Atrial septal defect related question
Thread Starter Atrial septal defect related question Follow 5 hours ago 5h ago I mean you don't necessarily "lack" a septum - most ASDs are small holes. But yes that's right. (Source: The Student Room)
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How does Patent Foramen Ovale cause paradoxical emboli
Maybe I'm overthinking it, how could an embolus possibly travel from right atrium to left atrium when the LA has a higher pressure than RA after birth? The PFO is also pushed close at all times by the left atrial pressure. Same thing for Atrial Septal Defect. Doesn't Eisenmenger syndrome need to happen (reversal to right to left shunt) for a clot to travel from right to left heart? (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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What your patient is thinking: "My experience of stressed out staff..."
Growing up with pioneering treatment is the latest What your patient is thinking piece from The BMJ. It is written by Liza Morton who was the world's first 11 day old baby with congestive heart failure to be attached to an external cardiac pacemaker for complete heart block. She was fitted with five early implantable pacemakers  by thoracotomy before age 7, she had surgical repair of her atrial septal defect and her first variable rate pacemaker in her early teens, and four further variable rate pacemakers. She describes her childhood memories of being treated for congenital h...
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