, have been exacerbated by lockdown rest...
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Wild Stories Of Property Bidding Wars, From US To UK To China
Around the world, property markets are going bananas. (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - July 1, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

High blood pressure: The best fruit that can lower your BP that’s not a banana
HIGH blood pressure is raised even further by the consumption of sodium ; bananas contain potassium, a mineral that can counteract the level of salt in the body, hence why the fruit is a great addition to a healthy diet. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
Source: Daily Express - Health - May 28, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Disability in Goma. The Power of Staying Together Against Covid-19, War, and Stigma
Credit: Elena L. PasquiniBy Elena L. PasquiniROME, Apr 22 2021 (IPS) Sylvain Kakule Kadjibwami lost the use of his legs during one of those ambushes that bloodlessly bleed North Kivu. “When I was shot, I thought it was the end of my life, but when I shared it with other disabled people, I discovered that life is still possible,” he said. Now it is Covid-19 that risks destroying the dreams of Sylvain, a small trader from Goma, a city whose roads are volcanic rock-ridden screes where pick-ups trudge. Those who walk face the risk of falling at every step. However, for those who cannot, the same roads can become traps wher...
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Are Bananas Good for Colitis
? (Source:
Source: - April 21, 2021 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

Are Bananas Good for Diabetes?
Title: Are Bananas Good for Diabetes?Category: Diseases and ConditionsCreated: 4/16/2021 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 4/16/2021 12:00:00 AM (Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General)
Source: MedicineNet Diabetes General - April 16, 2021 Category: Endocrinology Source Type: news

Consumer Health: What is a glycemic index diet?
The glycemic index is a system of assigning a number to carbohydrate-containing foods according to how much each food increases blood sugar. Examples of foods with low, middle and high glycemic index values include the following: Low: Green vegetables, most fruits, raw carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and bran breakfast cerealsMedium: Sweet corn; bananas; raw pineapple; raisins; oat breakfast [...] (Source: News from Mayo Clinic)
Source: News from Mayo Clinic - March 25, 2021 Category: Databases & Libraries Source Type: news

US regulators to Facebook: It's not us, it's you
Today in business news: A landmark case against Facebook, more Elon Musk drama, and DoorDash's bananas IPO. (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - December 10, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

On the hunt for wild bananas in Papua New Guinea
(International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)) Scientists are racing to collect and conserve wild banana species. A recent expedition to the epicenter of banana diversity shows that wild species hold traits critical to helping the world's favorite fruit survive climate change, pests and diseases (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
Source: EurekAlert! - Biology - November 6, 2020 Category: Biology Source Type: news

Russian disinformation effort: Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine turns people into monkeys
Russia is going bananas in its efforts to undermine a coronavirus vaccine being developed by Britain’s Oxford University — claiming it... (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - October 16, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Herd immunity letter signed by fake experts including 'Dr Johnny Bananas' : Open letter calling for new Covid-19 strategy also signed by...
Open letter calling for new Covid-19 strategy also signed by ‘Cominic Dummings’ (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - October 10, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Herd immunity letter signed by fake experts including 'Dr Johnny Bananas'
Open letter calling for new Covid-19 strategy also signed by ‘Prof Cominic Dummings’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAn open letter that made headlines calling for a herd immunity approach to Covid-19 lists a number of apparently fake names among its expert signatories, including “Dr Johnny Bananas” and “Professor Cominic Dummings”.TheGreat Barrington declaration, which was said to have been signed by more than 15,000 scientists and medical practitioners around the world, was found by Sky News to contain numerous false names, as well as those of several homeopaths.Continue reading.....
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Shaping colloidal bananas to reveal biaxial, splay-bend nematic, and smectic phases
Understanding the impact of curvature on the self-assembly of elongated microscopic building blocks, such as molecules and proteins, is key to engineering functional materials with predesigned structure. We develop model "banana-shaped" colloidal particles with tunable dimensions and curvature, whose structure and dynamics are accessible at the particle level. By heating initially straight rods made of SU-8 photoresist, we induce a controllable shape deformation that causes the rods to buckle into banana-shaped particles. We elucidate the phase behavior of differently curved colloidal bananas using confocal microscopy. Alt...
Source: ScienceNOW - August 19, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Fernandez-Rico, C., Chiappini, M., Yanagishima, T., de Sousa, H., Aarts, D. G. A. L., Dijkstra, M., Dullens, R. P. A. Tags: Materials Science, Physics r-articles Source Type: news

Researchers find link between gut microbiome and cancer treatment outcomes
(City of Hope) City of Hope and TGen have found that greater gut microbial diversity in patients with metastatic kidney cancer is associated with better treatment outcomes on FDA-approved immunotherapy regimens. A potential takeaway: Oncologists might encourage patients to eat a high-fiber diet, including fruits and vegetables high in fructo-oligosaccharides such as bananas, dried fruit, onions, leeks, garlic, asparagus and artichokes, as well as grains with resistant starches such as barley or uncooked potato starch. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health - August 19, 2020 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: news

'Teeth The Size Of Bananas'; New Study Paints Picture Of 'Terror Crocodiles'
A new study reveals there were multiple species of Deinosuchus, the giant crocodylians that lived 75 million years ago. They were among the largest predators in the ecosystem and ate dinosaurs.(Image credit: Adam Cossette) (Source: NPR Health and Science)
Source: NPR Health and Science - August 12, 2020 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Gabriela Saldivia Source Type: news