Modic Type I Changes
What are you guys doing with Modic Type I changes on MRI? I know that pre-1980's we didn't even know about them, they Modic named them but we routinely ignored them, then someone did a study that said maybe some of these are chronic, indolent bacterial infections and you could treat some with 3 months of Augmentin, but more studies were needed, yada, yada. Your MRI report comes back "Modic Type I endplate changes." What's your approach? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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What do you do?
Patient presents to your office with a productive cough and occasional chest pain. Sats 90%, cxr shows LLL pneum. Confer with associate, admit to hosp. U note allergy to augmentin as it causes sob and facial swelling. Admitting orders keep sats>92%, Azithromycin 500 iv today and 250 dly, cbc cmp hscrp day, IV d51/2 ns @ 125/hr, rocephin 1 gram q 12h-aware pcn allergy, toradol iv 15mg q6h prn pain, ekg, trop. Shortly after initiation 2nd dose rocephin given patient becomes hypotensive and... What do you do? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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Can someone help with next steps...scared mom here
Hi All, Please forgive my frequent posting lately. My 8yr old just came home from the hospital this afternoon. Here is a timeline of events up to this point. PFTs have slowly declined over the last few months. Culture shows an abundance of staph and she is put on Augmentin. Does nothing and PFTs do not go up. CT scan shows infection, loss of elasticity, and mucus build up in the lung tissue. I am told the CT scan actually looks better than PFTs would indicate. Last Friday she goes in for a PICC and bronch. Bronch shows normal lungs. The doctor who did it said her lungs look great. No inflammation, no mucus. Pretty normal...
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Need advice from more experienced parents
Hi All, My daughter has been doing really well up until a couple of months ago. Her PFTs started dropping. She just finished a course of Augmentin as she was culturing an abundance of staph. PFTs stayed the same. Had a CT scan which shows loss of elasticity and some scarring in the lower lobes. Is going in next week for a PICC and IV antibiotics and intense chest therapy. She is in the Orkambi trial and, thankfully, I believe it has helped her maintain a healthy weight. She was in hospital two years ago at this time and she looked very sick. Today she is pink, active, has a healthy BMI, o2 at 98%. My fear is that she is ...
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False negative sputum culture?
How often are sputum cultures false negative? My son is currently recovering from a month of sickness including sinusitis that then settled into his chest. His sputum culture was taken 3 days after he finished 10 days of amox and had just started 3 days of augmentin. His sputum was thick yellow good sample and came back normal. I suppose he could have viral pneumonia but I almost wish it was something so we could do something besides empiric therapy. He is being treated with oral antibiotic for one month now and getting better along with albuterol/pulmicort. Any insights? (Source: Cystic Fibrosis Newly Diagnosed Forum)
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