Nitroproteomics is instrumental for stratification and targeted treatments of astrocytoma patients: expert recommendations for advanced 3PM approach with improved individual outcomes
AbstractProtein tyrosine nitration is a selectively and reversible important post-translational modification, which is closely related to oxidative stress. Astrocytoma is the most common neuroepithelial tumor with heterogeneity and complexity. In the past, the diagnosis of astrocytoma was based on the histological and clinical features, and the treatment methods were nothing more than surgery-assisted radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Obviously, traditional methods short falls an effective treatment for astrocytoma. In late 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted molecular biomarkers in the comprehensive diagnosis o...
Source: EPMA Journal - December 6, 2023 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research

The involvement of brain regions associated with lower KPS and shorter survival time predicts a poor prognosis in glioma
ConclusionThis study identified the specific regions that were significantly associated with OS or KPS in glioma. The results may help neurosurgeons evaluate patient survival before surgery and understand the pathogenic mechanisms of glioma in depth. (Source: Frontiers in Neurology)
Source: Frontiers in Neurology - December 4, 2023 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Multiparametric MRI and T2/FLAIR mismatch complements the World Health Organization 2021 classification for the diagnosis of IDH-mutant 1p/19q non-co-deleted/ATRX-mutant astrocytoma
To investigate whether T2-weighted imaging –fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (T2/FLAIR) mismatch, T2* dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) correlated with the histological diagnosis and grading of IDH (isocitrate dehydrogenase)-mutant, 1p/19q non-co-deleted/ATRX (alpha-thalassemia me ntal retardation X-linked)-mutant astrocytoma. (Source: Clinical Radiology)
Source: Clinical Radiology - December 4, 2023 Category: Radiology Authors: V. Sawlani, J.P. Jen, M. Patel, M. Jain, H. Haq, I. Ughratdar, V. Wykes, S. Nagaraju, C. Watts, Ute Pohl Source Type: research

Prognostic Value of Immunohistochemical Expression of MTAP and AKIP1 in IDH1 Mutant Astrocytoma
CONCLUSION: Irrespective to grade and IDH status, the loss of MTAP immunoreactivity and high AKIP1 expression are predictive factors in astrocytoma, and they may be used as a biomarker for guiding astrocytoma management and prognosis surveillance.PMID:38019246 | DOI:10.31557/APJCP.2023.24.11.3875 (Source: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention)
Source: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention - November 29, 2023 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Mona Mostafa Ahmed Mohammed A Lateef Amira Elwan Enas M Fouad Dalia Hamouda Elsayed Hanim M Abdelnour Asmaa Abdullatif Source Type: research